A Modest Question

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I was promised by every Liberal in the nation that if Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education, she would end public education.

 She got confirmed earlier this week.  So why were there so many school busses on the road this morning, blocking up traffic?  Shouldn’t those kids be sitting at home, stultifying in ignorance?

 Joe Doakes

We were also supposed to be at war with the Soviets…er, Russians.

No, wait, that was Hillary.  Never mind.

If The Media Didn’t Have Double Standards Yadda Yadda Yadda

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Ivanka went on a date while Liberals were busy protesting in airports.  How dare she?  She should be wearing sack cloth and ashes to atone for the sins of the man who was elected to do what he is doing.

Two thoughts: first, what happened to the “Leave the Children Out of It” policy regarding Presidential offspring?  She’s not the President, she’s not out there making stump speeches for him, she’s not responsible for what he says or does.  Leave her out of it.

 Second, the reaction is quite a contrast to the total silence when The Light Bringer was golfing, or beaching, or just lazing about watching the playoffs as soldiers got killed or ambassadors dragged through the streets.  Almost as if there’s some sort of, I dunno, maybe a double standard?

 Joe Doakes

I’m pretty convinced that:

  1. The Democrats’ current messaging strategy is “just say whatever we need to, because gullible peoples’ votes count as much as anyone’s.  Consistency, logic and ethics are for those square-state rubes”.
  2. The big media are just fine with that, and playing along with enthusiasm.

The New Praetorian Guard

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Senior Secret Service agent doesn’t like Trump, says he’s a disaster for the country, wouldn’t take a bullet for him.

 So?  Plenty of other work for Secret Service agents.  Anti-counterfeiting investigations in Alaska.  Running down people in Alabama who make on-line threats against the President.  She’s the special agent in charge of the Denver district so she coordinates advance teams when the President comes to town – that experience would be particularly valuable in case he decides to visit Iceland . . . maybe she spends the next couple of years checking sight lines and roof tops over there?

 This is the Deep State, bureaucrats who are supposed to be neutral and honestly serve the public without regard to who won the election.  But the IRS was happy to go after conservatives, government lawyers readily lie to federal judges, intelligence agencies are leaking obvious propaganda and now this woman decides her oath was personally to The Won, not generally to the job.  

 Drain the swamp. 

 Joe Doakes

It’s time for all those government workers who said they’d quit if Trump won to be held to it.

Am I The Only One…

…who wonders if all of this hysterical angst from the Left about having to share a democracy with people who disagree with them isn’t just an epic practical joke?

Like, the entire American left (or at least those that pull their intellectual strings) playing a huge joke on all of society?   Like, Ashton Kutcher is going to go on all six networks (counting Univision) and say “Dudes and Dudettes, you’ve been punked?”

I mean, reading this little tirade, it seems more and more plausible.   This person just can’t be for real.

Help me out, people.