The Accidental Activist

As I’ve noted here before, I wasn’t always a Second Amendment activist. I grew up in a pretty gun-controlly family, actually; dad’s a union Democrat, mom was a sort-of-repressed hippie.
I didn’t grow up around guns – which took some doing, in rural North Dakota. Mom didn’t allow toy guns in the house. I didn’t shoot a gun until the summer after I got out of high school. I remember feeling programmed contempt for the NRA even into my early twenties.
But there were a couple of things that changed that.
One of them happened when I was in 9th grade. I stumbled on a copy of “The Black Book” – the B’nai B’rith’s compendium of Nazi crimes against European Jews. And even though I was a 14 year old bobblehead, I realized that “It’s a lot easier to herd unarmed people into cattle cars”. I didn’t jump immediately to “therefore let us be armed”, but is slowly crept up on me.
As did the further realization that society’s veneer of order is perilously brittle; the Great NY Blackout, the LA Riots, Katrina, Hurricane Sandy – all showed that while our civil society is fairly resilient, it’s not weatherproof – and that the only thing that kept the Korean merchants of South Central LA from getting cleaned out as thoroughly as the shopkeepers of New Orleans and the Rockaways was a line of determined men with the means to defend order themselves, after the police high-tailed it outta there. George Orwell once wrote “We sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf” – and while heaven forbid it happens, and for most God willing it never will, nobody can know the time or place when the regular schnook in his Barcalounger will be called upon to be that rough man seeing to his own family’s safety.
It got personal in 1988: I had a breakin in my house. I woke up on a sweltering July night to the sound of a couple of people downstairs. There was no way out of the house that didn’t go past the burglars. There was no phone upstairs. But I did have a gun -a little .22 rifle. I padded over to the top of the stairs (the burglars didn’t run away at the sound of the creaking floor) and racked a round. I saw two pairs of Adidas running out the door. I was a believer.
And I also realized: just as I didn’t know at 8PM that at midnight I’d be aiming a rifle down my stairs, neither did the merchants of Koreatown or the residents of the Ninth Ward know they’d be facing complete anarchy the day before they were up to their necks in it; nor did Hitler’s future victims realize in 1932 what awaited them in 1942. Nobody can read the future; one can merely prepare for it. Or not. That’s your choice.
It didn’t start to coalesce into a philosophy, though, until I read this piece, probably 20 years ago; “A Nation of Cowards“, by Jeff Snyder.
And it started me thinking: the “gun safety” debate wasn’t, and isn’t, about facts, or hardware, or even anyone’s safety; it’s about two radically different points of view about how the individual and society interact.
And vis a vis Snyder, it’s best summed up by a subtle rhetorical difference between the sides; one that you see every time you listen to “gun safety” advocates talking at the Capitol. One side believes there’s a “right not to get shot”; the other knows there’s a *responsibility* to protect one’s self, family and community.
Is there a “right not to get shot?” Sure, why not? But like the right to speak, publish, assemble, worship, privacy and a fair trial, it’s worthless if you don’t actively use, and protect, it.
Do you farm your right to free speech and the press out to the media? (Some certainly do). Do you assume the ACLU will guard your right to privacy? (Some do!). Do you assume that the police will protect your “right not to get shot?” Some, most definitely, do.
Do you assume your abstract “right not to be robbed, raped or assaulted” is ironclad just…because? Or your “right not to be looted?” “Your right not to have your social or ethnic group jammed into cattle cars to oblivion?”
Seems excessively optimistic to me.

That Should Fix It

Over the weekend – and before the other Orlando massacre – the Internet was buzzing with the story of the death of Christine Crimmins – one of the instant stars from the TV show “The Voice”.

Any guesses as to whether the law-abiding citizen was allowed to have a gun, where the murder took place?

You get one guess.

Lie First, Lie Always: And Out Come The Ghouls

The last spent cartridge casing had barely pinged off the ground when the ghouls of Minnesota’s “Safe Criminals” movement came streaking out of the shadows to rip the bloody shirts off the (ahem) victims of an ISIS terror attack to try to jam their agenda down our throats.

Kim Norton – fresh from utter failure in the legislature, and apparently on her way to a fat, cushy job with a pro-murderer-safety non-profit:

Theatrical deep breath, here.

OK.  From the top:

  • Universal Background Checks:  For whatever reason, notwithstanding the fact that Omar Mateen had been under investigation for his terrorist sympathies and was famously unstable, Mateen didn’t come up on any background checks.  Why?  Bad reporting?  Official political correctness?  Let’s assume both.  Either way – while “universal background checks” would have made owning a gun harder for any of Mateen’s potential victims, it would have done nothing to stop him.
  • Rethink Carry Laws:  OK, let’s think.  Had one single gay man in that bar – a “gun free zone”, as usual – had a gun, it might have changed the course of events (as it does more often than our disinformed, and sometimes disinforming, media believes).  Of course, carrying a gun in a bar is a misdemeanor in Florida, which seems not to have been much of a deterrent to Mateen.  So yes, maybe it’s time to “rethink” the law to de-stigmatize the law-abiding citizen.
  • Not “normalizing carrying”:  Ever notice how places where law-abiding citizens normally carry are almost never the target of mass shootings or terror attacks?  And when they are, the attacks are more likely to end with dead shooters and terrorists?

