We Never Learn

I’ve been a Trump skeptic since Day 1. I’m about 60-40 positive on his administration so far…

..but this move is really, really awful:

Kurdish-led forces have until now been a key US ally in Syria, where they helped defeat the Islamic State group, but Turkey regards them as terrorists.
The main Kurdish-led group called the surprise US move a “stab in the back”.
But President Donald Trump defended the withdrawal, saying it was time “to get out of these ridiculous Endless Wars”.

I’m all for bringing the troops home.

But this is Obama-level shortsightedness.

The next time some embattled ethnic group is deciding whether to side with us in some vital area, or whether they might be better served casting their lot with Iran, China or Russia, this sort of betrayal is going to cross peoples’ minds.

The 12th Commandment

It’s an oldie but a goodie. And as we head toward another election sure to be driven by Big Left’s narratives and Trump’s responses to them, this bit here is worth committing to memory:

Courtesy Instapundit

Journalism is always about “asking the questions that matter” – where “matter” in this case means “furthers the narrative”.

Never Bring A Knife To…A Showing

Creep pulls a knife and a bottle of bear spray on a real estate agent at an open house.

Agent was in – but the victim was out:

The incident took place in Commerce City, Colorado, on August 4. According to a report by 9 News, the man – later identified by authorities as 43-year-old Ernest Robert Chrisman – arrived at the open house at about 11:30 am.
“He asked the right questions,” said Hetzler. “We talked about loans, what he had to qualify for.”
After picking up a brochure, Chrisman asked to see the upstairs. Once he and Hetzler reached the master bedroom, Hetzler said Chrisman took out a knife and a piece of rope that had bear spray dangling from it.
“He said, ‘This is a knife, this is bear spray.’ After he said, ‘This is bear spray,’ he asked me to take off my ring and get into the closet,” said Hetzler.
At this point, Hetzler began to fear for her life.
Hetzler has a concealed carry permit and had her gun with her at the open house. She drew her firearm, preparing to defend herself.
Chrisman responded to her actions by soaking her with bear spray.
“I couldn’t see,” said Hetzler. “My skin was burning, my eyes were on fire, I couldn’t see, so I fired.”
She fired in his direction. Chrisman quickly fled from the home.

Shooting blind is not ideal – but all’s well that ends with a likely rapist and possible murderer in jail.

Know How You Can Tell The Economy Is Doing Well Under A Republican President?

The media are devoting lavish coverage to homelessness, that’s why.

And, somehow, less to this sort of thing.

Look – not only is a recession going to happen one of these days, a recession [1] is a necessary part of the business cycle. But the contortions Big Left and Big Media [2] are going through to downplay the currently good economic news are downright unseemly.

[1] In a normal, healthy economy with sound fundamentals, of course. Which we have. Of course, that’s true only if the recession kills of bad ideas and unsound enterprises, and frees up labor and capital for good ideas and sound investments – which the Fed hasn’t really allowed a recession to do since 1993.

[2] Pardon, as always, the redundancy.

Behavior Modification

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Under Marxist-Leninist Theory, the end result is a perfect state in which everyone is equal, everyone shares, from each according to their abilities, to each according to their need. But we realize that people don’t act like that now, so to achieve that state, there must be a transition period during which people will be socialized to the new norms. It’s like when you take puppies to dog training class to socialize them to behave correctly around other dogs.
During the socializing phase, someone must determine the proper behaviors that will be acceptable and rules to enforce those behaviors. I’m perfectly willing to live in that society. I will set the behaviors, I will set the rules, you will all follow them and obey me. It’ll work perfectly.
What do you mean “no”? What, you want to be in charge? You expect me to surrender my liberty, my property, my money, daughters, guns? No, I don’t think so. I’m no more willing to be your slave than you are willing to be mine.
We both can’t be in charge. In fact all 300 million of us can’t all be in charge. So that’s not going to work. What’s the alternative?
The alternative is nobody in charge. Everybody does their own thing, not interfering with the neighbor, leaving each other alone. The most minimal government, laying the lightest hand, which is the system the founding fathers invented. And to ensure government doesn’t get out of control, we limit its power by a written agreement, the Constitution
That’s the system Democrats want to toss out today. They want to abolish the Constitution so they can be in charge and socialize everyone to behave their way, follow their rules. If we don’t voluntarily agree, they intend to accomplish it by force.
This isn’t going to end well.
Joe Doakes

So many of Big Left’s chanting points and buzzphrases – “voting for your best interests”, “moving things forward” – are niced-up ways of saying “shut up and let us run things.

