Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Found this stuffed in the screen door on Sunday morning. Couple of late-middle aged White women with ELCA hair going around the neighborhood (no doubt doing Good Works before heading off to hear the Gospel).

Struck me that Tina doesn’t mention which political party she intends to caucus with, if elected. She doesn’t have any endorsements.

I’ve been around long enough to recognize political euphemisms. “Who you love” means homosexual. “Where you’re from” means illegal alien.

This flyer was delivered days after Roe v. Wade was overturned, so “reproductive rights” means abortion. “Equal Pay” means “affirmative action for women.”

I’m going out on a limb and suggesting Tina is a Democrat who is terrified to admit it, because the public is less than enthused about Democrats right now.

Hiding your party affiliation to deceive voters is kind of shady, don’t you think? Wouldn’t honesty help voters make an informed choice? Or is that the problem?

Yep, definitely Democrat.

Joe Doakes

If Democrats are going to have to run stealth campaigns in places like 41B, the internal polling must be devastating.

Lowering Costs!

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Not sure how I got on this mailing list but here’s the latest news: Angie Craig hates my vehicle warranty. She wants me to burn E15 which the service advisor told me not to do, absolutely not, voids my warranty.

She also hates my family grocery budget. She’s proud to have taken bold, decisive action to address skyrocketing food costs by . . . appointing a task force to submit a report to Congress in nine months. I’m sure that’ll be a big help when I’m standing in the checkout line this weekend.

I would click “unsubscribe” except I’m pretty sure it would automatically put me on the No Fly List, the IRS Audit list, and the January 6 co-conspirator list so the FBI can bust down my door while CNN films. I guess I’ll just click “delete” instead.

Joe Doakes

It’s probably the best idea.


Goivernor Klink on Twitter over the weekend, commemorating Juneteenth:

“…work to dismantle unjust systems of oppression”

Like open-ended emergency powers that can be extended endlessly at the whim of a political party in power?

Like arbitrary authority that allows a governor to crush businesses at a whim, but spare the ones that donate to his campaign?

Those sorts of systems of oppression?

On it.

The New Brown Face/s Of White Supremacy

Remember when Democrats giddily predicted Texas would inevitably turn blue?

Someone didn’t get the memo.

Republican Mayra Flores won the special election in TX34 – along the Rio Grande, the second most Latino district in the country – last night. Born in Mexico, daughter of migrant workers, wife of a border patrol agent, she ran on a red carne asada platform; secure the border, protect the economy, God Guns and Guts.

Ed Morrissey notes the caveats:

Special elections have very unique and (usually) non-predictive turnout models. TX-34 is a D+5 district, so it’s never been entirely out of reach for Republicans. Flores won in part by running a smart campaign but also by building a financial and media-buy edge over her opponent. Flores will have to run again in less than five months to keep the seat, and she may have trouble getting a lock on the same resources when the GOP is fighting for 435 seats and not just one.

All that aside? For the moment, it doesn’t appear that Trump’s velocity among Latinos has dissipated – nor does it appear to be strictly tied to Trump, whom she references on her website, but doesn’t lindell it.

Watch for MSNBC and The View to call her and her voters the New Brown Faces of White Supremacy. Mark my words.

Dear GOP: Don’t screw this up.


The Pioneer Press, apparently knowing (what little is left of) its audience, says:

Now, I don’t pry into other peoples personal healthcare decisions, and I’m pretty merciless to any idiot who tries to yap about mine.

But it’s worth noting that Dr. Jensen, though not vaccinated, appears to have missed zero days of work or campaigning due to Covid.

In the meantime, the people who run this state – Lt. Governor Flanagan and her figurehead, the…uh, somewhat comorbid Tim Walz – have both had Covid and been off the job in the past couple years.

Correlation – especially with three data points – isn’t causation.

But it’s a better correlation than the one data point the PiPress ran with.

Governor Gaslight

To: Governor Walz

You – or one of your social media smurfs – tweeted this over the weekend:

I caught the subtle gaslighting; in Democrat communications lately, upporting your current flavor is “courage“. I’m sure that will log roll at least a couple of gullible people who don’t think that hard.

But since The laws we already have, against straw purchases and trafficking guns to known felons, and using guns to commit crimes, and for that matter shooting up a car with your family in it, aren’t being enforced in cities run by your party, how about you have the “bravery“ to do the executive branches enumerated job, and enforce the laws we already have?

