Nancy Nord Bence Throws In The Towel

The Reverend Nord Bence sent out one of her tl;dr news releases yesterday, including this curious little passage:

There will be no Protect Minnesota protest at the Capitol today.

The pro-gun rights Majority is dug in, no sensible gun bills will be passed today, and we’re not going to give them the satisfaction of smugly walking past our protesters any more this session.

Now, if you’re not Nancy Nord Bence, you might think that today – the last substantive day of legislative activity, when all anti-gun bills have been scrubbed from existence – would be the perfect day to go to the capitol in your ELCA hair and your orange shirt and your waves of uninformed sanctimony and try to gun-shame some people who were elected by a decisive majority of voters.

And you’d be right!

But then this isn’t about Nancy Nord Bence wanting to send a moral message by her/their absence.

No. It’s about this:

Photo courtesy Brian McDaniel.

They rallied on Saturday, when there was still a long shot of getting something passed (had hell frozen over on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon).  Nancy Nord Bence put out a call for warm, uninformed bodies to come to the capitol to shake down the thunder on the legislators.

And that’s what they got.

Nord Bence tried to put a brave face on it:

They’ve made their beds. We will remember. And we’ll spend all summer and fall helping the electorate to remember as well.

Oh, so will I, Nancy.

So will I.

This Is The Minnesota Gun Control Movement

Joe Campbell is a PR flak for an agency that does “work” for “Protect” Minnesota, Minnesota’s ghoulish gun-grab group.

Rob Doar is a friend of this blog, a married father and a guy who works his butt off for civil rights, having spent this past session lobbying, pretty much on his own time for the MN Gun Owners Caucus.  He’s one of the good guys.

This is what Joe Campbell tweeted about Rob:

It’s hard to have a civil debate with people who are garbage.


A Good Guy With A Gun: Multitasking

A good guy with a gun and a baby, attacked by four thugs, fails to become a tragic statistic:

Four men were at a McDonald’s in Memphis’ Orange Mound neighborhood when they attempted to rob the father, police said. David Chase, who witnessed the attempted robbery from across the street and called 911, told WREG the father fought back.

“They jumped out of the car and they started fighting him and trying to take his wallet and stuff,” Chase told the news station. “He was fighting them. He dropped his baby and started fighting them and the child was just sitting on the concrete.”

Chase said he heard three to four gunshots. The father is believed to have shot at least one of the suspects.

Fingers crossed for the good guy.


Illinois counties, sick of Chicago’s anti-gun idiocy, are declaring themselves “sanctuaries” from Blue Illinois’ gun laws:

At least five counties recently passed resolutions declaring themselves sanctuary counties for gun owners — a reference to so-called sanctuary cities such as Chicago that don’t cooperate with aspects of federal immigration enforcement.

The resolutions are meant to put the Democratic-controlled Legislature on notice that if it passes a host of gun bills, including new age restrictions for certain weapons, a bump stock ban and size limit for gun magazines, the counties might bar their employees from enforcing the new laws.

Go ahead, Rahm Emanuel.  Foray out into the countryside looking to confiscate guns.

You too, Ron Latz.

Another Reason I’d Be Buying Hornady…

…if all my guns hadn’t fallen into Mille Lacs;  after a New York state comptroller sent aletter urging banks to treat gun-related transactions the same way they handle potential money-laundering and human-trafficking funding, Hornady responded:

Today, the State of New York did one of the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by any state by asking New York banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to stop doing business with the gun and ammo industry.

While it may not make a difference to New York, Hornady will not knowingly allow our ammunition to be sold to the State of NY or any NY agencies. Their actions are a blatant and disgusting abuse of office and we won’t be associated with a government that acts like that. They should be ashamed.

It’s coming high time for Real America to cut the orcs off in every possible way available.

Nobody Is Trying To Take Your Guns

What Linda Slocum was in Minnesota, this hamster is on the national level:

In a USA Today op-ed entitled “Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters,” Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., argued Thursday that prior proposals to ban assault weapons “would leave millions of assault weapons in our communities for decades to come.”

Swalwell proposes that the government should offer up to $1,000 for every weapon covered by a new ban, estimating that it would take $15 billion to buy back roughly 15 million weapons — and “criminally prosecute any who choose to defy [the buyback] by keeping their weapons.”