Ripped From The Headlines – In A World Where Media Isn’t A Democrat PR Firm…

“Gun Crime” in major cities is hijacking headlines from coast to coast.

Surely, one might think, crime – fueled by ugly black rifles – is soaring.

One would be wrong:

FBI crime stats show the “estimated rate of violent crime was 368.9 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants.” That is a 3.9 percent reduction in the rate when compared with 2017 stats, but the real lesson emerges when we look long term.
For example, Bearing Arms reports that the 2018 rate of violent crime was barely above the 1971 rate of 396 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants.
Ironically, one of the greatest differences between 1971 and 2018 is that there are exponentially more privately-owned firearms now than there were when the 1970s began. Rather than leading to more violent crime, as the left would suggest, the existence of millions of millions more privately-owned guns correlated with a lower rate of violent crime.

OK – but what about Minnesota?

Yep. Down. In a state with nearly 300,000 people with permits to carry – more per capita than Texas – violent crime, homicide, even property crime are down even more sharply:

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension on Monday, July 8, released its Uniform Crime Report for 2018…Incidents of violent crime were down 6.7% in 2018 as compared to the year prior, with murder, aggravated assaults and robberies down from 2017 levels, the report showed. And rape and involuntary sex trafficking reports increased in 2018.
Property crime offenses also decreased in 2018, with burglary, larceny and arson offenses shrinking compared to rates in 2017. Motor vehicle theft, by contrast, increased for the third year in a row…


104 Minnesotans murdered last year, 59 were killed with a handgun. 

Which is, if I recall correctly, a lower per capita rate than 2016. I’ll look it up. I’m also going to guess nearly none of those were people with no criminal records, with carry permits.

Placed Into Evidence

The President is coming to Minneapolis soon.

Mayor Frey has essentially said “Punch a Nazi – and everyone coming to see Trump is a Nazi.”

Just putting this out there for when “Anti”-Fa and the rest of Mayor Frey’s goon squad screw up in front of the most concentrated collections of video cameras, personal injury and civil rights lawyers in history look things over the morning after.

Note to plaintiffs attorneys: Feel free to use the above as evidence, if you need. My pleasure.

“I’m From The Government, And I’m Here To Hinder The Wrong People”

A longtime friend of the blog emails:

Yes, thank you, CM Mitra Jalai Nelson. The city has not yet done enough to my neighborhood to prevent growth and development here.

We need to continue to run out those evil box stores and gas stations through minimum wage increases, zoning, and destroying streets to reduce people coming here to spend money. Then, we need to turn our back on the crime increases to ensure that people who possibly would invest here decide against it. Any other thoughts as to what the city could do to continue to prevent growth and development opportunities, er I mean gentrification, in our poorest neighborhoods?

Oh, make sure that it’s impossible to drive in or out, or park when you get here! And make sure transit is malevolent, expensive and keeps the peasants in their place!

Any more?

Listening to the celebration over the demise of the Midway Walmart, combined with the awkward lack of comment or facile rationaliation, about the 330 jobs, mostly for lower-income, often immigrant, workers, kinda told you everything you need to know about Ms. Jalali Nelson and the rest of the City Council.

Living The Lie

Simple messages printed on white paper start appearing in Massachusetts.

Moral quandary ensues (don’t watch the video if the moral myopia of your fellow citizen is already depressing you):

“Tolerance” for all aspects of (non-white male) cultures slams headlong into feminism.

And people have no idea what to do with that dissonance.

Alaa Al-Ameri:

Western society has managed to convince itself (at least in public) that any statement criticising any aspect of Islam is, by definition, bigotry. As a result, Western societies have effectively decided to enforce Islamic restrictions on blasphemy, and called it ‘tolerance’.
The strain of conforming to this lie is evident in the fumbling attempts by the interviewees to explain their objections. Do they believe that Islam is right about women? If so, why the objection? Do they believe that Islam is wrong about women? If so, in what sense is the statement an attack on Islam or Muslims? Do they believe that the author of the poster is saying that ‘Islam is right about women’, but doing so ironically? In which case, the objection can only be that the author is guilty of a thoughtcrime by stating that ‘two and two make five’ with insufficient sincerity. Or do they worry that they are guilty of thoughtcrime for noticing the irony?

