Iowa governor Kim Reynolds’s approval rating has been moving up well into positive territory.

Current polls in the Des Moines register show 53% of Iowans approve of her job, while 43 do not – which, at +10, pretty decent ratio in this very polarized society.

The article in the Des Moines Register is actually fairly comprehensive about reporting the story.

With one exception.

Go ahead, read it.

In what paragraph this very favorable story is the governors party mentioned?

Answer below the jump.

It isn’t.


The name of the party is mentioned with regard to one of the respondents interviewed.


But Governor Reynolds’s party affiliation doesn’t turn up anywhere in the article, for some reason.

Why do you suppose that would be?

NOTE: An “upgrade” to WordPress mangled the bejeebers out of the first take on this post.

Blah .

6 thoughts on “Selective

  1. Well, it goes without saying that Democrats will always have the strongest disapproval of. Republican, no matter how well things are going. I have friends in South Dakota that say the same thing. Anyone that flat out criticizes Noem, is found to be a Dem 99.99% of the time.

  2. I think you’ll find the majority of Register readers are consistently in the “disapprove” column on any poll. There could be a connection…

  3. @jdm: Beats me. Outside of the metro areas in Iowa, you don’t see the Des Moines Register in a lot of hands. It’s almost as if the more rural areas do not need our little cage-liner to know how they’re supposed to feel about issues.

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