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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails

60 million receiving Social Security, 120 million paying into it, a 2-to-1 ratio of workers to beneficiaries.  We’ve reached the level of the Ponzi scheme pyramid where the scam becomes unsustainable.

How to save it?  Maybe start by eliminating payments to non-citizens.   Why not, they can’t vote you out of office and the rest of us certainly will.  Side benefit – money is fungible.  Every dollar we don’t send to non-citizens living in Mexico is a dollar to Build The Wall and have Mexico pay for it.  Campaign promise kept!

Joe Doakes

I can hear the sputtering already.

A Sign You’ve Solved All The Serious Crises

Dogs at Los Angeles’ animal shelters may  be going vegan:

The idea was proposed by Commissioner Roger Wolfson, a Hollywood screenwriter who cited research that he contended shows vegan diets “eliminate” many health problems in dogs, which are omnivores. But he said rethinking the dogs’ meals is about far more sweeping matters — the environmental effect of a meat industry that produces the main ingredients in lots of dog food and the ethics of feeding animals to animals.

“We have to embrace the fact that the raising and killing of animals for food purposes must only be done if we have absolutely no other choice,” Wolfson said at the meeting, according to a recording published on a county website. “This is about the long-term survival of every man, woman and child in this room, and all of the people in our lives.”

While “progressives” are all about “science” when it comes to smooching Bill Nye’s hindquarters or browbeating fundamentalists, it’d seem they’re swimming against the scientific current here…:

The city’s chief veterinarian, Jeremy Prupas, was not convinced. In a report to the commission, he recommended rejecting the proposal, saying that it could deprive dogs of sufficient protein, calcium and phosphorus and that it could be inadequate for injured, pregnant or lactating pups. Prupas said he’d consulted three clinical nutritionists at veterinary medical schools, one shelter medicine specialist and a veterinary toxicologist who works with a pet food company. None endorsed vegan dog diets, he testified.

Oh, yeah – and vegan dog food, not unlike vegan human food, costs four times as much as the regular stuff.

Which is all fine, if you’re just playing “government dress-up” with other peoples’ money.

Which is another way of saying “California”.

Although if it passes in LA, look for Alondra Cano to propose it in short order in Minneapolis.

When Even The Left Is Dinging On You…

…as this writer does to Dianne Feinstein, for being not merely “too old”, but too militaristic to serve in the Senate…:

Dianne Feinstein was recently seen at a town hall doing some truly remarkable mental contortions advocating regime change in Syria while simultaneously trying to distance herself from the politically unpopular phrase “regime change” itself. She has supported US military interventionism at every turn, has advocated all new cold war escalations with Russia, at a time in her life when she should really be leaving potentially world-ending decisions like that to the people who will still be here to deal with their consequences.

…well, you know what’s gonna happen, right?

Nothing.  Seniority equals power.  She, like Robert Byrd before her, will be “serving” in the Senate until her the jar holding her brain falls over and breaks.

Agenda Item

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrat IT aides ran a fake car dealership to launder money to terrorists in Pakistan, while also drawing congressional salaries.  Democrats are obstructing the investigation.

The question is not “Were the aides corrupt?”  Obviously, yes, they were.

The question is not “Did the Democrats who employed them, know they were corrupt?”  I think that’s a safe assumption.

The question is not even “Where did the money go?”  It’s gone and we’ll never have an actionable answer, nothing to recover.

The question is “Which Democrats got paid off?”  You know they did, that’s the only reason Democrats would be stalling.  They couldn’t care less about missing computers or stolen national secrets, they only care about staying out of prison to enjoy their bribes.  Find them.  Expose them.

Start looking into draining that swamp, why doncha?

Joe Doakes

Is it too early to guess “all oif them?”

So How Do Liberal Cities Get The Way They Are?

In Saint Paul, on top of the feds, the state, the county and the city, we have a de facto fifth level of government, the “Community Council”.   They’re not technically “government”, but they administer much of the city’s planning agenda, and serve as a group of ready labor for cajoling, shaming and bludgeoning neighborhood businesses into line.

