Under The Table

Thesis: If people can’t trust the institutions they have relied on to enforce the laws and administer the justice system fairly, impartially, honestly and diligently, they will start their own institutions to do it for themselves.

Corolary: This is usually an extraordinarily ugly thing. See also: The Mafia, the Provos, the various Lebanese militias, Salvadoran and Argentinean and other nations’ “death squads” of the left and right.

Observation: we are having trouble trusting our institutions to administer justice fairly, impartially, honestly and diligently.

Exhibit 1: young woman notes the FBI slow-rolled the investigation of famous man who abused her horribly at age 15 – and then allegedly lied about her statements:

Bear in mind, Ms. Maroney is at least a C-list celebrity – the crowd who can usually count on some name recognition to deter the worst abuses. If FBI handles the case of someone with name recognition, a public profile and a photo with Barack Obama on her resume, what can the average schnook expect?

Exhibit 2: 49 people may have died because the FBI didn’t want to lose an informant:

Exhibit 3: As noted in the Tweet above, the FBI was alleged to have shaken and baked the “plot” to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer to fluff up their “oncoming wave of white nationalist terror” meme.

In this case, it seems there are some limits even the FBI won’t transgress

…that we know of.

If the people can’t trust their institutions to administer the justice system fairly, impartially, honestly and diligently…

…what, then?

I don’t want to keep seeing the same hands.

13 thoughts on “Under The Table

  1. I’ll give the FBI a pass on these failures. They were too busy protecting Nancy Pelosi’s chair from a guys wearing a buffalo horn hat.

  2. Greg;
    And Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    I also want to know the results of the “investigation” into the Mandalay Bay shootings. Was the guy they “found dead” in the room, another FBI operative that they took out to keep him quiet? Further, all four people that told authorities that they saw two shooters, all died under mysterious circumstances. The first one was a young lady that had a history of epileptic fits, it’s possible that she died during a fit, which is the “official” story. Second guy is a young man that was found out it the desert dead. The other two men, also died mysteriously.

  3. Word is leaking out from the defense and justice department world’s that the new phrase to listen for is “constitutional norms.”

    Apparently this is an indicator of extremism.

  4. Yes, Hilliary’s emails, as well as the Steele dossier, seem to have gotten very little attention. For that matter, wasn’t it FBI staff who pulled a Martha Stewart (prosecuted by James Comey, BTW) on Scooter Libby by continuing to investigate a baseless case until someone said something wrong and could be prosecuted?

    And since we’re talking about the Nassar case, it was Libby’s persecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, who went to Michigan State to “exonerate” the school from liability for the Nassar crimes. $500 million later and counting, I think we know exactly how good his work was there. It was the same Patrick Fitzgerald who “oopsie” had a leak from his office that ended his investigation into Rod Blagojevich at exactly the time when the list of bidders for Barack’s Senate seat would have gotten very interesting.

    It should be noted as well that the Nassar case has been front page news for half a decade, and Maroney is only one of dozens of Olympic gymnasts who were abused by Nassar, among about 500 other victims. If that can’t get the FBI off their collective a**es, I don’t know what will.

  5. One additional note here; the FBI did not just “slow roll” the Nassar investigation. They rather failed to interview named persons of interest and issued no subpoenas. (Kinda like Comey investigating Hilliary) So they didn’t slow roll it; they dropped it altogether.

    They’ve fired one person for this, which is a good start, but really, I think the number to lose their jobs ought to number in the dozens, judging from the number of offices that were supposed to investigate, and we ought to be asking “where does ‘slow rolling’ or failing to investigate become a criminal offense in itself? If it’s not a criminal offence, why not?”.

    As many, including Frederick Douglass, have noted, when denied recourse at the soap box, ballot box, and jury box, people occasionally do resort to another box. If the FBI doesn’t want that box to be used, they need to get off their rear ends and investigate what’s important adequately.

  6. Thanks to the Indianapolis Star, once again, for their investigative work.

    Too bad Nassar also wasn’t smoking weed — or voted in the wrong precinct. The USOC, FBI and WADA would have caught, banned and jailed him within a week.

  7. Thanks to the Indianapolis Star, once again, for their investigative work.

    Oh? Are they another, favorite weekly read for you? When did you thank them the first time, you epic, incredible fucking moron?

    Hahahahahaa! Rat is cutting and pasting transcripts of news conferences now!

  8. Odd that Twat didn’t know how the Indianapolis Star broke the story in 2016. Rather telling that your OAN and Newsmax feeds don’t offer this kind of journalism.

    Former USA Gymnastics doctor accused of abuse

    Local papers were responsible for the abusive Priests story with the Boston Globe. The Miami Herald broke open the Jeffrey Epstein story. Local papers are responsible for much of these major stories that become national. Yet, Twat takes them for granted and blows them off.

  9. I asked you a simple question, you ignorant chud. You thanked them, again.

    When did you thank them the first time? It’s a simple question, even a nitwit should be able to answer….or am I giving you too much credit?

  10. The French ambassador to Washington has been ‘withdrawn for consultations’. The French foreign minister has accused the US of a ‘stab in the back’.
    The world is upside down when the French accuse you of stabbing them in the back.

  11. France throwing their toys out of the pram. Not unexpected and merely shows the pettiness of their foreign policy.

    The main theme in post-war French foreign policy has been a superiority/inferiority complex towards what they insist on calling the Anglo-Saxons. This sometimes helps them to get things right, but more often traps them into unforced errors, increasing the intensity of their complex.

  12. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with commending the Indianpolis Star for their work. Worst you can do is to say “well, hundreds of victims decided they’d trust the Star with their story after they covered Rachael Denhollander’s story, so it kinda dropped into their laps.”, and on the flip side, just imagine how tough it would be to hear accuser after accuser reporting the same disgusting garbage by Nassar, USAG, and the like.

    Where I do find fault with Emery is in not seeing the pattern of precisely how the FBI has been (“oopsie”) dropping important details, to the point where I have to wonder what Martha Stewart and McKayla Maroney did to suggest to them that they were conservative Republicans. Like it or not, the “Justice” establishment seems to delight in prosecuting chicken manure against conservatives, while ignoring far more serious crimes with open and shut cases against liberals, or (IRS scandal, Fast & Furious with the BATFE) their own members.

  13. If any federal law enforcement person wants to talk to you about anything, even the weather, clam up until you have a lawyer.

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