The Majority Minority

What happens when you, much like a colonial power of the 1800s, build an entire political strategy out of harnessing minorities against the majority?

Specifically, when you do as the Democrat party – especially Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 campaign did, making the crux of the campaign about identity politics?

You will get a response based on identity politics.

One of the many lessons of the recent presidential election campaign and its repugnant outcome is that the age of identity liberalism must be brought to an end. Hillary Clinton was at her best and most uplifting when she spoke about American interests in world affairs and how they relate to our understanding of democracy. But when it came to life at home, she tended on the campaign trail to lose that large vision and slip into the rhetoric of diversity, calling out explicitly to African-American, Latino, L.G.B.T. and women voters at every stop. This was a strategic mistake. If you are going to mention groups in America, you had better mention all of them. If you don’t, those left out will notice and feel excluded. Which, as the data show, was exactly what happened with the white working class and those with strong religious convictions. Fully two-thirds of white voters without college degrees voted for Donald Trump, as did over 80 percent of white evangelicals.

If you make politics about identity…then politics will be about identity.

With all that that implies.

Let Me Set You Straight, Snowflake

In the Strib (where else), one John Paul Scott – who is described as a “writer in Rochester”, which must be a little akin to being a farmer in Manhattan – wrote a long, gassy ode to expunging Trump supporters from your lives.

I sent an e-mail to an in-law, telling him that his genial hockey buddy and Trump supporter friend Johnny was no longer welcome on Thanksgiving.

I’m not a hater. Johnny’s a good guy. He means well and has done nice things for me. I’ve known him 20 years. But I can’t feed him any more of my potatoes. And I encourage everyone reading these words to defenestrate all the Johnnys in their lives, if they feel so inclined. Or better yet, they could emulate what the comic and patriot Wanda Sykes did last week in Boston, which is to condemn the rise of the strongman, brooking no generosity or period of cooling — and to flip right off anyone who doesn’t want to hear it.

Ah, the party of intellect.

They do seek a world like Alan Dershowitz described in attacking the faculty at Harvard Law School – “people with different colored skin, or wearing a skirt, who all think the same way”.

He continues.  And continues.  And continues.  Scott, the “writer” (uh huh) certainly is no editor.

But here’s his conclusion, of sorts (emphasis added):

In fact, it’s probably better that you [don’t keep Trump supporters in your lives], not if you don’t want to normalize the election of a man who seems poised to penalize his criticsfoment anger within his base.

Huh.  Penalizing critics.


Mr. Scott – take some time off from your “writing’ (whatevs) and google “IRS Scandal” before you jabber about penalizing critics.   Or for that matter, google “John Paul Scott Thanksgiving Invitation”.

Some of us have pushed away family over far less.

I just bet “some of you” have.  Lots and lots.

I will welcome a chance to talk with any of your family about that, Mr. Scott.  Oh, yes.

And once you’ve taken a stand, they might have to think about what matters more to them — their fondness for the strongman, or you.

It seems like an easy choice;  neither is worthy of any attention.

Mr. Scott, I do hope you read this.  I would welcome a chance to discuss this article on the air.  I doubt you have either the courage or the intellect, but how about we give it a shot?

And here’s a note to the entire American left; your “my way or the highway” schtick is why Trump won.

UPDATE:  A friend looked up Mr. Scott’s bio.

“…The first word under Mr. Scott’s name was “Groupthink”. That sounds accurate…Definition from Wikipedia “Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome.Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences.”

It’s almost as if Mr. Scott is a conservative sock puppet, set up to mock and lampoon liberalism.

But this is Minnesota.  There’s no such thing as “over the top” on the left.

Casualties Of Politics: Childhood

Lego has jumped on the “diversity of opinion and dissent are “hate”” wagon…

Lego will stop advertising its products in the Daily Mail, following a public campaign calling on big companies to drop adverts from newspapers accused of promoting “hatred, discrimination and demonisation”, the company has announced.

…and also the shark.

No more Legos.  It’ll hurt, but I can’t handle the language or the discourse being raped like this anymore.

Dear Democrats

To:  All Democrats
From:  Mitch Berg, Ornery Peasant
Re:  Prescription


What this guy said.

You didn’t go far enough to the left.

So let’s endeavour (Canadian spelling! Wou hou!) to:

  • Condescend to the working class more
  • Write more editorials sniffing down your nose about the “Best Interests” of “Flyover Land”
  • Insult gun owners more!