Their boards are “elected”, but the elections are kept a fairly closely guarded secret to avoid any dissenting voices joining.  They are essentially training grounds, and sometimes salaries, for the DFL farm club in Saint Paul.

And some of them go through money they don’t have like it’s going out of style.

The Pioneer Press is covering the ongoing collapse of the Dayton’s Bluff Community Councijl, on the lower East Side.   In the report – you can read it here – you can see a lot of the hallmarks of DFL control writ small; a paid administrator with big ambitions and dubious command of finance; a “cultural director” with a mutual-back-scratching arrangement with the council, and a board elected by a neighborhood that bleeds blue and wouldn’t know what “dissent” is in a one party town.

The results?  Among many others (and you should read the whole thing):

In an interview, Abbott-Foster acknowledged that the council’s 2017 proposed budget was about $470,000 — and they’ll likely only pull in $300,000.

“It was probably a crazy budget proposal. But every year we’d gone up. That was on trajectory,” she added, noting the 2016 actual budget was in the $400,000 range.

She said her own salary was $83,000.

“When I started we were on a $70,000 budget. And each year I was there, we increased the budget by $70,000,” she said.

She blamed the shortfall on several factors: two regular funders, including the St. Paul Foundation, pulled out this year. Their radio station didn’t get any significant underwriting.

DFL governnance:  cover the luxuries, and the necessities will take care of themselves.


Who Could Have Predicted Such A Thing?

Is it just hypothetically possible that Saint Paul – a city run by people whose only experience with business is working for non-profits that harass actual productive businesspeople – has gotten the city into an epic Ponzi scheme?  

Neil DeMause at Deadspin  talks with a group of sports economists that aren’t especially bullish on this year’s hipster diversion, the MLS:

“When Forbes last looked at MLS finances, it had to perform mathematical contortions to explain why franchise values are rising even as annual losses continue to mount.”

“That business model and this financial trajectory suggests that MLS’s sea of red ink is either a loss leader or a Ponzi scheme, and it’s not always easy to tell the difference between the two until it’s too late. Several sports economists, though, aren’t optimistic.”

“The best indicator of expansion franchise worth is success at the bottom of the league” in revenues, says Stanford economist Roger Noll. For MLS, “that still looks more like AAA baseball except for a few million per year more in TV revenue.”

But as DeMause explains, the TV revenue isn’t going to happen – not the way the league is currently run – because there are already better leagues on the TV.  Mexican “Liga MX” games get better ratings; English Premiere League games on Saturday mornings get better numbers than MLS games in prime time.  


Because they have better soccer.  

But won’t the MLS improve?  

Not the way it’s currently set up.  Unlike *every* successful sports league, all MLS players get paid by the league – not their teams.  Instead of teams competing with teams around the US and world for talent that’ll make actual soccer fans interested, the league as a whole competes with leagues that are made up of teams that are competing with each other, and the whole world, for talent.   As a result, the payroll for the *entire MLS league* is lower than the *average* payroll for a single Premiere League team.  MLS spends at about the same rate as the Bulgarian national league .   The MLS model is designed to *control espenses*, not foster the competition that creates a watchable product.  

So all those new immigrants that are supposed to keep MLS afloat?  They’ve already got *good* leagues to watch.  MLS is to Premier or the German Bundesliga or even Liga MX as the Saint Paul Saints are to the Twins, in terms of talent.   Why would people from parts of the world were soccer is the main sport bother with a product that’s not only inferior, but *designed to stay that way*?

As the current TV ratings show – they’re not.  Not outside of New York or LA, anyway. 

And yet the cost for an MLS franchise has grown from $10M at the turn of the century to $150M today – a price tag that currently gets the owner a piece of $100M in losses, in a businesss that is structurally incapable of improving, and doesn’t even have the level of competition that “promotion and relegation” – moving the worst major league teams down to the minors, and promoting the better minor league teams to the majors, like in every major Euro league – brings.