It’s a little harder than gaslighting the Republican majority in the Senate and a state full of gun owners, but it is your job.

Or lieutenant governor Flanagan‘s job, anyway.

That is all.


Chesa Boudin – the Soros-backed district attorney in San Francisco – didn’t just lose his recall yesterday.

He got brutalized.

Scott Johnson at Powerline, inimitable as usual:

Recall is a particularly good word in this case. He was a defective prosecutor. Among his innovations was the elimination of cash bail, the nonprosecution of a large swath of property crimes, the toleration of open-air drug dealing, and the facilitation of San Francisco’s continued descent into third-world hellhole status.

I was going to ask “will this cause other Soros/Bloomberg spawn like Keith Ellison to change anything?” Adjust messages, yes; even Ellison has to be seeing that devastating internal polling. Actual substantial long-term policy changes? Of course not; “progressivism” is eternal.

Still – it shows there’s a point beyond which even the most addled progressives, sometimes, might not let things get pushed.

All About Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Although Jennifer Carnahan underperformed her expectations in the CD1 primary on Tuesday, coming in well under ten percent of the vote in her late husband’s district, she did get one huge break yesterday.

Beto O’Rourke interrupted a law enforcement briefing on the Uvalde massacre in one of the most cynical, narcissistic bits of self-promotion I’ve ever seen…

…including the anything perpetual victim Carnahan has ever foisted on the public.

So becoming not the most narcisstic, performative character in politics? Probably a good thing.

Speaking of O’Rourke’s “Look at Meeeeeeeeeee!” moment – CD3 rep Dean Phillips posted this…

…ever so briefly. It disappeared in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

That’s right, Lord Rotgut: a silver-spoon pseudo-Latino who makes John Edwards look sincere and grounded trying to seize the spotlight from the law enforcement guys doing their f****ng jobs is the same as an anonymous guy standing up to a 40 ton tank.

This tweet needs to not get memory-holed for this fall. If there is justice in this world, it should completely scupper O’Rourke’s inevitable bid for Governor (and the presidential bid that will follow),. It should definitely get held against Phillips this fall as well.


This next couple of Tuesdays will give us six primary races that should be bellwethers about the influence of Donald Trump in the midterms, and potentially in 2024.

There are four of them tomorrow – in Idaho, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio – and two more next week in Georgia and Alabama.

My hunch – as in the Virginia governor election last fall, the Democrats want the Trump candidates to win, and for the Trump endorsement to define the GOP during these races.

We’ll be covering the first batch of them Wednesday morning.

Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

The Left wants Donald Trump on the ballot this fall – the Trump with no internal governor who wrote the mean tweets, the Trump of the (often dishonest or fabricated) media narratives, and especially of the “January 6” of fact, fiction and in between.

But then, so does the GOP.

But which Donald Trump? The business tycoon? The loose cannon that could rope-a-dope either world leaders into agreement, or his own cabinet into distraction? Or the person that focused the economic and social concerns of a whole lot of people – middle America, blue-collar “Red” America, and by the bye more Black and Latino voters than any Republican in two generations, into political action?

The Virginia gubernatorial election showed us a hint: it’s #3. The first two camps barely registered in that fairly meat ‘n potatoes contest.

We’ve got a group of primaries coming up this month – Idaho, and later this month Georgia.

But it started last night, with Ohio’s primaries for Governor and Senate.

And it saw the above-mentioned three camps squaring off:

Was it that voters wanted a businessman? Well, Mike Gibbons was a successful businessman.

Was it that Trump was “the craziest son of a b****” in the room, as Thomas Massie sometimes wondered? Then Josh Mandel was your man.

Or was it the “America First” agenda on the immigration, trade, and foreign policy? If that’s what you thought, then J. D. Vance was your candidate.

And the winner: Vance.

But Vance’s advantage was that he campaigned on the politics he believes in. That’s one of the reasons he was able to campaign so much more than his opponents; he doesn’t need to read from cue cards. It’s why he was able to constantly reiterate his position on the Ukraine war with confidence, even as his opponents got lost while searching for their own views. Much has been made of Vance’s supposed transformation from the author of Hillbilly Elegy to the Senate candidate endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene. He shifted his assessment of Trump, absolutely, but his politics have remained much the same. Even Vance’s vengeful former roommate — who tried to harm his campaign by sharing a text showing that, years ago, Vance made an overheated comparison of Trump to Hitler — ended up proving the point. In that text exchange, Vance was saying that the Republican Party needed to deliver tangible benefits to working-class white people who have migrated into the party. That’s the message he had three years ago, too.