So yes, Kim Norton – take a moment to stop gorging yourself on the blood of innocent victims and do some re-thinking.   Please.

Of course, Kim Norton is a gun-grabbing ninny because she gets paid for it (or will be, soon).    Rabbi Latz – apparently the brother of Senator Ron “I Went To Harvard, Don’t You Know” Latz – tweeted in response to a local human rights advocate who pointed out exactly what I pointed out to Rep. Norton, above:RabbiLatz

That Latz, rabbi at a “progressive” congregation in Saint Louis Park (who was in the process of dislocating his spine while bending over backwards to pin this atrocity on gun owners, rather than an ISIS terrorist) is in mid “smug response” with this tweet is the sort of inevitability that you learn to accept when dealing with orcs and the gun issue.

That a liberal rabbi, in the midst of a smug, know-nothing dismissal, tries to invoke the dissenter’s soul is purely loathsome.  The “Rabbi” is a blot on his calling.

Later, when I called him on his lack of command of the facts, he sniveled:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.14.03 AM

“Rabbi” Latz is a thug and a wanna-be bully for abusing his ecclesiastical position to support a political agenda (an agenda I believe, and can prove, to be morally retarded, but that’s really irrelevant to the issue at hand – thuggish bulliness).   I may not “have all the answers” – but despite the fact that he has none, he not only trumpets his ignorance, but wraps it in unearned self-righteousness.

There may be few people in politics I respect less than “progressive” clergy.

Separation Of Powers

There’s a reason our founding fathers put an ironclad separation between the state and the military.

“I believe that our Constitution affords responsible Americans the right to own guns, but we need to keep dangerous people from having easy access to guns. Felons, domestic abusers, even known terrorists can buy a gun here without something as simple as a criminal background check. This has to stop,” retired Marine Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney said in a statement. “Our laws don’t support responsible gun ownership, and far too often guns fall into the hands of dangerous, irresponsible people.”

And, Gen. Cheney, when you tell us how it is that background checks will stop criminals, by all means let us know.  


And if there’s any talk of “terror watch lists”, clearly you didn’t know much about that “Freedom” stuff you were sworn to defend.  Sorry, Generals McCrystal and Petraeus; your input is not required, here.

Another Gun Free Zone

Another slaughter.

This morning, the media is awash with the usual detritus – liberal hacks demanding gun control, almost visibly re-zipping their pants after getting the news of a new mass shooting (other than the mass shooting that happens every weekend in Chicago, Newark, New Orleans, Detroit, Oakland, Stockton, and North Minneapolis; they’re only concerned about mass shootings of people who look like them)

But if you take anything away from today’s “news” “coverage”, just remember:

It’s the fault of the NRA and “Gun Nuts“.

UPDATE:  Maybe the NRA was responsible for this, too? 

UPDATE 2:  Was Wayne LaPierre behind this?

UPDATE 3:  MN’s gun control jackals are having an event at a “pride” event in Golden Valley today.  Why do I picture Nancy Nord Bence and Ron Latz doing cartwheels every time news of a shooting comes through?

UPDATE 4:  Darn that NRA!~

The similarities between the November attack on the Bataclan nightclub in Paris and that the shooter who appeared to target a gay dance club during the Muslim month of Ramadan “indicates an ISIS-inspired act of terrorism,” Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Burbank, said in a statement.

Intelligence officers are combing through terrorism databases to see if there are any known links between alleged shooter and a terrorist group, Schiff said. Multiple outlets, including CNN, reported Mateen made a 911 call before the attack, pledging allegiance to ISIS.

Whenever an event like this is in the news, I urge people not to believe the news media any more than usual for the first 72 hours;  the difference between any ethical reporter and outlet and Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer is one big fat paycheck.

But all the signs so far seem to be pointing toward “terror attack in support of ISIS” rather than “crazy guy with a gun”.

200 Dreamsicles – And Not One Criminal

I attended not one, but two gun-grabber “rallies” yesterday – June 2, which the gun grabbers are trying to turn into a national event.  It’s the birthday of the girl who sang at Obama’s first inauguration – and then was killed weeks later.

Killed by whom?  How?

Well, that never popped up at any of the rallies.

More on that later.

The Mean, Leafy, Bucolic Streets Of Eagan:  I went to the first rally at Blackhawk park – in the midst of a particularly tony,well-to-to, violence-free  subdivision in Eagan,

30-odd very south-suburban looking people showed up – 8 or nine of them kids.