“Whether current MLS honchos actually have this in mind now, or are still guzzling their own Kool-Aid, is tough to say. But for most big-market teams and early adopters, even if the expand-o-ganza goes south, it’s a fair bet they’ll be left with a chair when the music stops—franchises like New York and Los Angeles should be safe and potentially profitable, even if the likes of Raleigh or Nashville might be screwed.”
I gave the Minnesota franchise five years from the opening kickoff before it folds.  I’m feeling more optimistic about my prediction – if not about the “investment” the DFL forced me to make via my tax dollars – every day.

Like The World Needed Any More Stupid Social Media

Twitter – especially that part that tninks Hollywood is just dreamy – is giggling that goofy giggle it laughs when it thinks it’s onto something funny.

In this case, the prospect of fundraising Twitter memes equating Senator A-Klo and Senator Mengelette with Tina Fey and Amy Pohler.

Tina and Amy.  Get it?

All by way of getting in good with Al Franken’s ‘Hollywood money wagon.

Today At The DNC

SCENE:  In the command bunker at the Democrat National Committee headquarters in Washington DC, December 12, 2017.

DNC Command Bunker staffers Joshua Micah COHEN-YATZKIS, Rachel ROSARIO-WYKOFF and Tad BULLWER-FLYTTON are gathered around a table festooned with computer monitors and touch-screen readers.   All brows are furrowed; the smell of desperation is palpably visible.

COHEN-YATZKIS:  This is bad.

ROSARIO-HELMING:  Very very bad.

BULLWER-FLYTTON:   As a gender-queer womyn of colyr, I am going to be most affected.

COHEN-YATZKIS: .  Er… (but he shuts up when ROSARIO-HELMING shoots him a warning glance).

ROSARIO-HELMING:  What are we going to do?

BULLWER-FLYTTON:   I don’t know, but we’ve got to come up with something.

COHEN-YATZKIS: .  Tom will know what to do.

ROSARIO-HELMING:  I anyone does, Tom will.

BULLWER-FLYTTON:   We sure have to hope so.  As a wise Latina, I think that’s the right approach.  (COHEN-YATZKIS looks at ROSARIO-HELMING, who shrugs).

(In the background a door iopens,.  Tom PEREZ, chairman of the DNC, enters the room, accompanied by MyLissa SILBERMAN, from National Public Radio’s Saint Paul bureau, on special assignment to write a profile on why Tom PEREZ is so wonderful).

ROSARIO-HELMING:  Good morning, Mr. PEREZ.

PEREZ:   What the f_____ f___’s good about this m____r_____ng morhing?  (PEREZ throws a paper coffee cup across the room, spilling coffee on an intern).

SILBERMAN (sotto voce into the microphone in her top of the line Bang and Olufson digital broadcast recorder) “Perez runs a lively office”)


PEREZ:  Goddess m____rf__k___ alive, this may be the worst c______k___ possible news we could have gotten.

BULLWER-FLYTTON:   Yes sir.  (COHEN-YATZKIS and ROSARIO-HELMING meekly look at monitors and try to look occupied).

PEREZ:  Christ on a m______u____g crutch, I”m not sure how the _u__ we’re going to __ck___ going to recover from this s___ sandwich we’ve _____n_ dealt ourselves.  F___ me to tears.

SILBERMAN: Pardon me, your excellency, but are you talking about Jones’ victory over Roy Moore in Alabama last night?

PEREZ:  F__ to the f___ yes, I m____________ am.

SILBERMAN:  But the Democrat, peace be upon him, won.  The GOP majority in the Senate is cut by a seat.  Trump was dealt a setback.

PEREZ:   F___ m_____f_____g c__________ Trump up the a__ with Debby Wasserman-Shultz’s d___.  Moore f____ losing this c_________ election boned us up the m__________ c_________ d___ l____g G__l-S___t banging p_____le.


PEREZ:   Because with that l__p-d_____ c________ Roy m__________ Moore out of the m___________ way, we’ve got no f____ f______ f_______ f_____ Republicans to bang Republicans over their m_________ heads with.

SILBERMAN:  (Nods, her mood suddenly darkening in comprehension).

COHEN-YATZKIS: . We could always just make some crap up about another Republican.

PEREZ:   That’s right, genius.  Of m________ course we’ll f______ have to make some s___ up about some other t______ c________ w________ Republican.  Get on it!


