Multiculturalism In Action

Scene from a “mostly peaceful demonstration” in Dacca, Bangladesh on Veterans Day:

Nah. It’s New York.

I’ll work 60 hours a week for the Presidential and Congressional candidates who will build a wall, deport any miscreants with anything less than or including a Green Card, and make naturalization 100% contingent on loyalty to American small-l lliberal principles. .

Because ss Bari Weiss points.out, this isn’t just antisemitism:

When a nation built on small-l liberalism turns its back on small-l liberalism – especially that nation’s “elites” – what does that leave the nation?

Review And Revise

Whatever opposition I’ve had to deportation of illegal immigrants is waning fast:

I’ll work my ass off for the first Presidential candidate to promise to deport aliens who are actively hostile to everything this country stands for.

I said “actively”.

And if the people in this mob are citizens? Deport whatever immigration official or politician OKed their naturalization.

Or at least tar and feather them.

Pony Up

Remember when Ron DeSantis sent fifty migrants to posh, leafy Martha’s Vineyard?

And the American left wrenched their shoulders out of socket patting themselves on the back by feeding them before having the hired help bus them to a nearby military base?

Maybe it’s time for some of them to start ponying up. Yuma, Arizona’s hospital is stretched beyond its capacity treating migrants:

An Arizona border hospital has been left with $20 million in unpaid medial services from the massive influx of illegal immigrants over the past six months.

Yuma Regional Medical President Dr. Robert Transchel joined “Fox & Friends” Friday to discuss how the migrant crisis has burdened hospitals as experts warn the end of Title 42 will escalate border crossings.

Transchel said anyone coming to the hospital receives the “same level of medical care” regardless of immigration status, including surgeries and intensive care.

“People always think they’re coming in with coughs and colds, but that’s not really the case,” Transchel said. “You have individuals come in that need dialysis, that need heart surgery, that need cardiac catheterization. We’ve had women come into our labor and delivery unit that have delivered infants that need to be in the neonatal ICU for sometimes months at a time.”

Maybe James Taylor and John Kerry can write some checks?


How do you upstage a 900 pound gorilla?

By upping the ante on the gorilla’s battle:

And now there are two serious GOP candidates for President other than Trump.

Urban Progressive Privilege: Their Own Dog Food

Governors Abbot (TX) and DeSantis (FL) sendig illegal immigrants to New York, DC and – major kudos to DeSantis here – the epicenter of Urban Progressive Privilege, Martha’s Freaking Vineyard.

The Vineyardians are not amused:

The bleating of the likes of Fernandes (to say nothing of NYC Mayor Adams and DC Mayor Bowser) is pure Berg’s Seventh Law: Big Left’s notion of “helping” illegals is like the PJ O’Rourke’s recounting of Tipper Gore’s account of a drive with the Gore kids through a blighted part of DC; the kids observations prompted Tipper to…

…start a group to plug for public funding for more homeless charities.

The squirming, deflection and projection is glorious.

“But Mitch – those are human beings!”

To me? Yes.

To you? Maybe.

To Big Left’s pols? Not in the least. They are votes and news cycles on the hoof.

A Little Good-Ish News, If You Consider “Courts Supporting Common Sense” To Be Good News

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails about yesterday‘s New York Supreme Court ruling:

The New York State Supreme Court struck down a New York City ordinance allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. What a bunch of haters.

The Boston Tea Party was based on “no taxation without representation.” The Declaration of Independence affirms that governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed. The Constitution lays out the formula to determine consent, through voting. The consistent underlying principle is that the people who will be affected by the rules imposed by the government ought to have a say in who makes up that government. And illegal aliens hiding in the city are affected by the rules adopted by the City Council as much as anybody else, so they ought to have a say in who sits on the City Council as much as anybody else.

And why should it end there? Citizens of foreign nations are affected by laws made in the United States Congress: foreign aid payments to their nations; wars waged in their countries; immigration encouraged or not. Why doesn’t every citizen of every nation get to vote for our Congress?

Why should they have to vote at all? That’s a heavy burden for someone who doesn’t read or speak the language, can’t complete the Request for Absentee ballot, can’t afford postage to send it back on time. Why not let US-based voter advocates cast ballots for them? They could bring ballots by the suitcase full, helpfully completed on behalf of all the citizens of the world.

