What A Difference A Little Access To Power Makes

Senator Melisa Lopez Franzen took what some called a “brave” stance in going after the perps in a sexual harassment scandal at the MN STate Capitol earlier this year.

A Senate staffer, Cynthia Callais, reported being harassed by a Legislative staff manager who happened to be related to Senator Jason Isaacson, a prominent DFLer.

The fracas led to the resignation of Susan Kent from her Senate Minority Leader role, and her announcement she wasn’t going to run again – potentially opening a seat for a GOP challenger, but that’s another story.

So Lopez Franzen just got elected to Kent’s old position.

And look who’s BFFs:

It’s not about justice, for women or anyone else. It’s about power – personal, and partisan.

6 thoughts on “What A Difference A Little Access To Power Makes

  1. Yea, the lying beetch is my Senator. Not the first lie I’ve caught her at. In fact, she stood on my doorstep during her first campaign and lied her ass off about her positions. Of course, having been raised in the third world left wing shithole of Puerto Rico, I would expect nothing less.

  2. In other political news, even with the news about the border being censored, even with the boot licking media, even in the probably leans 5-6 points left poll, gropey joe is down to 44%.

    Given polling today, that’s like 38-39, and that means MANY in his party have deserted him.

  3. kinlaw;
    Did you hear that a senior level army officer reported that “no Isis members were killed in Joey Demento’s approved drone strike on a car that killed 7 children? No disciplinary action is expected”. Of course, as the DemoCommies usually do, they dropped that turd on a Friday afternoon.

  4. Sorry for the thread-jack, but I just had to say this.

    I spent the morning herding three loads of hogs into trucks and found the experience more gratifying and pleasant than my three decades of civil service.

    Perhaps that is because “my clients” were more cooperative and less whinny than the union members who I was forced to deal with.

    Plus, the hogs are now bacon.

    Talk about a contribution to society!!!!

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