Berg’s Tenth Law of Quantum Context

When a progressive says a conservative is “lying”, the odds of the “lie” being merely an ambiguity triggering some form of cognitive dissonance increases in geometric proportion with the volume and stridency of the progressive’s declaration

Here are the references in this blog to Berg’s 10th Law.

This is almost a corollary to Berg’s Seventh Law – but covers situations where progs are accusing consevatives of things the progs aren’t, currently, doing themselves. Maybe.

While it’s mostly a reference to the way the political smear machine mangles context to try to score “gotchas” at election time, I’ve also found “progressives” resort to the tu quoque ad hominem with depressing regularity.

The law has a number of corollaries:

The Mother Jones Corollary to Berg’s Tenth Law:  “Progressive” media accusations regarding conservative depravity should be distrusted and verified.  The probability that the accusation was at best a mistake and at worst a malicious misrepresentation of fact approach 100% in direct proportion to the hyperbole of the accusation.   Example.