The Most Ironic Berg’s Seventh Law Violation

It’s long been one of the Dems’ favorite – and most childish – chanting points to say that Republicans, being stodgy fundamentalist WASPS, want to make sex impossible to have.

If you follow Berg’s Seventh Law, you know the Democrats are actually doing something worse (or actually enacting the slur).

And you would, as always, be right.  

(And not for the first time).

Mass Flagellation

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

If Liberals truly believe White Privilege is a thing, that they actually are morally unqualified to hold their jobs and live their lifestyles because of the vestiges of racism in America’s past, then they ought to pull their kids out of honor programs and STEM schools. They ought to refuse to support them in college, insisting they give up their places for people who are morally deserving: blacks, illegal aliens, gays.

They won’t, of course. The people who insist they are guilty also refuse to do penance. Somebody else pays the penance, someone less gifted, less fortunate, less connected.

What happened in this election is the people paying the price decided not to pay it anymore. You feel guilty that your parents treated Blacks poorly at lunch counters? Fine, you make up for it by making your kids drop out, we’re not going to. You give up your job, we’ve had enough of that.

You can’t hold the moral high ground by confessing the crime but making someone else do the time.

Joe doakes

I think most of them think self-flagellation (but mostly flagellating the less worthy in their ethnic group) is penance enough.

NARN Changes Everything

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  • The Obama Legacy – and why it’s possible bad news for Republicans.
  • “Fake News”

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What A Difference Eight Years Makes

November, 2008:  Many conservatives, yours truly included, were disappointed at the election of Barack Obama, an unqualified junior senator and “community organizer”, to the presidency.  Not surprised, at least in my case, but disappointed.  (Our disappointment was amply justified, but that’s a separate, upcoming post).

In the interest of civility, Obama supporters responded with their primary form of non-televised communication (in the days before industrialized photomemes, anyway), the bumper sticker:


(Which, if you think about it, is the first industralized photomeme).

And we did, indeed, get over it – and, for many of us, that involved spending a few years in the Tea Party which, before a coordinated assault by Democrat Media/Industrial Complex and the GOP Establishment neutralized it, kicked Democrat ass in a way that, to a smart person, should have been seen as a foreshadowing of Trump; if you stand for something, you win.

(The sum total of “violence” after the Obama election involved a “riot” at Ol Miss that lasted an hour, involved no property damage or arrests and a little naughty language; one church burned in Massachusetts for which the perps were arrested, convicted and sentenced to long prison terms, a couple of minor assaults, maybe, and a few grandiloquent gestures that damanged nobody else or their property)


It’s been two and a half weeks since Trump’s near-landslide electoral victory (and, if you leave California and its millions of useless voting mouths out of the equation, popular victory as well).  Democrats have responded with petulant name-calling, bitter declarations, social barbarism, and rioting.   The Democrat movement in America has made itself look like the petulant, entitled children so many of them in fact seem to be.

So it’s only fair:


Deal with it.

Just Take The Picture / Bake The Cake / Do The Flowers / Sew The Dress

Dress maker does the thing that got Christian bakers / florists / photographers in trouble; exercises her right of free association:

“As one who celebrates and strives for diversity, individual freedom and respect for all lifestyles, I will not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next First Lady,” Sophie Theallet wrote in a letter this week.

“The rhetoric of racism, sexism, and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign are incompatible with the shared values we live by,” Theallet wrote about President-elect Donald Trump.

“I encourage my fellow designers to do the same,” she continued.

Of course, the big difference is that Melania Trump isn’t part of a “protected class”.

Which is rich, isn’t it?  Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Peter Thiele, Jennifer Lopez and Carlos Slim are all “protected classes”.  Because apparently “white privilege” or “straight priviliege”, er, trumps whatever they’ve got.

“Shut Up, All You Ignorant, Uncivil Tribalists!”, He Explained

To:  Minnesota Public Radio
From: Mitch Berg, “tribal” peasant
Re:  Norm Orenstein


Last Friday you played an interview with Norman Orenstein on your noon show.   Orenstein is to academia what Lori Sturdevant is to journalism; a myopic scold for a very defined ideology, who after a career of being hailed as a genius by his own echo chamber can not possibly conceive of there being a rational alternative.