You can do it!

Bearers Of The New Plague

If everybody they disagree with is a “hate group”  – as the Southern poverty Law Center would have you believe – then the term “hate group” has completely lost in the meeting.

They do, and it has.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which made its reputation tracking and cataloguing violent extremist groups, has set its sights on a new group of people who are neither violent nor extreme but who are in fact precisely the opposite of that: critics of the violence and extremism too often associated with Islam. The new SPLC blacklist includes: Daniel Pipes, holder of a Ph.D. in Islamic history from Harvard, a man who reads both modern and classical Arabic, who studied in Egypt, and who has taught at Harvard and the University of Chicago; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a celebrated author, a former member of the Dutch parliament and crusader against female genital mutilation; Maajid Nawaz, a British Muslim reformist who was held as a political prisoner in Egypt; former Defense Department official Frank Gaffney; Radical Son author David Horowitz; attorney and free-speech advocate Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center; provocatrix Pamela Geller; former PLO member and Muslim reformist Walid Shoebat, among others

Free speech itself is, apparently, hate.

Oh, not the kind of free speech where you hope straight white males go extinct; that’s “robust interaction”.

Note to liberals; go ahead.  Cite the SPLC in any debate with me.   Then brace yourself.


Why, no, Ms. Social Justice Warrior, I’m not appropriating Latino culture by eating a burrito.  This is a Pølse – a lefse (potetkakke, to be precise) wrapped around meat, vegetables and sauces to taste.

Not a freaking burrito.

Check your privilege.

We have offically hit Peak Social Justice:

In a piece for the Patriot, the school’s official student newspaper, Leah Power explains that although she has “attempted to build up a thick skin towards the insensitive jokes, stereotypes, cultural appropriation and overall ignorance” that she sees around her, she just cannot help but get very upset every time she hears someone who is not from the South use the word “y’all.” Power writes that she remembers traveling outside of the South when she was young and having to deal with “people joking about my accent and the stereotypes of the dumb, inbred, redneck hicks who made up the southern states,” but that “sometime in the last year or so, [‘y’all’ has] gone from a redneck pronoun to a socially acceptable form of addressing a group of people.”

Well, Ms. Power, all I can say is “d’uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh”.

Yes, it has.  And I’ve contributed to it.  And I will continue to contribute to it.

English is one of very few languages without a second-person plural.   In German, the singular you is “Du”; if you’re referring to more than one person, it’s “ihr”.  (In formal situations – another thing English lacks – it’s “Sie” and “Ihnen”).

But for English – since the demise of “Ye”, anyway – we have no word for second-person plural.

And there are times that causes problems.

Enter “y’all” – the southern dialect group’s great contribution to grammar.  It is a second person plural.  And unlike the Northern dialect group’s “Youse”, it’s  not phonetically awkward; it’s easier to go from an “L” to most other sounds than from an “S”.

So yes Ms. Power; by your leave (or even without it), I’m going to use “y’all”.   I’m also going to appropriate any parts of southern culture that suit me – Tom Petty, a sarcastic “yee haw” on occasion, Emmylou Harris, rockabilly, cheese grits, whatever.

And not just southern culture, either.  I will take whatever parts of other cultures and incorporate them into my life in any way I see fit; I’ll listen to R&B, Jazz and black Gospel music; I’ll incorporate words like “Boondocks” (stolen from the Philippines) and “Cojones” (Mexico) and others into my vernacular;  if something in another culture makes my life better and more interesting, I’m going to take it,and I’m going to dare you to do anything but whine about it.

Because that’s how all human cultures throughout history have formed, intermingled and grown.  Western European culture is the result of 2,000 years of various levels of mixture of Latin, Gallic, Frankish, Saxon, Anglic, Teutonic, Slavic,  Near Eastern, Nordic, Greek, and countless other cultures, customs and languages, none of which existed anymore in the original forms, because they all appropriated each other, and themselves, out of existence.   And it’s the same for every other culture on the planet – African, Asian, you name it.  The only exceptions are tribes in the impenetrable wilds of New Guinea or the Philippines that have gotten through these last 2,000 years with no other human contact.

So save us the jabbering about appropriation.  Every culture appropriates every other culture, always has, and always will.  Take what you need and leave the rest.

Or whine.

Your call.

