A Good Guy With A Gun?

A couple of wannabe thugs apparently tried to turn a craigslist transaction into a heist in Shakopee yesterday.

And while the article doesn’t say so explicitly, reading between the lines, it would appear the Fugs picked the wrong guy:

Police radio reports indicated that the apparent victim of the attempted robbery had a handgun and fired at the would-be robber. Shakopee police and other law officers were looking for a silver-gray Chevrolet Venture van with at least two people inside, with at least one armed with a revolver.

Radio reports indicated that the robber ran from the scene toward the White Castle restaurant near Walmart and then got into a vehicle, which reportedly got on Highway 169. The State Patrol was looking for the vehicle.

The apparent victim was waiting near the Walmart garden center entrance for police. He apparently was not injured.

Police were planning to look at store video.

The article doesn’t say so explicitly – but waiting for the cops at the store after an incident is the behavior you’d expect from someone who took carry permit training.

Kim Norton and Heather Martens, obviously, would have preferred that the victim submit meekly, and maybe die.

UPDATE:  The Strib is being veeeeeeery slow to release the facts of this case, including who shot first and who shot who.

A Modest Question 4: American Dreams

Joe Doakes from Como Park continues:

The most famous American Black Man’s Dream was, of course, brilliantly articulated by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said:

“I say to you today, my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.  It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.  I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’. . . I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Look at the headlines:  can any Black civil rights “leader” honestly claim to share Dr. King’s dream?  Does any politician?  Hollywood?  The Media?  Or isn’t it more likely “Black Lives Matter” would find his dream to be patronizing, judge his goals too modest?  Wouldn’t Al Sharpton still insist on a Token Black in the Academy Awards?  Wouldn’t Democrat staffers lump Dr. King with Dr. Carson as Oreos, Uncle Toms, House Negros, wanting to act White?

Modern White Americans proved they have embraced Dr. King’s dream by electing a Black man President not just once, but twice.  But what dream do modern Black Americans embrace?

Joe Doakes

Historically speaking, it’s kind of an anomaly…

While Out And About In The Far-North ‘Burbs Today

If you live in Senate District 35, it’s Primary day today.

And I urge you to get out and vote for Andy Aplikowski.

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-01-12 09-06-35

I almost never “endorse” candidates – but I’m going to urge those of you who live in 35 to vote for Andy. He’s a long-time friend of this blog, a former mayor of the MOB, and more importantly, a solid conservative who will do is bit to keep moving the Senate to the right.

It’s a very red district – so, in effect, the election is happening today.  If the Democrats field someone, it’ll basically be a warm body on the ballot for appearance’s sake.

He’s running in the primary against former long-time State representative Jim Abeler. Abeler’s a good guy; he’s been right on a lot of issues (he was as solid Second Amendment guy as they come). But he was a reliable vote for spending more money; he was one of the “Override Six” back in 2007, which voted to override Governor Pawlenty’s veto of the DFL’s epochal gas tax hike.

Anyway – get out and vote for Andy!


SCENE:  Mitch BERG is walking out of the downtown Saint Paul Dunn Brothers coffee. He runs into Chuck DUUUUHHHH,  third-shift Twitter operator for “Minnesotans for Rand Paul”.

DUUUUHHHH:  Hey, Merg!  Did you seen the NEWS of the hotel FIRE in DOOBBAI?

BERG:   Well, yeah – but before we get to that, I gotta say I’m amazed that you actually talk like you type on Facebook and Twitter, with occasional interjections in all caps.

DUUUUHHHH:   Ha HAH.  So there was a building fire, but it wasn’t hot ENOUGH to melt STEEL.  Why DIDN’T the hotel fall TO the ground?

BERG:  Because the fire was apparently in the cladding, on the facade, and never had a chance to weaken the structural steel.

DUUUUHHHH:  Because steel melts at 2000 DEGREES FARRENHEIGHT, and so it didn’t LIQUIFY the GIRDLES.

BERG:  Girders.

DUUUUHHHH:  THAT is your opinion!

BERG:  Sure, whatever.

DUUUUHHHH:  So by your logic, since it wasn’t not enough TO liquify steel, the HOTEL should HAVE fallen to the ground! Like Building SEVEN!