Of course, it’s all fun until an entire free society is destroyed:

Such abdication grinds down the ideologically obedient citizen, because it reduces life to a purely material existence, in which moral integrity and human dignity must be sacrificed in order to keep the state off one’s back and oneself in a job. This is a fate which Havel suggested might one day befall the West if it were ever to succumb to the ‘profane trivialisation of humanity’ required to live within a lie rather than challenge it. With police now calling on citizens to ‘check their thinking’, and people regularly losing jobs over social-media posts, who can say that we have not reached it?

Of course, Al-Ameri – a UK-based writer – is writing about the UK.

For now.


How Do You Build A Violent Underground Dissent Movement?

I don’t know, but the Brits are tinkering away like a bunch of mad scientists trying new approaches.

The latest? Creating a new tier of “hate groups” whose views are un-woke but whose methods are, frustratingly, not violent enough to run afoul of existing terror and hate-group laws:

Available by Home Office fiat, such designations would be based on the fairly vague claim that a group might ‘demonise specific groups on the basis of their race, religious [faith], gender, nationality or sexuality’, or be guilty of ‘disproportionately blaming specific groups (based on religion, race, gender or nationality) for broader societal issues’. Or they might be regarded as ‘aligning with extremist ideologies, though not inciting violence’.
What would be the impact on a group that was designated as hateful? The report is short on detail, but it speaks in terms of such groups ‘not [being] allowed to use media outlets or speak at universities’, and not being allowed to ‘engage, work with or for public institutions’. They would be ‘suspended from the electoral roll’. (This is an odd phrase showing, perhaps, evidence of over-hasty writing. Presumably, it means the groups would be deregistered as political parties.) The designated groups would also be banned from holding any public marches at all.

One would like to think the consequences are unintended – but we all know better, don’t we?

Think about what kind of activity might fall under the ban. What about a Christian evangelical group known for its strong views on transgenderism? Could it be driven from public life until it mended its ways? On the other side, what of pro-choice activists who regularly call out what they see as the medieval bigotry of the Catholic Church on reproductive matters, or a group of gay-rights supporters who attack the Koran for its uncompromising view on homosexuality? Might they be found guilty of disproportionately blaming a religious group for societal ills and find themselves banned?

I don’t know about you, but I think the exceptions will be painfully obvious and utterly unwritten.

Sort of like the Minnesota election law that governed what people could and could not wear in polling stations, which which pro-2nd Amendment, tax reform or pro-life-wear was considered “political”, but anti-gun, pro-big-state or pro-infanticide paraphernalia was not.

I think Big Minnesota Bureaucracy is more than ready. And, likely, is looking at the British “advances” in thoughtcrime and licking its proverbial chops.

Everybody’s Canceled

Guy in Des Moines – Carson King – becomes famous for photobombing ESPN broadcasts with a “Send Me Beer Money” sign.

King turns that fame into $2 Million in donations for Iowa Childrens Hospital (less one, and only one, case of beer). Anheuser Busch matched the donations, turning the photobomb prank into a bonanza for the hospital.

Des Moines Register reporter writes profile on King. Can’t resist pointing out in the largely-laudatory profile that King wrote an objectionable tweet – a quote from the “Comedy” Central show “Tosh.0”, which is a laboratory of objectionability.

When he was 16 years old.

Anheuser Busch severs ties with King.

Public reaction explodes.

The Des Moines Register’s editor laboriously disclaims any responsibility for her and her fellow “gatekeepers'” malfeasance:

Some of you wonder why journalists think it’s necessary to look into someone’s past. It’s essential because readers depend on us to tell a complete story…In doing backgrounding for such a story, reporters talk to family, friends, colleagues or professors. We check court and arrest records as well as other pertinent public records, including social media activity. The process helps us to understand the whole person…As journalists, we have the obligation to look into matters completely, to aid the public in understanding the people we write about and in some cases to whom money is donated.

And she’s not wrong, per se; exposing scammers is the sort of thing we used to depend on the mainstream media to do.

There have been numerous cases nationally of fundraising for a person experiencing a tragedy that was revealed as a scam after media investigated the backgrounds of the organizer or purported victim.


Thing is, they found no scam. They found a sixteen year old, being a sixteen year old, quoting from a show designed for sixteen year olds, when he was sixteen. I’m gonna go out on the limb and guess the Register’s “editor” is a child-free cat lady who whose only contact with teenagers is at the drive-through at Starbucks.