The Self-Trolling Minority

I am blessed in many ways that my college English major advisor, the late Dr. Jim Blake, worked so hard to put the kibosh on any idea I might have had of being a college professor.  It was the right call in so many ways.

But there are times I feel a tinge of regret, if only because it’s foreclosed any opportunity to pull an epic troll like this professor has done.

Essentially, calling someone ‘he’ or ‘she’ when they really want to be called ‘ze’ is on track to becoming on par with using racial slurs.

Peterson doesn’t like this one bit. In an effort to oppose the bill, he’s been attending free speech rallies and publishing articles online explaining his viewpoint.

In an interview with The Daily Signal, he said, “The law should be very careful when it mandates what people have to say.

There’s a big difference between being required to not say something, and being required to say something. One is closing your mouth. The other one is putting a hand inside you and forcing you to be a puppet.”

Don’t believe the article?

Puppetry is, of course, what academia is about these days.

Colin Kaepernick, Conservative Hero!

First things first; I don’t really care if people stand for the national anthem or not.   I do, personally; it’s out of respect for what this nation should be, moreso than what it is.   It’s a free country – and that involves freedom to be contrary.   As well as to deal with the consequences of being a contrarian.

One of the consequences?  The TV-viewing public – at least the ones that watch NFL football, the ones between the Hudson and the Sierra Madre – are not amused by NFL players’ – and the NFL’s – lurch to the left.

And for this, we conservatives need to thank Kaepernick.  He may be the pinhole leak in the dam that miiight just lead to the final collapse of mainstream TV – including the business model that keeps our corroded, corrupt mainstream TV news clique – afloat.

So – for this, Colin Kaepernick, I thank you.

Juxtapose This

11 years ago, Donald Trump says some things about women that’d have gotten my mouth washed out with soap when I was a kid.

The media and a whole lot of virtue-signalers were horrified – or feigned it.

So where were the victorian vapours over the summer?

(Language not safe for work)

Oh, I know; it’s only sexism against the right women that’s a good thing.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

President Obama refuses to faithfully uphold United States immigration law, so the local sheriff in Arizona has been doing it.  Then Obama’s Justice Department sued, saying nobody else could enforce the law the feds were ignoring. But the sheriff kept enforcing the law. The sheriff is up for re-election. What can Obama’s team do to stop this guy from doing their jobs?

Lawfare.  Loudly trumpet criminal charges, just before the election.  It begins.

And what is Hillary’s position on prosecuting local law enforcement who enforce existing immigration law?  Do Democrats believe they can – and should – transform America into a Sanctuary Nation simply by refusing to enforce the border?  I’d like to see that discussed in the next debate.

.joe doakes

That’d involve Trump preparing for the debate…

Ineluctible Math

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Before 6,000 Somali Muslims were imported to St. Cloud, a town of 60,000 souls, nobody with a knife attacking shoppers while quizzing them on their religion or talking about Allah.

 One might be tempted to think that the first thing led to the second, but that would be an example of the logical fallacy post hoc ergo prompter hoc.  Fortunately, the media and political leadership wisely avoids drawing any such conclusions.  The attacker’s motive may never be known.  

 Even if this does turn out to be an act of Muslim terrorism as the Muslim terrorist group ISIL claims, the terrorist probably was simply another member of Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves so nothing to worry about, St. Cloud has the capacity to absorb more terrorist attacks.

Joe Doakes

Isn’t it amazing how tolerant the media and political class get about peoples’ motives, when there’s a whiff of ethnic/religious terrorism involved?

Not Ready For Prime Time

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

White cop shoots Black youth in view of a million witnesses and store security video.  Where are the protests?

 Granted, the cop was off-duty, in civilian clothes, on personal business in a shopping center.  Granted, the youth was busy slashing shoppers with a knife.  Still – why isn’t this a racial hate crime?

 Maybe Somalis born in African who come to America as refugees don’t count as “African-American” but count as “White” the way Asians do for college admissions, and therefore this kid is not protest-worthy?  Or maybe the kid was a White Somali – they have them, you know; they sign up at the same place as Hispanics like that guy in Florida.   

Maybe St. Cloud is inconveniently far away if you depend on light rail for transportation to the protest?

 It’s just odd.

 Joe Doakes

In point of fact, they don’t count as “African-American”.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Cal State offers segregated housing for Black students.  This is a good thing, Black students demanded their own space, safe from racist attacks, racially insensitive remarks and micro-aggressions committed by faculty and students.

