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  • Trump visited MN last week.  The “news” stories about the visit were mostly written in advance.
  • A skirmish in the social civil war.
  • Andy Cilek, on the MN Voters Alliance’s victory at the SCOTUS a few weeks back
  • Bob Schoenberger on the latest developments with the Enbridge 3 pipeline in northern Minnesota.

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The Real Resistance

“Resistance” implies one is fighting an all-powerful status quo.

LIberals in liberal cities are not the “resistance”; they are “the power”.

And teachers?  People in the public education system?  Going against the herd in the world of public education is truly resistance.

And teachers who have decided that their and their charges’ lives are worth more than the vague blandishments of security theater may be the bravest resistance of all:

On a recent morning in Newcomerstown, Ohio, a row of teachers stood in a line with guns drawn and moved slowly toward a row of steel plate targets.

As the teachers advanced, bullets pinged off the metal with each round they fired.

The teachers had come to take part in Faster Saves Lives, a voluntary training program run by an Ohio-based nonprofit that has taught more than 1,300 school staff members to carry and use firearms since 2013. (Faster stands for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response.)

“My students are my kids, basically, and I want to be able to protect them just like I would protect my own son,” said a 34-year-old Ohio teacher of students with special needs who participated in the program and spoke on the condition of anonymity out of concern that by going public, she or her school could be targeted by a shooter.

I suspect – and all the evidence that actually exists supports me on this – that the opposite is the case.

Anyway – more, faster, please.

The Tyranny Of Small Evils

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

In the late 1700’s, people protested to win their independence.  In the 1850’s, people protested to free the slaves. In the 1920’s, people protested to get votes for women. In the 1960’s, people protested to get civil rights for Blacks. In the 1970’s, people protested the Vietnam War.  The people who protested in those Great Causes got to brag to future generations about how they changed the world.  But notice how the causes got smaller, less significant, as we ran out of great evils to protest.  How does this generation validate itself? What’s left to change? Global warming?  Transgender bathrooms?  Hate Trump?  Russian influence on social media? Trivia.
We need a Cause.
Joe Doakes

“Hate Trump” seems to be serving for the moment.

The Messenger Is The Medium

Bruce Willis’s remake of Death Wish got panned. Flamed. Excoriated. Racism, sexism, gun-ism, failure to recycle, the works.

Now comes Peppermint, starring Jennifer Garner.

And what’s the theme, you ask?

“What do I want? I want justice,” Garner warns in the trailer’s opening seconds. From there, we see her spending quality time with her family before tragedy strikes. She retreats for a while, licking her wounds and turning herself into a living weapon.

Why? To take out the trash.

And the media the skinned Willis alive? Silent.

This is nothing new, of course; about ten years ago, Hollywood released a couple of movies where sympathetic characters went on vigilante sprees, where “sympathetic” meant suitably left of center; most noxious was Jodie Foster as an NPR host who went all Charles Bronson on her husband’s killer.

The lesson?

The only thing consistent about out culture’s misbegotten “elites” is ther hypocrisy.

The Wrong Lesson?

So why did Trump win the ’16 election?

Was it the Democrat party’s rocket-ride to the extreme left?

The “Elite” condescension toward the great American geographic, political and economic middle?

Donald Trump’s facility at seeing the above and appealing to people to whom it mattered?

Or was it simple crass vulgarity?

Wisconsin Democrats are picking “D”:

Democrats are convinced that Wisconsin is primed for a Trump-backlash-inspired “blue wave” come November, and potential Walker challengers have joined the race in droves. With so many bodies in the race, a fringe candidate could conceivably win the primary with 15 to 20 percent of the vote and move on to face the vulnerable Republican incumbent in November. And just as Candidate Trump used vulgarity, insults, and half-cooked media stunts to differentiate himself from his primary opponents two years ago, so, too, are Walker’s Democratic challengers in 2018.

And they are quite the cast of himbos:

Mike McCabe, a former “good government” activist who suggested he would rent the governor’s mansion out to travelers on Airbnb, began his campaign by promising to end Walker’s “golden-shower economics.” Businessman Andy Gronik, who received a settlement of more than $6 million in a lawsuit he filed claiming a house he had purchased had given him an inflammatory-bowel disorder, told a debate crowd that he couldn’t wait to “hit” Walker. And on the same rainy day Mahlon Mitchell dropped his scatological stylings on the transportation group, state school superintendent Tony Evers joined a group in Madison protesting cuts to the state’s university system and told the group Walker’s cuts were “bullsh**.”