BERG:  That’s kinda a non-sequitur.

DUUUUHHHH:  That’s JUST your opinion!  You’re not an engineer!

BERG:  No, that’s true.  But I have some command of basic logic.   Look – you see to be of the opinion that if every skyscraper fire doesn’t end in a complete implosion, then 9/11 was an inside job.

DUUUUHHHH:  Don’t be a sheeple!   The GOVERNMENT lies to people all THE time!  Why would a building fall when jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel?

BERG:  Sure, government lies. No argument

But steel doesn’t have to melt to be a problem. Steel loses its strength and becomes basically pliable hundreds of degrees below its melting point:

DUUUUHHHH: He’s no engineer!~ And that doesn’t explain why all three BUILDINGS fell inside their FOOTPRINCE.

BERG: All three buildings transferred their weight via a web of girders to their central cores, which transferred the weight to the ground. Since the weight is all going down the middle of the building, where would you expect them to fall?

DUUUUHHHH:  That’s just your opinion!  You’re JUST closing your mind to all the engineers AND physicists who QUESTION the OFFFICIAL 9/11 story!

BERG:  And you’re closing yours to the many engineers who point out that steel bends at a lower temp than jet fuel burns, and that buildings fall in the direction their weight transfers, absent some other force.

DUUUUHHHH:  But you’re ignoring the fact THAT steel melts at 2000 degrees!

BERG: I answered that above.

DUUUUHHHH:  And why did all three buildings FALL INSIDE their own footprint?

BERG:  We just talked about that.

DUUUUHHHH:  And why DID THE buildings collapse when the TEMPERATURE wasn’t enough TO LIQUIFY steel?

BERG:  Um…?

DUUUUHHHH:  And without getting STEEL UP to 2000 degrees, it had to be a controlled demolition, OTHERWISE how do you explain the building FALLING IN its footprint?

BERG slowly tiptoes away. 


Dear Democrats

To: Democrat Party

From: Mitch Berg, cantankerous peasant

Re: A Heartfelt Request

Do you Democrats,

Please, please, please, please please please nominate Bernie Sanders for president.

He is the only candidate genuinely acceptable to real progressives – and you are real progressive, aren’t you?

Just saying – given Senator Sanders keen grasp of the issues, it be insane not to nominate him.


That is all.

All Clear?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

If they are here as refugees, that means when the crisis is over, they go back.  So go.
joe doakes

Or at least do like every other group of immigrants – Brits, Swedes, Germans, Poles, Italians, Vietnamese, H’mong, Eritreans, Ethiopans – before you has done, and socially and economically assimilate, already.

A Pattern

To: Governor Dayton

From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Peasant

Re:  Tomorrow’s Faux Pas, Today.


You should be getting used to the fact that your most “progressive” left of center advisers routinely lead you into policy statements that sound disconnected from reality. I say “should” be learning it; clearly you have not yet. Because your latest announcement on second amendment issues – “no-fly, no buy”, barring people who are on the federal “no fly” list from buying guns – is quite clearly an attempt to ramp up the left’s turnout in the upcoming election.

But – as we on the right, and among the second amendment Human Rights movement told you – it’s unconstitutional.

You should be getting used to this by now; they’re wrong, we are right. Every time. No exceptions.

Are we detecting a pattern, yet?

That is all.

(PS:  But by all means, keep going.  The right needs all the rallying points it can get).

Honesty Is Bad For Business

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Islam teaches it’s okay to lie to support of the spread of Islam.  A lie told in support of The Objective is not wrong.


Liberal reporter, activists and politicians believe a lie told in support of The Narrative is not wrong; see, for example, Dan Rather’s “Fake But Accurate” report, Mattress Girl’s fake rape campaign, Black hate crime hoaxes, and data tortured to support Global Warming or the notion that Barack Obama’s economy is robust.


In Minnesota, cops are taught to lie to suspects, to gain a confession.  A lie told in pursuit of justice is not wrong.


No wonder conservatives say America is facing a “crisis of legitimacy;” the people empowered to run this country are not trustworthy.  Conversely, Liberals, Muslims and cops can’t trust us, because they assume “normal” for us is the same as “normal” for them: lying all the time.