 Imagine if the headline said “Cal State REQUIRES segregated housing for Black students.”  The end result would be the same safe space for Black students; but would the headlines be as cheerful?  Of course not, freedom of association would be denied if Blacks were forced to segregate. 

 Imagine if White students said “Policing our speech to avoid micro-aggressions is mentally exhausting.  We want a safe space where we can freely express ourselves without offending others.  We want Whites-only housing.”  The end result would be the same campus free of micro-aggressions against Black students; but would the headlines be as cheerful?  Of course not, freedom of association would be denied if Whites were allowed to segregate.

 Why do these things always seem to be one-way streets?

 Joe Doakes

It’s only weird if your worldview is based in logic.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

My new hero; the Lyft driver who told “Feminist” tyrant (and supremely annoying “human”) Annaliese Nielsen where to stuff her virtue-signalling:

Why is it so vital to resist the Wahhabi Social Justice Warrior?

Because they kill people.

UPDATE:  Commenter Seflores notes something that I’d missed the first time about Ms. Nielsen:

Coincidence? I think not.

And of course, being a “social justice warrior” in today’s academic and media society involves little more actual thought than…

I mean, why not?

Disparately Delicious

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The President calling on cops to admit they’re racist and the Pioneer Press article on racial disparity in regional park use gave me an inspiration: I plan to spend the weekend observing the customers at Big Daddy’s BBQ at Dale and University.  I strongly suspect that although the percentage of Black people in the United States is only 15%, the percentage of Black customers at a BBQ joint in the heart of a predominantly Black neighborhood will be significantly higher.

In the past, I would have said “Well, duh, it’s the local joint and they have award-winning food so why wouldn’t locals go there” but now that I’ve been educated about disparate impact, I can see it’s a clear case of institutional racism against White people.  I intend to protest this hateful practice until I get my order free.

 I’m having the half-rack of Beef ribs with collard greens and cornbread.  Wanna join me?

 Joe Doakes

I’m in.  See you there.

It reminds me of a story – quite possibly apocryphal – from North Dakota.  Back in the eighties, the Pentagon noted that roughly half of one percent of the population in North Dakota was black.   They sent a letter fo the North Dakota National Guard tellling them to take care that at least 1/2 of one percent of the NDNG were African-American – including officers and NCOs.

As the story goes, the state’s adjutant general wrote back, telling the Pentagon that the overwhelming majority of African-Americans in North Dakota were either college students, and thus only temporary residents, or already members of the United States Air Force and stationed in Minot or Grand Forks, and there really weren’t any eligible blacks to recruit.

Not out of institutional racism – but because at the time no black people lived there.

Change In Course

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Target to quit sponsoring Indy cars.

 Why quit?   They had a winning team, which means eyeballs on logo all season long.  Why would you give up advertising like that?

 Wrong eyeballs.

 The people who watch racing tend to be White Christian beer-drinking men.  Those people are not the “target” audience.  You can’t buy a spark plug or a shotgun shell at Target, a 2×4 or a necktie.  The chain is focused on women, gays and People Whose Lives Matter.

 Look for Target to shift the advertising money to a more politically correct area.  I wonder what?

My guess:  a Beyoncé tour.


Kurt Schlichter is predicting a dem meltdown.


Nineteen sixty-eight was the year normal Americans saw the Democrats for what they were, and that’s the danger for them in 2016 too – that normal Americans will be reminded about what a circus of welfare-chiseling, race-obsessed, work-averse, baby-shredding freaks the Democrat party is.

So keep fighting for purity, Democrats – your painful cramming to pass your dozens of litmus tests is going to provide us with endless amusement. And don’t worry about us Republicans – it’s actually pretty easy to pass ours. You’re disqualified if you have ever given money or a medal to Hillary Clinton. After that, we can talk.

Amid all the predictions that this would be the end of the GOP – and I’m not happy with things, truth be told – this could turn out much worse for the Dems.

Policies Matter

Not so long ago, a not overly bright person on a community forum called me a “racist” for asking “what does Black Life Matter” actually want?”

One might wonder if BLM is “racist” for finally answering my question.

