Back in 2006, they told us that electronic voting machines were going to be an easy, non-transparent way to hijack elections. 

And they were right:

Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote Monday at the Schaumburg Public Library.

“I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” Moynihan said. “You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”

The conservative website Illinois Review reported that “While using a touch screen voting machine in Schaumburg, Moynihan voted for several races on the ballot, only to find that whenever he voted for a Republican candidate, the machine registered the vote for a Democrat in the same race. He notified the election judge at his polling place and demonstrated that it continued to cast a vote for the opposing candidate’s party. Moynihan was eventually allowed to vote for Republican candidates, including his own race.

There’s a simple answer, of course:

 “This was a calibration error of the touch-screen on the machine,” Scalzitti said. “When Mr. Moynihan used the touch-screen, it improperly assigned his votes due to improper calibration.”

“I’m not robbing this bank, officer; I’m just doing a bad job of calibrating the safe”.

“That’s not a crack pipe under my seat, officer; its a poorly-calibrated CPAP mask”. 

“Those weren’t dead people voting; just poorly-calibrated living people”. 

I’m not going to say the Democrats are a criminal syndicate.  I’m just wondering how they’d have to behave any differently to be one…

“The Most Dictatorial President We’ve Ever Had”

Watch this video starring Ted Nugent, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage, in which President Obama is called…well, exactly that.

UPDATE:  I lied.  It’s not Nugent, Hannity and Savage.  It’s Nat Hentoff, liberal civil libertarian and godfather of the ACLU.  He’s a liberal – but he has been committed enough to actual civil liberty over the decades that he’s even pissed liberals off at him…

For The Peasants

During the Soviet era, while Soviet “citizens” crowded onto dilapidated streetcars and rattletrap buses, and waited in endless lines for food, shoes, or pretty much all of life’s essentials, and dreamed about getting their own apartment, maybe, and daydreamed about owning one of the Soviet-era cars that were both biodegradable and cost several years’ salary to buy, the Communist Party nomenklatura were whisked about in private cars, shopped in fully-stocked shops that catered to party members only, and had houses in the city and on the lake.

And as the Met Council works overtime to shove Twin Citians into high-density developments and high-density public transit run by high-density public employees, it stands to reason that some things never change.

This Is How Stupid They Think You Are

SCENE:  The Admiralty, London, May, 1940.  Winston CHURCHILL is poring over a map in the Admiralty’s operation’s center, looking over the deteriorating situation in France.  He is joined by Admiral Nigel FRIEDEN, head of the Royal Navy’s public health wing.

CHURCHILL:  It is clear that we are going to have to evacuate the British Army from France.  In addition to a maximum effort by the Royal Navy, we’ll need thousands of civilian boats to help get the troops off the beaches and evacuate them from the Nazis. 

FRIEDEN:  I’m afraid that’s a bad idea, sir.

CHURCHILL:  Why do you say that?

FRIEDEN:  If we evacuate the Army, it will just make the occupation worse in England.  Also, we’ll have to use the fleet to evacuate Germans from England, too, then.

CHURCHILL:  That makes no sense.

FRIEDEN:  I’m an expert. 

NEXT SCENE: The US Air Force base at Wiesbaden, West Germany, June, 1948.  General Lucius CLAY, commander of US Military Government in occupied West Germany, is looking at a map of the Eastern Zone.  Ominously, red Soviet stars sit astride the three road/rail routes supplying West Berlin; the Soviets have just instituted a blockade, trying to starve West Berlin into the Soviet sphere.  Clay looks pensive.  He is joined at the map table by Brigadier (one-star) General Maximilian FRIEDEN, head of his public health corps. 

CLAY:  Blockade, schmockade.  We will need to start the greatest airlift in history to keep Berlin supplied.  It will show Stalin that we’re serious about

FRIEDEN:  We can’t, General.

CLAY:  What the hell?