What brought America to this point?  Abandonment of a nationally shared Judeo-Christian moral code.


How do we fix it?


Joe Doakes

When They Say No, They Mean Maybe; Maybe They Mean Yes

First things (ahem) first: Jay Furst, the top editor at the Rochester (MN) Post-Bulletin, and I go way back, more or less.  He was working at the Jamestown Sun back when I was at my first radio job, during the tail end of the Carter administration.  When I moved to the Cities, he was working as a PR guy, and gave me some useful advice for breaking into the big city.  I’ve always known him to be a good reporter.

And like any good reporter, he’s not to be denied a story that he has every right to cover:

Rule No. 1 for public meetings: Don’t tell reporters they can’t be there…A new local group called the Coalition Against the DMC had an organizational meeting at VFW Post 1215 Thursday night. One of the organizers, Diana Friemann, put a public notice in the Post-Bulletin calendar of events last week, for print and online, to announce the meeting…The item said where, when and what the meeting was about, and Friemann was listed as the contact. It said, “Help stop the tax-and-spend agenda of DMC.”

That sounded like an interesting meeting, so a P-B reporter contacted her to learn more. Friemann told him the media wasn’t welcome at the event and wouldn’t be allowed to report on it, and she asked not to be identified…

Well, that’s not the way America works. You can’t call a public meeting and then tell reporters not to show up. You can try to keep us out — you can put a guard at the door, frisk me for my reporter’s notebook, take my camera — but all you’ll do is assure that a story will run. We might not get all the information, but we’ll report that something happened.

As long has Hillary Clinton or Mark Dayton have nothing to do with it…but I digress.

Seriously – bully!  Kudos!  That is, in theory, what the Fourth Estate is supposed to do!  It’s their First Amendment right – not to get censored by government – and it’s their job!

So let’s fast-forward to this past Monday night.  Furst organized – as he has, monthly, for about ten years now – a public forum at a Rochester library to discuss Kim Norton’s Bloomberg-issued gun grab proposals.  Oddly, although a number of people at the forefront of Minnesota’s 2nd Amendment movement offered to come to Rochester to speak for the good guys, Furst declined, preferring to have people from the Rochester area.  Oddly, representing the 2nd Amendment movement at the event was…a Twin Cities area gun trainer who is apparently a great guy but not necessarily a public speaker, and Representative Duane Quam – one of the good guys in the Legislature who has earned his “A” ratings from every  rights group that matters, but not someone whose rhetorical style is compared to Jeremiah Wright.

Anyway – if we Second Amendment supporters have learned anything over the years, it’s “control your narrative” – which means control your sources.  Which means get your own sources; your own video, your own copies of numbers, everything. Trust no-one, least of all government, even less of all media, to tell a true, accurate story.

And so the various Second Amendment freedom groups urged their supporters to videotape the presentation, to capture for ourselves all the inaccuracies and fabrications Rep. Norton was sure to issue.

And they did . Which is where Furst picks up the story, in a piece from this past Tuesday in the Post/Bulletin.

The guy sitting next to me at the front table had a pistol on his hip, and I’ll assume there were other guns in the room as well. Nobody who wanted to carry a gun was turned away from our Dialogues event. Nobody got kicked out. I just asked in advance that people choose not to carry. I’ll assume a number of people ignored that, and certainly one of our panelists did.

Yeah, Mr. Furst – the Second Amendment is on a par in every way with the First Amendment.  And if you tell us we can’t exercise our rights in a place – a public one! – where we have every right to, we’re going to practice it twice as hard.

Sound familiar?

There were Rochester police officers on hand to check permits to carry, though I don’t know that any were checked.

Because most cops know that law-abiding citizens with carry permits are safer than law-abiding citizens without ’em.

Nobody’s rights were infringed, but the library — our host for the event — appreciated my request that people leave their guns at home.

So let’s get this straight; we’re utterly absolutist about some civil rights, but extremely casual about others?

Anyway – by way of “controlling the narrative”, some of the Civil Rights activists came with cameras:

Interestingly, when I arrived that night, a man had set up a video camera in the front row, intending to tape it (as was recommended by a Minnesota gun rights lobby)…Then I learned that in fact the library has a policy not to allow videotaping for privacy reasons, which is their right,

Precisely as it was the right of the group in Furst’s first piece to request no media be present; i.e., not at all, if they’re in a public place.