Thing is, their ideas aren’t entirely wrong:

1. End “broken windows” policing, which aggressively polices minor crimes in an attempt to stop larger ones.

Broken windows policing has always been controversial.  But it’s worked; it was a key element in turning New York from a crime-sodden wasteland in 1975 to one of the safer cities in America in 2005.

It did lean hard on “communities of color” – because some of those communities have had all sorts of problems, both “broken windows” and crime.  We can debate the reasons for that – and a lot of African-Americans disagree with BLM on that; it’s usually they who are asking for more, and more integrated, police presence in their communities.

Is it possible to get good policing in a trouble community without impacting those, in the community, who are trouble?

2. Use community oversight for misconduct rather than having the police department decide what consequences officers should face.

I don’t disagree in principle:  groups investigating themselves never works.

But community review boards, especially in Democrat-run cities where most police problems are, inevitably turn into political footballs.

Better idea?  Make police carry individual liability insurance.  It’ll have the same effect it has on drivers; it’ll show us who the “bad” ones are, and fast.

3. Make standards for reporting police use of deadly force.

Excellent idea.

4. Independently investigate and prosecute police misconduct.

This would seem to make good common sense.

5. Have the racial makeup of police departments reflect the communities they serve.

A passable-sounding idea in principle; very hard to carry out in practice; if applicants for police service reflect the larger American community – 12% Latino, 11% black, 2% Asian, 75% white – what is “the community” supposed to do?  Assign cops to precincts on the basis of race?

Is it a good idea, though?  If our idea of “justice” is “bean-counting based on skin color”, then haven’t we really lost?

6. Require officers to wear body cameras.

Fine idea in practice, and I support it in principle.

The devil is in the details.  Can we allow officers to turn off their cameras?  Do you want officers stopping at Superamerica to take a dump preserved on the public record?

I’m not asking to be funny or gross.  If you allow officers to turn off the camera for purposes of bodily functions, then you create an opportunity – several, in fact.  Unethical officers will use that facility.   Bureaucrats will create more rules and procedures around cameras, which’ll take more time away from policing.

I’m in favor, but with questions.

7. Provide more training for police officers.

Not a bad idea, provided the “training” is useful.

8. End for-profit policing practices.

We’re talking about civil forfeiture, and even if the other nine proposals had been complete hogwash, this alone would be worth it.  Using funds from “crimes” that haven’t even gone to trial should be stopped, now.

9. End the police use of military equipment.

I’ll meet ’em halfway on this.   The hero gear gets way too much of a workout.  When you have armored cars and police in full battle rattle knocking down doors to serve warrants for non-violent crimes – pot dealers, people who owe the city money, that kind of thing – that does kinda send a message about what you think about “a community”.

10. Implement police union contracts that hold officers accountable for misconduct.

Now that is going to be interesting to see out in practice.

BLM’s got a few useful ideas.  Where they go wrong is in relying on politics and politicians to do the reforming for them.

The Army Of Davids. Or Abus.

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Everybody knows David slew Goliath, and that it was an amazing feat because David was a kid and Goliath a giant.  He won using a sling – a child’s weapon. 

 Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, says America needs an army of Davids, ordinary people with ordinary skills to take on extraordinary tasks using their own particular skills. 

 Suppose a fundamentalist Christian preacher in America were to embrace the concept?  Suppose he preached to his congregation: “God has turned His back on America because we have embraced Satan.  The only thing we can do is start over, just like Sodom and Gomorrah.  But we don’t have to wait for God to act, the Lord helps those who help themselves.  Every one of you can play a role in bringing God’s justice to this land, just like David slew Goliath, you can be an Army of Davids.  Do you work for the power company?  Search for a way to disrupt the grid.  Do you work in for the water department?  Search for a way to poison everyone in the city after you massacre the staff at the Christmas party.  Do you have knowledge of firearms?  Kill all the gays in a nightclub. You don’t need to travel overseas to kill sinners, they’re all around you.  You don’t need specialized training, you don’t need financial backing, you don’t need have your plans approved or coordinate your action with anyone else; just do it. The Lord will approve.”

 Suppose impressionable young men and women took him up on it and began to commit random acts of terrorism.  Do you think the Obama administration would find a way to restrict his preaching, limit membership in his church, seize his pamphlets, block his radio transmissions, deny him internet access?

 What if the preacher were a Muslim

 Joe Doakes

It’s simple:  If he’s Christian (and not explicitly “progressive”), he’s the “tip of the iceberg”.