And according to the Today show report on the story over the weekend, the DMR’s editorial staff when back and forth and back again, trying to decide – as a group of “gatekeepers! – whether or not to run the irrelevant, aged-out non-episode episode, before deciding, in effect, to doxx King.

Meg Fox at PJmedia isn’t buying it, either:

This is nonsense. And no one is satisfied. Readers do NOT depend on newspapers to ruin our neighbors’ lives with their intrusive doxxing. That is exactly what everyone hates about the media. Remember Don Henley’s song? “Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down…we want dirty laundry.” That wasn’t a love ballad. It was a scathing review of the way the average person sees the news media, gleefully reporting murder and mayhem and doxxing people and destroying reputations. It’s not supposed to be your theme song, Ms. Hunter.

Side note to Megan Fox: listen to NPR/WNYC’s weekly show, “On The Media”, a show that serves as the exposed public id of the “elite” media, if you want to feel really depressed about the state of the institution that’s supposed to hold government accountable – but mostly just badgers people like Carson King. The problem isn’t that they do things like this public reputational lynching; the problem is that they have developed an institutional justification for it that’d do the debates at the medieval papal Curia proud.

Anyway – after all of that, it turned out that the Register reporter, Aaron Calvin, had a bit of a history himself, with a Twitter feed full of William Davis-level tasteless. The Register fired Calvin earlier this week – a fall he deserved to take, but in a just world he’s have taken every editor involved in this travesty down with him as well.

So – a non-scam fundraiser for a noble cause was, if not canceled, at least sidetracked (King is showing admirable pluck in the face of the reputational lynching, vowing to carry on; I suspect it’ll work). The “reporter” is canceled, for now – although he’ll be back; I wouldn’t rule out the City Pages, and I’m only joking a little.

Everything’s canceled but the idiot editors – serial informational predators, who will all just to on to “cancel” again.

Unless it’s a Democrat politician, natch.


Years ago, “Slow” Joe Biden, who was until recently, inexplicably, the Democrat front-runner, was busted plagiarizing a speech by British Labour droog Neil Kinnock.

I’m starting to think that Big Left only has a few speeches; they just recycle them with different speakers.

Case in point: Greta Thunberg and one Severn Cullis-Suzuki – the 1992 model of the left’s Childrens Crusader, in this case.

Go ahead. Watch.

It truly befits a movement that has no original thoughts.

Dirty Tricks

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Hillary’s campaign denied it started the birther rumors to undermine Obama when she was running for the nomination.  Skeptics wondered who benefited more than she?
Arne Carlson denied he leaked the Jon Grunseth pool party story, after Carlson lost the Republican primary nomination to Grunseth. Skeptics wondered who benefited more than he?
Joe Biden is slipping in the polls , in part because the media can’t stop talking about Trump and Ukraine and Biden’s son. What are the odds the Deep State informant whistleblower who leaked the story is actually an Elizabeth Warren plant? Who benefits more than she?
Joe doakes

I have more than a hunch that all roads in the Deep State lead to some Democrat twerp or another.

Running Out Of Options

The Dems’ impeachment mania is a sign, not of Dem strength, and certainly not necessarily of offenses warranting nullifying an election (and maybe two), but rather a sign of desperation and weakness.

Victor Davis Hanson:

Aside from the emotional issue that Democrats, NeverTrumpers, and celebrities loathe Donald Trump, recently Representative Al Green (D-Texas) reminded us why the Democrats are trying to impeach the president rather than just defeat him in the 2020 general election.
“To defeat him at the polls would do history a disservice, would do our nation a disservice,” Green said.  “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach the president, he will get re-elected.”
Translated, that means Green accepts either that Trump’s record is too formidable or that the agendas of his own party’s presidential candidates are too frightening for the American people to elect one of them. And that possibility is simply not permissible. Thus, impeachment is the only mechanism left to abort an eight-year Trump presidency—on a purely partisan vote to preclude an election, and thus contrary to the outlines of impeachment as set out by the Constitution.

It’d explain a lot of the Democrat tactics; declining to hold hearings, relying on “evidence” gleaned from the results of their changes to the law permitting pure hearsay, and fighting the battle almost exclusively in media aimed at their three most important opinion constituencies; Entitled Americans, Dim Americans and Outrage-Addicted Americans.