They did have a whole bunch of professionally-printed banners…

Although the person in charge of bringing the hot dog buns was half an hour late.

The speakers – a couple of younger, non-profit-y looking women, one of whom identified herself as the “south suburban director” for Moms Want Action, spoke.  Or at least recited some anti-gun chanting points (mostly “cities that enact gun control get results!”, and “background checks would prevent suicide” and the like).

Anna Olson – I think I got the name right – the South Metro Coordinator for Moms Want Action.

“We are definitely part of a huge movement”, one of the non-profit-y-looking dreamsicle girls said to the sparse crowd.

Miss Non-Profit pointed out what a number of shooters had suspected; the orange shirt theme – which served to make everyone present look like Dreamsicles – is intentionally a play on “Blaze orange”, the hunter’s color that says “don’t shoot me”.  She also noted that the Dreamsicle Festival had been endorsed by Governor Flint-Smith Dayton, Mayors Coleman and Hodges…and the mayor of Eagan.

Another man – he didn’t speak very loudly, and so I suspect his name is not “Bob Mucus”, although as God is my witness that’s what it sounded like – gave the keynote speech.

Bob…somebody or other.

Mr…er, Bob, introduced himself as a man who’d spent his life around guns; not only a hunter, but someone who was “qualified to carry a gun in the cockpit” for some reason.

He also introduced himself himself as someone who had someone in his life who had “died at the hands of a gun”.  His sister – a 46 year old divorced mother of four who worked as a nurse at an inner-city hospital, was apparently shot by a gun as she was getting out of a car.  He also noted two junior high classmates – one who’d been murdered, and one who’d commited suicide.  Apparently both by guns that had nobody controlling them.  (He also noted that “91% of people want background checks”).

I was, indeed, tempted – as, no doubt, many of you are now – to ask “so, did they ever find a perp?  Did he/she have a criminal record?  Did they ever ascertain a motive?” but it didn’t seem like the time of the place.

While no state legislators attended, Representative Masin’s campaign manager appeared; after introducing herself as Representative Masin’s campaign manager, in the segment of the presentation apparently reserved for legislators, she noted that she didn’t speak for Rep. Masin, whose campaign manger she was.  She recited the shopworn myth that “gun violence” rates are higher in rural western states due to more suicides.

About this time, I wanted to get up and ask “So why are you having this ‘rally’ here, rather than on the North Side, Dayton’s Bluff or along University Avenue?”

But I left.  I’m not going to say these people live in a world of their own – but I could have sworn I saw, sitting on a branch of a nearby tree, a grin, not attached to any sort of cat at all.

Down By The River, I…Well, You Know:  Next, I drove to the mean streets of North Minneapolis.

Not an orange shirt in sight.

So I checked my phone – and found that the Dreamsicle Rally was being held at the south end of the Stone Arch Bridge.  Alongside the Guthrie, the Mill City Museum, the Whitney Hotel, and blocks of upper-middle-class condos.

You count ’em. 150? 200? GOCRA turns out 2-3 times this many on a freezing January night for legislative hearings, without breaking a sweat.

I caught the end of what looked like Betsy Hodges’ speech – which was, point for point, the same speech that the non-profity-looking women in Eagan had given.

As in, they’d memorized the same chanting points from New York, down to the inflection.

Coverage. Probably the Uptake, or perhaps Moms Want Action’s own video stream. Not sure. All I know is, there’s a reason they were getting only close, tight shots.

If you follow this subject, you know that gun grabbers rarely know the subject all that well.  Councilman Frey shouted “we’re not talking about taking grandpa’s hunting rifle – we’re talking about background checks – because nobody needs to unload 30 rounds before they reload!”

But that had nothing on the schizophrenia of the City Council’s resolution – which, on the one hand, had plenty of moderate-ish sounding language about the Second Amendment being a right (which drew a few boos, including from the dreamsicles I was standing next to), but on the other hand “gun violence” being a “public health issue”.

Then there was a proclamation from Governor Flint Smith Dayton declaring June 2 something or another, and declaring that the 35W bridge would be Dreamsicle Orange:


“What can we do about violence in North Minneapolis?” “Change the light-bulb filters on the 35W bridge?” “Booyah! You’re a genius!”

No word on whether the Lowry Bridge would be lit up orange, I thought as I left.

Absent:  Two things the two rallies had in common?

Almost every single chanting point.  Seriously – it was like they were reading off the same teleprompter.

And in no rally, ever, not once, was a perpetrator mentioned.  All of the guns used in all of the violence were apparently self-animated!

You have never heard a single gun-grabber, not a single dreamsicle, refer to a murderer (with the occasional exception of Adam Lanza or Jared Loughner or the Boulder guy, who were motivated by insanity rather than being just the garden-variety criminals that commit 90% of this nation’s homicides.

