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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

We won’t cooperate in enforcing federal law.  But we still want the federal gravy

 Liberals are big on equal outcomes, right?  Everything has to be equal in order to be fair?  Okay, then.  Treat them like kids in grade school.  When someone farted and wouldn’t own up, everybody skipped recess. 

 If any city in the nation refuses to cooperate with federal law enforcement official, no city in the nation gets federal funding.  End it.

 I’d bet a brand-new nickel the cities that were in compliance weren’t the ones sucking up the biggest share of the funds.  Let’s turn off the spigot and see who cracks first.

 Joe Doakes

The bluff is overwhelming.

The First Priority Is To Have Priorities

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

President Trump issued an Executive Order on immigration last month, pursuant to a law passed by Congress and signed by President Obama two years ago.   A Federal judge in California blocked it. 

 President Trump issued a revised Executive Order that took into account the judge’s objections.  A Federal judge in Hawaii has blocked the new order on the grounds that a Muslim Imam living in Hawaii may have a First Amendment right to invite anybody from anywhere in the world to come to Hawaii to visit him, if he feels like it, and therefore the United States government has no power to stop any invited guest from entering the country.

 This is sheer fantasy, of course, utterly unsupported by statute or any prior interpretation of the Constitution.  If it went up the ladder to the Supreme Court, it would be . . . well, now wait a minute.  That court is divided 4-4 because of the Scalia vacancy.  We can’t say what would happen.  Neil Gorsuch was nominated to fill the Scalia seat.  Did that happen?

 No.  The Establishment Republicans in Congress – the ones who supported Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan for President – the ones who swore “Never Trump” – are in charge of the Supreme Court nomination.  It’s the single most important thing they have on their plate but it’s stalled. 

 They’re busy, you see.  They never thought Trump would win so they didn’t bother making plans to repeal Obamacare.  Now that he’s dropped this tar-baby in their laps, they’re atwitter over how to appear to be doing something to keep their phony-baloney jobs without doing anything that might make the New York Times call them names.  It’s a conundrum, you see, which might possibly go away if they wait long enough and Trump is impeached.

I read the other day that North Korea claims to have a nuclear missile capable of reaching Hawaii.  Reeeeeeealy?  Hmmmmmmmm.

 Joe Doakes

 Not sure regular commenter Mammuthus Primigenius would approve – and losing Hawaii but keeping California just leaves the country in the same boat we’re in.

Tomayto, Tomahto

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

President Trump gave a speech [last week] referring to problems caused by immigrants in which he mentioned “what’s happening last night in Sweden.”  But nothing happened [last] Friday night in Sweden so the media are giving him a hard time about it.

 Oops.  The immigrants didn’t riot in Sweden until Monday night.  

 Look, it’s no big deal, it was a minor staff error.  The speech he gave Saturday was meant to be given Tuesday, they’re just out of order, that’s all.  Simple mix-up, could have happened to anybody. 

 And you’re missing the point:  Sweden is a nice, clean, civilized country.  Sweden let in a pile of immigrants who aren’t assimilating.  The immigrants are causing problems such as a massive spike in sex crimes.  We should learn from Sweden’s example and reconsider our own immigration policy before we suffer similar problems.  What’s controversial about that?

 Joe Doakes

Rhetorical question, right?


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Trump’s executive Order on immigration and refugees is causing angst, but not analysis.  We need analysis.

 For years, I’ve used the lifeboat analogy to discuss immigration.  There’s only so much room in the lifeboat, only so many rations.  There are 7,000,000,000 people in the world who want better lives which, for most of them, means coming to the United States.  We can’t take them all: they’ll swamp the boat.  See, for example, Europe today, and that was only a million immigrants.

 Lately, it occurs to me the lifeboat is the wrong analogy.  A lifeboat implies a temporary accommodation until help arrives.  But the rest of the world is worse off than we are.  Help will never arrive.

 The United States is more like a medieval castle when invading armies arrive, everybody heads for the castle and they slam the gates shut. There’s a limited supply of water and food and limited space.  Extra people endanger the survival of everyone already there. They close the gates every night, for that reason.  Yes, the wolves may eat you, if you arrive late and the gates are already shut for the night; but the gates will not be opened for you in the dark when it’s possible for invaders to slip in.

 In the intelligence world, it’s night right now.  Governments collapsed, sources compromised, consulates sacked, refugees and raiders look alike.  We can’t tell friend from foe so nobody gets in until daybreak when we can sort them out.  Daybreak will arrive when the intel for background checks and deep vetting is strong enough to trust, however long that takes.

