Dayton Retirement Pool

Below are the entries for the Governor Dayton Retirement Pool.

Date Name
6/18/2012 Sstalock
2/1/2014 J Ewing
1/5/2015 Night Writer
1/5/2015 MNBubba
1/10/2015 Walter Hanson
3/3/2015 Leo_Pusateri
4/1/2015 RedPackMan
4/1/2015 Swiftee
4/4/2015 StCloudite
4/10/2015 Darrel Pinkston (from FB)
4/16/2015 Rikkor
4/30/2015 Ben Koster (from FB)
5/1/2015 David Anderson (from FB)
5/3/2015 Cowboyguns
5/19/2015 Joe Doakes
5/21/2015 JenniferHarpist
5/23/2015 John LaPlante (from FB)
5/28/2015 JustPlainAngry
5/29/2015 Bill C
6/1/2015 Bill Glahn
6/15/2015 Troy
6/16/2015 Eric
6/17/2015 Terry Keegan
7/1/2015 Mitch Berg
7/14/2015 Kel
8/12/2015 Fast Richard
8/15/2015 Margaret Martin
9/4/2015 Johnsq316
9/29/2015 Sean
11/10/2015 Liz Kulzer (from FB)
11/25/2015 AaronHorak
12/3/2015 ewaters925
12/10/2015 Speed Gibson
12/20/2015 Al DeKruif
12/25/2015 Nerdbert
1/10/2016 Euros12
1/16/2016 Jack Tomczak (from FB)
2/1/2016 Mark “Mr. D” Heuring
3/13/2016 DrLongHairHippie
7/11/2016 Despaulding
8/10/2016 DonLokk
8/18/2016 Prince Of Darkness (from FB)
9/19/2016 BradC
11/8/2016 Dave Thul
11/9/2016 BikeBubba
11/10/2016 Loren
11/30/2016 Learned Foot
1/1/2017 Joe Deal or Red Squirrel
1/2/2017 MtkaMoose
3/15/2017 Skydancer506
11/12/2017 Bill Gilles
2/25/2018 Passout76
1/2/2019 Emery ( Finish Term)
1/2/2019 Ryan Love (Finish Term)

Official Rules and Regulations –  Prize will be a $150 Gift Certificate to the Saint Paul Grill, Saint Paul, MN.  Transportation to and from the Saint Paul Grill will be the winner’s responsibility.

Winner is the closest calendar date before or afterthe date Govenor Dayton announces his resignation from office (as opposed to the date he leaves office). It the Governor is too incapacitated to make his own announcement, then it will be the date that the initiation of the succession is launched, per the Minnesota State Constitution.

In the event of a tie, gift certificates to the Saint Paul Grill totalling $150 will be evenly split among the winners.

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