A Good Guy (Or Gal) With A Gun – Mass Shootings Stopped By Civilians

This page will track mass shootings stopped by citizens with firearms other, generally, than the police.

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Greenwood, IN – 7/17/22 – A man walked into a mall in Indiana with an AR15 and a large load of ammunition, clearly prepared to do massive mayhem.A (as of this writing) Good 22 year old Elisha Dicker, a Good Samaritan with a legal handgun ended the shooting before it turned into a double-digit headline gore-fest.  Dicker, shooting at 40 yards, indoors, hit the killer eight times with ten shots.  Pretty outstanding.



Charleston, WV – 5/28/22 – Dennis Butler, a 37 year old man angry at being told to stop speeding past a party, returned with an AR15 to shoot the party up.A woman with a legal handgun changed his plans for all eternity.

Johnny Hurley. (Photo courtesy of Cody Soules via Denver7)

Arvada, CO – 7/22/21 – Ronald Troyka, a man with a history of mental illness who’d been on police radar for some time, killed Arvada policeman Gordon Beesley, and was on his way through Old Town Arvada, when he was intercepted by Johnny Hurley, 40, a man who’d spent years training for the eventuality.  Hurley killed Troyka.Unfortunately, a policeman  – who’d hid in a substation during the shooting – shot Hurley in the back as he was disarming the fallen Troyka, killing him.

Sometime being the good guy with the gun is dangerous.

Jack White

White Settlement, TX – 12/29/19  – Keith Thomas Kinnunan – a man with a felony record, not allowed to possess, much less buy, guns legally, and who had previously sought help at the church – walked into the West Freeway Church of Christ and opened fire with a shotgun, killing two of the church’s deacons and volunteer security guards before being shot by the church’s head of security, Jack Wilson.  Carry in churches had just been legalized in May 2019 as a reaction the Sutherland Springs massacre (below20).

Dominic Rozier.

Lexington, KY – 11/11/2018 – Gregory Bush, an avowed white supremacist, walked into a Kroger’s in Lexington, intent on killing black people.   One man with a gun drew down on Bush, causing him to flee.  On his way out, he killed another woman.

Dominic Rozier, a carry permit holder out shopping with his family, engaged – prompting Bush to flee (without bothering to get his car).  He was caught shortly after, and eventually got life without parole. 

No photo yet. Oklahoma City, OK, 5/24/2018 – A man walked into a restaurant in suburban Oklahoma City and opened fire, wounding four, before being engaged and killed by an armed citizen.  Was it going to be a mass spree killing?  As this is written, we don’t know – and we don’t have to, because the good guy won. 
Sutherland Springs, TX, 11/4/17 – Told by his daughter that Devin Kelley was in the midst of massacring 26 people at a small baptist church in this small Texas town, Stephen Willleford grabbed his AR15 and engaged, hitting Kelley twice.  Then, when Kelley broke off his attack and fled, Willeford and another man chased him until he ran off rthe road an killed himself.
News Story Austin, TX, 5/2/17 – Details on this are sketchy as this is written, but apparently a student with a carry permit scared off a man with a knife after he’d killed one and injured three.  The media – especially in Austin – can be expected to downplay any positive result from a student carrying.  Reading between the lines?  The student is the hero.
News story Portland, ME, 6/26/16 – Four people in cars in a WalMart parking lot in Portland started shooting at each other.  Two armed citizens broke up the gun fight, leading to the yeggs’ arrest.
See story, with video, here. Conyers, GA, 5/31/15:  When Jeffrey Scott Pitts walked into the Magnet Package Store, he started randomly blazing away, killing two. Todd Scott returned fire, driving Pitts from the store; he was killed later in a shootout with police.  The county sheriff praised Scott, saying there was no doubt he saved more lives.
Chicago, IL, 4/20/2015:  23 year old Everardo Custodio began blazing away at a crowd of people at Logan Park in Chicago – a crime that stood every chance of becoming just another tragic but unreported weekend mass-shooting in Chicago.  A 47 year old Uber driver with a hard-to-obtain Chicago carry permit returned fire, though, felling Custodio and foreshortening what authorities believes was intended to be a spree killing.
 Story, with video.  Philadelphia, March 22, 2015:  “He responded and I guess he saved a lot of people in here” said Philly police captain Frank Llewellyn about an unidentified man who shot and killed another man, who’d responded to an argument at a west Philadelphia barbership by pulling out a gun and blazing away at random.  “It could have been a lot worse”.   The shooter was hailed as a hero.

Dr. Silverman – Hero.

   Darby, PA 7/25/14 –  Richard Plotts, a patient with a history of causing trouble opened fire at a psychiatric clinic, killing a case worker and wounding three more people, including Dr. Lee Silverman (pictured) – who, wounded several times, drew his own permitted handgun, shooting Plotts.  Police credited Silverman with saving many lives.
Chattanooga, TN, 7/16/2014 – When Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez attacked a Navy Reserve station, he’d already killed four Marines at a recruiting station nearby.  The post’s commander,  Lt. Commander Timothy White, opened fire with his personal handgun.  As this is written, the investigation is underway – but let the record show that although there were more disarmed targets at the Navy Reserve station, the death toll was one.  Along with Abdulazeez.  I’m pretty confident that the record (once it escapes the Obama administration’s clutches) will show LTCDR White saved many lives that morning.
 News Story July 7, 2014:  There were many, many shootings in Chicago over the July 4 weekend in 2014; it was a typical bloody weekend, all things considered. But in one of the shootings, 22-year old Denzel A. Mickiel started blazing away at a group of people on the street, wounding one of them.  But in a plot twist, one of those people was a young military veteran with a brand-new Chicago carry permit.  Mickiel went down before he could hurt anyone else.