Orenstein’s major points:

  • The national conversation is getting very uncivil – due to the right.  Not the left.
  • While he used to support the electoral college, now he does not.
  • The conservative alternative media – Orenstein calls it “tribal” media, in the tone of a British grandée in colonial India – is at fault for everything.

Thanks, MPR.  We don’t get enough of that from the local media.

By the way, MPR?  Why did you book Orenstein?  Self-affirmation therapy for your distraught audience?

That is all.

Ain’t Nothing’ But A NARN Party

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talk radio show – is on the air!

Today, on our final pre-election show:

  • Phil Krinkie of the Minnesodta Business Alliance joins us to talk about what’s at stake in this election.
  • John Augustine of the Legislative Evaluation Assembly talks about their latest Minnesota Legislative report card
  • Greg Ryan, GOP candidate for US Congress in the Fourth CD, joins us.
  • Senator Dave Osmek joins us to talk MNSure, the upcoming elections.

Don’t forget – King Banaian is on from 9-11AM on AM1440, and Brad Carlson is normally heard on “The Closer” edition of the NARN Sundays from 2-3PM.

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K. Liff

SCENE:  A freeway overpass relatively close to the Ohio/Pennsylvania border.

A man – Kevin LIFF – clad in a clearly home-made general’s field-dress uniform, stands on the roof of a humvee, overlooking an immense battlefield, dotted with smoking wrecks and and ragged groups of corpses.  Whiffs of smoke scud across the landscape, and the faint cries of the wounded are drowned out by the sound of a column of Ford F150s, loaded to the gills with gun-toting militiamen, driving eastward.

Colonel Terrence RIST walks up to the humvee, trailed by radio operator with a backpack radio set.

RIST:  Reverend Field Marshal?

LIFF:  Yes, brother Colonel?

RIST:  The infidels have been scattered.  Our scouts say the road is clear all the way to Harrisburg.

LIFF: Excellent.  Has the matter of Kansas City been settled?

RIST: The infidel Lutherans and Catholics have felt our wrath.

LIFF:  Excellent.  And the Infidel Army?

RIST: They appear to be gathering in Maryland for a last stand.

LIFF: All right.  We’ll see to them in a moment.  It’s time to get our insidious plan that we’ve had all along underway.  Abolish abortion, and torch all Planned Parenthoods.

RIST:  Yes sir.

LIFF:  Force all gay photographers to shoot straight weddings.  Require all Americans to own guns.  Abolish the income tax.  Roll back Title IX.  Ship the ELCA, NPR fans and members of the ACLU to camps in Idaho.

RIST:   As you command, brother Field Marshall.

(RIST snaps off a salute and walks away).

LIFF: (Turns to his aide, Captain Ry Twing).  I can’t believe that we pulled this off, quite frankly, Captain.

TWING:  Sir?

LIFF:  All these years, we managed to get the Muslims to draw attention away from our preparations.  Only a few managed to see it.  And now, we  stand on the brink of complete victory, and exterminating all opposition.

TWING:  Praise God, sir!

LIFF:  Indeed!

(The men go back to planning the next military move)

(And SCENE).

Oh Noes.  Totes Grody Peeps. 

Social media is a place where demented people have free reign to spout any nonsense they want without much consequence.  .

Most of us have known that for quite some time. Indeed, anyone who’s been running a blog for a decade or more could probably write a book on the delusional, demented and a disgusting people that turn up in comments sections, completely unbidden.

Somebody needs to pass the word to Sally Jo Sørenson, at Blue Stem Prairie, who apparently thinks “somebody saying something in a Senate candidates Facebook page” is the same as a “Senate candidate saying something on their Facebook page”.

And when you’ve told me that, kindly ask her a question for me (since she never responds to anything, ever): was GOP Senate candidate Leilani Holmstedt wrong about the League of Women Voters  having a lobbying arm that is entirely in alignment with the DFL?