Hanson has a lot of analysis – read it. Pullquote:

We are starting to see the outlines of a progressive fantasy on the horizon: Biden will be sacrificed. The party will unite around Warren. The left-wing media narrative will be, “We took out one of our own, now it is your turn to depose Trump.” Chaos overload for two or three weeks might keep Trump’s polling low.
Long-term, however, Trump wins.
We still have a number of government audits coming from Michael Horowitz, John Durham, and John Huber—and the targets are not Trump. The Senate will not convict the president under any foreseeable circumstances. The full story of the whistleblower has not been told, but there are a lot of narratives to come about the sudden rules allowing hearsay, DNC involvement, and who knew far in advance about the complainant’s writ. Once the Democratic debates continue, the candidates’ screaming and hysterics return, and the impeachment hearings descend into a Kavanaugh-esque farce, the public will begin to get scared again by the Left’s shrieking Jacobins…Voters soon will surmise that the only thing between their 401k plans and socialism is Donald J. Trump.

And they’ll be right.

My hunch: Dem polling is showing that even the more “moderate” Democrats terrify Main Street, and there are no other options coming out of the woodwork, and their base will having nothing but a Trump inquisition, so this is the best way forward they have.

It’s not about evidence. It’s about having “Disgraced and Impeached” as a chanting point for 2020.

Surprising Precisely Nobody

College Republican display at the U of M’s annual “Paint the Bridge” party vandalized.

For the fourth year in a row:

The group said their panel, which included text reading, “Donald Trump The Wall,” “Draining the Swamp,” and “America FIRST mentality,” was covered up within a day.

I wonder, sometimes, if the Democrats wonder what they’re messing with, here?

Conservatives on American campuses, after swimming upstream for four years and enduring the kind of abuse they endure, are going to be tougher than mule jerky.

In adult life, when those “kids” go up against the left’s generation of children of feckless entitled privlege, they’re going to slash through them like a lawn mower through a cabbage patch.

Campus Republican at Yale terms campus lefties’ eternal rage “Protester Derangement Syndrome”:

Sit-ins, hunger strikes and angry mobs: These are all things I became accustomed to in my late teens and early 20s. No, I haven’t been living in a country experiencing severe political unrest. I am living in New Haven, Conn., and attending Yale University as an undergrad.
While this may sound bizarre to you, behavior typical of a severely oppressed society has taken hold among students who are part of the Ivory Tower. I call it Protester Derangement Syndrome, or PDS for short.
Yale students enjoy luxuries akin to European aristocracy. Students live in resort-style housing that includes lavish feasts, massage parlors and recreational spaces that boast everything from a printing press to a pottery studio. However, Yale students afflicted with PDS display derangement symptoms similar to an oppressed religious cult. They refuse to interact with the world around them. They have demanded the buildings be renamed. They support the desecration of art. They sanitize history by demanding professors exclude certain authors from syllabi.
The Yale administration believes they can treat PDS through concessions and pacification. Unfortunately, their prescription has been ineffective.

I’m gonna so enjoy being “the real world” for these little twerps. Or at least the few of them that actually make it into the productive parts of the private sector, anyway.

Introducing Berg’s 21st Law

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Last week, I wondered if liberals would be so thrilled about red flag laws if Sheriff Bull Connor decided to seek orders removing guns from black men between the ages of 18 and 30, since they’re the ones committing most of the murders in America today. I suspected liberals would be less than impressed.
Turns out, I was right. Gangs, terrorists, illegal immigrants, would be exempt. They explicitly acknowledge that the law would not apply to criminals, and I strongly suspect it’s because their desire to avoid being called racist is greater than their desire to prevent actual killings.
In the olden days, we used to joke that when guns are outlawed, only Outlaws will have guns. Nowadays, you can’t even make this stuff up.
Joe doakes

Berg’s 21st Law states “When it comes to “progressive” policy, yesterday’s absurd joke is today’s serious proposal and tomorrow’s potential law”

Like all “Berg’s Laws”, it has no exceptions.

Contract Law

When the several states joined forces to become the “United States”, they did it by signing a contract with one another; they’d cede out control of certain issues that the states couldn’t handle as efficiently and effectively as the states to a central, national government. The contract was called a Constitution,.

Under the terms of that contract government had certain enumerated powers; the states had some more; The People had the rest.