FRIEDEN:  If we bring food, medicine and coal to Berlin, it’ll just make the hunger, disease and cold worse.  Also, for every load of supplies we bring in, we’ll have to bring a plane-load of Soviet spies and commandos back. 

CLAY:  Whose army do you serve?

SCENE:  April 1975.  As the North Vietnamese Army overruns Saigon’s last line of defenses, US Marine Brigadier General Richard CAREY is discussing the upcoming evacuation of Americans and certain Vietnamese from Saigon.  Artillery is heard in the distance, as CAREY makes the final plans to remove the last Americans, and as many Vietnamese as possible, from the Embassy compound .  He is addressing a group of officers, including State Department public health attache T. Morton FRIEDEN.

CAREY:  And so we’ll bring in the helicopters from the aircraft carriers.  We’ll get the last of the Marines out by 1800 hours. 

FRIEDEN:  General, that’s a bad idea.  Evacuating Marines will only make them more subject to Communist rule.  And for every helicopter full of Marines you remove, you’ll need to bring one full of Vietnamese back from the ships. 

CAREY:  (Stands, slack-jawed).


CDC director Thomas Frieden is telling us that wejust can’tstop all flights coming in from West Africa, because…:

It’ll Make the Epidemic Worse:  Because ancient tribal burial rituals, lack of information about handling infections, and superstitions about healthcare workers aren’t bad enough; dispersing the epidemic all around the world must be ten times better!

If we stop air travel, we won’t be able to bring supplies:  That’s only true if all flights from West Africa are on disposable aircraft, or are kamikaze flights.  Planes can fly in the other direction.  Hopefully to drop off supplies and trained well-equipped healthcare workers.  And return empty, until the crisis eases.

I imagine Mr. Frieden knows this.  But judging by the last round of elections, it’s a lot for a plurality of Amerians to understand…

UPDATE: You think I’m selling Dr. Friedman short? 

Read this – especially Dr. Frieden’s interview with Megyn Kelly

It only looks like one of my parodies.

Is Anything The DFL Does Actually Real?

And I ask that question in a context that goes above and beyond the typical “The Alliance For A Better Minnesota Is Lying” sense of the term.

As we noted a few weeks back, the DFL is making TV ads with fake middle class families.  It’s nothing new for them, of course.

And now, as both Bill Glahn and the lesser talk station’s Jack and Ben have pointed out, the DFL is going hog wild with the Photoshops, as with this hamfisted whack at Stacey Stout:


The face of the man in the bottom photograph (captioned “Stout works for extreme Republicans) belongs to the state House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt.

The body belongs to Conor McFadden, the son of U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden, as illustrated in the Star Tribune’s side-by-side comparison.

Fake people.  Fake photography.  Fake insurance exchange that gives results with a shelf life, if you can get to that point.  Fake “economic health”.

Is anything real about these people?


One of the more galling facets of the 2012 Presidential campaign was watching Mitt Romney taking flak from the social right, the Rick Santorum crowd, on having been marginally impure on social issues, while at the same time getting beaten up from the fiscal purists (egged on by the left) for Romneycare, and the Libertarians for having been insufficiently pro-Liberty, whatever that meant. 

Of course, the key difference was that Mitt Romney had been in office, governor of not only a large state, but a toxically left-leaning one, in which he had few legislative allies.  To get anything useful done as governor of Massachusetts - and he did – he had to compromise.  “Romneycare”, bad as it may be, was a better compromise than what the Massachusetts Democrats would have spawned. 

The lesson, of course, is that rock-solid principle is easy, when your job never involves having to engage on a daily basis with your opponents to get anything done.  US Congresspeople do that only on the most symbolic and ritual level. 

Governors?  It’s part of their daily job.

And so while the likes of Govenors Romney, Pawlenty, Walker and others may have great black marks against them in the great book of princples in the sky, those marks are given by people who’ve never had to negotiate with a recalcitrant state employee union, or horse-trade with a hostile legislative majority. 