In the past, Democrats and gun safety groups have carefully resisted proposals that could be interpreted as “gun confiscation,” a concept gun rights groups have often invoked as part of a slippery slope argument against more modest proposals like universal background checks.

I’ll frame my response in the form of song – in this case, to the tune of the Beatles’ classic “Revolution”:

You don’t say that you want a civil war,

Well, you know,

You will get one anyway.

You don’t want people to have guns anymore,

Well, you know,

You want to take them all away.

But if you advocate going door to door,

There won’t be no Democrat party any more…

And don’t you know that that’d be…

all right!

That’d be…

all right!

I’ll just leave it right like that.

Tools And Craftsmen

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Chinese invented gunpowder, everybody knows that.  Traders spread firearms technology from China to the Middle East and eventually to Western Civilization from which the Founders were descended.

“Guns are now responsible for 75% of killings in America” claims the recent headline.  The implication is that banning guns will end killing.


First, what was responsible for killings before guns were invented?  The West only obtained guns 500 years ago.  Were there no killings earlier?  None at the time of the Norman Conquest?  None during the Roman Empire?  None before Christ?  That doesn’t square with my recollection of history.

Second, if guns only cause 75% of the killings, what causes the other 25%?  Doesn’t the existence of non-gun killings undermine the claim that guns are responsible for killings?

What if the gun itself isn’t responsible for the killing, what if some human being is responsible for the killing and the gun is merely the tool he used?  After all, Cain didn’t have a gun but Able is just as dead.  What if we’re confusing “cause” for “effect” and thereby placing responsibility for the killing on the wrong thing?

What if?

Old White Guys

Let’s give credit where credit is due – the Strib’s Richard Chin did an excellent piece on my good friend Sarah Cade yesterday.

Cade is described as a  “young, biracial and passionately liberal…gun nut” – and is a great face for the changing population of shooters and 2nd Amendment activists in Minnesota.

Cade, a millennial from Maplewood, didn’t come from a hunting family or grow up around guns. In fact, she’s been a gun owner for only about five years. Still, she’s trying to be a new, nonthreatening face for gun rights advocacy in Minnesota.

Sarah Cade with the AR-15 platform gun she customized herself.
She writes pro-gun op-ed articles and testifies at legislative hearings. She lobbies her legislator, gets quoted in newspaper articles and interviewed on podcasts. She debates people online, speaks at public forums and appears in gun rights advocacy videos.

In many ways, she defies the stereotype of a Second Amendment crusader.

The whole thing is worth a read.

Of course, I think the notion that the opinions and values of middle-aged white guys are so devalued these days – we’ve done a lot of good for society – but I think it’s important that defending the 2nd Amendment become a priority for people other than, well, us.

My Day At The Gun Rights Rally

I took a very very rare Saturday off from the NARN (with a pre-recorded show) to attend the big gun rights rally last weekend.

The rally – co-sponsored by the MN Gun Owners’ Caucus, the NRA and the RNC – drew around 3,000 people.  The Strib, sure as can be, called it “hundreds”; it was just like 2004 all over again.

There was a throng of great speakers – but I didn’t get to do much listening.  I was a zone captain, leading a group of marshals that were watching out for ringers and troublemakers in the area in front of the stage.  It was packed, of course – I logged 10,000 steps in the 2.5 hours I was going back and forth across the area.   The only “trouble”…well, we’ll come back to that.

The event was a huge success – and needs to be even bigger, if we’re going to show the legislature, the media, and Big Left who is boss.  But the human rights crew were the big winners.

The biggest losers?  The media – who largely beclowned themselves:

  • Channels 4 and 5 spent more time interviewing the four criminal-safety advocates who held a “picnic” 100 hards away from the group than they spent interviewing actual attendees.
  • Channel 9’s coverage focused on the one, single, solitary Confederate flag that showed up, as well as interviewing the least well-spoken people they could find.  Their slant was nauseating, and their reporter  – who was visibly upset by being around gun owners – was unforgiveable.  Channel 9 may be an even bigger DFL PR firm than Channel 11.
  • Minnesota Public Radio’s coverage was relatively fair on the surface – but word surfaced that they’re working on a story trying to tie gun rights groups to “racism”.  And I’m sure you could find racists there – heck, they’re everywhere, including among the public radio audience.

