Dramatis Personae

The following is a guide to the personalities you’ll encounter on this blog.

Mitch Berg – I’m the humble proprietor of this blog, and have been since February of 2002.  I live in Saint Paul, have two kids who are finally grown (not that you’d necessarily know it), work in the IT business as a geekherd, and host a little radio show on AM1280 in the Twin Cities.   I’m found on Twitter at @mitchpberg.

Jed Berg: Mitch’s evil twin.  OK, not so much “evil” as “annoying”.  Jed works as a forensic actuary for the Cook County Elections department, in Illinois.  Mom and Dad always liked him best.  [Read about Jed]

Bun, Zam and Watermelon Berg:  Mitch’s daughter, son and granddaughter.  No, none of them are real names.  Sorry, stalkers!

Moonbeam Birkenstock – A twenty-something graduate of Saint Olaf, and of Camp Wellstone.  Moonbeam works as a telemarketer for “Minnesotans United for All Progressive Causes”.   [More Moonbeam]

Stephanie Marie Annan – Community organizer for the 5th CD Libertarian Party.  [More of Stephanie]

Bogus – missing in action.

Inge “Lucky” Carroll – A former guidance counselor at a school for monomaniacs, Inge is Head Meme-Buffer at “Minnesotans United for All Liberal Causes”.  She also has two Pinterest accounts – one personal, and one to attack Republicans.   She is absolutely, positively not romantically involved with T. Giles Humid, her longtime roommate and “just friend”, who is an experienced theatrical puppeteer currently employed by Governor Dayton’s personal staff. [Read the carol of Carroll]

Joe Doakes:  “Joe Doakes” is the nom de plume of a Saint Paul area lawyer and frequent correspondent to this blog.  He writes pseudonymously because – well, he’s a Saint Paul area lawyer.  Need I say more?  [Here’s most everything Joe’s ever written on SITD]

Edmund DuChey – Proprietor at the (possibly fictional) progressive blog “MinnesotaLiberalAlliance.Blogspot.com”.    DuChey was badly scarred by a childhood in which he was routinely bullied – by much younger children.    [My Ed DuChey references]

Brian Furious – lead opinion writer for “”MinnesotaLIberalAlliance.blogspot.com“, a possibly fictional progressive blog.  [Posts involving Brian Furious].

Sol Gallivan – the Guardian of Empiricism.  He would be a writer at the (possibly fictional) progressive blog “MinnesotaLIberalAlliance.blogspot.com“, but he has no empirical reason to know anyone reads it.  [Sol Gallivan stories]

Gutterball Gary – Gary is a blogger at the (possibly fictional) progressive blog “MinnesotaLiberalAlliance.Blogspot.com“.  Gary describes his hobbies as bowling, heckling people, and shouting really loud. [All About Gutterball Gary]

Fudd Glunk – vice chair of the Ramsey County chapter of “Sharia is Coming!  Sharia is Coming!”,   [Fudd Glunk articles]

Bill Gunkel – former Republican who is now chairmain of the Inver Grove Heights chapter of “Former Republicans for Ron Paul”.  [Bill Gunkel stories]

Stacey Hinton – Executive Director of “Keep All Racists Eternally Nonplussed”, a white progressive support group.  [Stacey Hinton]

Professor William G. Krieppi – Associate Professor of Rhetoric at Hennepin Technical College’s School of Geology.  At age 75, he is one of the world’s leading researchers into the field of geological rhetoric.  Has more Twitter accounts than hair.  [The Professor’s credits]

Leaky The Beagle:  A dog, writing under a pseudonym for the (possibly fictional) progressive blog “MinnesotaLiberalAlliance.Blogspot.com“.  [Leaky the Beagle]

Avery Librelle – Avery is a fiftysomething graduate of Carlton College, lives in Saint Paul, and is a freelance outreach consultant.  Also works as a cabin counselor and holistic lifeguard at Camp Wellstone. [Avery Librelle’s blogography]

Polly Littell – Littell is proprietor of the Facebook page “Makeng Minnessota GRAET AGEN”.  Donald Trump once told her “Dial it back, toots!”.   [Posts featuring Polly Littell]

Garth Muller – Mr. Muller is a golf pro from Wayzata, and Vice Chair for Ideological Purity at the Minnesota 5th CD Libertarian Party.  [More Muller]

Carpal Pox – Mr. Pox, who earns a living as a Jon Hamm impersonator, is the deputy chair of the Minnesota 5th CD Libertarian Party.

First Ringer – Former proprietor of the late, much-lamented “First Ringer” blog, Ringer comes to us from a first-tier suburb.  His contract allows him to write for Shot in the Dark whenever he feels like it – and he does.

Cat Scat – The designated “fact checker” at the (possibly fictional) progressive blog “”MinnesotaLiberalAlliance.Blogspot.com“, she is the office manager at a small phrenology practice.   [Credits]

MyLyssa Silberman:  Reporter for National Public Radio’s Saint Paul bureau, covering the “Fake News” and “Diversity” beats. [More]

Gretel Stromberg – Executive Director of “Minnesotans United for All Progressive Causes”, Stromberg is married to both a woman and a male illegal immigrant.  She’s back from a medical leave to treat symptoms of excessive rage.   [More]

Johnny Roosh – missing in action, but not forgotten.

Aaron Roston– A writer at the (possibly fictional) progressive blog “MinnesotaLiberalAlliance.Blogspot.com“.   He is a crossing guard at a school in rural southern Minnesota, and is a bullying activist – mostly focusing on promoting bullying of children of conservatives. [More]

Victor Von Schlieffenberg-Moltke – Mr. Von Schlieffenberg-Moltke is a professional fraternity organizer, and Vice Chair for Education at the 5th CD Libertarian Party.

Betty Rae Torstengaardsen – A writer at the (possibly fictional) progressive blog “MinnesotaLiberalAlliance.Blogspot.com“.  She was Lac Qui Parle County Dairy Princess in 1987, and voted “most likely to end up as a freelance political writer” by her sorority at U of M Morris in 1992.   [More]

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