And why bother with paper ballots for all those people? Think of the expense and wasted time, running them through the machines again and again until the right guy wins. Why not simply program the machine to give the desired result and be done with it?

It’s a slippery slope the court has chosen, this notion that only certain people should be allowed to vote. Probably a bunch of MAGA Trumpers on the court. Or worse, Open Borders Libertarians.

Joe Doakes

Don’t be giving Steve Simon any ideas.


Not only is it time for the US to leave the UN and cut off all our funding to it, but we need to dismantle the building and recycle the material, preferably into new guns to distribute to deserving Americans.

UN distributes cash and sob stories to “migrants” seeking asylum:

In one, the U.N. was cited as the source of cash cards used to fund lodging, food, and medicines on their journey from Mexico to the U.S. border. Those payments have recently drawn the ire of some Republicans in Congress angered over the efforts and costs…Bensman reported some families receiving $400 every 15 days to use as they wish….

In another report Monday, Bensman said U.N. groups are providing migrants with psychological help to pull stories of torture and abuse from their memories. Those stories are often needed to win temporary asylum passage into Mexico and eventually the U.S.

“At least two U.N.-funded nonprofits with operations in the southern border states of Chiapas and Tabasco pay stables of clinical psychologists to help migrants recover ‘repressed memories’ of government persecution and other hardship stories that qualify migrants for Mexican asylum and a residence card, allowing an eventual trip over the U.S. southern border,” the report said.

I’d vote for a controlled implosion. After the bureaucrats inside have relocated.

If possible.

When I interviewed Michael Yon last winter, he characterized the “migrant caravans” as.a direct assault on American sovereignty, clearly not spontaneous, clearly planned.

It sounded conspiracy-theory-y.

Not so much anymore.

Third Amendment

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Lesko Brandon administration has a new idea: private sponsors. The State Department announced that individuals can sponsor people evacuated from Afghanistan during the rout. The evacuees are currently held in military installation waiting to be re-homed in America. It costs less than $2,500 but the sponsor must also find them housing, furniture, food, clothing, get them signed up for welfare, get Afghan children enrolled in schools, help Afghan parents and adults find jobs, and teach them English.

Doesn’t sound like a bargain to me. The administration’s stagflation policies already are impacting my family, without taking on responsibility another. And doesn’t the Third Amendment prohibit the government forcing citizens to provide room and board for soldiers (or maybe it doesn’t apply because they’re not US soldiers, they’re Taliban soldiers, so that makes everything better)? If the government can’t take care of the millions of immigrants it’s letting into the country, perhaps stop letting them in? Maybe even – dare I say – send them back?

This isn’t like Sally Struthers asking me to sponsor little Maria for less than the price of a cup of coffee every day. This is a big commitment and I don’t even get a letter every month. Who do they think will participate? Who is this program intended for? Liberals eager to signal their virtue by writing a one-time check then dumping the load on taxpayers? A pimp running a child sex ring who gets to pick-and-choose the young, pretty ones? A factory owner who needs to fill dangerous jobs on the cheap? A landscaper who gets free labor for life?

$2,500 is a pretty steep buy-in for such speculative return. Anybody want to go halves on one?

Joe Doakes

I wonder if there’s any possible way to turn this particular “commodity“ into a market, with an exchange, perhaps is the basis for a cryptocurrency?

Don’t mind me. It’s late.

Oh, The Changes Slow Joe Has Wrought

I’m old enough to remember when AOC…

…referred to “influx facilities” as “concentration camps”.

Surprising Nobody

Migrants waiting in Mexico to get into the United States are thrilled that Joe Biden is now President.  

Two more migrant caravans are on the way.

Their optimism is based on news reports that President Biden will issue executive orders affecting immigration.

Maybe if I brush up my Rosetta Stone Spanish, I can get some yard work done cheap.

Joe Doakes

Unless, of course, they wind up subject to the $15 an hour minimum wage – which means most of them will never find legal work, and will wind up on the dole.

According to plan.