And just watch – if they win, “being crude, crass and impolitic” will suddenly become a virtue among Dems.

If there is a favorite in the Democratic field, it is Evers, a buttoned-up 65-year-old former teacher who has won three statewide elections as school superintendent. Nearly a decade ago, Evers beat cancer after having his esophagus and part of his stomach removed; today, he can’t eat a full meal and has to sleep at a 45 degree angle. However, even though the avuncular Evers has appeared on three statewide ballots, he is still relatively unknown in areas outside heavily liberal Madison. One recent poll had Evers leading the primary field with a flaccid 20 percent, which may explain his sudden foray into campaigning’s dark arts. In one January interview, he referred to Walker as an “idiot,” and he recently told the state Democratic convention that he was “goddamn sick and tired” of Walker’s policies.

And just when you thought nothing could be…loonier than this past DFL convention..

“But Why Do You Need An Assault Rifle?”

Philadelphia man kills two home invaders with his AK47 (which liberals seem to have forgotten about in the past few years)?

The anonymous homeowner said he shot and killed the men — 17-year-old Demond Barnes and 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon — after retrieving the gun from a hall closet during the incident Friday.

When progressives get exercised about firearms, they are given to claiming that “assault rifles” are “designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible”.  It’s untrue, of course; they’re designed for two things; to never, ever jam, and to not run out of bullets before your attacker runs out of attack.

Mission accomplished.


Førti År Sen

The good news:  research shows that the old theory that “if you start leaning a language after age eight, you’ve got no chance of reaching fluency”.  (I started German at fourteen).

The bad news:  The new cuitoff is 18.

The older you get the more difficult it is to learn to speak French like a Parisian. But no one knows exactly what the cutoff point is—at what age it becomes harder, for instance, to pick up noun-verb agreements in a new language. In one of the largest linguistics studies ever conducted—a viral internet survey that drew two thirds of a million respondents—researchers from three Boston-based universities showed children are proficient at learning a second language up until the age of 18, roughly 10 years later than earlier estimates. But the study also showed that it is best to start by age 10 if you want to achieve the grammatical fluency of a native speaker.

To parse this problem, the research team, which included psychologist Steven Pinker, collected data on a person’s current age, language proficiency and time studying English. The investigators calculated they needed more than half a million people to make a fair estimate of when the “critical period” for achieving the highest levels of grammatical fluency ends. So they turned to the world’s greatest experimental subject pool: the internet.

So I guess starting Norwegian a year ago February isn’t going to get me there.

“Great Job, Rahm…”

81 shootings in one weekend in Chicago.

Chicago recorded a 22.3% reduction in murders and a 26.5% decline in shooting incidents for the first four months of 2018 compared with the same period in 2017, according to police department data.

It was also a cold winter with a very cold April at the end. I’m sure that’s got nothing whatsoever to do with it…

Gun control; when you want to kill off brown and blacks people without being called names.

Nobody Is Trying To Take Your Guns

What Linda Slocum was in Minnesota, this hamster is on the national level:

In a USA Today op-ed entitled “Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters,” Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., argued Thursday that prior proposals to ban assault weapons “would leave millions of assault weapons in our communities for decades to come.”

Swalwell proposes that the government should offer up to $1,000 for every weapon covered by a new ban, estimating that it would take $15 billion to buy back roughly 15 million weapons — and “criminally prosecute any who choose to defy [the buyback] by keeping their weapons.”

In the past, Democrats and gun safety groups have carefully resisted proposals that could be interpreted as “gun confiscation,” a concept gun rights groups have often invoked as part of a slippery slope argument against more modest proposals like universal background checks.

I’ll frame my response in the form of song – in this case, to the tune of the Beatles’ classic “Revolution”:

You don’t say that you want a civil war,

Well, you know,

You will get one anyway.

You don’t want people to have guns anymore,

Well, you know,

You want to take them all away.

But if you advocate going door to door,

There won’t be no Democrat party any more…

And don’t you know that that’d be…

all right!

That’d be…

all right!

I’ll just leave it right like that.

Off The Plantation

Kanye “George W. Bush Hates Black People” West – has caused one of the more glorious meltdowns by revealing himself as an old white man.

Bill Whittle:

Money quote:

“If black support for Democrats drops below 85%, the Democrat party ceases to exist”.

