2 thoughts on “I Heard It On The NARN

  1. Michelle Benson is running for governor? Against Tim Walz, whose bold and courageous leadership saved 65,000 lives? What madness is this?

    Remember, just 18 months ago the world’s top scientists and doctors at the U of M confidently assured us that if Walz did nothing, 70,000 Minnesotans of all ages would die of Covid. But Walz took strong measures to protect our state and in the end, only 6,000 lives were lost, most of them frail elderly who were going to die soon, anyway. While every life lost is a tragedy, we should all be grateful to Tim Walz for saving our state from certain disaster. And the fight is not over: the Delta variant is on the way. You don’t change horses in the middle of the stream. Now is not the time to walk away from proven leadership.

    Walz yesterday. Walz tomorrow. Walz forever.

  2. JD,
    You forgot to add Walz’s bold move that resulted in a large percentage of those deaths, when he put infected people into nursing homes with other frail, elderly people. To quote a line from Ebenezer Scrooge; “It’s better to decrease the surplus population”.

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