Watching The Defectives

At the “Pride” Parade in Minneapolis yesterday, the processijon got delayed 20 or so minutes by a BLM group that apparently couldn’t find the freeway.

After they’d had their die-in, they got up and spent the rest of the parade marching a block or two ahead of the rest of the procession.

But not before issuing a list of demands…to the Pride organizers.

Here they are – direct and unedited:


  1. We demand that Twin Cities Pride honors the legacy and life of trans women of color and recognize Pride as the byproduct of their resistance of police brutality and repression
  1.  We demand Twin Cities Pride combats State violence with the total elimination of police and law enforcement

I’m sure that’ll go over well.

  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride is accountable for their perpetuation of white supremacy and homonormativity and that they eradicate their normalization of these violent systems


I’m just gonna let that sit there like a big glob of goo.

  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride provide an exclusive healing space at future events for indigenous and people of color to process, rest, and restorative justice

“Process, rest and restorative justice” – Verb, Verb, Noun phrase?

Apparently grammar is an agent of white supremacy.

  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride divests from all corporations as they promote the marginalization, exploitation, and criminalization of marginalized communities
  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride funds and organizes a Town Hall alongside members from marginalized communities including but not limited to Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, Native Lives Matter, and Justice4MarcusGolden
  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride provide radical reparations via redistribution of resources and monetary compensation to grassroots organizations of the coalition’s choice

And there we are;  good old-fashioned extortion.

My big question:  will the left manage to eat itself before it eats everything of worth in our society?

Greater Love Hath No Man…

Sailor on the USS Fitzgerald saves over a dozen shipmates from flooding berthing  compartment, dies trying to save the rest.

When the Fitzgerald collided with the merchant ship, 37-year-old Fire Controlman 1st Class Gary Leo Rehm Jr., “leapt into action,” according to The Daily Beast.

The Fitzgerald was struck below the waterline, and Rehm Jr.’s family was told by the Navy that he went under and saved at least 20 sailors, according to WBNS-10TV in Columbus, Ohio.

But when he went back down to get the other six sailors, the ship began to take on too much water, and the hatch was closed, WBNS-10TV said.

“That was Gary to a T,” Rehm Jr.’s friend Christopher Garguilo, told NBC4i in Columbus, Ohio. “He never thought about himself.”


Mark Your Calenders

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Republicans in Congress told me they couldn’t accomplish anything because they didn’t control the House.   So we got them the House.

They told me they couldn’t accomplish anything because they didn’t control the Senate.  We got them the Senate.

They told me they couldn’t accomplish anything because they didn’t control the White House.  We got them the White House.

Now they can’t accomplish anything because they don’t like the guy in the White House.  They won’t work with him.  And he hasn’t given them proposed legislation to consider.  He’s not their leader and even if he were, they wouldn’t follow him.  He’s a poop.

Pretty much, Republicans in Congress can’t accomplish anything.  So what good are they?

I’m thinking primary challenges.

Joe Doakes


Winning our own party is going to be as hard as winning the country.

Ghouls WIth ELCA Hair

I got this the other day:

The first thing I thought was after reading this part:

I missed it.

I got so wrapped up in work yesterday that I forgot to send out an email commemorating the anniversary of the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub, in Orlando, FL., one year ago.

Put another way:  “I’m such an incompetent tourist on this issue, I had to be reminded by my minions about one of the key parts of my job.

Which leads to the bigger question – what is this “Job” that the Reverend Nord Bence is supposed to be doing?

She follows with a list of mass shootings:

Absent from the list?

Any reference to perpetrators; every one of them a terrorist, a criminal, a  deeply mentally-ill person, often a narcissistic delusional bent on going out in a blaze of glory.   Most of them, by the way, in places where legal carry of firearms by civilians was strictly prohibited, sometimes by federal law, often in cities and states where civilian gun ownership is very stiffly regulated.

What she is doing is exploiting the blood of this long list of victims – victims of human evil and dementia, and of government’s short-sighted deprivation of the means of self-defense – for her “group”‘s onanistic gain.  .

What a foul  person the “Reverend” Nord Bence is.  Truly vile and disgusting.

Loathe as I am to elaborate, she makes one other “point”:

The average person will react in one of two ways when confronted with such a list: give up, or get to work.

Wrong.  They respond one of three ways:

  1. They give up.
  2. They assume, deluded as they are, that oppressing the law-abiding will solve the issue, in complete contravention of all rational evidence
  3. They work to deprive the terrorists and madmen the gun-free zones and defenseless victims they crave.

We know which one the depraved ghoul Nancy Nord Bence is.

How about you?

