Our Passive-Aggressive Overlords

A friend of the blog writes:

Thought you’d enjoy this, from the people who say, “it’s not about entitlement for bicyclists, and we don’t hate cars” oh really? Yet you say Summit Ave should look like this, congested for one bike rider?


Which links to…:

First things first: I love biking. I love biking on Summit. And there are days when Summit, especially down by Lexington, does look exactly like that.

But the correspondent is right.  When you watch “Urban Planners” (the people who make cyclocentrism possible) when they think nobody’s watching, the level of Urban Minnesotan Passive-Aggression is nauseating.  The primary goal is as much about sticking it to drivers as it is about “bike-friendliness”; de-timing stoplights, putting obstacles and chicanes in roads to “calm” (read: snarl) traffic, and giving away traffic lanes to bikes, transit and trains.

Or whatever.  As long as the Car People end up getting pissed on.