Because that was her point…

The Standing Army

As I’ve watched the ongoing militarization of American policing, I’ve become fairly convinced that law enforcement is the “standing army” that our founding fathers were worried about.

A new documentary, Do Not Resist, doesn’t make that exact point – but it’s a short jump to it.

The New York Times reviews the movie. One of many money quotes:

The striking thing about the footage is, again, the utter mundanity of the raid. A family was just violently raided over an immeasurable amount of pot. A man was arrested over that pot. The money he needed for his business was taken from him. Yet there’s no shame or embarrassment from the officers. There’s no panic that the whole thing was captured on video. That’s when it hits you. They don’t think they’ve made a mistake. This is what they do. The lead officers later tells the camera, matter-of-factly, that the raid turned up “a personal use amount of marijuana.” Perhaps realizing that he was also on camera back at the police station promising a much larger stash of drugs, he adds, “It happens. Drug warrants are, you know, 50-50.”

Wants to feel depressed about modern law-enforcement? Read the whole thing.

Yes, I know – most cops are good people, doing a dirty job on behalf of a population that hires them to do the dirty work they don’t want to. I get that.

And I grew up in a time and place where supporting the police is pretty much what good people did, and to do.

But this really is pretty awful.

Everyone’s Deplorable

If you don’t vote for the Democrat party nominee “your best interests”, Democrats get just a little peevish.

Ohio seems to be swinging GOP uncharacteristically early this election, according to some polls.

…left-leaning media appears to be treating the development as sour grapes.

On Monday, one article appeared in TIME magazine and one was published by the AP, both dismissing Hillary’s need for Ohio in her campaign’s electoral college calculus. Things have “changed,” apparently…Over the weekend, the New York Times declared that Ohio is now — of course — too white and uneducated to be considered a bellwether state anymore.


Party, it’s electoral politics; if true, she’s focusing her campaign where the votes for her are.

But Berg’s Seventh Law exists for a reason; it It’s because deep down inside, for all of their jabbering about about other peoples’ bigotry and prejudice, they really really hate people who aren’t like them.

Near As I Can Tell…

…at about this time last year there was exactly one pundit, anywhere in the US or elsewhere, that predicted Donald Trump would win the GOP nomination; heck, I know of only one who predicted Trump would make it past Christmas.

He also happens to be one of America’s painfully-few business writers who are worth reading; Scott Adams, cartoonist and creator of Dilbert.

He was also pretty much alone, last spring, in predicting Trump would win the presidency.  And like all predictions, that one is still very much a long shot.

But Adams has switched his endorsement – comical as it is – from Hillary to Trump.

And as little as I’ve personally ever cared for Trump’s public persona, Adams explains something about The Donald that I do get, and that most of our media and chattering classes are too myopic to understand:

5. Pacing and Leading: Trump always takes the extreme position on matters of safety and security for the country, even if those positions are unconstitutional, impractical, evil, or something that the military would refuse to do. Normal people see this as a dangerous situation. Trained persuaders like me see this as something called pacing and leading. Trump “paces” the public – meaning he matches them in their emotional state, and then some. He does that with his extreme responses on immigration, fighting ISIS, stop-and-frisk, etc. Once Trump has established himself as the biggest bad-ass on the topic, he is free to “lead,” which we see him do by softening his deportation stand, limiting his stop-and-frisk comment to Chicago, reversing his first answer on penalties for abortion, and so on. If you are not trained in persuasion, Trump look scary. If you understand pacing and leading, you might see him as the safest candidate who has ever gotten this close to the presidency. That’s how I see him.

So when Clinton supporters ask me how I could support a “fascist,” the answer is that he isn’t one. Clinton’s team, with the help of Godzilla, have effectively persuaded the public to see Trump as scary. The persuasion works because Trump’s “pacing” system is not obvious to the public. They see his “first offers” as evidence of evil. They are not. They are technique.

Most pundits have never had to negotiate anything beyond their salary – and that rarely works out well, these days, either.  In any case, too many of our chattering class believe that what Obama, Clinton and Kerry did in Iran, North Korea and Ukraine was “negotation”.  It was – in the same sense that Rodney King’s interaction with the police was.