I suspect this is at least part of the reason Big Left is trying to make they hay they are over the leaked Roe decision; the GOP is running on the Trump legacy that’s least convenient to then. .

We’ll wait to see how Idaho and Georgia turn out.

All In The Timing

The Minneapolis Police have problems.

It’s been the most open secret in the world for as long as I’ve lived in the Twin Cities. Minneapolis cops leaning on black and minority drivers, being more willing to take off the gloves when operating in black neighborhoods – this was news in the mid-80s. It’s like most police departments – a few bad apples among a lot of good cops – only seemingly moreso.

Minneapolis has problems.

If you didn’t see it three years ago, you should have noticed it in the past two years. They had a city council president who said in as many words that expecting law and order came from a place of “privilege” (a privilege she was happy to enjoy with $1K a day in taxpayer-funded private security, of course), and a council that backed that up with policy, to the point whereJacob Freaking Frey looks like a law and order conservative (whenever there’s not a crisis, anyway).

It’s a city that seriously believes the answer to crime is to transfer more taxpayer money to “community” “non-profits” – the same people who’ve been profiting from the status quo, and code for “the DFL’s political farm team”. (It’s the same answer they have for education, economic development, and pretty much everything else).

The Minnesota DFL has a problem.

Polling for mid-terms is abysmal – potentially catastrophic. Early signs are they could lose the House of Representatives and fall further behind in the Senate; it’s even hypothetically possible the hapless MNGOP could finally get a governor.

The economy shows every sign of starting to slow down (at best) – something the media will try to spin until after a new, GOP-controlled Congress and Legislature take over, but for now, things seem to be getting away from ’em.


The DFL controls the state bureaucracy.

The report that was issued by the MN Department of Human Rights – which is like one of those non-profits we mentioned above, only part of the executive branch – earlier this week could have been issued at any time in the past 35 years. It should have been issued at any time in the past 35 years; you don’t have to be a black community activist to notice the MPD has issues. If the DFLers who created the Human Rights department, and who have always staffed it, had needed to issue it at any point in the past 35 years, they would have.

But they didn’t need to issue it then. It might be excessively cynical to say a city full of people angry about their police suited them, per se – but it wasn’t against their interest.

But now? As Democrats nationwide are being weighed down (justifiably!) by their performance on law and order issues – now the MNDoHR comes out with a report on the MPD?

Right around the time the DFL statewide needs to deflect the “conversation” about crime away to…anything but six decades of failed DFL rule?

  • DFL-caused problem (problems, really – crime in Minneapolis is the DFL’s baby, and the DFL has controlled the MPD for three generations).
  • DFL-controlled bureaucracy.
  • Report that tries to shift blame for crime away from the DFL, which has controlled literally all the factors leading to the problem since Eisenhower was President.

Seeing a pattern, here?

From Deep Moldy Blue

Voters in Kenosha County – which has been voting Democrat for literally decades – threw out Democrats for county executive and school board in county elections this week..

Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, a Republican candidate for governor, endorsed 48 school board candidates. Of those, 34 won including eight incumbents, based on preliminary results. Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, a former teacher, school administrator and state superintendent, did not endorse in any race…

Conservative candidates picked up school board seats in Waukesha, Wausau and Kenosha, but lost races in Beloit and the western Wisconsin cities of La Crosse and Eau Claire.

The Republican-backed candidate for a state appeals court seat in southeastern Wisconsin, Maria Lazar, also defeated a sitting judge who was appointed by Evers.


Huh. Where have I heard of Kenosha.

I wonder why a habitually Democrat county seems to be swinging red?

Why could that be?

am a small-town Scandinavian at heart, and have spent decades involved in Minnesota and Metro Republican politics, so optimism doesn’t come easily. I’m waiting to see how the MNGOP screws this potential wave up.

Let’s not screw this potential wave up.