One other thing you never heard?

“Hey – let’s take this to North Minneapolis!”.

I wonder why?

If You’re Looking To Get Your Carry Permit…

…or are coming up for renewal, this is gonna be fun.

GOCRA is doing a fundraiser tomorrow – a Carry Permit training class conducted by Professor Joe Olson, the guy who wrote Minnesota’s carry permit law.

You will get, officially, the very best legal training on carry permit laws available – straight from the metaphorical horse’s mouth.

Proceeds go to the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance – the people who’ve pretty much single-handedly beaten the orcs in Minnesota for the past three decades.

Oh, yeah – registration ends today!  Get on it!

The Dreamiscle Ghouls

Today’s the day all the gun-grabbers have planned for their big…day.  They’ll be having their little events, wearing their orange t-shirts, looking a little bit like human Dreamsicles.  And they’ll be marching their marches, doing their speeches, yadda yadda.   I wouldn’t be surprised if the huge papier-mache heads turned up.

To pimp the event, The Rev. Nancy Nord Bence sent this out yesterday:

Dear Heinrich,
According to the Star Tribune, “In the first five months of 2016, 123 people have been shot in Minneapolis–97 of them on the North Side–compared with 65 during the same period last year. At the current pace, north Minneapolis will eclipse last year’s total of gunshot victims by late September.”

Let’s let that sink in.

At a time when Minnesota’s murder rate outside North Minneapolis has sunk to levels half that of Norway, and competitive with the rural west, the North Side is turning into Beirut.

Could we perhaps have a crime problem?

Why, of course we do.  Seems like common sense, doesn’t it?

What’s to be done about escalating gun violence in the urban core? How are we to protect the families and children living in communities where flying bullets and wailing sirens are becoming ever more commonplace?
There has been a lot of finger pointing: at the gangs, at the police, at the legislature. As I stated in a letter published in the Star Tribune yesterday, the problem is multi-faceted and requires a multi-faceted response.

That sounds almost reasonable!   Of course the problem is “multi-faceted”.  Everyone knows this.

And in fact, for a brief, shining moment, Rev. Nord Bence almost sounds like she’s aiming for “reasonable”.   She comes sooooo close…:

And everyone who understands that we can protect gun rights…

…before making the inevitable detour into loopdieland:

…without handing over our right to live in safe communities to the gun lobby, and that common sense gun regulation is absolutely necessary and long overdue, and that what is really lacking is not the knowledge of how to solve the problem of gun violence, but the courage to do so.

And right there, my bemusement and, let’s be honest, mild mockery turned into toxic disgust.  Behind that Dreamsicle Orange is a toxic hatred.

People are dying.   Children are afraid to play outside.  Near North is a shooting gallery.

And after disclaiming “finger pointing” at gangs, cops or politics,  The Rev. Nancy Nord Bence wants to blame it on “the gun lobby?”

What she’s saying is “people – mostly (but far from all) who live in places where the crime rates are plummeting as the number of legal gun owners soars – standing up for their Second Amendment rights is what is killing people in North Minneapolis”.  

The Rev. Nord Bence is using those bleeding, broken, largely black bodies to take a smug, dim whack at the “gun lobby” – which, in Minnesota, is “Minnesotans”.  

In her own way, The Rev. Nancy Nord Bence may be an even more toxic, irrational figure than Heather Martens; behind Heather Martens’ comical uninfored bumbling was a non-profiteer who really didn’t know what she was doing;  behind the Reverend Nord Bence’s ELCA hair and veneer of reason is toxic bigotry.


Big Brah Is Watching

A longtime friend of this blog writes in re h this story, about Hawaii jumping ahead of San Francisco and Chicago in terms of leaning on the law-abiding gun owner; they plan to enter all the state’s legal gun owners into a federal database: 

Scary enough that they are targeting gun owners.  MORE scary that the database they are talking about already exists

I would be very interested in finding out who currently meets the criteria to be included in the “Rap Back” database and is already entered into that database without their knowledge or acquiescence.

The database – no doubt product of an earlier generation of hysteria – tracks “people in positions of trust” – school teachers, bus drivers and the like, allowing authorities to find out quickly if one of them is arrested for anything.

Sounds acceptable, right?

On its surface, maybe.  But to provision the list you need…what?

To know every gun owner in the state.  Meaning the State of Hawaii has the data they need to beat down any law-abiding citizen’s door when they change their mind about the Second Amendment.

Tricia Bishop: Let The Courage Of Your Convictions Guide You

Baltimore Sun “reporter” Tricia Bishop, on her way to admitting she worries less about criminals than law-abiding gun owners (in Baltimore.  I’ll let that bit of knot-headedness sink in), says:

And so, as President Barack Obama announced plans this week to tighten background checks for gun buyers and increase gun tracking and research, I thought, that’s all well and good, but how about adding something immediately useful: a gun owner registry available to the public online — something like those for sex offenders. I’m not equating gun owners with predatory perverts, but the model is helpful here; I want a searchable database I can consult to find out whether my kid can have a play date at your house.