 Even after our intel improves, we need to choose carefully who we let in because their kids become our new citizenry.  Carlos and Maria might be ecstatic to get jobs as gardeners and hotel maids in America, but their kids will grow up watching MTV and wearing Nikes.  They won’t be thrilled to take menial jobs.  Second generation Somalis are the ones going on jihad, here and abroad.  N-th generation Blacks are the ones insisting their lives matter.  “Grateful” is not an inherited trait.

 Western Civilization, and particularly our constitutional republican form of government as we know it in England and America, is a relatively recent development and a very small part of human history.  If that’s what we’re trying to preserve in the castle until the Dark Age ends, we need to be very choosy indeed.  We need the best, brightest, hardest working immigrants with morals and cultural values most compatible with our own.  Reuniting Carols and Maria’s extended family of unskilled laborers is heartwarming, but more unskilled labor is not what the nation needs to prosper.

 Trump temporarily halted immigration from countries that sponsor terrorism.  I’d go further and impose a temporary moratorium on ALL immigration, ALL refugees, until we sort out our national priorities and institute procedures to ensure new arrivals don’t threaten our national survival.  It’s not just for me – I’ve already lived most of my life in a clean, safe America – it’s for my grandkids.  Do I want them to grow up in Minnesota or Mogadishu?

 Joe Doakes

To many on the left,  the fact that you worked and sacrificed enough to build a place worth fleeing to makes you unworthy of being there.


SCENE:  Mitch BERG is stopped at a light on University Avenue.  He sits, window rolled down, waiting for the green.

Avery LIBRELLE pulls up next to BERG is a city bus.  The window is cracked open.

LIBRELLE:  Hey, Merg!  Dona’d Trump’s immigration moratorium is pure racism!

BERG:  Was it racist when Obama barred immigration from Iraq?

LIBRELLE:  No, and..

BERG:  And remember – these immigrants are from the same countries Obama has spent the last years bombing and droning, likely in violation of all manner of law in the process.

LIBRELLE:  Trump has been. doing all sorts of unconstittions……

(But BERG has rolled down his window and driven away)


Playing Chess Against Checkers Players

Glenn Reynolds

Obama did a 6-month immigration pause on Iraq, nobody cared.  Trump does a 3-month pause on a list of countries the Obama Administration put together, and he’s literally Hitler.  

And don’t forget the P.S:

Do you want more Trump? Because explosive anger mixed with sanctimony is how you get more Trump.

I’m not sure the left gets just how much smarter than them Trump seems to be.  

Sometimes A Great Notion

A Swiss community is un-thrilled by the immigration by a “left wing vegan” Dutch woman:

A left-wing Dutch vegan who campaigned against cowbells in the Swiss village where she lives has had a request for a Swiss passport thrown out after annoying the locals.

Nancy Holten, who was born in the Netherlands but moved to Switzerland at the age of eight, is a fluent speaker of Swiss German and has children who are Swiss nationals.

And she wanted a Swiss passport herself, but was refused after locals who were consulted about her request said they were ‘fed up’ of her challenging Swiss traditions by campaigning against the use of cow bells.

And for you liberals who read this and think “how terrible!”, but were campaigning against the Electoral College last month?  This is what majority rule looks like.

Although this is a salutary example.  If you’re Swiss.

Future Tense

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Last February, my wife and I stayed at an all-inclusive condo on Cozumel.  We asked the staff about tipping – not required but okay if you want to.  How much to tip?  Well, the groundskeepers, the people who speak no English and have no particular skills, make 70 Pesos per day.  The wait staff in the restaurants have some English skills so they make 100 per day.  Everyone was super-efficient and friendly because there was a line of applicants for those jobs.  At those wages in that economy, they weren’t just jobs – they were GOOD jobs.

 At the time, one American dollar was 15 pesos.  The groundskeeper was making about $5.00 per day; the waitress, $7.00.  Not per hour.  Per day. 

 One year later, Trump’s been elected and one American dollar is worth 20 pesos.  Yes, I’m glad Trump’s been elected, the strength of the dollar shows the rest of the world is glad, too. 

 Will it make America look like the Promised Land?  The starting wage for one day of part-time work at McDonalds is an entire week’s pay back home.  

 Will illegal immigration increase? 

“Build the Fence” is a wonderful short-term solution but eventually there will be 500 million inside the fence and 6,000 million outside it.  Can a fence hold off Billions of immigrants?  What’s the long term solution?