One (?) anti-gunner tweeted out a predictable “It looks like a lot of old white men”.   Which was an intetersting non-observation observation; two of the speakers were black, two were women, one was a Hawaiian native.  The crows was as white as, well, Minnesota at large (and as the critic) – but I saw black, Latino, native, Pacific islander, and many Asian attendees; the rally was vastly more racially diverse than any “Protect” MN or Moms Want Action meeting.

Feel the diversity!

Not to mention reps from the Pink Pistols – the gay self-defense group.

And the most striking thing I noticed?

Most gun rallies I’ve been to have in fact been overwhelmingly male – because shooters are overwhelmingly male.

But this year, for the first time, I noticed women coming to the event.  They streamed in in twos and threes and in small groups of women (along with countless others who came apparently with their significant others), and largely kept a low profile – fewer t-shits and flags, but lots of listening and participation and – the important part – signing up with the MNGOC and the NRA.

Big Left is terrified of groups like this – because they know that:

  1. 3,000 of the good guys has more political effect than 30,000 of their people – because the good guys come to play for keeps.  Most lefty marchers are out to see and be seen and skip school and hit on babes and in quite a few cases earn a few bucks.  The shooters?  They’re in it for freedom.  There’s no contest.
  2. Notwithstanding the Parkland students’ carefully coiffed media presence, younger people are pro-gun.  We saw that at the rally, too – lots of young people, male and female.  The next generation is promising.

Of course, there’s a way to go.  If you’re a shooter, you need to stand up and be heard – and never stop it.  The orcs are doing whatever they can to sap your freedom; they need to be smacked down every session, every hearing, every bill, every day.

Saturday was a good start.

When Making Your Plans For Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Gun Owners Rally at the Capitol.

Big Left has sunk a lot of money into Minnesota, thinking they can roll back the 2nd Amendment rights for the law abiding that the good guys have won over the past 20 years.

It’s our chance to show just how wrong they are.

How important do think it is?  I produced an entire NARN show in advance to make time for it.

Hope you can be there.  Look me up.

This Is What “90% Of Minnesotans” Looks Like

After the Strib released their  propaganda poll earlier in the week, the Bloomberg-funded anti-gun criminal-safety clicque swung into gear.

As anti-gun mean girl  Erin Maye Quade (DFL Apple Valley)  staged a faux “sit in” for the cameras, “Protect” MN put out a call to action to get people down to the Capitol to support the DFLers’ little “spontaneous” tantrum,

And here’s what they did:

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

“Protect” Minnesota calls in the fury! Photo courtesy Brent Armsden.

Simple fact about these polls – when you ask people who don’t know the issue a hopelessly broad question, most will say “yes” because doing something sounds better than doing nothing.


But broad questions and “Um, maybes” don’t translate into action on election day.

Or on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon:

Image may contain: people standing, sky and outdoor

Photo courtesy Brent Armsden.

Now, gun rights advocates aren’t big protesters.  But hopefully we all make an exception Saturday.  The state’s gun rights groups are joining forces to hold a rally on the south steps of the Capitol.

I’m pre-recording a show so I can be there.  Hope you can make it too.

Details here.


Good Gal With Gun Meets Scumbag Lawyer

Woman who saved the life of a cop who was losing a fight with a meth-head…

As the situation grew increasingly dire, Jaehnen, a concerned female neighbor, raced to the officer’s aid.

“It was at that time that a female… nearby saw what was taking place, and decided that she needed to take action to come to the assistance of that officer,” Sgt. Wheeles told WLWT.

“The female fired one shot from a personally owned firearm at Holland, striking him in the torso,” police said, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Jaehnen and her mother, who had originally placed the 911 call, then began performing CPR on the wounded attacker, APD Sergeant William Halbig told Blue Lives Matter.

…is being sued by the meth-head’s family:

Despite the circumstances of the incident, Holland’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jaehnen, Officer Powell, and the DNR on Feb. 15.

If the woman – the hero – is so much as inconvenienced by this sham civil trial, legal heads should roll.



Dick’s Sporting Goods has earned the ire of 2nd Amendment human rights activists, over and over.

In 2013, they publicly announced they were out of the “assault weapon” business after the Newtown shooting (where a deranged boy killed his mother to get her AR15).

