“Gun Violence” – Facts At A Glance

General facts about guns and the Second Amendment, and the things the left and media get wrong about both.

The Numbers:  Gun Crime Rates

Fake But Inaccurate:  Common Chanting Points

Mass Shootings

  • “Most mass shootings don’t occur in gun free zones” – False.  There have been a tiny number of mass shootings – three in the past decade – in places where citizens have a right to carry firearms.

Media Bias

Although it’s something of a historical artifact, there’s little reason to believe things have changed since David Kopel compiled this list of articles and studieson media bias on the gun issue.

Civilian Carry

As of January 2015,

  • 41 states are “shall issue” (and Connecticut and Delaware, while legally “may issue”, are in practice “shall issue” states as well).
    • Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, and Vermont are “Consitutional Carry” states; they have no restrictions on open or concealed carry for law-abiding citizens.  Wyoming requires non-residents to have a valid permit in their home state.
    • Arkansas,Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Oklahoma have fairly limited restrictions on concealed or open carry.
    • Montana, Utah, South Carolina, and New Hampshire
  • 12 states and the District of Columbia are “may issue” (note CT and DE, above).  DC, New Jersey, Maryland and Hawaii, while legally “may issue”, are in practice “no issue”.
  • Most US overseas possessions – Samoa, the Marianas, the Virgin Islands – are “no issue”, as are most US military bases.