PEREZ:  Jesus H m________ Christ.  What a cliuster____.

SILBERMAN (sotto voce into her microphone):   Perez is excited by the opportunities yesterday’s election offers…


So What You Have Here This Morning…

…are a whole lot of people who thought Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton were just dreeeeamy…

…patting themselves on the back as they virtue-signal about Roy Moore.

(You also have a lot of people who ishould known better calling last night’s Alabama special election a “referendum on Republican policy”.  It wasn’t.  Polling showed Alabamians support the GOP (Hillary came in slightly below “None of the Above” in Alabama last year) but were uncomfortable with the allegations against Moore.

But I’ll tell you what, Democrats; pump a lot of money into Alabama for the midterms.

Side Bet:  Any action on the statement that “The allegations against Moore will fall apart shortly, but that’s OK, because they were only intended to last until December 12?

Lions Lying Down With Lambs

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

58 Democrats in House vote to impeach Trump for bigotry, racism, and generally being deplorable.  Nancy Pelosi says no, they should wait until they have evidence of an impeachable offense.

When Nancy Pelosi is your party’s voice of reason . . . .

Joe Doakes

Pretty sure it’s more red meat for the left’s gullible hordes – but Joe’s right.

Baited, Switched

A long time ago, in a beautiful but cold place far far away, a communist dictator built a colosseum.  Being committed to the populist flim-flam most totalitarians use to get help in seizing power, he named it “The People’s Stadium” – although “the people” only got to use it with the permission of the dictator’s cronies.

And the dictator built a train – “The Peoples’ Train” – to bring people from the miserable, decaying, crime-sodden cities to The People’s Stadium.

The dictator and his cronies planned a massive rally to celebrate their power and perspicacity; the entire world’s media would be there to see the dictator’s work.

And the dictator worried: while he put on a slick facade for the foreign press, some of the locals were unruly, and parts o the city were falling apart.

So the dictator took steps to make sure The People wouldn’t screw up The People’s  Event at the People’s Stadium before the eyes of the world.  First, he barred The Hoi Polloi from the Peoples’ Train, to make sure they’d never encounter foreign visitors.

And then, to take no chances, he deployed his Army in the People’s City, to make sure the locals stayed in line.

Minneapolis officials are calling on Gov. Mark Dayton to mobilize the state National Guard for the Super Bowl, amid questions about whether the city’s police force has enough officers to effectively patrol neighborhoods and handle other demands.

Even with dozens of departments across the state pledging to send officers to help with security, Mayor Betsy Hodges and mayor-elect Jacob Frey wrote in a letter on Tuesday that the city’s police “cannot by themselves meet of all the safety and security needs of the 10 days of Super Bowl LII while maintaining public-safety operations for the entire city.”

When I wrote my book Trulbert:  A Comic Novella ab out the End of the World as We Know It, I wrote the scene in which a thinly disguised Roger Goodell-type NFL commissioner exacted concessions out of Minneapolis’ dictator, Myron Ilktost, to be as over the top as I could imagine; a complete NFL takeover of all civic resources, free transportation, prostitutes, whatever the NFL wanted.  And when I went back and edited and re-wrote, I massaged it to make it even more over-the-top.   I was satisfied that real life could never imitate my fiction.

Kudos, Roger Gooddell and Mark Dayton.  You’ve proven me wrong.

Where Credit Is Due!

As the world wonders what’s going to happen with Al Franken – after 33 Senators call for his stepping down – one must give credit where it’s due.

So a big, unreserved salute to two Minnesota profiles in courage – two women who stepped out against the wind in their own party to stand up for all women.

Kudos and salutes to Senator Amy Klobuchar:

Senator Klobuchar

And to titan of industry and budding perennial candidate Angie Craig:

Angie Craig

These two women took a decisive stand against the ofay objectification of women with their unstinting demand for integrity on the part of Senator Franken and the Democrat Party.

No mean feat, this – swimming against the current that believes, all but officially, that their ends justify their means; that a rapist who “protects abortion” is a better person than the pro-lifer with scrupulous integrity.

And so I salute you, Senator Klobuchar and Angie Craig!