They apparently slowly retrenched, because they publicly did it again after the Parkland shooting.

Nothing like conviction.

But now, they want to take it to the next level…

…of virtue-signaling stupidity:

After announcing policies that most gun owners saw as alienating, Dick’s Sporting Goods said it will go one step further and destroy its remaining inventory of firearms dubbed “assault weapons.”

A spokeswoman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the remaining inventory at the retailer’s Field & Streams stores will be destroyed and then recycled.

“We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change,” she said. “We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations.”

I’m sure the shareholders will be thrilled.

Let’s Call Things What They Are

It’s time to start calling the current wave of lilywhite, urban-progressive-privilege-sotted gun mania what it is.


As Jon Caldara at the D-Post does:

Boulder City Council is on the verge of passing a sweeping anti-gun ordinance, laughably called an assault weapons ban. So loosely written, this ordinance would ban the first gun I ever owned, a simple .22 caliber rifle, the same type most farm boys get on their twelfth birthday. Its sin? It can be fitted with a pistol-grip or a folding stock.

I understand the fear and bigotry coming from City Council. I used to be like that myself. In younger days I was a proud member of Handgun Control Inc., now called the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence…

The Anti-Defamation League and The Gay and Lesbian Fund sponsors a program plastered throughout Boulder schools call “No Place For Hate.” They ask students to make a resolution of respect: “I will seek to gain understanding of those who are different from myself.”

But Boulder’s council has done nothing to understand the culture and values of gun owners and little to understand much more than the cosmetic aspects of guns.

Boulder has become a place for hate.

Read the whole thing.

And then go forth and call a spade a spade.

Guns Don’t Kill People. Policy Does

We know gun control isn’t about safety.

First, Britain – awash in the same sort of virtue-signaling panic that befalls Big Left regularly – banned guns after the Dunblane Massacre.

After a couple decades of increases, London’s murder rate passed up New York’s for the first time.


If you read this blog, you already know what the Brits are “doing” about it.

Last week, TheBlaze reported the number of murders in London, a traditionally safe city, surpassed the number of murders in New York City in February and March for the first time in modern history. The murders were mostly carried out in stabbing attacks with knives.

Now, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is taking action — by implementing knife control.

What is Khan doing?
In response to the spike in crime, Khan deployed over 300 additional London police officers to the city’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods to stop and search anyone they suspect is carrying a knife. In the U.S., such policies are very controversial and possibly violate the Fourth Amendment, but in England, police are able to stop and search anyone they suspect is carrying a knife.

The results?  The same sort of security theater that happens every time government tries to treat not the disease, not even the symptoms, but the tools involved in the symptoms (and, in the UK’s case, the very act of defending yourself from the disease). It’s like treating flu by banning vomit.

And when I say “security theater”, I’m not speaking imprecisely at all:

So after decades of dictatorial posturing, perhaps the number of knives available to criminals will drop (as Britons gnaw on food they can’t cut, or start buying their awful British food pre-cut for them).  That‘ll solve crime right?

Nonsense.  Criminals will start taping nails onto long sticks, or carrying socks full of five pence pieces.  And when the UK government gans nails and coins, they’ll switch to pointed sticks.  And when pointed sticks are finally off the streets, it’ll be rocks and pavers and fists and feet.

Britian keeps this “mind”-set up, they’ll all be legless, armless, immobile consumption machines in a few centuries.

Except the criminals.


Glenn Reynolds on the institutional deflection after Parkland:

Despite receiving a warning directly from the Russian government, the FBI failed to stop the Tsarnaev brothers from staging the Boston Marathon bombing. Despite having plenty of resources, the Charlottesville police failed to stop a car attack that left a woman dead. The FBI interviewed Omar Mateen, the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooter, and considered criminally investigating him. They didn’t — possibly because his father was an FBI informant.

The FBI also missed numerous “red flags” before the San Bernardino shooting. And despite having lots of warning, the FBI, the Broward County schools and the Broward Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Scott Israel all failed to stop Nikolas Cruz from shooting up a high school.

And yet these repeated failures — among others — keep getting swept under the rug as we look for “solutions” to the problem of violence. No doubt Israel and the others whose incompetence made it possible for Cruz to kill his classmates were relieved to see our national discourse veer into questions of whether Laura Ingraham should lose sponsors for mocking David Hogg’s college-admissions failures, instead of their own failures to do their jobs.