Joe, you might have to hire a neighborhood kid. If American neighborhood kids still do yard work…

Frequently Asked Question

Q: “Mitch – you said during the campaign that Biden – and, indeed, all Democrats – were campaigning on messages that couldn’t possibly be true, but that it didn’t matter, because people susceptible to voting Democrat are gullible herd animals with no critical thinking skills who vote based on knee-jerk emotion and reaction to chanting points, knowing that nobody will ever call them to account on their promises once the dust settles and everyone gets inaugurated. Why?

A: Because it’s true. Every time.


So why did Latinos vote for Trump in record numbers?

Because they’re a bunch of bitter Jesus Freaks, according to the guy who made “bigger Jebus freaks” a political class and social identity group:

.@BarackObama: “There’s a lot of evangelical Hispanics who…the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or puts detainees— undocumented workers— in cages,they think that’s less important than the fact that he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion.”

Is there a President in history who has so fully incorporated condescension into his brand as Obama?

BTW – GOP outreach to Latinos needs to lead, front-and-center, with this for the next four years.

Also with cooling it with the “Deport-em-all” talk.


A lifeboat floating in the ocean has a limited carrying capacity.  This
many people – we all survive; add one more – the lifeboat sinks and we
all die.  And if somebody in the lifeboat is actively trying to chop a
hole in the bottom of the boat, we throw her out to save our own necks.

What’s the carrying capacity of a nation? When do we start throwing
people out?

Yes, we can too ask that question.  It’s happened time and again, when
nations realized their existence was in danger from certain groups. No,
I’m not talking about the Nazis so send Godwin back to his closet.  I’m
talking about Ferdinand and Isabella expelling the Jews and later the
Muslims;  Idi Amin expelling the Indians (dot, not feather); Ahmose 1
expelling the Caananites; everybody expelling the Roma (Gypsies).

We’re told that multiculturalism is inevitable and desirable, that all
cultures are equally valid and will play nice together. Are we seeing
that in America this summer?  Note well – this is not a race issue. 
There are people of all races on both sides of the “burn it all down”
movement.  This is a different issue, a philosophical issue, a point of
view, a belief about how society should be ordered.  In Antifa culture,
it is acceptable to do X, Y and Z to The Other because They deserve it. 
Can American culture survive that?

Insisting that law and order comes from a place of white privilege will
drive the nation to collective suicide.  I thought we decided against that?

Joe Doakes

A century of unparalleled wealth has convinced a lot of people – even self-styled critics of the system, like the putative revolutionaries of The Squad – that we’ve repealed the laws of human nature.

We have not.

My Own Private Caracas

I heard this – or a piece just like it, and which may well have been a rerun – on NPR on Sunday afternoon – explaining Bernie Sanders’ putative popularity among young latinos. 

And I found it pretty much chilling, to be honest.  

The Sanders campaign is pitching its candidate  as Tio Bernie – “Uncle Bernie” – to young Latin-Americans:

Shawn Navarro, a 33-year-old Sanders volunteer in Las Vegas, refers to his favorite presidential candidate as “Tío Bernie.”

“He reminds us a lot in the Latinx community of your grandpa, or your tío,” explained Navarro after a recent Spanish-language campaign event in Nevada. “He’s kind of stern, a little grumpy at times. But, at the same time, you really know he’s looking out for you.”

Latinos, Navarro says, are tired of listening to talking points from Democrats who come to their neighborhoods, “speak a little bit of Spanish” and “eat tacos,” but then don’t deliver any real results. It’s why, he says, exit polls found that Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, “who was far less offensive,” performed roughly equally with Latinos in the 2016 and 2012 elections.

Latinos come from a part of the world that’s been fairly ravaged by socialists painting themselves as “family” for right around two centuries.

There’s a real educational opportunity, here.

I don’t entirely mean for “progressives”.


You can’t eliminate supply until you eliminate demand; otherwise, somebody is always willing to meet the demand – we learned that in Prohibition, and the War on Drugs. 
If restaurant managers create the demand for illegal aliens, we need to educate restaurant managers not to do that.  And by “educate,” I mean “learn to make license plates at Stillwater.” 
Of course, the restaurant managers can defend saying “I thought she was legal,” same as any bartender who cards a college kid.  Show me what steps you took to verify identity and eligibility to work here.  Didn’t bother to look too hard, afraid of what you might find?  Weren’t willing to pay the wages an American demanded so you hired an illegal do to the work Americans would do – for that price?  Sucks to be you, Mr. Restaurant Manager.  You broke the law.
Notice who’s being targeted for deportation: families who have received deportation orders.  These aren’t refugees, they aren’t asylum seekers, these are people who had a court hearing and LOST.  They were ordered to leave and are defying the court order.  I’d like to see anybody else get away with that.  Just refuse to pay your child support and see what happens.
Joe Doakes

Would that they’d develop the same consideration for IRS courts.