Panic in Donkville

It’s almost impossible to put enough lipstick on the porcine Biden administration. All the polls are in the crapper and the only numbers that are going up are in the grocery aisles. Meanwhile, as Joel Kotkin notes, Biden and the rest of the party are doing their best Thelma and Louise imitation, especially where the environment is concerned: 

The cave-in to the greens has increased the Democrats’ economic vulnerability, particularly in the wake of Russian aggression and the continued role of China as the world’s dominant greenhouse-gas emitter. The well-funded American environmental elite lack the grudging sense of realism of their German counterparts, who have been forced to reconsider some of their energy policies in light of the invasion. But in resource-rich America, the green grandees still oppose boosting fossil-fuel energy supplies, despite 80 per cent of voters, and an equal percentage of Democrats, favouring the use of both fossil fuels and renewables. Public support for Net Zero / the Green New Deal hovers around 20 per cent.

You don’t want to get crosswise of the ol’ 80/20 rule, but somehow the Donks have pulled it off. And it’s got the old Clinton hands up in arms. Back to Kotkin:

Cultural issues represent another fault line between the bulk of the electorate and the tin-eared elites of the party. Democrats’ have embraced what former Bill Clinton strategist James Carville scathingly labels ‘the politics of the faculty lounge’, such as support for the increasingly discredited Black Lives Matter movement and its calls to ‘defund the police’. This idea may be beloved at places like Harvard, but among the less elevated mortals it is widely unpopular, even among minorities, including two of the nation’s Democratic African-American mayors, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner and New York City’s Eric Adams.

Voters view crime as the second-most pressing issue, after the economy and inflation. Here again the survey results are equally distressing for the progressive agenda. Voters, according to one recent survey, blame the Democrats for the current crime wave by a margin of two to one. Moderate Democrats, like retiring Florida congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, herself a refugee from Vietnam, found her support for legislation that would penalise undocumented criminals got her labeled as ‘anti-immigrant’ by the party’s dominant progressive mob.

Now it may surprise those of us in Minnesota that Black Lives Matter is increasingly discredited; Esme Murphy and the KARE Bears haven’t mentioned it much. But it should surprise no one that someone like Stephanie Murphy would lose support of the party apparat; on the bright side, she has thus far avoided being called a Russian operative, but it’s early and she might still get the full Tulsi if she’s not careful. Closer to home, it will be interesting to see how self-styled moderates like Dean “Everyone’s Invited” Phillips navigate the electorate.

There’s a long time between now and November, but it’s difficult to envision a reversal of the trends. One should never underestimate the ability of the Republican Party to blow it. Still, the Donks find events in the saddle and all the narrative engineers at their disposal can’t change the prices at Hy-Vee or Holiday. For nearly half a century, Joe Biden has wanted to be president in the worst way. And he’s getting his wish.

Resetting The Reset

Green, “sustainable” energy policies that make middle class live unsustainable.

Transitioning from houses to apartments, from cars to mass transit.

Moving from meat to vegetables, with maybe some insect thrown in as a treat.

Hyperinflation, which serves mainly to make common savings and investment worthless, but does wonders for the wealth of the plutocrats, “futurists” and pols – who will give up no cars, houses, yachts ,warmth or food.

Seems like the “new world order” looks a lot like the old, pre-1776 world order, doesn’t it?

Victor Davis Hanson – perhaps more optimistic than I feel at the moment – in a piece you should read. Pull quote:

So a reset reckoning is coming—in reaction to the “new orders” championed by Biden and the Davos set. 

In the November 2022 midterms, we are likely to see a historic “No!” to the orthodox left-wing agenda that has resulted in unsustainable inflation, unaffordable energy, war, and humiliation abroad, spiraling crime, racial hostility—and arrogant defiance from those who deliberately enacted these disastrous policies. 

What will replace it is a return to what until recently had worked. 

I hope he’s right. The boundless stupidity of the “send me more stimmies” set – whose votes count just as much as those of smart people – serves as the counterexhibit.

Everything Old Is New Again

In 2010, faced with running against charismatic Republican Tea Party firebrand Tom Emmer with somnolent and visibly addled Mark Dayton, Big Leftymoney rallied enough money to prop up “moderate” “Republican” bureaucrat Tom Horner, an Arne Carlson/Dave Durenberger-era functionary designed to soak up “moderate” “Republican” votes from Republicans who found themselves disaffected by Tom Emmer’s “extremist” (as established in the coordinated media campaign supported by the same big leftymoney).

It worked. Horner soaked up enough squishes to give Dayton his margin of victory.