Deflecting to “gun control” certainly takes heat off of the likes of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and the carnage on his watch, and that of his Democrat predecessor Bill “Rifle Up Your Butt” Daley.

Mayors of failed cities do a lot of deflecting, don’t they?

Open Letter To The Parkland Kids

To: David Hogg et al
From: Mitch Berg, irascible peasant
Re: Agenda item

7 dead in one Chicago neighborhood in 12 hours.

Of course, they were mostly black and brown, so they don’t look like any of you.  And they were mostly killed by people with criminal records (and, sadly, at least of the victims likely had records, too – that’s the way of inner city crime, which accounts for over 3/4 of this nation’s homicides (with and without guns) every year.   That means more people killed in two days that have died in all school shootings in the past five years, all rolled together.

But they’re black and brown and killed in ones and twos with weapons that aren’t on the social engineers’ hit lists yet.  And they had the bad fortune to be murdered  almost exclusively in cities run by the same political class that pays for your airfare and security and sign printing and also gets you all that A-list media treatment.  Cities that already have all the gun control measures “you” are so stridently demanding (fat lotta good they did, huh?) so nobody’ll be talking about those murders, will they?

Will they?

Will you all be marching through Chicago?  Calling a bunch of gang-bangers “terrorists” and “Murderers?”


That is all.


SCENE:  Mitch BERG is waiting for a table at his local Korean restaurant when Avery LIBRELLE walks in behind him.   


BERG:   Ugh,  I mean, hey , Avery.

LIBRELLE: The kids from Parkland High School returned to class, and they feel like they’re “in prison“.

BERG: Do tell.

LIBRELLE: I’ll read from this article:

“Going to school is really so hard, and now it’s going to be so much worse,” said Isabelle Robinson, a senior. “A lot of the people I’ve talked to are dreading going back.”…MSD students will only be allowed to carry clear backpacks on campus and will be required to wear new student IDs at all times.
There will be an increased police presence on campus, as Gov. Rick Scott provides extra Florida Highway Patrol officers to beef up security and provide support to Broward County sheriff’s deputies. Students will have limited points of entry to the school.
The school district also says it’s considering whether to install metal detectors at the school’s entrances. A letter from Principal Ty Thompson sent to families on Friday said that step has not been taken yet.
“It feels like being punished,” Robinson told CNN. “It feels like jail, being checked every time we go to school.”

BERG: Huh.

LIBRELLE: Its just so unfair.

BERG: Why?

LIBRELLE: These kids are being punished for the crimes of a lunatic…

BERG: …even though they, themselves, did nothing and would never have dreamed of harming anyone ?


BERG:   So let me get this straight – punishing innocent people – people who’d have never even thought of committing a crime – because of the crimes of a lunatic is a bad thing?

LIBRELLE:  Every time, no exceptions.

BERG:   Huh.   (Notices the waitress motioning him toward a table)   Er, are you going to get a table or order something?

LIBRELLE:  Oh, no.  I’m just here to offer solidarity to these people and their leader Kim Jong Un.


This Is Not The Rally You Want

Over the weekend, there was a “gun right rally”.

The rally was put on by a group called “Minnesota Gun Rights”.  We’ve addressed this group in the past – for being a scam that fleeces Minnesota gun owners, and is politically ineffective at best (and at worst, they do more harm than good).   Some legislators that once supported it have seen the light and condemned the group as a scam.

Unfortunately, the media doesn’t know the difference between gun rights groups; many Twin Cities news outlets credited the Minnesota Gun Owners’ Caucus and the Gun Owners Political Action Committee for the event (as they giggled about the fairly sparse turnout a week after 20,000 Hoggites turned out for the “Stop Shooting White Kids!”  rally the week before).

The real rally, sponsored by MNGOC, the GOPAC, the NRA and other actual gun rights groups is coming up on April 28 at noon at the Capitol.  This will be the time that all law-abiding gun owners should plan on being at the Capitol to demonstrate for their rights, and against the attempt to whittle them away – from both sides of the aisle, it pains me to say.

It takes place during my show – but I’m going to try to be there anyway.