I don’t imagine she will.  Exploiters never do.

Your Wish Is Our Command

To: “Randy”, Owners of “Camden Tavern” in NoMi
From:  Mitch Berg, Law-Abiding “F**k” with a clean criminal record and some disposable income
Re:  Your Wish Is My Command

(Advisory:  the language on the graphic below is NSFW)


Seems you’ve made your intentions clear regarding law abiding citizens who exercise their legal, constitutional right to see to their own self-defense:

Not sure where you get “insecurity” from taking prudent, legal measures to protect oneself, but I gotta ask you:  Is a 100 pound woman worried about roaming gangs of repists “inept at protecting herself?”   Maybe a guy who’s not 25 anymore who notes that today’s hoodlums are faster than they were when he middle-aged woman beset by a small criminal enterprisewas 25?  Maybe someone who’s physically handicapped?

Anything to say to those “inept f**ks, Mr. Patrick?

It should go without saying I wouldn’t use your tavern for an outhouse.  And I sincerely urge all carry permittees to pass the word that you, Randy Patrick, don’t want people who follow the law in your bar.

The Camden Tavern is posted “no guns”.  I’m sure the hoodlums of the North Side will respect your wishes.

Good luck, a****le.

The “Conversation About Guns”

Just remember – when the gun-grabbing left says they want a “conversation about guns”, what they mean is “they talk, scream, defame, slander and insulit; you listen”.

“Aw, Mitch – you’re just being hyperbolic”.

Nope.  If only.

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design is hosting an “art” exhibit entitled “Unloaded” – styled as “a nationally traveling multimedia group exhibition that explores the historic and social issues surrounding the divisive nature of gun ownership in the United States.”

Let’s look at their idea of history and social studies via “art”

Yep. It’s a figure of…something with a pistol for genitals.

The exhibit’s hoarder – well, OK, “curator” – says her ambition is to melt down all guns.

This is the “conversation”.

(Response:  “What is it about firearms that instantly, inevitably turns your thoughts to genitals?)

Dreamsicle Day Humor

On national Dreamsicle  day,”Protect” Minnesota proved they have a sense of humor.

That’s Betsy Hodges, mayor of Minneapolis – a city with a murder rate 4-5 times that of the rest of Minnesota, and getting worse fast. A city who’s crime rate stands out as a national disgrace.

And she’s lecturing the rest of us – the people who live in the parts of the state with extremely low crime, where perhaps a majority of adults own firearms – about “gun safety” and – Seinfeld’s writers couldn’t have made this up – preventing violence.

Who said they were a bunch of humorless dullards?

Bravo, “Protect” Minnesota!


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Garrison Keillor wrote a column for the Washington Post about taking down historical monuments to “declutter” the nation.

History has nothing to teach us.

Everything in the past was done wrong.

We are the smartest, funniest people who ever lived.

Joe Doakes

Keillor’s got a way of talking…about himself.

In Which I Temporarily Lower My Normally Rigid Standards

I take a dim view of most social “science” – and none is dimmer than the social “science” that the partisan fringe media toss around every from time to time as a palate-cleanser for the kool-aid drinkers in their respective audiences.  You remember them – “Study shows Liberals are Smarter” or “Conservatives are happier”, usually based on some very, er ,focused reading of data from other studies that found a correlation that served the writer’s narrative.

And make no mistake about it; I do in fact disdain this sort of thing.

But sometimes, a story is too much fun not to dain…:

…while cautioning the gentle reader not to take it too, too, too seriously.

Summer NARN, Rolling Like Thunder

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Today on the show:

  • Urban Progressive Privilege?
  • What’s the deal with Minnesota high school principals?
  • And, maybe, Norwegians at War!

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The MN House’s Four Multiculturalists

Here was the MN House vote on the Genital Mutilation bill yesterday.

The bill would – how can I put just the right point on this – hold parents responsible for the genital mutilation of their children, with felony charges against parents who facilitated any of the wide array of culturally-based, barbaric genital mutilation practices.

There were four “no” votes – all DFLers, naturally:

  1. Rep. Rena Moran (D-St. Paul) who is noted as saying she thought it’d impose on a cultural value, like spanking; Ms. Moran (my “representative”) apparently confuses a swat on the ass with carving up girls’ sex organs.
  2. Rep. Susan Allen (D-St. Paul)
  3. Rep. Tina Liebling (D-Rochester), who is running for governor, and believes the law will separate families.
  4. Rep. David Bly (D-Northfield – where else?)

Ilhan Omar and John Lesch – after getting headlines for criticizing author Mary Franson for ostensibly seeking headlines – voted yes.

