Derek “Chief” Brigham, at Freedom Dogs, has been tallying up blogger “leanings for Republican Governor candidate endorsement.”  He has some interesting observations. Definitely worth a look.

Derek puts my own opinion into the (surprisingly) rare “Uncommitted” tally, but he doesn’t seem sure about it. So just to clear things up… Make that a definite uncommitted opinion. I hope whomever wins the endorsement makes a fine candidate in the general, and an even finer governor thereafter. But I’m too cynical to get caught up in all the primary hoopla this time around.

Something Mitch Would Never Do

I sometimes wonder if Mitch realized what kind of co-blogger he was getting when he added me to SITD. My own late and unlamented blog was a bit all-over-the-place, veering from politics to pop culture to media fisking to wine & food. I’m pretty sure he was okay with all of that.

But then there was the less… usual… stuff. Like the time I faked my own death and came back as a gigantic mutant godzilla-like creature. Or the time I appointed a cute puppy as my ombudsman to deflect scandalous political fallout for an entirely made up political office. Not really sure Mitch intended that stuff to make the ol’ SITD transition. As of yet, I’ve not pushed the envelope to find out.

But if there’s one thing Mitch knew darned well he’d be getting when he signed me on to post over here its…
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Breakfast In The Dark

Last Saturday was the first-ever Shot In The Dark “Staff Meeting”.  This blog’s staff – which has doubled in the past year to four – met at “Hell’s Kitchen” in Minneapolis (the nearly-liquid scrambled eggs take some getting used to, but the wild-rice hash browns are proof God loves us).

There was no agenda, nobody took minutes, and nothing was decided.  But it was fun getting the whole crew together for, as far as I can recall, the first time ever.

I, Camille

With Mitch already holding the title of the Twin Cities blogosphere’s best feminist, I feel it incumbent upon me to fill the role of the post-modern, liberal, lesbian, iconoclast on this blog. Or at least to emulate the television viewing habits of Camille Paglia

I rarely watch TV anymore except for cooking shows, history and science documentaries, old movies and football. Hence I was blissfully free from the retching overkill that followed the deaths of Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy — I never saw a single minute of any of it.

I have a feeling our respective definitions of “old movies” differ quite a bit (for example mine would include the earlier Harry Potter movies which seem to broadcast every other weekend on the ABC Family channel and can be viewed with clear conscience without shooing the kiddies from the room). But otherwise that television watching description is uncannily like mine.

Anyway, Camille has a few other thoughts this week, including a rather extended smackdown of her fellow Democrats over their fumbling of the health care issue. It’s worth checking out.

A Word from the New Guy

Before I get rolling with the real posting here, I thought I’d provide a brief personal introduction to the Shot in the Dark readership who may have no idea who I am.

I’ve been a blogger in the Minnesota blogging scene since July of 2004. I was one of a small but plucky cadre of conservative bloggers who came onto the scene following in the footsteps of the Northern Alliance of Blogs. I met Mitch around about the same time, via links and comments at first and eventually at some of the many Minnesota Organization of Blogs gatherings. As one of the few who remained unintimidated by his large frame, gregarious personality, and tendency to burst into a spontaneous bagpipe arrangement of Springsteen’s “Nebraska” album without explanation at times, I must have made a favorable impression.

Not so long ago, as I was considering closing down my own blog (the very recently late Bogus Gold), Mitch extended me the invitation to move my blogging operations over here under the SITD banner. I was more than happy to agree.

A few words about the person behind the moniker: I’m 40 years old, married, with three children. I live in the frightening reaches of the Twin Cities metro where even Mitch fears to tread (i.e. the suburbs). I hold a degree in anthropology, but make a living as an IT business analyst. I have a passion for the theater, heirloom tomatoes, wine, food, music, and history… as well as more ordinary blogospheric passions like politics, global warming cooling climate change, and general snarkery.

Thanks to Mitch for the opportunity to join the party here. I’ll try not to wreck the place.