If he’s Muslim, he’s a perverse aberration that reflects nothing


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

June 17th will be the 88th anniversary of Wilmer Stultz’s historic flight across the Atlantic in 1928, just one year after Lucky Lindy flew it, which resulted in a ticker-tape parade, meeting the President, lecture tour, book deal, product endorsements, new job, the works.  Not for him – for his passenger.

 You don’t remember Stultz?  He was the pilot of the airplane that Amelia Earhart rode in.  What, you thought she was the pilot, that she flew it solo, as Lindberg did, that she earned these honors on her own?  Not according to the scholarly articles cited on Wikipedia:

 “The project coordinators (including book publisher and publicist George P. Putnam) interviewed Earhart and asked her to accompany pilot Wilmer Stultz and copilot/mechanic Louis Gordon on the flight, nominally as a passenger, but with the added duty of keeping the flight log. The team departed Trepassey Harbor, Newfoundland in a Fokker F.VIIb/3m on June 17, 1928, landing at Pwll near Burry Port, South Wales, exactly 20 hours and 40 minutes later. There is a commemorative blue plaque at the site. Since most of the flight was on “instruments” and Earhart had no training for this type of flying, she did not pilot the aircraft. When interviewed after landing, she said, “Stultz did all the flying—had to. I was just baggage, like a sack of potatoes.” She added, “…maybe someday I’ll try it alone.”

 Earhart actually did become the First Female Pilot to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic but not in 1928, she did it in 1932.  The first flight – the celebrated flight – was merely a feminist publicity stunt, akin to the two women dubbed “Army Rangers” last Fall and even our own First Affirmative Action President.

 Celebrating diversity is fine as entertainment, but it’s only entertainment.  Nobody wants their brain surgeon to be the guy who was socially promoted for diversity reasons instead of demonstrated competence.  Nobody wants their pilot to say “I’m just baggage, like a sack of potatoes, you’ll have to fly the plane on your own.”  And frankly, nobody wants to elect The First Woman President just so we can meet a quota.

 Joe Doakes

One can only wonder how much better this nation would be if Colin Powell, Tim Scott or Alan West had been our nation’s first black president.

Update Needed!

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Massachusetts passes bill to abolish biological term “sex,” replace with social construct “gender,” variable at whim.

 Next up: a bill to make Pi equal to 3 (to make math more rational and therefore easier for members of the teachers’ union to understand), and a bill to repeal the law of gravity (because it presently affects heavy people more and they tend to be Blacks living in food deserts). 

 I’m outraged that Minnesota Democrats are so far behind the times.  Why wasn’t Minnesota the first?

 Joe Doakes

Minnesota was always at war with Wisconsin, Winston.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock on November 11, 1620.

 Four years from this Fall, the United States will celebrate the 400-year anniversary of White People Coming to America.

 Who would you rather have as President overseeing that celebration: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

 Joe Doakes

And I wonder how many Native Americans are looking at Trump and thinking “he’s got the plan…”?

June 6: A Tale Of Two Engines

Bing – a search engine I rarely use (mostly out of habit) has this as its cover today – June 6, a rather significant date in world, especially Western, history:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.57.23 AM

Don’t know your historical geography? It’s Pointe Du Hoc- the German strongpoint overlooking Omaha Beach, captured at immense cost by American Rangers who climbed a sheer cliff under fire 72 years ago today, with 64% casualties in a matter of hours.

Google – which, two weeks ago, honored America-hating radical and Bin Laden supporter Yuri Kochiyama with a Doodle – has this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.57.46 AM

Not that Microsoft is a saint in the whole “undercutting America” thing, but it’s getting a little insane.

(Via commenter JustPlainAngry)

Security Pantomime

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay British man who holds right-of-center views.  He’s been invited to speak at several American colleges campuses and calls his trip the “Dangerous Faggot Tour” which gives you an idea of his wicked sense of humor.

 His speech at DePaul University was disrupted by Black Lives Matter hecklers as campus security did nothing to maintain order. 

 Found this comment on another site:

 “DePaul ‘Security’ was analogous to the hand waving sign language translator from the Nelson Mandela memorial.  You don’t have to actually do a job, you just wear the shirt and scowl a lot and they write you checks!  Cargo Cult Security ™.”

 I am SO stealing that phrase!

 Joe Doakes

You and me both, Joe.