Ms. Bishop:  First, how about we have a database of people who don’t like guns.  I mean, you’re the ones trying to shave away at the edges of a constitutional right – isn’t the burden of, well, being burdened, on you?

Why not let’s try this:  we put in in a public database that says:


And maybe post one of these in your yard:

You do that for a couple years, we can talk.



The next time some liberal friend of yours cites the Zimmerman-Martin shooting as a gross injustice – a “white man shooting an unarmed black child” – refer them to this long, but utterly impeccably researched series by the great Massood Ayoob.

Then sweep up the debris of their “argument”.

Side benefit; you’ll likely learn a lot yourself.


Open Letter To Sen. Latz, Rep. Schoen, Rep. Norton, Rev. Nord Bence, Jane Kaye, Heather Martens, and Joan Peterson

To:  The Abovementioned
From: Mitch Berg, Mere Peasant
Re:  Your signage where your mouths are


You are the leaders of Minnesota’s gun-grabber movement.  You and your wan little pack of Volvo-driving, alpaca-wearing, NPR-listening, St. Olaf-graduating, ELCA-coiffed followers want to take away Minnesotans’ right and means to defend themselves.

Now, crime in Minnesota is very, very low – and a higher percentage of Minnesotans have carry permits than Texans.  Crime is lowest of all in places where the number of legally-carried guns is the highest.

And vice versa.

So you all live in your hideaways in Kenwood, Saint Anthony Park, Crocus Hill, Rochester and Saint Louis Park, in part made safer by the deterrent effect of all of us shooters.

So why not make an integrity move, and eschew that deterrence?

Put one of these babies in your yard:

Show America’s gun culture that you  patently reject the collateral benefit of their – our – prudence!

Tell Minnesota – all Minnesotans – that you trust all 5.5 million of your neighbors to stay honest.  Tell them that you implicitly trust that if something goes hinky, that you trust the police will be there fast enough to make a difference.

You do trust the police to protect you, just as you want us to trust them – don’t you?

Please see to this immediately.

What?  You’re not afraid, are you?

Because I’d hate to think you all were a bunch of hypocrites.

That is all.

A Tale Of Two Cities

Tyler Gottwalt strapped on an AK47 and took a walk.  He was looking for trouble…

…in pretty much the same way Martin Luther King was.  He set out to flush out an illegal law.

And he found it.  While the Sauk Rapids cops knew the law – citizens with carry permits are allowed to carry uncased long arms in public – the Saint Cloud PD didn’t.  They arrested Gottwalt, citing a city ordinance.

We’ll let the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance take up the story next:

As Professor Olson notes in the video, Saint Cloud can’t regulate guns differently than the state does, due to the state’s pre-emption ordinance. Which makes the SCPD’s arrest an illegal one.

Gottwalt is sueing the city. I hope he wins and wins big.

Those Who Forget Stupid-People History Are Doomed To Repeat It

The Early ’70s – the National Coalition to Ban Handguns distributes signs indicating that the home is “proud to be gun-free”.

They made the usual, predictable media splash – the nation’s opinion-pushers were pretty roundly anti-gun in those days, and they’d done a pretty fair job of bandwagoning a good chunk of American opinion into line with them.

But then a funny thing happened.

The robbery rates in “gun-free homes” shot through the roof; owners of posted homes found that they were being robbed at a rate vastly, vastly, utterly, screamingly, almost satirically higher than their neighbors.

So the signs disappeared almost as fast as the “no guns allowed” signs vanished from Twin Cities bars after “gun-free” bars found themselves getting stuck up at an alarming rate.

We’re seeing a pattern here – right?

And by “we” I mean anyone whose EKG is ticking in the least bit.

Because not everybody does.

UPDATE:  Hah!  It look like the “red light” story is from a satire site!   The story is fake…

…but accurate.

In other words, I’ve fallen for a line that is devoid of fact.  Just like Senator Latz, Representatives Norton and Schoen, Heather Martens, the Right Reverend Nancy Nord Bence, Joan Peterson and Nick Coleman.  Only mine doesn’t trample the Constitution and get innocent people killed.

Open Letter To Minnesota Public Radio News

To: Minnesota Public Radio News
From:  Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re:  Food For Thought


Isn’t it annoying – to say the least – to have to subject your constitutional freedoms to theatrical, unproductive and degrading scrutiny by bureaucrats, to no useful end?

A few minutes after 8 o’clock Monday morning, [MPR Reporter] Mukhtar Ibrahim started filing through the security line at the federal courthouse in Minneapolis.
It was a big day for Ibrahim, and figured to be a long one: Day one of a high-profile trial for three local men accused of plotting to join ISIS fighters in Syria.