Fact is – as I say all the time – politics is a marathon, not a sprint.  Things get done over time, not overnight.  It’s work for the obsessively patient. 

Society get changed not by the people who have the coolest slogan – “Repeal Now!” or “War on Womyn!” or “TRU LBRT!” or whatever it is that sends a tingle up one’s true believers’ legs – but by the people who not only show up, but keep showing up.

Which is Kevin Williamson’s point in this NRO piece, which you should read in its entirety, and which concludes:

The Democrats did not build the welfare state all at once in 1965, and Republicans didn’t have an honest shot at repealing it all at once in 1995. Everybody has a big plan, and Washington is full of magic bullets: leash the Fed, enact the Fair Tax, seal the borders. But what’s needed — what might actually result in a stronger American order — is a thirty years’ war of attrition against the welfare state and entrenched incompetency. Federal crimes and misdemeanors ranging from the IRS scandal to the fumbling response to Ebola suggest very strongly that we have management and oversight problems as well as ideological ones, but holding oversight hearings long after (one hopes) Ebola is out of domestic headlines provides very little juice for a presidential candidate facing a restive base all hopped up on Hannity. Being the guy who gets up and demands the repeal of Obamacare might get you elected president; being the guy who fixes the damned thing simply makes you a target for talk-radio guys who have never run for nor held an elected office but who will nonetheless micturate upon your efforts from a great height.

Everybody wants to run for president. But somebody has to save the country.

Read the whole thing.

And hold the sloganeering.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Subsidiarity” is the Conservative political principle that says things ought to be managed at the lowest level of organization capable of handling them.  School lunches, for example, should be selected by millions of individual Moms, not dictated by The First Lady of The United States.

President Obama is committed to this principle.  We will now screen arriving international air travelers for Ebola symptoms but those who exhibit symptoms will be a problem for local health officials, not the CDC or national government.

Muslim terrorists never attack so we don’t need boots on the ground in combat, there are only episodes ofworkplace violence or film protests gone bad for law enforcement to handle.

When immigration amnesty plans caused millions of illegal aliens to swamp the Mexican border, Congress gave extra money to pay local cops overtime rather than beef up Customs.

It’s good to see the President embracing Tea Party principles of government. If only Republicans were this good at it.

Joe Doakes

Politics is the worst possible way to deal with the realities of the world around us.


 Someday, when we need an epitaph for the Obama Years, I’m going to submit this paragraph by Mattew Continetti:

Over the last few years the divergence between what the government promises and what it delivers, between what it says is happening or will happen and what actually is happening and does happen, between what it determines to be important and what the public wishes to be important — this gap has become abysmal, unavoidable, inescapable.

Continue reading

Oh, Yay. I’m Famous.

I got word over the weekend that Democrat oppo-researchers, in trying to grunt out a hit piece against Stewart Mills, GOP-endorsed candidate in CD8, “quoted” Mills’ appearance with me last January on the Northern Alliance Radio Network.

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) released this exceptionally puerile hit piece on Mills last week.

No, I said “puerile”:

Green Bay Packers fan and millionaire Stewart Mills III emerged from hiding – briefly – to reports in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he sold millions of dollars worth of cars using stimulus money. As a candidate, Mills has opposed the stimulus.

The state’s economy is stagnant, we’re heading for deficit – and the Democrat Party is targeting voters whose votes turn on f****ng NFL team loyalty?

This is the mentality of the voter the Democrat Party is aiming for?

The ad tries to jack Mills up because the family’s car business bought vehicles using Cash for Clunkers money.

The nerve; in a system designed to promote and reward rent-seeking, people seek rent!

Of course, that was four solid years before Mills decided to run for office.   Y’know – one of those episodes that led him to decide to try, at least, to change things in DC.