 Obama’s long-term solution seems to have been “if we make America into a Third World country, nobody will bother to come here.”  What’s Trump’s long-term solution?

 Joe Doakes

Not sure Trump was about long term solutions – but I’ve been surprised before.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

President Obama refuses to faithfully uphold United States immigration law, so the local sheriff in Arizona has been doing it.  Then Obama’s Justice Department sued, saying nobody else could enforce the law the feds were ignoring. But the sheriff kept enforcing the law. The sheriff is up for re-election. What can Obama’s team do to stop this guy from doing their jobs?

Lawfare.  Loudly trumpet criminal charges, just before the election.  It begins.

And what is Hillary’s position on prosecuting local law enforcement who enforce existing immigration law?  Do Democrats believe they can – and should – transform America into a Sanctuary Nation simply by refusing to enforce the border?  I’d like to see that discussed in the next debate.

.joe doakes

That’d involve Trump preparing for the debate…

Law And Morality

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I flinch when people urge that we condition law enforcement on “humanity” rather than “legality.”  Who decides which law is inhumane and need not be obeyed?  Taken to its logical extreme, that argument produces anarchy.  

 For example, Paul Mirengoff writing at Powerline about Trump’s immigration stance says: “First, walk away from mass deportation once and for all. Deporting 11 million people, if it could be done, would be inhumane.”

 Inhumane?  That’s a powerful condemnation, a word we’d use to describe slavery or torture.  Is it justified in this context?

A person who sneaks across the border into this country, claims asylum as a refugee but loses the case in immigration court, is ordered “removed” which is the politically-correct word for “deported.”  That’s the law.  The fact there are many such people, does not change the law.

 Is it inhumane to enforce existing law?  Why?  Because immigrants would be sent out of the land of Milk and Honey back to poverty and misery?  If that’s the case, isn’t it equally inhumane to leave people rotting in misery and poverty in their own countries because of an arbitrary border line?  Shouldn’t we share our riches with everyone?  Shouldn’t we eliminate the border on basic humanitarian grounds and let everybody in?  Are borders themselves, inhumane?

 If it’s “inhumane” to enforce the border, then we shouldn’t criticize Trump: we should criticize Congress and the President for maintaining the inhumane laws that presently exist.  We should insist Congress repeal all immigration laws, fling the borders wide open and let everybody in.  Doing any less would be “inhumane.”

 Unless . . . unless that’s not what Liberals really want.  Unless they simply want to beat on Trump and any stick will do.  If that’s the case, then arguing for open borders gives millions false hope of amnesty, a unicorn dream in this political climate.  And that would be truly inhumane.

 Joe Doakes

When they start applying this to logic and intelligence, then it’ll get serious.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Asylum seekers legally prohibited from working, decline voluntary work that generate favorable PR, demand minimum wage instead.

 Gee, maybe Mark Dayton can talk to Angela Merkel about getting some of those folks to move here.

 Joe Doakes

Soon they’ll be going door to door for MPIRG.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

So – did British unemployment “really” fall following Brexit?  That was entirely contrary to expert predictions.  

 Or did the government massage the figures to hide the decline, as we do in the United States?

 Joe Doakes


I’m sure there must be some mistake.


Large swathes of America – the west coast, the east coast north of the Carolinas, most cities over 250,000 people – are controlled by an increasingly extremist left-of-center party that governs badly, fosters corruption and leads to a vacuum of effective authority in a way that makes large parts of the country incubators for crime.

The federal government, from that same party, one that has controlled much of the national agenda for over 80 years (even during the occasional period that the party has been out of power) is a centralized authoritarian state governing a decreasingly independent federation, practices “socialism lite”, and carries it out badly.

So when anti-Trump protesters demand we “Make America Mexican Again” – well, for vast swathes of this country, ese tren salió de la estación.

“Unintended” Consequences

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Illegal alien injured on the job, confessed to using false documents to obtain employment, was put on unpaid leave until he could prove he was eligible to work in the United States, sued employer for retaliation, Minnesota Court of Appeals takes his side.

 Court says the purpose of federal law is to prevent employers from hiring illegal aliens.  But once you’ve illegally hired them, you can’t fire them when you find out about their illegal status – at least, not if you discover it during a worker’s comp case.  That would be retaliation against the employee for bringing a worker’s comp claim and retaliation is illegal under state law.  So in order to uphold state law, the employer is required to continue to violate federal law by continuing to employ the illegal alien.