Ibrahim and a reporter for the Star Tribune approached the security screening and offered their bags for clearance by a security officer. The other reporter, who is white, passed right through and headed for the elevator. Ibrahim was stopped, and told he couldn’t go in yet. He would have to wait for the time when the court opened to the public.

If it saves even one life…!

Ibrahim protested, pulling out a press badge showing he works for Minnesota Public Radio. Not good enough, the officer said. Go wait with the rest of the public.

Ibrahim didn’t argue and instead just collected his wallet, keys, and bag, and went to wait with public spectators. The way Ibrahim figures, he shouldn’t have even needed to flash the badge. He’s been covering cases there for a year and a half: These guys should recognize him by now.

People with a long, proven record of not abusing free speech are almost never a danger!

On Monday, once Ibrahim and the rest of the non-journalists observers there for the trial were let in, he simply walked across the courtroom to the area sectioned-off for members of the media and sat down. But the episode continued to eat at him.

“It messed up my mood the whole day,” Ibrahim said. “I was just really frustrated. I didn’t expect this.”

It is frustrating, isn’t it?  Trying to go about your business, doing something you have a Constitutional right to do, and getting badgered by petty bureaucrats?

“I like to stick to the facts,” Ibrahim said, “so I’ll let people make their own conclusions of this.”

The obvious answer; force all reporters to take a background check.

That’ll fix it.

That is all.

I’m No Trump Fan…

…but I will say that his Second Amendment stance, expressed here in writing, is aggressively excellent.

Especially this bit here:

NATIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY. The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.

Given how often Trump is accused of making verbal promises he has no idea how to deliver, it’s kind of funny seeing him showing the gun control movement – which has been doing the same thing in fact for almost 50 years.

Terms Of The Left’s Intellectual Bankruptcy

The Second Amendment shouldn’t cover self-defense, says a typical “progressive”, because it violates the accused’s right to a trial.

The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes on justice, for everyone has the right for a fair trial. Therefore, using a firearm to defend oneself is not legal because if the attacker is killed, he or she is devoid of his or her rights.

Which I’m sure will be important, after you are DEAD.

The American left – where the right to a trial is more important than the right to live (presuming you’ve been born at all).

Lie First, Lie Always: Ron Latz’s Made-Up “Crisis”

Tuesday, while participating in a dog and pony show for a Gabby Giffords visit to support gun grab legislation that was dead weeks ago in the legislature, Ron “I Went To Harvard.  You Do What Harvard Is”” Latz introduced things with eleven seconds of distilled fabulism.

Courtesy of MNGOC, here it is:

As befits a DFL / Minnesota Left statement about guns, the Second Amendment, gun control and gun owners, it’s a lie.

Because remember:  their motto is “Lie First, Lie Always” 1. 

Minnesota is in such a “gun crime crisis” that the gun murder rate has dropped to its lowest level in decades.  In fact, if you leave out DFL-strangled North Minneapolis, with its Baltimore-like murder rate, from the state figures (a third of the state’s murders happen in Near North), Minnesota has a murder rate half that of Norway.  Competitive with the rural west.


I could write “It’s low and dropping” 250 more times – or capture the whole thing in a 1000-word picture:


Courtesy MN Gun Owners Caucus

And except for the DFL-addled inner cities, it’s continuing its drop, as the number of carry permittees in Minnesota rockets toward and past a quarter million.

More such crises, please.

And stop lying, Senator Latz.

1 Well, no – it’s not literally their motto; they didn’t pick it.  I wrote it for them.  But they observe it in every particular.  Every time.  And it’s been keeping this blog in material for years.  

A Good Grandma With A Gun

An 80 year old woman in Sultan, Washington shot and killed a man who was trying to go all teppanyaki on her husband:

The woman called 911 at about 8:30 p.m. from the home in the 13700 block of Woods Lake Road and said “she had shot an intruder after he broke into her home and stabbed her husband,” Ireton said.

The suspect, a 25-year-old Gold Bar man, died at the scene.

“At this time, detectives do not believe the suspect was known to the residents of the home and that this was an attempted home burglary,” Ireton said.

Note to Kim Norton, Ron “I Went To Harvard” Latz and The Right Reverend Nancy Nord Bence; maybe if the woman took a background check, the guy wouldn’t have broken in?  Right?

This Is What A Majority Looks Like

After much sturm und drang, Rep. Schoen brought “Rep. Norton’s” gun-grab “bills” (the “Exes are Guilty ’til Proven Innocent” and “Register All Law-Abiding Gun Owners” bills were copied and pasted from the Bloomberg; they were no more “Norton’s” “bills” than they were mine) – to the House floor as amendments (the only way they had a shot at getting voted on, since the committee deadline for standalone bills passed weeks ago).

Speaker Daudt ruled it out of order.