Oh, and the money shot – one that surprised even me?

How can I tell it’s hitting home?

A liberal acquaintance referred to West as “the Justin Bieber of hip-hop”.

When they turn to name-calling…


A longtime friend of the blog writes:

This from MPR – a loving puff piece about the wonderfulness that Ms Bender plans for Mpls (and coming soon to a neighborhood near you)
check out her credentials (mid article) she is committed to solving 21st century problems with 19th century city planning.

When looking at politics in Minneapolis (and, soon, Saint Paul), remember – Betsy Hodges is no longer mayor because she wasn’t far enough to the left for the city’s dominant strain of the DFL.

Some Of Their Best Friends…


EVENTS:  “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Upper Middle Class Democrat from a Nice Neighborhood:  We’re going to fulfill a liberal goal and start busing your kids and seriously integrating your school district”.


The Star Tribune: Fake News, Fake Data


Carefully hidden:  According to a little over 600 phone calls, of which nearly 2/3 were conducted in the Metro area.  

My read:  the Strib is switching into full-blown campaign mode, meaning “pimping the DFL’s line no matter what damage it does to what little credibility they may still have among their painstakingly ignorant base, and the DFL’s painstakingly ignorant base (pardon the redundancy”

Other Peoples’ Priorities

It’s entirely possible there has never been a better entertainment/media decision made in the history of entertainment/media then Roseanne Barr’s decision to reboot her classic, eponymous sitcom. After two decades, Roseanne is back, bigger (accounting for the shrinking TV audience, especially) and in many ways better than ever after deciding to swim against Hollywood’s oppressively leftist, bicoastal current and do the unthinkable – acknowledge the millions of people in this country who are in real life a lot like the TV show’s fictional family.

The show’s pro Trump attitude has made it a lightning rod among leftists in Hollywood – which is another way to say it’s made of a lightning rod in Hollywood. Its success, on the other hand, has pretty much immunize it for most of that criticism.

On a recent show, Rosanna and “Dan” – her long time husband, played by John Goodman ~ passed out on the couch and “missed all the shows about black and Asian families’ – Blackish and Just Off the Boat, about a couple of, wait for it, hard-working families who happen to be black-ish and asian-ish. Roseanne quips “They’re just like us. There, now you’re all caught up.”

Now, if you’re like me – well, you don’t watch Roseanne, or any other television, so you didn’t see it. But the quip strikes me as saying “there about other families dealing with the cards life has dealt them, same as us.”. Which is not a bad observation, near as I can tell.

But then, racism isn’t where I earn my living, either.

I’m not sure that it’s where Kelvin Yu earns his living, either. He is a comic, actor, and writer on the series Bob’s Burgers (which, for the record, I really don’t care for at all). He took umbrage at the quote, deeming it dismissive of the minority experience:

After a two-decade hiatus, “Roseanne” has suddenly returned in glorious HD for a reason. Its astronomical ratings — over 18 million viewers watched the series the night it had its premiere — proclaims not only the show’s enduring resonance, but also a restitution of something lost (or at least something passed). In this era of capital-D Diversity, numbers like that indicate an unequivocal hunger (dare I say nostalgia) for stories about families like the Conners, who live blue-collar, paycheck-to-paycheck lives; fighting, laughing, and loving in the earnest heartland (read: white working class) of America. Not unlike the results of the 2016 presidential election, the #MakeAmericaWatchRoseanneAgain movement is a beacon in the night, illuminating a once-abandoned subsection of the country with a spotlight of validation. As if it were saying: “I see you. You matter.”

Which is why it’s so galling that a show celebrating ostensibly marginalized Americans would consider shows about even more marginalized Americans a punch line, tossed off between two yawns and a meh, followed by a roomful of people laughing.

Mr Yu:  From the perspective of people (of all races) who are focusing on what actually matters – economic survival, raising families, the kinds of things most of Hollywood either doesn’t worry about or has contempt for – I suspect the virtue-signaling is lost.

Another Idea Whose Time Has Come

Planned parenthood is giving Disney some writing advice:

And if your goal is to indoctrinate children, that will be a perfectly fine idea.

Although if you want to sell tickets in the parts of the Merica where people actually have children, probably not so much.