 That’s idiotic. Putting the illegal alien on unpaid leave isn’t retaliation for the worker’s comp claim – the worker’s comp claim was merely the mechanism by which the employee’s illegal status was brought to light.  Stopping the illegal employment merely brings the employer into compliance with federal law where it would have been all along, but for the employee’s illegal use of a fraudulent social security number.  And even if putting him on unpaid leave were retaliation for bringing the claim that got his crime discovered, illegal aliens who aren’t supposed to be here shouldn’t be entitled to keep their illegally obtained employment.  Firing the employee for perpetrating a fraud and a crime is perfectly sensible as it deters others from committing the same fraud, the same crime.

 Of course, this is Democrat-dominated Minnesota where all the jurists are Democrat appointees.  The first sentence of the court’s opinion sets the tone:  “Appellant Anibal Sanchez immigrated to the United States in December of 1998.”

 Immigrated?  No, he didn’t.  “Immigrated” would entail a legal process of entry and regularization of status.  What he did was he sneaked in, he slipped across a porous border, swam the river, hid in a fruit truck, stole someone’s identity and committed fraud.  He’s a criminal and should not be allowed to profit from his crime. 

 The entire case would be moot if the Federal government was performing the core function for which we pay taxes: to defend our borders.  If, now that his status and location are known, the feds were to deport him, this entire case would go away, as it should.  The time and money spent taking the case to the Court of Appeals is yet another cost of President Obama’s willful disregard of his duty to uphold the law. 

 Joe Doakes

Laws are for little people.

More later.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Mayor of Paris says they can’t have little shanties and camps scattered around, they need one big camp to concentrate the refugees in one place.  A concentration camp, lovely idea.  But that’s a temporary solution to a temporary problem.  Aren’t refugees supposed to go home, eventually?  Or is she talking about establishing another permanent refugee problem, like the Palestinians after the Israeli war, and like America without a Southern Border?  In that case, shouldn’t we be talking about long-term solutions?  The French don’t have a Third Amendment – maybe the government can require citizens to open their homes to immigrants, which would set an international precedent so President Obama could require it here. 

 Joe Doakes

“Another permanent refugee problem” – the Frogs are still paying for the way they handled refugees from Algeria 50 years ago.

And if it’s good enough for the French, Secretary du Etat Kerry will wanna know more.

A Fine Line Between Experiment And Lunacy

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Immigrants are good for Minnesota: they bring us exciting new possibilities, interesting insights, exotic diseases such as tuberculosis.  

 “An alternative public health policy–one that the United States used for decades in the latter part of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century–is to test immigrants and refugees for infectious disease before they are allowed into the country.

 In that earlier era, those who tested positive were sent home. Today, however, many are welcomed in and pose a risk of infecting the rest of the American population.”

 So – is America a melting pot, or is it a Petri dish?

 Joe Doakes

Find a fondue joint.

See if there aren’t health and safety standards for them.

Then let’s talk.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

State Senate passed an omnibus bill (not yet law).  Section 8, Article 28, starting at line 195.20, says:  


(a) The Immigration Integration Advisory Task Force is created to research state laws

and rules that negatively affect immigrants. The task force is composed of the following:

(1) five members appointed by the governor to represent Minnesota’s diverse

immigrant communities;

(2) two members of the house of representatives, one appointed by the speaker of

the house and one appointed by the minority leader; and

(3) two senators, one appointed by the senate majority leader and one appointed by

the senate minority leader.

(b) At its first meeting, the task force shall elect a chair and cochair from its

membership. The commissioner of human rights shall provide meeting space and

administrative and staff support for the task force.

(c) The task force shall conduct research and hold meetings to:

(1) determine the extent to which current state laws and rules negatively affect

Minnesotans based on their status as immigrants; and

(2) develop methods to ensure that future proposed state laws and rules consider

the impact of the proposals on immigrants.

The task force shall consult with the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs, the Council for

Minnesotans of African Heritage, and the Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans. The task

force shall report to the chairs and ranking minority members of the committees in the

house of representatives and the senate with jurisdiction over human rights by January 15,

2017, with recommendations and draft legislation for changes in state laws, consistent

with federal law, that will reduce the negative impact of state laws on immigrants, and

ensure that future state laws and rules consider the impact on immigrants.

(d) The appointing authorities must make their initial appointments by August 1,

2016. The commissioner of human rights shall convene the first meeting of the task

force by September 1, 2016.

(e) Public members shall be compensated and reimbursed for expenses as provided

in Minnesota Statutes, section 15.059, subdivision 3.