As part of that contract, that central government had checks and balances:

  • The power of the chief executive and their branch was limited; appropriations and foreign treaties could only be approved by Congress; a Supreme Court could constrain all three of their ambitions – or, put another way, hold them to the contract.
  • The lower chamber would be directly elected. The upper chamber would represent states, not a direct nose-count of the population.
  • The chief executive would be chosen by a system that would pare back a little of the power of the more populous areas. Furthermore, the entire system was predicated on the idea that the chief executive, while an important and powerful position, would not be a “winner-take-all” choice as far as governent power when: small states wouldn’t “lose’ because they had the Senate to temper the passions of the mob; larger population centers weren’t disenfranchised because the combination of the directly-elected House and usually-directly-elected President counterbalanced the, er, counterbalancing effect of the Senate and the electoral college. You weren’t just voting for a President; you were voting for a complete package at the Federal level.

That’s the system that made this country what it is. For worse or, mostly, better.

Lately, though – and it’s hardly the first time, even in my lifetime, although the dumb power of raw numbers seems to make it louder this time – there are those talking about “making the country more representative”; they propose:

  • Eliminating the Electoral College, electing the president by popular vote.
  • Making the Senate a popularly-elected body, or eliminating it altogether.
  • Adding term limits to the Supreme Court, or allowing Presidents greater leeway to change its composition.

These proposed changes to the contract accompany many other more or less drastic proposals to alter the fabric of this nation; various guttings of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments are all current events these days. And for many of those constitutional guarantees, the fact this nation’s contract enforces a sort of gridlock designed to constrain the passions of the dumb masses is the only thing standing in the way.

So let me make a proposal – and when I say “proposal”, I guess I’m shading more toward “manifesto”.

A Not At All Modest Proposal

Go ahead. Change the Electoral College, the Senate, the SCOTUS. Jam down anything you want, in fact.

But consider those changes an abrogation of the contract under which this nation was formed.

California, New York, New Engalnd, Illinois and the Mid-Atlantic states can form their own parliamentary democracy with popular president and enshrined powers of the majority. They can basically turn their nation into a glorified city government, like that of MInneapolis (or Chicago, Newark, Baltimore, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle or Saint Paul) with aircraft carriers, giving all power to the most populous areas, essentially making the less populous areas, the Inland Empires and Southern Illinois’ and upstate New Yorks taxed without representation – and with the contract now null and void, the rest of the nation can be free to choose something less stupid.

But you can not have one without the other. One party to a contract can not force a change in contract terms on the other parties without a negotiation – and that includes the freedom to walk away. Not legally. Not with any talk of forcing everyone to remain in a contract that’s been abrogated, rendered null and void.

I’m fine either way. But nowhere in between.

One or the other.

It’s worth having a knock-down, drag-out national debate over. Wars have been fought over much less. Let’s try not to do that.

The Shelf Life Of Mayor Frey’s Idealism

It’s about 23 months.

Mayor Frey, 2017; tribalism bad:

There is often a deviation of strategy in getting there, and that’s OK. We need to stop villainizing one another over slight differences of strategy and policy. You want to disagree? Go for it. That’s great. But the villainizing and the personal attacks? They are counterproductive and will have no place in my administration. There has been a real push to divide and conquer. I’m biased, but I think I’ve been the brunt of it. The mayor has too. Everybody. It’s got to stop. It’s been really nasty.

Mayor Frey, 2019: Get off my [er, collective] lawn.

Officials in Minneapolis were quick to blast the visit. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said while he would typically welcome a visit from a sitting president, Trump’s “actions have been reprehensible and his rhetoric has made it clear that he does not value the perspectives or rights of Minneapolis’ diverse communities.”
“Our entire city will stand not behind the President, but behind the communities and people who continue to make our city — and this country — great,” Frey said. “While there is no legal mechanism to prevent the president from visiting, his message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis.”

They’re willing to eschew “tribalism” – with the right people. Not the opponents they actually have, of course. The imaginary ones that Lori Sturdevant keeps reacing across the aisle to.

Maybe He’ll Come Out, Next

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Beto urges banks to refuse service to people Beto doesn’t like.  This is a good start, but it’s not sufficient. I recommend we take principle farther
Urge Banks to cut off business with anyone who has an abortion.
Urge Banks to cut off credit for all Methodist’s.
Urge Banks to refuse to do business with companies that sell or Support rap music
Urge banks to cut off credit card transactions at liquor stores, pizza parlors, State Fair cheese curd booth, and other unhealthy food vendors. Also, no credit cards for Vaping, tobacco, fireworks, p*** movies, adult novelty store sales, or tap dancing shoes, which are totally legal but they annoy me.
Yes, I think he’s really onto something here.
Joe Doakes

Where “onto something” = “desperately trying to get traction with an ever-loonier Democrat far left”.