I’m still not a fan of Trump’s public persona.  I still think his election is a long shot.

But then, like all of the A-through-Y-list pundits above me, I’ve been wrong about everything else, this cycle.

Exhibit A

There are many, many reasons smart Second Amendment activist suppose a national firearms registry; only the law-abiding will register, it’s a natural and essential tool to use in confiscation, and whenever the left says anything about guns, including “nobody’s coming for them”, you can be sure that they will come for them the moment they get the power.

But there’s also this.

This Guy Hunts Down Pedophiles and Beats Them With a Hammer

Whenever you are on a government list, you are only as safe as the dumbesand least ethical  government employee allows you to be.


Rahm Emanuel says “never waste a crisis”.
And the city whose mayor he is – Chicago – is an ongoing crisis that never seems to end.

The city has seen over 2000 shootings so far this year – that’s to say, the first half of the year:

At least 14 people were shot in Chicago over 10 hours Tuesday afternoon through early Wednesday, pushing the number of gun victims in the city this year to more than 2,200, including at least 21 children 13 and younger.

Among those shot Tuesday was 6-year-old Tacarra Morgan, who was seriously wounded in the abdomen while sitting on her porch in West Englewood with her mother and grandmother. Police said two volleys of gunfire erupted as three cars drove down the 6000 block of South Paulina Street around 1 p.m.

Very much like the victims have a great misfortune not to look like the children of NPR executives; they are disproportionately black and brown, disproportionately living in the neighborhoods “served” by Chicago’s Democrat elite.

In common with most violent crime victims in the United States, they lived in Democrat run the cities.

Set Straight

Your liberal friends are probably salving their worries over Hillary’s health with a recent NYT hit piece on Scott Walker.

Have no fear. In what is becoming a Berg’s Law-worthy pattern, the Times’ piece is pretty much a NYPost article in a tweed sportcoat.  Christian Schneider notes in the conclusion:

Christopher Hitchens once wrote, “It is a frequent vice of radical polemic to assert, and even to believe, that once you have found the lowest motive for an antagonist, you have identified the correct one.” In this case, the New York Times started with a motive and worked backwards, rather than letting the facts lead them to an honest conclusion.

Read the whole thing.  Refer it to your liberal friends.  Ask if it’s ever been different.


It’s Still Way Too High

Trust in the mainstream media hits an all-time low:

A major pollster has some stark news: “Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly’ has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32 percent saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year,” writes Art Swift, an analyst for the Gallup poll, which first asked the nation to weigh in on the press in 1972.

“Over the history of the entire trend, Americans’ trust and confidence hit its highest point in 1976, at 72 percent, in the wake of widely lauded examples of investigative journalism regarding Vietnam and the Watergate scandal,” Mr. Swift said.

The sentiment has fallen slowly and steadily, and has consistently been below a majority level since 2007.

14% of Republicans still trust the media – which means I still have work to do.  51% of Democrats trust the media – which is confirmation bias in action if I ever saw it.

Report Card

Frank Drake is running and extremely aggressive, and fairly tart, campaign against Keith Ellison in the fifth Congressional District.

Will it work? I saw the 1980 Olympic hockey team; I do believe in miracles. I’m a Republican in the inner city, so I have to.

Anyway – Drake provides a list of Keith Ellison’s “accomplishments” in office:

Top Keith Ellison accomplishments:

1) I promise to end these wars, and not start any new wars.

2) Minneapolis is now a UN sanctuary city funded by Minnesotans.

3) I can show up anywhere, and I’m the story.

4) The DNC was impartial. That’s why “Keith’s for Hillary” now.

5) Who’s this Frank Drake dude anyway?

6) Community Action of Minneapolis was a great front and money laundering operation until it was seized by the Government for fraud. Bill Davis remains a trusted advisor. President Obama will pardon him before leaving office.

7) Marijuana remains a Class 1 Narcotic, just like Heroin.