They can ask. Should they be asking the public to park their civil rights at the door, in a place where they have every legal right to be?

though the library in fact videotapes the Dialogues events (and makes people aware that videotaping occurs).  They asked him not to use his camera; he refused.

Which brings us back to the “control your content” bit.  When the DFL power structure wants evidence to disappear, then voilá, it disappears.

I asked him myself and he said it was a library policy, not a statute or higher law, and he’d videotape if he pleased. He was fairly cold and crisp about it.

As any reporter would be when asked not to to their job, in a public place, at a public event, at a place they have every right to be at.

It’s a simple fact; we can not trust the media or this state’s public institutions to tell the people the truth about this issue.  It’s not necessarily due to bias (although there is plenty of that out there too); most reporters in this state don’t know the difference between a magazine and a clip.  When Kim Norton says something like “we need to ban exploding bullets”, most reporters will nod and write “Kim Norton addressed the plague of exploding bullets”.  They don’t know any better.

Now, just about every blogger, talk show host and activist has had this conversation with someone in the media; the media figure will respond “but you’re not a reporter”.

To which we, the people, need to respond “On this issue, yes I am.  I can actually tell the story to the people who weren’t here and don’t know, accurately and fairly (and “fairness” and “bias” aren’t necessarily incompatible).  People reading/watching my account will get a more accurate, more knowledgable, more complete, and fairer picture of what happened here than they will from reading/watching yours.  There is nothing about your tin ‘journalist’ badge that gives you a first class seat on the First Amendment plane”.

After the event, he thanked me and said he didn’t intend to create a stir. I thanked him for attending. But as the videotape incident suggests, absolutely nothing is easy about this issue.

Well, some things are;  Rights are rights.  Upholding them takes work.  Even the ones that aren’t fashionable.

And in that, Kim Norton is in league with the plantation owners in the old South.



Conspiracy Nation

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

There’s always a lunatic fringe, people who refuse to believe the official story.  The CIA killed JFK.  The moon landing was faked.  Fire can’t melt steel.  Obama was born in Kenya.

Now there’s a fringe who suspect the existence of a small, fanatically dedicated team – possibly mercenaries – that President Obama calls upon when he needs to whip up support for gun control measures he can’t get passed by calm logic (and also to distract voters from his foreign policy and economic disasters).  The very notion would be ludicrous . . . except that it looks as if this administration has been caught red-handed doing it before.

Candidate Obama campaigned in 2008 on banning assault rifles but there weren’t enough crimes committed with assault rifles to convince the public. The administration intentionally let a bunch of assault rifles walk across the border into Mexico during Fast and Furious, eventually finding their way back to the US to kill a border patrol agent and who knows how many others?  The plot was discovered and the outrage fizzled but the suspicion remains that this President was willing to give assault rifles to narco-terrorists to pump up the body count so he could panic the public into banning guns.

President Obama ran for reelection in 2012 again on his standard campaign to ban assault rifles.  December 12, Adam Lanza shoots up Sandy Hook school in Newtown using assault rifles but the initial reports are contradictory and the photos are sealed, which creates suspicion Team Obama has done it again.   Public outcry and lots of energy to ban guns except by 2013 there were more Republicans in Congress and the ban couldn’t pass.

2017 is Obama’s last year in office, his last chance to get guns banned.  Also, Paris makes a mockery of his foreign policy.  He needs outrage and distraction.  Viola!  A shooting in California whips Democrats into a frenzy for gun control, the suspects conveniently dead.  More frenzy, more demands . . . but questions about the Third Shooter remain and thus suspicion lingers.  When will the next attack come?  And who will benefit?

Joe Doakes


Crime Tips From Mike Freeman

A friend sends this passage from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, on KSTP news last night:

Today’s crime tips from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman:

“If you’re going to rob or burglered (sic) you know, the burgluring you can do in an unoccupied home and take the stuff and get out of there. If you’re going to rob a person you knock them down, take their money, and go. You don’t kill them.” – KSTP News at 6:30

i’m sure that will help.

The Chucklehead Horde

The usual bobbleheaded suspects on the left were chattering that Justice Antonin Scalia said “racist” things during a case.

