When It Rains, It Pours

Looks like the DFL, tired of chasing after the John Thompson crazy-car and facing a likely round of unpopular “Covid” measures from Governor Klink, needs a scandal to divert attention away from itself. Again.

They is appear to be having no such luck.

DFLers are attacking Senate Minority Leader Susan Kent’s handling of a sexual harassment complaint – spurred by DFL staffers going public:

I did say “public”:

While I fully expect this to get memory-holed, pronto, it’s interesting that this story is coming from a left-leaning news source.

10 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours

  1. So, they aren’t calling for an investigation, they have already consulted their ideology and determined who are the innocent and who are the guilty.
    This is “truth finding” technique ripe for exploitation by bad actors.
    There is a reason we have due process, and there is a reason progressives hate due process.

  2. Once again, I’m betting that the majority of the people that end up bullying her, will be her fellow Democrats.

  3. DFLers are so desperate that they’re attacking other DFLers? And a female DFLer at that? Of course, it was all started by a cis-male DFLer doing typical male, DFLer things.

    It’s so hard to keep up with things, but wasn’t there some political intrigue back when Woodbury’s Kent took over as Minority Leader from an outstate guy?

  4. Thanks, NW. I was really confused by this post but it seems I understood it just fine. Now I’m confused by DFLers.

  5. Night,

    I think we all recall a certain wife beater that the low information crowd elected as the state’s AG. It didn’t matter that he beat her for not taking the garbage out, nor did it matter that she was a Democrat. She was harassed, threatened and shamed, proving that #MeToo only applies only to Republicans that the lefty droogs don’t want in office and to some Democrats.

  6. Yes, the DFL is going to deep six this, sort of, and they’ll get away with it, sort of, but what I’m reminded of is how the Obama administration seemed to waltz from scandal to scandal, and at such a pace that none of the scandals really could get wings. It was almost like Obama was playing corruption to get the media away from observing his corruption.

    I have to wonder if the DFL in general have realized what a neat thing this is, and if and when the media will ever realize how they are being played–it almost seems as if the media have limited column-inches (so to speak) for Democratic scandals, and hence any Democrat can move scandal A off the front pages by putting scandal B there for just enough time to prevent Scandal A from being adequately investigated.

    Or, are the media in on the scam? That’s the really scary thought in my view.

  7. Bikebubba, I think that most people have the situation backwards.
    The media is not under control of the Democrats, the Democrats are under control of the media.

  8. Interesting conjecture there, MO. But for me, I think, why not both? Working together, I mean.

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