They’re trying again:

The signs are all there; Hepola gives off all the indications of being Leftymoney astroturf.

Of course, times are a little more parlous than they were in 2010. And the DFL faces two legal weed parties on the ballot, which will eat up a lot of younger DFL voters.

So the rationale is as clear as the provenance is murky.

By the way, I hereby invite Mr. Hepola on my show. I may be the only person in Twin Cities media who doesn’t paint his toenails on the air, which will likely be the showtopper, but the offer is made.

Q: How Badly Is The DFL Polling For Mid-Terms?

A”. This badly.

Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan are officially launching a statewide public safety tour.

So – Governor “We’ll Send the Guard To Your Riot When You Fax Out the TPS Report” Walz is feeling the string.

And to show how serious he is about crime, he’s taking his “Lieutenant” Governor – who was against law and order before she was for it, and whose commitment to law and order is so firm she just has mobs of supporters skirt the rules she finds inconvenient – out on the road.

This should be interesting.

Mayor Carter/Frey’s Perilous Tightrope

On the one hand, official hypochondria along with privileged lawlessness is polling very badly for the DFL this fall. So the vaccine mandates (and the whole “public safety is a privilege” thing) have got to go.

On the other hand, if DFLers abandon hypochondria, the Karen vote (social, not ethnic) will rebel.

So the mayors chose the middle path: end the useless mandate, keep the useless masks.

“Common Sense”

Whenever your Democrat friends condescendingly coo “nobody is coming for your guns”, just remember – they’re coming for your guns:

Gun owners in Minnesota had a pretty easy session last year. This year, the Dems have to try to turn out their base. Grabbing guns certainly gets the Karens and Mascists and ninnies of the left lathered up.

More this weekend.

Sign O The Times

And then there were six, again: Kendall Qualls has jumped into the MNGOP Governors race.

And the MNDFL’s Ken Martin’s response?

So…for the 2022 Governor’s race, Ken Martin is still running against…


Which is interesting, because it wasn’t so long that his party’s line was completely different:

Why yes. Indeed.

I suppose it beats trying to run on the DFL’s record…

Moving Forward

The House DFL’s redistricting plan couldn’t be more obviously gerrymandered to support the DFL if they re-did CD 6, 7 and 4 to spell out “DFL” in precincts on the state map.

Rep. Jeremy Munson has what I think is the second-best proposal I’ve seen:

Now, I thin the best plan I’ve seen (with all due modesty) is my own: it’d re-do the map so the districts are like huge slices of pie, radiating out from the Metro across the state. I need to find an actual precinct map to try drawing this up…

Not For Turning

It was a generation ago – when I was in high school – that Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister. The media and popular culture were less tribalized then than they are today – but the drumbeat from the cultural authorities was this is a very bad thing.

And it foreshadowed the great American resurgence that followed; a wave of center-right leaders followed – Kohl in Germany, Mitterand in France, Pope John Paul II in the Vatican, and of course Ronald Reagan – who altered the course of, and in many ways saved (or postponed the demise, at least) of Western Civilization.

Is Eric Zemmour cut from the same cloth?

I don’t know, and he’s only a candidate at the moment.

But if he turns into the man of the moment in France, perhaps there’s still hope for the West.

Here’s his speech announcing his candidacy. Translation here.

It’s an incredible work of political rhetoric and, if not oratory, certainly videography.

Steven Hayward:

Today Zemmour released a video declaring his candidacy for president, and I’ve heard comparisons (including from a French student in my political science class this semester) comparing it to Charles de Gaulle’s famous July 18, 1940 radio broadcast pronouncing the cause of Free France amidst the nation’s collapse before the German army. 

This caught me:

We are worthy of our ancestors. We will not allow ourselves to be mastered, vassalized, conquered, colonized. We will not allow ourselves to be replaced

It’s an overtone of my wish, every Memorial Day, that we leave a society worthy of the sacrifice so many have made for this civilization.

The other overtone?

The moment isn’t a whole lot less grave.

Countdown to anguished “think” pieces on NPR starts now.

Walz: Rules Are For Suckers

People filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Data Practices Act (DPA) requests over the past few years have wondered how it is that Governor Walz leaves such a light state-documented electronic trail.

Could he just be old fashioned? Or, like Paulie Cicero in Goodfellas, maybe he just never does business electronically?

Well, no:

Because information is privilege. And privilege is power.