The DFL moved to try to override the ruling.

This is what happened (reps votes are to the right of their names):


Photo courtesy Bryan Strawser, MNGOC/MNGOPAC,   Green means voting to uphold Speaker Daudt’s ruling that the amendment was out of order – in other words, to support killing the amendments.

As Andrew Rothman at GOCRA put it:

In a routine and overwhelming vote, Rep. Schoen’s universal gun registration amendment was ruled out of order late last night.
And poof – the bills went away.  That’s it.  Done (except for “Protect” MN’s inevitable upcoming whining and posturing).

(More here).

Results like this could be matters of routine in both chambers – if the MNGOP could win and hold majorities.

More on this on tomorrow’s show.

Lie First, Lie Always: A Tale Of Two Meetings

It was said about “Protect” MN’s former “executive director” (and pretty much sole member) Heather Martens [1] that “she never once made a single subsantial, original, true statement about the Second Amendment, gun facts or gun rights”.

When The Right Reverend Nancy Nord Bence took over at “Protect” MN a few weeks back, we had hope that things might change at Minnesota’s “leading” criminal-safety group [2].

In her press release related to this past Tuesday’s events at the SLOB, we see that hope was misplaced – with hilarious results.

Hi Reinhard,
Good news: The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was a great success!

And by the standards of”Protect” MN, it probably was.  Their all-out effort turned out about as many people as the Human Rights community’s casual call for supporters with spare time did.  None of their people were ejected from the building for trying to pick a fight with Human Rights supporters.  None of their paid lobbyists appeared in the place of an elected official, to immense ridicule.

By their standards, it was a red-letter day.

But now we get into the out-and-out lying.  Emphasis added:

On Tuesday, April 26, hundreds of Minnesotans who have had ENOUGH gathered at the Senate Office Building in St. Paul for an informational hearing on legislation that will go a long way towards protecting Minnesotans from gun violence: Senator Latz’ universal background check bill (S.F. 2493) and gun violence protective order bill (S.F. 2980).

Let’s go through the lies in order.

“Protect” MN is apparenetly taking counting lessons from the Strib:  there were not “Hundreds of supporters.   As people were let into the hearing, there were roughly 150 all together – about equally divided between criminal-safety advocates and Human Rights supporters.

Just to prove it?  Here are some photos.  Here’s the front half of the line gathered to get into the hearing – which, as you can see, is about 3/4 maroon-clad Human Rights supporters:

Here’s the back half of the line; probably 2/3 Criminal Safety advocates, with their ELCA hairdos and that air of unearned self-righteousness, unblemished by actual knowledge, roiling off them like Axe off of teenage boys:

A count as the doors opened showed roughly 70-80 on each side.  A few more streamed in on both sides – but the chamber, which held 250, was never close to full.

Fact:  “Protect” MN has never turned out “hundreds” of people in a given session, much less at a single event.

Second lie?  It wasn’t an “informational hearing”.  It was a sham; a Potemkin hearing, trying to create the illusion that these two bills aren’t utterly dead issues this session.  It was, in other words, a campaign event, held at taxpayer expense.

Third?   Neither bill will ever save a single life.  Ever!   Universal registration will only burden the law-abiding.  And the “Take Your Soon-To-Be-Estranged Sig-Other’s Guns Without Due Process!” bill is nothing but a make-work program for lawyers.

Scheduled to coincide with the Moms Demand Action lobby day, the room was packed with enthusiastic Moms as well as Protect Minnesota members. The gun lobby was also out in force.

I’m just going to let the word “packed” lie there, like the magnificant rhetorical turd it is.

Although no action will be taken on these bills this session, this informational hearing was important and very successful. It captured the attention of the media, disputed the gun lobby’s false claims, “set the table” for the debate that will ensue in months to come, and fired up the masses of gun safety supporters in attendance.

Fourth lie:  The media coverage was sparse and perfunctory.

Fifth Lie:  “Disputing” doesn’t make anything “false”; you can “dispute” gravity, but if you don’t float away afterward, you’ve falsified nothing.

Sixth Lie:  Masses?  Masses?

We commend Senator Ron Latz for his bold leadership on this issue, and commit the whole resources of Protect Minnesota to assisting in the passage of these bills in 2017.

It may not be a “lie” to say Latz is a “leader” on the issue.  He’s doing what Michael Bloomberg told him to do.

Meet the new “Protect”MN.  Same as the old “Protect”MN.

[1]  Said by me, of course – but known by everyone who actually paid attention to the issue.  At all.  Ever.

[2] In the same sense that Timberwolves fans “hope” that this will be the big year they’ve been waiting for.

Like Protesting, But For Upper-Middle-Class, Kenwood/Crocus Hill Matrons

I made it down to the Senate Legislative Office Building – AKA the Tom Bakk Mahal – at 7AM this morning for the big Michael Bloomberg pep rally.