8) Keith Ellison was never involved, in any way, with the overthrow of Syria or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

9) Unemployment is low, especially in our urban centers. That 4.5% Unemployment Rate is true, despite 1/3 of all Americans not working. Over 94,000,000 Americans don’t work.

10) Our Government is in the business of War. Private prisons are a growth industry.

11) My ideas are proven in Venezuela and many controlled economies.

Keith Ellison’s ideas resonate like a frying pan dropped from a five-story building hitting the pavement.

Drake has a way with words that we could use a lot more of an inner-city Republican politics.

The Right To Remain Befuddled

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:


Hilary Clinton repeatedly told the FBI she couldn’t recall details of her email server, security clearance, briefing details.  Trump supporters say she’s still suffering from the concussion in 2012.  I say her inability to recall is not evidence of absent-mindedness, it’s a criminal defense necessity in a politicized law enforcement environment and she knows it, first-hand, from prior experience.

 Remember Scooter Libby, convicted because he “lied” to the FBI about who “outed” Valerie Plame to him?  Libby didn’t “out” Valerie Plame – that was Richard Armitage, which the prosecutors knew all along – but they were digging into who told who.  Libby claimed he learned it from Tim Russert, who denied saying it. 

 Even the Wall Street Journal concluded the entire case was a political witch hunt based on false evidence and a colossal waste of money.  But Libby remains a disbarred convicted felon.

Hillary is smart enough to know you NEVER say anything, NEVER remember anything, NEVER concede anything to the cops. 

Which is not the same as saying she doesn’t actually remember.

 Only that she can’t be convicted.

 Joe Doakes

Follow Up

Joe Doakes from Como Park follows up yesterday’s report from the Saturday “gun buyback”:

I sent this email to the Star Tribune reporter,

“Your article “After Strong Response” regarding the Minneapolis gun buy-back stated they handed out $25,000 in gift cards. I don’t think that’s correct.

I was the sixth person in line at the South Minneapolis fire station. They ran out of cards before I got mine. Five people at 3 pistols per person is $3,000 maximum, I can’t imagine they handed out $22,000 at the North Minneapolis fire station.

After a couple of hours of dithering, the cop in charge said they’d mail out cards if we wanted to leave our names and addresses, which I did. Today, I called Breanna Brailey at Pillsbury United Communities and Sgt. Cathy Michal, the Public Affairs Officer for Minneapolis PD, to ask when I could expect to receive my cards, but have received no response from either of them. [update: Sgt. Michael called back to say the PD didn’t fund the program, officers were merely there to safely collect weapons, they have no money and aren’t sending any; she directed me to Pillsbury United].

Reporter Libor Jany’s August 24th Star Tribune article stated gun buy-backs generally net 300 guns. This one took in 150 guns but only because the owners extended credit to the cops, who promised to pay after running out of cards. The cops offered to accept voluntary donations but nobody accepted that offer, we only relinquished our guns on promise of payment.

It looks as if Pillsbury and Minneapolis PD are claiming success for PR purposes despite the historically poor result, and the silence about payment hints they are intending to stiff citizens who participated in good faith. A follow-up investigative report would be welcome.”

I don’t expect a follow-up, of course, because what’s in it for the Star Tribune to make a Liberal foundation look bad? Nothing.

But think about it: the PD and Mayor are spinning this event as a Crime Fighting Victory. But they only bought two dozen guns. By historical standards, that’s pitiful.

They took a few dozen more because middle-class White people still have faith in the police: the cop said we’d get paid, we took his word for it. Even with seller-financing, the whole charade netted half of historical levels and intentionally closed six hours early because there was no money. Think of how many guns they’d have gotten if the doors had stayed open for the whole time? People in line wouldn’t have sold to me if they could have sold to the cops. And everybody knows gang-bangers work late hours so they aren’t early risers — no wonder we didn’t get any of their guns.

The gun buy-back was a half-hearted, under-funded FAILURE but it’s being spun as a success. We need to keep reminding people that it’s a pathetic lie and the people peddling it are pathetic liars.

Joe Doakes

I’m not sure Strib reporters actually respond to peasants anymore, but we’ll keep you posted.