Jacob Roberts

 Portland, OR, 12/11/2012 – Jacob Roberts, 22, walked into the Clackamas Town Center mall – a gun free zone –  in suburban Portland with a stolen AR15 and 150 rounds of ammunition.  He killed two people and wounded another before his rifle jammed.  There, citizen Nick Meli drew his legal, concealed handgun and pointed it at Roberts – who, as law enforcement notes is usually the case when their plans are interrupted, withdrew into a nearby store and shot himself with his un-jammed rifle.
Early, TX, 8/1/12 – Charles Conner murdered two people and their dogs at an RV park in rural Texas before Vic Stacy took him out.

William Allabaugh

Plymouth, PA, 9/10/2012:  William Allabaugh was asked to leave Bonnie’s Bar in Plymouth for making racist and homophobic slurs.  Instead, he pulled a gun and shot two men, killing one and giving the other permanent brain damage, before a citizen – identified (probably inadvertently) as Mr. Kiter returned fire with his legal handgun.  Allabaugh received a 25-to-60 year sentence.

Jesse Gates

 Spartanburg, SC, 3/26/2010 – Jesse Gates went to the South Side Freewill Baptist Church in Boiling Springs intent on causing mayhem during services; Aaron Guyton, the son of the church’s minister, saw Gates stalking in from the parking lot holding a shotgun.  Guyton barred the door; when Gates kicked it in, Guyton confronted him with his own handgun.  Nobody was harmed; it could have been worse.
No picture available  New York Mills, NY, 5/27/2010 – 79 year old Abraham Dicken walked into an  AT&T store with a hit list of six names.  He wounded one before he was shot by a citizen with a concealed handgun.
 News story and court filing.  Atlanta, GA, 5/2/2009 – Two men walked into a party in Atlanta, and began robbing the partygoers and, eventually, raping the women.  Sean Barner retrieved a gun from a book bag, killing one assailant/rapist and wounding and scaring off the other (who later convicted of murder in his accomplice’s death).
News story Winnemucca, NV, 5/24/2008: Ernesto Villagomez walked into a bar crowded with 300 people, and started shooting, in an episode that may have stemmed from a family feud.  He killed two before a civilian with a carry permit killed Villagomez.

Jeanne Assam – hero.

New Life Church, 12/9/07 Matthew J. Murray – a 24 year old man whose mental illness manifested in anti-Christian derangement – slaughtered two and wounded two more people at the “Youth with a Mission” training center in Arvada, Colorado.  Then, he drove to the New Life church, and walked into the Sunday worship service, killing two and wounding three more before Jeanne Assam (pictured) shot him with her concealed personal handgun.
No picture available Tyler, TX, 2/5/2005 – David Arroyo murdered his wife with an AK47, and intended to murder his son, when Mark Wilson, a carry permittee, intervened, shooting Arroyo.  Arroyo was wearing body armor, which allowed him to kill Wilson – but Wilson’s action is credited with saving the son, and likely others.
Appalachian School of Law, 1/16/2002  -Peter Odighizuwa, a former student at the school, killed three and wounded three more before two students, using weapons they weren’t  supposed to have at the “gun-free” school, apprehended him.

Harris and Klebold, shortly before they shot themselves.

Columbine, Colorado, 4/20/1999: 12 students and one teacher, as well as both of the perpetrators, died.  But it could have been so much worse; a school resource officer fired at the perps, causing them to abandon their plans for even greater carnage – more shootings, plus bombs – and retreat to the library, where they killed themselves.   The SWAT team entered the building four hours later.  In addition to all the useless prattle about gun control, the incident started police along the way to realizing that resisting mass shooters was the key to ending the incidents.  They often omit that “the shooter has a badge” doesn’t matter to the murderer; just the gun.  Which is, of course, why this page exists.


 Edinboro, Pennsylania, 4/24/98:   14 year old Andrew Wurst shot and killed a teacher and wounded another as well as two students at a middle school dance, and appeared to be looking to shoot more when James Strand, owner of the banquet hall where the middle school, apprehended him with his shotgun.

Luke Woodham

Pearl, Mississippi, 10/1/97 – After stabbing his mother to death, Luke Woodham grabbed a rifle and fired at students leaving school, killing twol ..  An assistant principal, Joel Myrick, ran to his car, got his Colt .45, and apprehended Woodham.
No picture available Anniston, AL, 12/17/1992 – In the immediate aftermath of the Luby’s Cafeteria massacre in Killeen, TX, two gunmen raided a Shoney’s in Anniston, herding all the customers and staff into a cooler – except Thomas Glenn Terry, who shot both with his permitted .45 automatic.