“Oceania Has Never Been At War With Eurasia, Winston”

Ed Driscoll:

‘\I’m enjoying the sight of Democrats who were calling for Comey to be fired suddenly turning him into a Saturday Night Massacre martyr.

It’d be a Berg’s Law, except it’s almost too obvious:  logical consistency would make most liberal positions self-refuting.

My prediction:  there’s no there there.  But the chattering classdes – and the Hillarycrats whose only source of information those chattering classes are – will chase this around and around and around their pole until they run out of leash. because there’s no there there.

(And if there is a there, there, Truimp is an idiot and deserves what he gets.  That would fit with the dumbest two or three quartiles of Democrat opinion – the same people who were calling Trump stupid and crazy even after he beat The Greatest Candidate Ever™.


Promises Promises

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The spending bill doesn’t fund The Wall.

The Republican strategy appears to be “remove everything that might be objectionable to Democrats so we can get the bill passed and keep government running – otherwise, we’ll get blamed for the shut-down.”

That strategy is indistinguishable from “let the Democrats run the country.”

Look, there were a dozen Republican candidates.  Trump won the nomination on a single issue:  Build The Wall.  That’s his signature issue and it’s the only reason he’s President today.

The spending bill doesn’t have to cover the entire cost of The Wall – a symbolic down payment of even a lousy $1 would be enough to show he was keeping his promise to his base while rebuilding the military and draining the swamp.

If the Never-Trumpers in Congress won’t fund The Wall, President Trump should refuse to sign the spending bill.  Shut down the government and take the heat from the media.  Tweet everyday “Democrats willing to spend your dollars to kill babies but not protect children.”  “Democrats replacing Americans with Mexicans on your dime.”  “Democrats, party of KKK, still keeping Blacks out of work.”  “I earn a dollar, Democrats won’t let you earn that.”

Joe Doakes

All is proceeding as foretold.

Wages Of Complacency

With the collapse (for now) of the Democrat majorities in Saint Paul and Washington, and especially the election of a pro-2nd-Amendment president, with the concomitant appointment of a suitably pro-2nd-Amendment replacement for Antonin Scalia, the threat to our Second Amendment rights has ebbed just a bit.  The pace of gun purchases and carry permit applications has slackened a bit.  You can find ammo on the shelves again.  You can find a decent AR-pattern rifle for less than the cost of a quality handgun.

The immediate, existential threat to a right that separates citizen from subject has faded just a bit.

And it shows.

This past legislative session, with a bipartisan pro-2nd Amendment majority in Saint Paul, not a single gun bill advanced through the GOP-controlled legislature.  Two excellent bills – a self-defense reform bill (aka “Stand Your Ground”), which  would have lessened the requirement to be a lawyer to use a gun in self-defense, and a Constitutional Carry bill – stalled in the House.

Part of the blame rests with Senate Majority Leader Warren Limmer, who made it clear early in the session that he didn’t want to risk his one-vote majority on “risky” bills that would expose his vulnerable freshmen to controversial votes.

Four years before the next Senate election.    In a session where his Senators wijll be as far-removed from re-election pressure as it’s possible to be.

But OK – part of the job of the majority leader is to keep the majority; to win elections.  And part of politics is picking your battles, and drawing as few targets on your people as possible.  And the GOP in the legislature remembers what happened in 2012, when they overreached on issues that were much more vital to many constituents than they were to the rest of Minnesota.

So risk-aversion is understandable.  Right?

Yeah – but the Senate is hearing two bills on abortion restrictions that are going to draw Liberal Plutobucks and busloads of irate women in pussy hats to the capitol to vent their ninety seconds’ hate for weeks on end.

So the real question is, who are the real risks to the MN State Senate.

Judging by the legislation the GOP majority has agreed to work on, it’d seem leadership ranks those risks in the following, descending order:

  1. Pro-lifers, who turn out by  the thousands for pro-life events at the Capitol, give until it hurts, and treat it as a life-or-death issue (as, indeed, it is) always.  No pause.  And who make their electoral muscle utterly nakedly visible every time they need to, by mobilizing money, volunteers, and (in most of Minnesota), decisive numbers of votes.
  2. The DFL. 
  3. Second Amendment Groups.  Because while nobody, but nobody, turns out the troops on the defensive like the shooters, when the alarm turns off, we all go back go normal, like the battle is won.  We don’t turn up for hearings.  We don’t donate money – MInnesota’s 2nd Amendment lobby has not one paid staffer; Everytown pays four or five people to organize the issue, full-time, in Minnesota alone.  The good guys?  All volunteers.  And volunteers burn out, need to find jobs, get families – they do all the stuff real people have to do.

