Anyone Have “Socialist Patrician Scofflaw” On Their Democrat Bingo Card?

Turns out the couturier who created AOC‘s “Taxi The Rich“ dress from the Met Gala last week, and whom Ocasio-Cortez hailed as a “fellow woman of color“ who had endured the de rigeur persecution that AOC seems to see around every corner, is:

  • is a tax dodger,
  • has left her workers withholding taxes unpaid
  • has been dodging Workmen’s Compensation claims
  • and hires scads of unpaid interns, which is funny and ironic for those who remember AOC and Ilhan Omar jeering “Experience Doesn’t Pay the Bills, Yo” when pimping for an absurdly high minimum wage.

Note to self:

  • Move to Vegas
  • Start a bookmaking establishment focusing on wagers on politicians’ behavior.

Not that anyone would take “AOC’s coutourier is hypocrite” as a bet.

33 thoughts on “Anyone Have “Socialist Patrician Scofflaw” On Their Democrat Bingo Card?

  1. Who cares?
    This will not cost her a single vote (her district votes D over R 3:1).
    It also will not result in any meaningful criticism from today’s wealth and influence worshiping media.

  2. I would note that reports like that one from the NY Post are good and important, but ultimately don’t matter. Politicians, especially Democrat ones, are not held accountable. This is in part because of what MP wrote; a gerrymandered district like hers is safe.

    But it is also because, as Jesse Kelly wrote, Notice how none of the communists apologize when caught violating their own rules?

    That’s because they’re smart and know how to do politics. Only losers on the Right waste their time apologizing for wrongdoing. The communists are too busy winning.

    Never apologize. Ever.

  3. In earlier times, the aristocracy frequently had unpaid bills. What was a tradesman going to do, sue His Lordship? Guess how that’s going to end. You might receive your pence but you’ll never work in this town again. Nowadays, they don’t even pay their Fair Share of taxes, because why should they? It all depends on whether you’re part of the In Crowd aristocracy.

    Dress designer to the masses – Ivanka Trump – not In Crowd.
    Dress designer to the airhead – Aurora James – definitely In Crowd.

  4. See, if you point out the ridiculous, absurd hypocrisy of AOC, that means you’re the problem.

    You people are pouncing again.

  5. AOC is driving the conversation about Liberals being hypocrites for failing to play by their own book of rules, which provides moral justification for me failing to play by their rules, either. And if they try to force me follow the rules which they don’t follow, that will justify me failing to play by the rules against using force on them.

    Every time the elite flaunt their status, they weaken the social compact. This is not a new concept. Google the phrase: les aristocrates à la lanterne!

    You really don’t understand history at all, do you?

  6. “When making book on a Democrat’s behavior, I always bet the over.”

    This is the six-point plan advanced by Trump lawyer John Eastman for Pence to overturn the election on January 6th.

    Any politician who would go along with this nonsense should be run out of public life on a rail. Any party that would throw their support behind a nominee who wanted to do this is fundamentally broken.

    In fact this movement has gotten a lot stronger and smarter. State by state — Republicans are implementing laws enabling state legislatures to prevent certification of elections and to install the electors that they want. 2020 was just alpha testing.

    But ya — AOC …..

  7. More squirrel from the troll.

    So lets point out what an r’tard he is. You are always hacking on anti vaxers, and anti maskers, saying they are spreading the virus.

    We are pointing out that when the lefties get together they don’t wear masks, hence leading by example to not mask.

    Why don’t you focus your efforts on THOSE super spreaders, as we are? Not wearing masks is bad, right?


    And really you tool, more cnn links? lol

    By the way tool, did Pence do any of that? No? No? End of story, but thanks for playing, you never fail to amuse.

  8. Any politician who would go along with this nonsense should be run out of public life on a rail. Any party that would throw their support behind a nominee who wanted to do this is fundamentally broken.
    Says the guy who still believes in the faux, unfounded “Trump colluded with Russia” hoax.
    FYI, the only media outlet that had ANY doubt about that Team Hillary fraud was Fox.

  9. Yea, Emery, the election of 2020 was so clean that the DemoCommies have spent close to $30 million to stop the audits. What are they worried about, asshat? In fact, that rat bastard Mark Elias is in Minnesota right now colluding with Steve Simon. Senator Vanilla Fluff is the main pusher for the Feds to take over the elections forever.
    Finally, almost daily, more evidence of fraud is being uncovered, like this.