Oh, yeah – I’m famous now:

Mills Said the Stimulus was a “Sugar High.” In 2014 Mills said, “The last round of tax spend and borrow stimulus which is nothing but one sugar high after another, negatively affected our part of Minnesota because we had none of the benefits from it, but yet we’re the ones that are going to have to pay the bills.” [Northern Alliance Radio Network with Mitch Berg, 1/4/14]

Wow – oppo researchers were tuned in!  I feel…


Oh, yeah – Mills was 100% correct.  The stimulus – of which “Cash for Clunkers” was far from the dumbest - was a “sugar high”; it subsidized car purchases in 2009, inducing people to buy buy buy probably earlier than they would have otherwise (the sugar high), meaning they didn’t buy later (the crash).

It’s how every “stimulus” works.

Mills was right.  The DCCC is wrong.

Someone tell their oppo weasel I said so.  And that I’m a Bears fan.

It Isn’t Very Pretty What A Town Full Of NIMBYs Can Do

The Irvine Park neighborhood, south of West Seventh Street and downhill from the XCel Energy Center, votes reliably DFL.

And so they care a ton about the homeless.

Provided they are walled away from them.

The Dorothy Day Center – across 7th Street from the X – wants to expand.  And that’s got Irvine Parkers up in arms:

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that residents of the nearby Irvine Park neighborhood want more say into the plans for the expanded shelter and service center.

Few will deny there’s a real need for the expansion. But neighbors say they already see homeless people spill over into the nearby park and onto their properties while waiting for the shelter to open each evening. They say the proposed design of the upgraded facility won’t do much to alleviate the situation.

Either will sixty more years of DFL rule, complete with using the inner city as a warehouse for the poor and de-institutionalized.

Who do we protest to about that?

Chanting Points Memo: Democrat Fakery Labor Party

 Bill Glahn notes that the Dayton campaign’s latest TV ad – featuring a “beleaguered middle class family” – continues a long DFL tradition:

The Ports are in no sense “middle class.” Steve Port owns his own businessin Burnsville, employing several staff. In true, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” fashion, I’m not sure the Ports—by supporting Democrats—are operating in their own self-interest as small-business owners in Minnesota.

But they do support the Democrats. Besides the sizable campaign donations, Lindsey Port recently wrote a letter to the editor supportive of the Democratic cause.

And we do mean large contributions; the Ports gave $1,000 to Roz Peterson’s undistinguished lump of a DFL opponent. 

This is, of course, a DFL pattern.  Four years ago, the DFL and the “Alliance for a Better Minnesota” and its media allies at “The Uptake”, produced a piece featuring a mother who was “boycotting Target” because of their pro-business campaign donation to the putatively “anti-gay” Tom Emmer.  Of course, the woman was an upper-middle-class DFL donor from the southwest suburbs

The DFL.  Fake outrage.  Fake numbers.  Fake people.


According to Rasmussen, Franken leads McFadden by eight points – but only by three points (48 to 46) among people who are “certain” to vote:

Yesterday, Roll Call included Franken on their top-ten list of the most vulnerable U.S. Senators facing re-election in 2014. McFadden had a “fiery” performance in his debate with Franken yesterday in Duluth and he followed-up today with a press conference today about rate increases for MNsure consumers.

 If the poll is accurate (and since Scott Rasmussen retired, it’s been less so – but it’s also swung a bit toward favoring the left), this could be very good news for the GOP in MInnesota…

(Via PoliMN)

Rule Of Man

Eric Holder’s greatest legacy – and perhaps Barack Obama’s, by the time we put this wretched era in the history books?

He was a staunch advocate of the rule of men, rather than laws. 