What?   DFL women standing up for individual women, as opposed to Progressive Women as a Collective?    Complete baked monkey doodle?

I know, right?

Rules To Live By, Lessons To Absorb

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Former National Security Advisor pleads guilty to lying to FBI.

  1. Section 1001 is used when prosecutors can’t prove anything but they found an inconsistency in your statements. It was used against Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby, both convicted of lying to investigators even though there was no underlying crime to investigate.
  2. Nobody should ever talk to the FBI about anything, ever.
  3. We’ll see if this leads to Trump or his family.  At this point, doesn’t sound like much.  Sounds like more small fry (remember the guy who pled last month?  Never heard of him again).
  4. Did you notice that the news articles do not contain direct quotes of his purported lies?  I suspect the “lying” is based on a comparison of the Obama Administration’s eavesdropping tapes with the FBI agents’ written notes of their interviews.  Who knows what they wrote and whether it’s accurate? This is why Hillary couldn’t be convicted – they made a point of not asking her on the record and didn’t take notes.
  5. Prison is not the punishment, the process is the punishment.  You must hire an attorney to defend you every day for a year at your own expense.  If you’ve ever been involved in any sort of litigation, you know how much it weighs on your mind and takes a physical toll, in addition to the financial burden.  If you don’t fall on the sword, they expand the scope of the threat to go after your family, friends, colleagues. Eventually, they get you to plead to something, anything, just to stop the torture.
  6. There still is no collusion.  Fire Mueller and his whole team.

Joe Doakes

In many ways, Feferal law enforcement is a racket too dirty for the Mob to touch.

This Is The Profile In Courage That Could Be Your New Representative In 61B

Sarah Freeman is a DFLer running in House District 61B.

And she’s pretty much going to be a puppet of Michael Bloomberg.  And not “puppet” in the cool sense, like “Lambchop” or “Kukla and Ollie”.

No.   The other kind:

In response, two women posted comments.  I thought both womens’ comments were respectful and valid, but saying so would be called “Mansplaining”, so I’ll let you all be the judge:

Now, I happen to know both of these women; Sarah is, in addition to being a shooter, also a left-leaning DFLer on every other issue imaginable (also a friend of mine, as is Lisa).

But both comments were deleted, and both women blocked from Freeman’s site, in a matter of minutes.

Two of these people are gun grabbers. The “group” is another gun grabber.

Which is, of course, of a piece with the contagion of cowardice that seems to be befalling DFL pols lately; not only do they eradicate all hint of dissent from their social media, in many cases they proactively block all conservative commenters, using commercial and non-profit social media control apps, before any interaction takes place (koff koff Tina Liehling koff gutless koff koff).

Oh, other interactions âre perfectly welcome.

Now, it’s a campaign site.  Someone running, even in this stiflilngly “progressive” Minneapolis district (currently “represented” by Paul Thissen) has every right to control the conversation on their campaign website and social media.   It’s legitimate.  Gutless, but legitimate.

The problem is, many elected DFL pols actively stifle inconvenient questions on social media; my favorite example, naturally, was two years ago, when I broke the story of Alondra Cano using constituents’ private information from the City of Minneapolis website  to try to “shame” people who questioned her use of her office to support Black Lives Matter’s attempt to shut down the Mall of Amarica.   When I respectfully but pointedly brought it up on social media and on this blog, Cano blocked me.

It is, of course, because Cano is not only a coward, she is fundamentally anti-Democratic.  She is an intellectual jackboot.

And it appears Ms. Freeman is cut from the same hobnailed material.

Oh, yeah – the article she links to?  We’ll dispose of that tomorrow or Monday.  Easily, and with contemptuous prejudice.



SCENE:  Mitch BERG is walking out of the Riverview Theater in south Minneapolis.  Surrounded by hipsters and hippies as far as the eye can see, he tacitly wonders what the hell all these pretenders have done with his old neighborhood.  

As BERG approaches the door, Avery LIBRELLE walks in, early for the next showing of “Antifa: The Musical”.  


BERG:  Er, hey, Avery.   What’s…

LIBRELLE:  Linnae Tweeden danced like a slut.

BERG:  Er, yeah.  And…?