I’ve got a few suggestions, though:

  • We could do a version of Beauty and the Beast where Belle is a competition three gun shooter who befriends the Beast – a handsome guy who majored in women’s studies, has been thoroughly cowed by campus feminism, and needs to be brought out of his shell.
  • Perhaps reboot of Cinderella, where the heroine is a plucky young National Review reader who is constantly tormented by her social justice warrior stepsisters?
  • Maybe a version of Aladdin, where Jasmine is the spoiled daughter of a liberal K St. lobbyist who encounters a plucky young ex-paratrooper entrepreneur who turns her world upside down?

The possibilities are completely endless.


Looks Like Progressivism Is A Mental Disorder

New Yorker columnist applies the PC test to the new Chik-Fil-A outlets in New Orc City.

Ben Shapiro:

But the mere whiff of Jesus means that New York must cast out Chick-fil-A like a leper, and that those who refuse to do so have succumbed to the blasphemous entreaties of the Midianites. “When a location opened in a Queens mall, in 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a boycott. No such controversy greeted the opening of this newest outpost. Chick-fil-A’s success here is a marketing coup. Its expansion raises questions about what we expect from our fast food, and to what extent a corporation can join a community,” Piepenring rants.

And insultingly, Chick-fil-A seeks to build community, using the word in its marketing, he complains. “This emphasis on community, especially in the misguided nod to 9/11, suggests an ulterior motive. The restaurant’s corporate purpose still begins with the words ‘to glorify God,’ and that proselytism thrums below the surface of the Fulton Street restaurant, which has the ersatz homespun ambiance of a megachurch.”

If you want to see proof positive of the irreconcilability of the differences between Blue State “elites” and actual humans, read the whole thing.

But you probably needn’t go that far.

One Day At The Met Council, 1996

SCENE:  The Metropolitan Council, meeting at their downtown office.  It is 1996.  

Members Rick Blickson, Sandra Tostenson, Mark Skjellerud, Andy Blotzer and Audrey Vreeland are in committee meeting with Edgar Folkenflick and Eliza Vanderprimp, representatives from “Transit Works”, a consulting company pushing rail mass transit with metro areas.  

BLICKSON:  We are meeting here today to discuss “Transit Works” proposal that the Twin Cities spend $700 million on a light rail line.  Any questions or comments for the consultants?

TOSTENSON:   Yes.  So just to make sure – the proposed train would be able to run better than buses in the sort of inclement or icy weather that’s so common around here?

FOLKENFLICK:  No – light rail trains are no more robust in their handling in snow and ice than a bus, and may in fact me more vulnerable to route blockage in snowy conditions than buses.

SKJELLERUD: OK.  But the train is more reliable in general?  It can react to stoppages and other irregularities better than buses?

FOLKENFLICK:  That’s incorrect.  While a bus can merely detour around an obstacle, a train is entirely at the mercy of whatever is on the track.

BLOTZER: Er…OK.  But in terms of major incidents…

FOLKENFLICK:  …any major incident will require hours to clear, and enough heavy equipment to widen the Panama Canal, maneuvering on busy city streets, thus taking hours to clear any mishaps.

VREELAND:  So…er, Mr. Folkenflick, Ms. Vanderprimp – why would anyone buy something so seemingly ill-conceived?

VANDERPRIMP:  New York.  Boston.  San Franciso.  Washington DC…

BLICKSON:  We’ll take two!



Minnesota’s Mr. Right

When Representative Lewis (Lord, I love saying that) is right, he’s right.

And on the bombings in Syria – he’s right:

Whether Kosovo, Libya or now Syria, for far too long Presidents of both parties have acted unilaterally (perhaps for the best of intentions) in taking military action without congressional approval. Outdated authorizations (AUMFs) are no substitute for the clear Constitution requirement that Congress must, at the least, be consulted barring imminent danger to the homeland. Indeed, it is Congress who has the authority and responsibility to debate and vote on what we want to provide any administration in such affairs. Matters of war and peace are too important for politics.

When President Obama bombed Libya, Republicans were rightly outraged. Roscoe Bartlett, serving on the Armed Services Committee, even called the decision an ‘affront to our Constitution.’ That was true then as it is today—especially when so many of the facts and circumstances on the ground have yet to be investigated. The sad truth is America cannot prevent or remedy every tragedy around the world. Nor can we expend our precious blood and treasure unless it is in direct interest of national security.

Finally, let me add that it remains more than a bit troubling that so many who call for intervention seeking to protect the borders of foreign nations seem so cavalier about our own.

I think the Syria bombing may well be Trump’s first serious foreign-policy misstep, and possible his first demonstrable breach of the law.