They were, as usual, wrong.  But then, it was Harry Reid.  It goes without saying.

Charles C.W. Cooke:

By pushing one of the parties to extend and deepen its arguments Scalia wasn’t revealing himself to be a “racist”; he was revealing that he understands his job. This, alas, is more than can be said for those who have called him names.

Ifwe are to have a functioning justice system, we cannot hold lawyers personally responsible for the unpleasant parts of their designated roles. When a defense attorney successfully demonstrates that the prosecution’s case is too weak for a conviction, he is not betraying a preference for murder or rape or grievous bodily harm, he is ensuring that his client gets a fair shake.

Read the whole thing.

Because when dealing with the chanting points of the silly, low-info left that is very much in the ascendant, forewarned is forearmed.

(LEFTIES:  “Forewarned is forearmed” is a figure of speech, not a threat.  Relax).

Whole Ma’alot o’ Love

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

A buddy sent me this proposal to fight Islamic terror with unconventional tactics.

What if we armed teachers and others but when the next terrorist attack happens and the terrorists are gunned down, rather than credit the armed citizens, the official narrative given to all media outlets is that Wonder-woman did it?

Why not? If it’s on every channel on TV and also on the internet, it must be true, right? So make her real. Launch a coordinated propaganda effort to show that we have real superheroes in this nation, with super powers and invisible aircraft, etc. Buy airtime for re-runs of the TV show on every channel. Tell the world that she dropped some bombs from super high up to kill the Bad Guys here . . . and she can do it to you over there, too. We aren’t even going to bother sending our Marines, this job doesn’t need real men, we let our women handle piss-ants like you.

Plant talking heads on talk-show panels to debate whether her invisible aircraft is truly invisible or merely stealth. The underlying, unspoken assumption is that obviously Wonder-woman exists and so does her plane, that’s a given, while emphasizing that Wonder-woman’s airplane is undetectable and the question is how. The administration refuses to confirm or deny, of course.

Take the show on the road. Warn the locals in Syria that Wonder-woman is up there in her invisible plane. Leaflet them ahead of time even, warn them the invisible plane will be overhead to kill all terrorists at 11:00. Then dump the bombs on a known target at 11:00. It wouldn’t be that hard to engineer some glider bombs to whisk in sub-sonic, no rockets or other noise.

Worked in WWII. She was a source of pride for us and danger to the enemy. No, maybe Hitler and his high level goons didn’t believe, but the little fish who make things work may have doubts and anything that works to undermine confidence in their side, weakens their support.

Later, we’ll work Captain America into the program.

Joe Doakes


Compare And Contrast

With a nod to Jonah Goldberg:

Things that did not rate a front page editorial in the NYTimes in the past 100 years Things that rated a front-page editorial in the NYTimes in the past 100 years
  • the Peace of Versailles,
  • Buck v. Bell,
  • the Great Depression,
  • Pearl Harbor,
  • the Hitler-Stalin Pact,
  • Roosevelt’s packing of the SCOTUS
  • the Ukrainian famine,
  • the internment of Japanese-Americans,
  • the Tuskegee experiments,
  • the Holocaust,
  • The atomic bomb
  • the Rape of Nanking
  • the Marshall Plan,
  • Jim Crow,
  • the Cuban Missile Crisis,
  • the Kennedy Assassination,
  • the 1964 Civil Rights Act,
  • Kent State,
  • the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution,
  • the Tet Offensive
  • Watergate,
  • withdrawal from Vietnam,
  • the Killing Fields,
  • the Iran hostage crisis, and the collapse of the US military leading up to Desert One
  • Multiple nuclear close calls in the ’70s and ’80s
  • the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward
  • The cyclone and famine in Bangladesh
  • The civil war and famine in Biafra
  • the LA riots
  • the collapse of Apartheid
  • the Sadat and Begin reaching the Dayton Accord
  • the descent of NYC into a criminal cesspool in the ’60s and ’70s
  • the Contras,
  • Reagan leaves Helsinki
  • AIDS
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall
  • The collapse of Communism
  • gay marriage
  • the Iran nuclear deal
  • The ongoing collapse of heathcare in America
  • The dropping of violent crime by half, and in some categories by 2/3, in 25 years – which under any other circumstances would have been hailed as a criminological miracle
  • 9/11
  • The Global War on Terror

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/428401/new-york-times-gun-editorial-hysterical

  • “The Epidemic of Guns”, after gun crime has fallen to generational lows.
  • Warren Harding something something something.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

This sounds like someone was trying for The Onion but can’t write well enough to make the cut.  Seriously, signing it “The Movement,” who writes like that?