(f) The task force shall expire on January 30, 2017, or the day after submitting the

report required under paragraph (c), whichever is earlier.


This section is effective the day following final enactment.

 So the DFL will pack it with Liberals and Rent Seekers who will write a report to the Legislature detailing how hateful our laws are.  What then?

Take Murder, for instance.  If my daughter dates a Jew, she shames me, shames my whole family.  I must kill her, my religion says so.  But Minnesota law says no.  Hateful.

Accommodate or assimilate? 

Joe Doakes

Assimilate in your accomodation.  Peasant.


Joe Doakes convenes a meeting of the Immigration Integration Advisory Task Force, via email:

C: This session of the Immigration Integration Advisory Task Force will come to order. The Secretary will call the roll:
S: Madam Chairman . . .
C: Excuse me. I find that offensive. I prefer a gender-neutral title.
S: Certainly Madame Chair.
C: I am not a “Chair,” I am a human being. And I am offended by “Madame.” I prefer a gender-neutral title for that, too, in case I change my mind about my gender while we’re in session. You can address me as “Mix.”

Continue reading


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

European wacko, far-right, fringe party . . . wins 36% of the vote.  The mainstream, sensible, traditional parties couldn’t scrape together enough to get into the runoff election.

 The media keeps using that word: “fringe.”  I don’t think it means what they think it means. 

 This election result is not an accident, this is the beginning of Europeans taking back their governments because of the immigrant crisis.  Next will come fences and deportations.  

 Meanwhile, America frets about bathrooms.

 Joe Doakes

For now, anyway.

For now.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

After border-crossers have lost their court cases and been denied asylum, federal law considers them “illegal aliens” and they are ordered to be deported.  While they’re awaiting deportation, Liberals claim they’re entitled to the same level of humane treatment as we give to American children in the foster care system, which our detention centers don’t provide.

Liberals hope by getting detention centers shut down, the government won’t be able to hold people for deportation and therefore, nobody will get deported.  Seems to me the solution is build a wall to keep them out in the first place.  Trump is right, again.

Meanwhile, providing what Liberals consider “humane” treatment is actually cruel.  The illegals come from places with housing standards substantially lower than expected in this nation.  So why are we obligated to improve their lot even as they are deported?  Making detention facilities nicer only highlights their loss when illegals eventually are returned to the squalor from whence they came.

Instead of that, illegal aliens awaiting deportation should be housed in comparable conditions to those they face when they are returned.  Giving them the taste of the land of milk and honey knowing they will have it ripped from them when they return to the land where nobody cares if they live or die . . . that’s heartless cruelty.

America is better than that.
Joe Doakes

The only greater cruelty?  Reminding them how very unlucky they were to be deported, much less caught at all.

Selective Vapors

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

People who enter the United States without proper documentation (sneaking across the border from Mexico, for example) can apply for affirmative political asylum.  Asylum decisions are made by immigration court but the system is swamped so applicants are given a notice to appear for a future court date and released.  While the court case is pending, they can live anywhere in the country and can work while waiting for a decision.  If they miss their court date, or if they appear but fail to persuade the court, they are denied asylum and an order is issued to remove them from the country.  The Obama administration reports these people as “deported” and claims this proves the administration has been vigorously enforcing the immigration law.

But many who were ordered to leave do not leave, maybe as many as a million.  Failure to obey the court order is a crime: they are now truly illegal aliens.  They hide in sanctuary cities, where law enforcement is forbidden to check their status.  They work illegally, shop at food shelves, feed their children at public school – three meals a day in some districts – and receive medical care at emergency rooms. They are waiting for the next wave of amnesty.

After months of pounding by Donald Trump, President Obama now proposes to enforce those court orders by finding and removing the people who have exhausted their due process rights and shouldn’t be in the United States any more.  Democrats are aghast.

My question: what is the Democrat vision of America?  If we refuse to exercise control over our borders, if we reject the immigration court’s decision, if we accept any immigrant at any time for any reason . . . what makes us America anymore?

Joe Doakes

They’re trying to obscure that as fast as they can.

Compare And Contrast

A couple of weeks ago, Governor Dayton said that anyone who didn’t support bringing Syrian refugees to Minnesota without restriction should just pack up and leave the state. And maybe skip the packing up part.

This week? Lyndon LaRouche said that the intelligence estimates he’s seeing about the potential for smuggling terrorists into the US via the wave of refugees alarm him.

Oh wait – did I say Lyndon LaRouche? I meant über-liberal San Francisco Senator Diane Feinstein.