  10. Shh, nobody tell the troll that the Durham indictments PROVE the DNC and Hills LIED about the collusoin.

    Meanwhile the idiot has some non-story that was a non-story months ago and now means even less. So someone had a plan, but no one went along with it.

    Wow, do tell. What a scoop.

  11. Now Politico is reporting that the Hunter Biden laptop story was true.

    The deuce you say! I was assured by the emetics of the world that it was debunked conspiracy theory.

    Why, it’s if the left and the mediots just lie continually.

  12. Question for the board: I have often heard that the 2020 election was the cleanest, fairest, and most honest election ever.

    How did they come to that decision, and who is “they”? What procedures were used to “prove” this? What parameters were used, who did the study or the research paper? Answer: no one. It’s just made up shite. Unless our troll has a link, lol.

  13. Many of the pollsters are predicting the DemocRats are poised to lose 50 seats in the House and 15 in the Senate.

    If that happens, expect the GOP to make big changes…like having lunch catered during committee hearings.

  14. It would be interesting to see a chart showing all of the fed employees in DC with graduate degrees, civil service and political appointees, along with the names of all their spouses & children, and who they worked for.
    I think that would be illuminating.

  15. The dems and their allies in the press never really dispute the “swamp” characterization, they just say that the Republicans are as bad as they are. I am not unbiased but I am a political independent. This isn’t a partisan thing, if I hear a news story about the doings at some fed agency, I would like to know if anyone at the media outfit that broadcast the story has a legal relationship to anyone at the agency.

  16. Given that only 14 Democratic Senators are up for reelection next year, that’d be a neat trick for them to lose 15 seats, Swiftee! (especially since they’re mostly defending pretty safe seats–they might lose 3-4, but not ten or more)

    Regarding the fact that Cortez’s commie dressmaker is a tax and rent deadbeat who lives high on the hog, looks like she’s taking after her customer pretty well. Now both James and Ocasio-Cortez went to the event–who paid their $30k apiece,and what’s the value of that dress? Can you say “garnish their income”? I knew you could.

  17. Given that one of Republicans is Lisa Murkowski, I don’t think that count of 15 Senators is all that wrong. 😉

  18. “I am not unbiased but I am a political independent”

    As an Independent myself it’s not surprising to find *other* Independents who have a wide variety of views.

  19. Bosshoss429 wrote: “Yea, Emery, the election of 2020 was so clean that the DemoCommies have spent close to $30 million to stop the audits.”

    Kinlaw wrote: “I have often heard that the 2020 election was the cleanest, fairest, and most honest election ever.”

    🚨 NYT: Trump’s campaign knew days after the 2020 election that wild claims about voting machine tampering were not true, court filings show.

    It won’t matter. The rubes don’t care that they were conned. (But it might matter in a defamation lawsuit.)

  20. Watch the entire clip of AOC at the Met. She is not presenting herself as a political person, she is presenting herself as a celebrity.
    Have you seen any MSM story about her that actually described the district she represents?

  21. Documents uncovered in Durham’s investigation show that the Clinton campaign and their attorneys Perkins Coie KNEW the collusion charges were false.


  22. I watched the Jackson LOTR trilogy again today. It’s been years since I read the Tolkien books, or seen the films, but it struck me today that the greatest failures of both Sauron and Saruman (baddies) and Galadriel and Elrond (good guys) was that they were seduced by their visions of the future. They thought that they knew how the future was destined to unfold.
    And they were wrong.

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  24. Show me an Independent who would be happy to vote for a Republican if only she could find one who wasn’t icky, and I’ll show you a Democrat who is ashamed to admit it.

  25. Emery on September 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm said:
    You assume rational actions without evidence of rational actors.

    Says the guy who still believes in the “Russian collusion” hoax.
    All of the evidence and testimony that has come to light since Mueller delivered his exonerating report has confirmed that the idea that Trump colluded with Putin to steal the 2016 is not only false, it was, in fact, a creation of Hillary Clinton and her friends in the JD and the FBI, to whom she fed Russian intelligence through a series of cut outs.

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