But that’s just crazy talk.


Big fight over whether the Trump Administration can ask census respondents about their citizenship. The census is used to determine who gets seats in the House of Representatives. So the real issue becomes who are we counting them for?
If the House of Representatives is supposed to represent the citizens living in a district, then we need to know how many of the people responding to the census are citizens. They’re the only ones who should count in determining proportional representation.
If the House is supposed to represent all the residents of a district, then we don’t care about citizenship.
I strongly suspect this is a holdover from slavery days. Slaves didn’t count as full citizens for purposes of proportional representation. And neither do illegal aliens. But people who think they will pick up votes, want them to.
I doubt counting foreigners was the intent of the framers of the Constitution. I foubt counting illegal aliens was the intent of the Voting Rights Act. I think Americans all along, have wanted the House to represent the citizens who reside in the district, not everybody wandering through the district.
I don’t think the court should be meddling with that intent. Add the question.
Joe doakes

I coudln’t agree more. Of all the great scams that Big Left has foisted on us, positing open borders as “kindness” is the most cynical of all.

Arsenal Of Hospitality

SCENE: Mitch BERG is taking a walk through a local winery, when he notices Avery LIBRELLE trying to open the tap at the bottom. He tries to reverse course, but LIBRELLE, as always, notices him.

LIBRELLE: Merg! You’re a racist misogynist!

BERG: Uh, OK. Why now?

LIBRELLE: On, no reason. It’s just my new greeting. But Trump is holding children in squalor on the border.

BERG: Separating kids from their parents is a bad thing. But this speaks to the same incompetence that covers most aspects of dealing with the bureaucracy. Nothing to see here.

LIBRELLE: We must treat pre-documented immigrants of color with the respect they deserve.

BERG: Question for you, Avery. Is the US the world’s policeman?

LIBRELLE: No. We can not solve all the world’s problems with the military.

BERG: OK. Are we the the world’s moral arbiter?

LIBRELLE: It is to laugh! We are the most corrupt, least just society on earth!

BERG: Huh. Is the spread of American culture through the world a good thing?

LIBRELLE: We have the most despicable culture there is, buried to its eyeballs in racism and hate. The world’s authentic cultures must be preserved.

BERG: Does the US have anything to teach the world?

LIBRELLE: How to be hateful and horrible.

BERG: So can we keep people from coming here, with or without regard to the law?

LIBRELLE: What are you, a fascist? Everyone has an absolute right to come to the US!

BERG: So if someone comes to this country illegally, or uses an exceptionally broad asylum statute to gain entry to this hateful, horrible, despicable, racist, corrupt, militaristic place, then we are in fact the world’s ATM machine?

LIBRELLE: Why yes! (Turns back to trying to open the tap on the fermentation keg).

BERG: I know I’ll hate myself for asking, but what are you doing?

LIBRELLE: Wine is an appropriation of California culture.

BERG: Of course it is.


The New Racket

A refugee who wants to come to the United States can apply and wait for approval.  May take years.  Meanwhile, you sit in the refugee camp overseas.
A person who sneaks into the United States can apply for asylum.  Your approval also may take years.  But meanwhile, you’re released into the United States and given a work permit and relocation benefits. 
A person who sneaks into the United States and claims to be an unaccompanied minor seeking asylum, gets all of that plus extra cash and benefits. 
A person who sneaks into the United States and claims to be an unaccompanied minor trans-gender seeking asylum, gets all of that plus extra cash and benefits and now might receive even better preferential treatment.
No documentation is required for any of this stuff.  In fact, if you have it, it can be used against you.  So nobody has any papers when they arrive, the entire system is based on verbal claims.
Now I ax ya . . . if you wanted to get into the United States plus maximize your benefits, what story would you tell?   

The story that was given to you by those who want your vote in exchange, that’s who.