LIBRELLE:  She was a cheesecale pinup girl.

BERG:  So…?

LIBRELLE:  She kissed other men and patted their backsides.

BERG:   And so…?

LIBRELLE:  So Al Franken didn’t do anything wrong in that photo.

BERG:  Even though he admitted to it himself.

LIBRELLE:  Senator Franken, peace be upon him, has no more control over his utterances than he has over what his hands do in the presence of a scantily-dressed wanton slut.

BERG:  Wait, wait, wait – so if a random guy at the office were to say “that woman is dressed provocatively, so I’m going to go grope her…”

LIBRELLE:  It’s sexual assault.  The moral equivalent of rape.

BERG:  But if Al Franken does it…

LIBRELLE:  She’s a slut who provoked the lusts of his innocent victim, Al Franken.

BERG:  So… (searches for words)

LIBRELLE:  Also, she’s a Republican.

BERG:  So that makes it OK.

LIBRELLE:  I’m not saying it’s OK…

BERG:  Oh, OK.  Thank goodness…

LIBRELLE:  But it’s OK.

BERG:  OK.  We’re getting somewhere.  So – men in general look with any lust in their heart upon a woman, no matter how she’s dressed…?

LIBRELLE:  Rapists who should be chemically neutered.

BERG:  Al Franken, who touched a woman in a leering provocative manner with out consent?

LIBRELLE:  Helpless before the wiles of a fallen Republican siren.

BERG:  Er…

LIBRELLE:  Hey, Merg – is the popcorn vegan?

BERG:  Only the buttered kind.

LIBRELLE:  Really?

BERG:  Absolutely.

(BERG continues out down the street to his car, shaking his head)


Everything That’s Old Is Suspicious Again

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Here’s something you don’t see every day:  a political appointee reshaping his department to reflect the mood of the people who elected him, changing priorities, reversing interpretations, shuffling staffing.

Oh wait, yes, you do.  This is exactly what happens every time political power changes hands.  Only now it’s going our way instead of Obama’s way, so Liberals are sputtering with outrage.

I don’t see why.  Sessions’ changes to the Justice Department shouldn’t be surprising.  I seem to remember complaining about a radical change in direction eight years ago and hearing someone tell: “Elections have consequences and at the end of the day, I won.”

Sauce for the goose, baby  . . . .

Joe Doakes

We’ve got a generation of people – some in positions of some poiwer – who barely remember not having Barack Obama in power, and thus have no concept of anyone else ruling.

The Twin Cities: A Huge Government Toy Box

News broke earlier this week that mere Minnesotans without Super Bowl tickets will be barred from the Met Council’s train lines on Super Bowl Sunday:

Metro Transit is the best way to reach downtown Minneapolis with expanded schedules on key routes for local commuters and additional schedules for Super Bowl related events. That includes unlimited fan passes ($40 for unlimited rides on all buses, light rail and North Star from January 26-Feb 4), Gameday Passes ($30 – only those holding a Gameday Pass and an official Super Bowl ticket will be able to ride the light rail on game day) and All-Day Passes ($1-5, varies by time of day and day of the week.)

Right after this, the unions representing Metro Transit staffers voted to strike…curing Super Bowl week.

So – after building a train line ostensibly to get working people to and from work (and not to serve as a monument to the perspicacity of the sitting Met Council, nosirreebob), they’re basically turning the whole shebang over to the high rollers who can get tickets (but presumably can’t afford the much preferable car rentals, cabs, Ubers, or everything else that’s preferable to riding the train if you have any options, which is pretty much everything above “camel caravan”) – just in time for another part of the racket to seize control of the toy for its’ own shakedown.

Clearly they all learned well from Zygi Wilf.


I Expect Another 30 Year Old Sexual Harassment Claim Against A Prominent Republican To Dominate The Headlines


That’ be Al Franken  – then an Air America host – and Leanne Tweeden, a radio newswoman from Los Angeles.

Expect to see breaking news that Arne Carlson called a page “toots”, combined with demands that he resign, any moment here…

QUESTION:  Any bets on whether all the DFLers who were saying “Always trust accusers!” last month will be humming a different tune this week?