Throughout Holder’s six years in office, Holder trampled the rule of lawand ruled by fiat, essentially making it up as he went along.  Look at the record:

  1. His politicization of the DOJ’s hiring practices was unprecedented
  2. Nadia Comenici in her prime couldn’t have done gymastics like the logical flips and turns Holder went through to avoid calling Major Nidal Hasan’s massacre at Fort Hood terrorism. 
  3. If Richard Nixon had done the sort of dirty tricks against the media that Holder’s DOJ did, Woodward and Bernstein would have been really pissed.
  4. Even moreso for media openly critical of the ”most transparent administration in history”.  
  5. Get out of jail free cards for Democrat fugitives?  Of course!
  6. Even violent ones?  Don’t be silly.
  7. The First Amendent was just so passé.
  8. He used the DOJ as an Obama campaign tool
  9. He was an inveterate gun-grabber, first last and always.
  10. He worked tirelessly to give foreign terrorists captured in action the full protection of American criminal law. 
  11. He dinked about with the right of states to enforce the very laws that the Feds had passed. 
  12. Voter intimidation was bad – unless it intimidated Republicans
  13. Otherwise?  Holder did what he could to make voting easier and more convenient for the Democrats’ most important constituencies; Duplicate-Americans, Fictional-Americans and Deceased-Americans. 
  14. Islam has never been violent, Winston. 
  15. What’s arming a bunch of cartel thugs, if we can take a whack at law-abiding American gun owners

What does Holder’s future career hold?  Doesn’t matter; if it’s in the world of government “Justice”, Eric Holder will be working to strengthen government and weaken oversight, accountability and the lot of the individual.

Just Stupid

The lefty media has been giggling like schoolgirls over this story – a Texas waitress, who got not one but two $2000 tips from Rush Limbaugh – and gave the money to a pro-infanticide group:

“That was like blood money to me,’ Tierce told The Dallas Morning News.

Tierce was the former executive director at the Texas Equal Access Fund, which provides money to women who can’t afford to get abortions.

She was the “executive director” of a nonprofit that provided infanticide to poor women, AND a waitress?


Tierce said it felt right to her to give the money to the TEA Fund.

‘It felt like laundering the money in a good way,’ she told the newspaper.

‘He’s such an obvious target for any feminist or sane person.

Yeah, Ms. Tierce seems pretty sane to me.

The part that I get the chuckle over? Ms. Tierce, and the media bobbleheads who’ve been reporting the story, keep saying that Ms. Tierce “gave Limbaugh’s money” to the infanticide charity.


When Limbaugh left the tip – of his own free will, mind you, not as part of some “living wage” wealth transfer – it became her money.

She gave her own money to her own group.

This story isn’t “Man bites dog”. It isn’t even “dog sniffs dog”. It’s “Deeply morally ugly woman gives her own money to a group she used to run, while taking a snotty, stupid swipe at someone who has the temerity to “share the wealth” of his own free will, rather than at government gunpoint”.

Minneapolis’ Real Scandal

Outrage is brewing over the scandal involving “Community Action”, a Minneapolis “non-profit” whose director, Bill Davis, spent a boatload of taxpayer money on living the high life, according to an audit

And yep, DFL figures are involved in the scandals up to their eyeballs:

[5th CD Representative and DFLer Keith] Ellison, [Senate Deputy Majority Leader Jeff] Hayden, [Minneapolis City Council president and DFLer Barbara] Johnson and City Council Member Robert Lilligren were on the board during the time covered by the audit. All have said they appointed alternates and did not regularly attend meetings.

Passing the buck to your patsy.  Not exactly a profile in courage…

…or, I suspect, much of a defense. 

The GOP has filed an ethics complaint against Hayden, and Ellison’s GOP challenger Doug Daggett has got Ellison pretty well dialed in.

But here’s the real scandal;  this is inevitable in a one-party city like Minneapolis. 

Maintaining one-party control in a place like Minneapolis (or Saint Paul, which has its own single-party patronage scandal brewing) requires paying off a lot of stakeholders from the dominant political class – in both the Twin Cities’ cases, that’s the DFL.

There are only so many patronage jobs available for the giving out in city government.  Likewise, the city school district can only absorb so many petty administrators and pay for so many “consultants”.

So the “non-profit sector” serves as a patronage factory for people in the dominant political class.  While many non-profits exist to do good things, many others exist to channel money from the government run by the party in power to the people who help get and keep it elected.