As usual, the Real Americans were out on the street at 7AM on the button.

As of 7:11AM – twenty minutes before the doors opened – there were five criminal-protection advocates, and over two dozen Human Rights supporters.

The Human Rights groups were there, showing a little Minnesota hospitality, distributing coffee and donuts to the assembled crowd, outside and (when the doors opened) in:


Setting up the coffee stand at 7AM. The criminal-safety advocates liked the coffee and donuts as much as the Human Rights supporters.

Soon, the doors opened, and the lines formed inside to get the 250 tickets.

Of the first 50 or so people in the line, probably 3/4 were maroon-shirt-wearing Human Rights advocates. The criminal-safety advocates came dribbling in after 8AM, presumably after their sustainable yoga classes.

And it was kinda funny.

As we noted yesterday, this whole event – “hearings” called by Senator Ron “I Went To Harvard, You Know…” Latz in “support” of bills that can not go forward, because the committee deadline was several weeks ago – is a sham.  It’s a fake hearing.  It’s a pep rally for the Bloombergs, held up until late April because Bloomberg had to focus their money and time on states where they have a chance of affecting policy, few as they may be.  Minnesota is waaaaay down the list.

And I had a few observations.

“Turnout”:  As I noted the other day, Senator Latz scheduled this meaningless hearing at 8:30 AM on a Tuesday for a reason; he knows that Minnesota’s gun owners have jobs, kids, families and lives, and all of them need attention at 8:30 on Tuesday morning.

And that’s who turned out; about 80 working, middle-class Minnesotans – blue-collar, white collar, technical people, businesspeople, men, women.  Regular folks.

On the other hand, the gun-grabbers who showed up this morning fit two basic descriptions:

  1. Non-profit employees and other people being paid to be there
  2. Retired or semi-retired upper-middle-class white liberals with that “Volvo-driving Saint Olaf alumni ELCA church member from Crocus Hill / Kenwood / Linden Hills” vibe about them.

Why bring it up?  Because the  battle over guns is a battle between classes; between the “let me take care of myself and my family” class and the “you will take the rights we grant you and you will like it” class.

The criminal-safety supporters were handing out little “Moms Want Action” stickers. By the way – just try to buy a “Moms Want Action” T-Shirt, anywhere. While GOCRA hands out the maroon shirts to anyone for any kind of donation, or even no donation at all, the Moms pretty much vet applications for their t-shirts. They literally keep a database of Human Rights activists to not sell to. These two ladies, by the way, are right about the middle of the Moms’ demographic.

And the “Crowds?”   That was the interesting part.

This is the criminal-safety crowd’s “Lobbying Day” – the day they try to turn out their full force to descend on the Capitol.  By my count, they managed maybe 70-80.

Now – even though today’s bills don’t matter, and it wasn’t the Human Rights community’s lobbying day (we wrote about that about six weeks ago – GOCRA turned out two hundred for Gun Owners Lobbying Day last March) – which is kind of hilarious, “lobbying” when the committee deadline has passed – and it was a work day, the good guys, the Human Rights advocates, turned out about the same number of people.

On a workday.

For a meaningless hearing and a ridiculous farce of a Bloomberg-paid event.

Of course, had it mattered – like Michael Paymar’s gun grab bills three years ago – the good guys would have had 600 maroon shirts on the scene from 8AM ’til midnight.  Every time.

Who’s got the momentum?

Postshriek:  I had to leave before the hearings started; unlike most of the criminal-safety advocates, I have a day job with some actual non-political demands.

As I was walking out the door, I was on the cell phone with a friend who was asking about the event.  I saw a woman – sixty-ish, with a face that had not a single laugh-line in evidence, but plenty of frown lines and scowl lines, if you catch my drift.   She was carrying an anti-gun protest sign.

I held the door for her, as I described the crowd in my private phone conversatoin, in terms that expressed a little disbelief that this was the best the criminal-safety groups could manage.

The woman turned to me and said, uncomfortably loudly, “thanks for laughing at us!”

Somewhat non-plussed (and trying to multitask), I responded “you’re welcome”.

I mean, what was I supposed to say?

Go Time!

Tomorrow morning, Senator Ron “I Went To Harvard, You Know…” Latz will be hosting a gun-grabber pep rally – technically a Senate hearing, but we know better.

So we need all Second-Amendment-supporting Real Americans to turn out tomorrow morning at the Senate Legislative Office Building to show the world that Minnesota is a Second Amendment state.

Tuesday, April 26 – tomorrow morning
Senate Office Building, Room
95 University Avenue W. (Corner of Rice and University)
St. Paul, MN 55155

Yep – the DFL  put a vital hearing smack dab during the time when gun owners are working, and gun-grabbers, almost none of whom work in the private sector, are not.  Welcome to life under DFL control.

I’m going to show up for as long as I can.  Hope you can too.