The pressure seems off now.  But all it took was a decade of taking our eye off the ball in the seventies and eighties, and we very nearly lost the Second Amendment.  The game can turn faster than a late-inning Twins lead.

There is no relaxation when it comes to protecting freedom. And when politics is your medium, you have very few friends, and an awful lot of people who need to respect you.

And sometimes, you gotta give them a reason to respect you – if not your reason, then your power.

Participation Trophy: Protest Edition

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Students at Yale are on a hunger strike.  Except when they’re not.

This is the epitome of Liberalism in action: claiming the intention is as good as the deed and deserves just as much credit.

The Senate had a rule that any member may filibuster a bill and until the filibuster was ended (by the member or by a super-majority voting to end discussion on the bill), no other business could take place.  Jimmy Stewart talks for hours in the famous movie about a filibuster.

Except that’s hard work.  And we can’t get anything else done.  So the new method is members file a “notice of intent to filibuster” and that’s sufficient to take the bill out of consideration.  It’s simply tabled while the Senate moves on to other business.  More efficient, you see.  Better for members’ health.  Safer.

Yes, but the point of the filibuster was to actually halt the business of the Senate until they address one member’s objection.  If it’s a big enough deal that a member is willing to stand there all day solely to bring the business of government to a complete halt, then it’s a big enough deal to receive serious consideration by the rest of the members.

These students aren’t having a ‘hunger strike,’ they’ve filed a ‘notice of intent to strike’ believing the word is the same as the act and carries the same moral weight.  Can’t imagine where they got that idea.

Joe Doakes

It’s a logical extension of the way millennials have been raised to see life.

They got participation trophies for looking like they were playing basketball.

Why should “protest” be any different?

Who’ll Bring The Harvest NARN?

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talk radio show – is on the air!

Today on the show:

  • A Tale Of Two Conventions
  • Life In A One Party Town

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Don’t forget – King Banaian is on from 9-11AM on AM1440, and Brad Carlson is normally heard on “The Closer” edition of the NARN Sundays from 2-3PM.

So tune in the Northern Alliance! You have so many options:

Join us!

Policy Clarification

Apropos nothing and nobody in particular.

I have always run the most unregulated comment section in the Minnesota political blogosphere.

But if you are a commenter that’s made a years-long habit of dumping condescending comments, and never, ever sticking around to find out that nearly every single point you’ve made is comically in error, so that you make the same completely vacuous, factually void statements over and over and over again?  And you’ve been warned about it for a period of well over a year and a half, now, with comments going through an escalating process of suggestion, annotation,  moderation, and direct request?   (Not naming names, here).

Your comments are going straight in the spam folder until you contact me, offline, and discuss your abuse of my hospitality.

I run the most open free-for-all there is.  And I don’t care if you disagree with me, or for that matter if you’re a condescending fop about it (I always win, so it doesn’t matter).  But chanting the same hackneyed, wrong chanting points, over and over, without even the most feeble attempt at discussion, is over.

It’s not many people, or things, that can exhaust my almost-boundless Scandinavian patience.  But it happened.


One People! One City! One Mayor! Redux

A long-time friend of this blog attended Mayor Hodges’ official city anti-Trump town hall meeting last night at Shir Tikvah, on Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis:

Rabbi Latz welcomed us, and Mayor Hodges mentioned that Minneapolis was not always such a welcoming place for Jews. Ah yes I note the victimization of various groups started early.

But no worse than the victimization of the audience.

More below the jump.

Continue reading

White Supremacist Terror

Yet another “false flag” “hate crime” hoax; the arson attack on a Bhutanese shop owner in Charlotte turns out to be…

…well, we know where this is going, don’t we?

NBC Charlotte states that police describe the man as black, 5-foot-8 and about 200 pounds with a short afro and goatee.

He is accused of not only leaving the note but setting the victim’s store on fire and smashing its windows as well.

The store owner, whose name is Kamal Dhimel, is reportedly scared for his life because of the letter and fire, which the FBI is investigating.

This blog will henceforth consider all reports of “white supremacist” “hate crimes” as hoaxes until proven otherwise.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

My computer automatically loads pop-up ads every time it opens.  This time, it informed me that hardly any girls want to be physicists, engineers, computer programmers.  Girls must be encouraged to science, technology, engineering and math careers.

Why the gender of the engineer matters is not explained.

If numbers are the sole concern – if meeting the quota is all it takes to make society better – then simply designate an appropriate number of biologically male engineers as involuntary pre-operative transgendered women and viola, instant utopia.

Joe Doakes

Simple, ingenious and PC!