Picking examples of corruption in a one-party city like Minneapolis – like its intellectual kin in Detroit, Camden, New Orleans, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC and so many more – is like playing whack-a-mole.  Until the people of Minneapolis decide they need the accountability that a multi-party government can (with a little elbow grease) bring, not to mention an adversarial (as opposed to dutiful) media? 

Meet the new scandal, same as the old scandal.  And the next scandal.

The DFL’s Edina Brahmins

Why does the DFL hate the First Amendment?

Trackers – interns for various campaigns and groups filming footage of politicians giving speeches and doing other public appearances – have been a fixture of Minnesota political life for at least a decade now. Most politicians – and by “most” I mean “everyone I’ve encountered, from every party, so far” – accepts that with good grace, and tries not to say something stupid.

Apparently “good grace” is beyond DFL Rep. Paul Rosethal, from District 49B in Edina:

“You’re in the Edina City Hall. You’re not allowed to be here without their permission to film. So I’d appreciate your leaving,” Rosenthal said in an exchange posted on YouTube.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s a public building” replied [photographer Ethan] Hellier.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Rosenthal, moving in front of the camera.

Clever, Mr. Rosenthal.

At least, compared to representative Ron Erhardt, from District 498, who seems to be going more and more Tony Soprano as he gets older (With emphasis gleefully added):

Rep. Ron Erhardt, a Democrat, took a different approach.
Do you know what would happen to that thing if we dropped it? Probably wouldn’t work very well. Now would you back off please?” Erhardt said.

At least he isn’t threatening to blow Mr. Helier’s head off.

Dear Edina – these are the thugs you sent to StPaul in 2012. Let’s shoot for better this time, okay?

Dear Blue States

To:  The Blue States
From: Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re:  Examples

Hey, Blues,

Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom (provided the UK’s taxpayers pay more for its care and feeding).

But perhaps there’s a lesson in there for you.

Given your contempt for those who think differently than you – “What’s the Matter With Kansas“, anyone? – and the conceit you cling to that you pay the nation’s freight (it’s BS, but it’s Krugman, so you all are attached to it), perhaps it’s time for you to follow the Scots’ example.

Maybe you should get high on dudgeon, and take your toys and go elsewhere?

That’ll show us!


That is all!

No Binders

Deb Wasserman Drescher Schultz will likely not be The Nanny the chair of the DNC too terribly much longer.

And it’s interesting to notice, after two years of “War on Women” rhetoric (much of it put into the public arena by Wasserman Drescher Schultz herself), that the Democrats’ bench of (obligatory) female prospects to run the DNC is so very very shallow:

Here’s the reality: No matter the outcome for Democrats in November, Wasserman Schultz will likely be shown the door, with another woman to replace her. But, the list of possible replacements is a not-so-long list of two: Stephanie Schriock, who heads the Democratic women’s group EMILY’s List, and Stephanie Rawlings Blake, the mayor of Baltimore.

The world of politics still has a recruiting problem when it comes to women, and Wasserman Schultz is perhaps both a beneficiary and victim of that reality.

Looks like a certain party needs to start putting together binders and binders full of women…


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Got to the office Monday, arms and back were sore from a weekend Honey-Do project. No pain pills at the office.
I had bottles of ibuprofen and acetaminophen in my desk drawer, but new office assistant (21-year old woman) re-organized. The bottles had expiration dates of 2011 and 2012 so she threw them away. She didn’t want me to poison myself with expired medication.
I didn’t have the heart to tell her that acetaminophen and ibuprofen do not expire. She means well, she just doesn’t know any better.
She’s a perfect Democrat: she causes others to suffer pain but since she was acting with good intentions and didn’t mean to cause harm, she can’t be blamed for it.
Joe Doakes

True enough.

Although she won’t be a true democrat until she actively demonizes you for seeking a solution she disagreed with…