Joe Doakes

Does anyone but me remember when Muggeridge’s Law seemed, ironically, funny?

A Republican Is A Democrat Who’s Been Mugged

A week ago this past Monday, we wrote about the tear-squirting in Kansas, as Kansas’ state-run post-secondary schools get ready for the legal mandate to allow concealed carry on campus to take effect.

And today comes the story of a student and victim from the mass-stabbing a few weeks ago at University of California at Merced, who, after a terrible experience that included being stabbed (and waiting 20 minutes for police to arrive)(…:

…After that horrifying experience of being stabbed, Price was able to drive himself a couple of miles from the university, to Mercy Medical Center, to be treated.

Amazingly, within a couple of hours, he was able to drive himself home.

“I’m not going to get upset over one loose cannon,” said Price.

Infact, he plans to head back to the university, to get back to work.

The contractor is just thankful, he’s able to go home to his family, still puzzled over why.

“To become a university student and throw it all away like that, I don’t know why he’d want to do that,” said Price.

…undertook the sensible conclusion:

Price says he now thinks differently about having a concealed weapon.

He wishes he had one when this all unfolded.

Police chiefs and politicians may hem and haw at the idea – but the people who actually live where this crap happens know better.  A guy with a gun saves lives.  Even if it’s just their own.

The Ballot Cult

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Pacific Island cargo cultists, who believe that if they create the shape of an airplane, other airplanes will come, and American GIs will resume bringing them cigarettes and chocolate and good steel knives.

Liberals think if they create the shape of a ballot box – the bigger the better – democracy will come and it will create a prosperous society that can afford cigarettes, chocolate and good steel knives.  But Cuba has elections and so does North Korea, neither of which are democracies or prosperous.  And if Liberals get their way with voter ID laws, neither will America.

Joe Doakes

Much of liberalism – really, any politics designed to boil the universe down to simple changes and slogans and wants and needs – basically is the equivalent

Everything’s A Loophole

Joe Doakea from Como Park emails:

Democrat gun control advocates have a new idea: ban anyone on the No Fly List from buying a gun. The rationale is that the only people on the list are terrorists and terrorists shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns so closing the No Fly List loophole will keep America safe from gun violence.


Of course, nobody knows if the people on the list actually are terrorists because the feds refuse to say how your name gets on the list – it could be something political or religious that you said, or someone you visited, or a place you went that makes you a suspected terrorist. And that assumes the No Fly List is honestly administered by the Obama Administration which, after Joe the Plumber scandal, IRS scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, and internet-video-caused-Benghazi scandal, is an assumption that’s open to question.


But setting minor objections aside, if the basic idea is good, shouldn’t we expand it to other Constitutional rights? Shouldn’t we change the law so people on the No Fly List can’t get a driver’s license to drive other suspected terrorists around, vote in elections, attend worship services where they might pass messages to other suspected terrorists, obtain tax refunds or welfare benefits, travel by bus, train or auto between states to confer with other suspected terrorists, get a job, enroll in school (especially not flight school or essential services such as nuclear power, water plant operation, electrical power generation, computer technology) . . . after all, we don’t want terrorists doing any of those things, right? We should ban them, right?

Don’t wait for conviction, ban on secret accusation!

I call on Congress to close the Due Process Loophole.

Joe Doakes

we will be talking a lot more about this in the coming days.  A lot of Democrats are making themselves look very stupid.

Every Picture Tells A Story

This is not a green square.  It’s a grid of green squares, separated by little black lines.

Each green square represents the proportion of privately-owned guns in America not used in a homicide.

The red square represents the proportion of privately-owned guns that are used in homicides.   Americans legally own close to 300 million guns; roughly 8,000 a year are used in homicides.  That’s about one quarter of one percent of one percent.