Shake And Bake Crisis

Who predicted, nine months ago in this very space, that the federal case of the “kidnapping plot against Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer“ would turn out to be a federal shake and bake operation, intended to give us some pretense of delivering on the “wave of right wing terror“ that the feds have been promising since 2009?
Why, it was me.
People have short memories; the feds got in trouble for the same thing back in the 1970s, when it turned out The FBI had infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan so thoroughly that most of the conspiracies that got rounded up were actually spawned by federal informants and undercover operatives.
I wrote about this last week; it would appear that the “conspiracy“ was driven by undercover agents and informers.

So you say people don’t trust government and its institutions?

The hell you say…

(Note to the peanut gallery: go ahead, respond “so what you’re saying is, yoiu support white supremqcists?”. I dare you.

15 thoughts on “Shake And Bake Crisis

  1. May I make a request?

    Please screenshot things you glean from Fedbook and Twatr, as those of us that use the Tor browser (everyone, I hope) cannot access those sites, and won’t access any leftist tech platform with our pants down (an unencrypted browser).

    The pictures will liven up the text, as well.


    As to the dirty shit the feds did here, well that has been standard practice for decades.

    An FBI infiltrator sweet talked Randy Weaver into sawing off the barrel of a shotgun, which cost Randy the lives of his wife and son.

    When the ATF’s infiltrator failed to convince David Koresh into violating any gun laws, they just made shit up out of thin air. The supposed “.50 cal machine gun” the ATF used to allow them access to military hardware was a Barrett rifle; completely legal.

    Pedo Joe’s nominee to lead the ATF, David Chipman, claimed the Davidians used a Barrett to shoot down a helicopter…complete bullshit. In fact, they never produced a helicopter with a .50 hole in it.

    If a fed is talking; he’s more than likely lying.

  2. So lets hear the trolls tell how it is totes unPOSSIBLE that the FBI had ANYone there at the capitol on Jan 6th. Just no way, totes orange man bad iNsuHrEkksHunists.

  3. Geez, make one or two little mistakes and nobody ever shuts up about them.

    It’s not as if we lied to a judge so we could spy on a major candidate for President to leak the details to his opposition.

    Okay, we did that. But it was for a good reason, the Bad Orange Man is a vicious tweeter. And it’s not like we tried to pin the blame for the Olympic bombing on the first guy we found standing around.

    Okay, we did that, too. But have you seen his picture? Guy looks guilty as hell, it’s a totally understandable error.

    And what about the good things, huh? What about when we caught the Umbrella Man who started the Minneapolis riots? What about when we captured DB Cooper with all his loot? What about when we stopped Mohamed Atta from getting his pilot’s license? What about all that stuff? You never give us any credit for the good things we try to do. It’s always bad, bad, bad.

    Disheartening, that’s what it is. We don’t get no respect. You’d think we were a bunch of Keystone Kops.

  4. Still waiting on video evidence of:

    Trump saying attack or invade the capitol (there is video of him saying “peacefully”)
    Peeps calling that donut addled cop the n word
    anyone getting hit with a fire extinguisher

    If jello brain doesn’t bankrupt the US, the coming lawsuits against the FBI and DOJ will.

  5. Note to the peanut gallery: go ahead, respond “so what you’re saying is, you support white supremacists?”. I dare you.

    The peanut gallery is down to just 1 nut again, and smart money says that one is going to make himself scarce. #Sad

  6. All you need to know about the current hearings is they began with DC cop Dunn saying that Sicknick was killed by the January 6 protesters.
    The hearings began with a flat-out lie by law enforcement.

  7. I didn’t watch, MO and of course that would never have been repeated by the fake news media.

    What garbage. What reprobates. What happened to America?

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  9. Wasn’t there even a case of the FBI investigation infiltrating another FBI investigation and wasn’t known till they tried to arrest everyone?

  10. 3%? I’d say you give yourself too much credit, Emery.
    Say, did you know this post has a topic?
    Something about the FBI, so take a gander up top and see if you have anything useful (read by you: not about Trump) to say about it.

  11. Emery once again confirms that he is a professinial troll.
    Long past time when he should have been banned.
    Plagiarism, bizarre conspiracy theories, threadjacking to manipulate search engine results.
    Emery is a mentally disturbed individual.

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