A Small Victory

Half of our society is figuring it out:

Lots of ground to make up.

But it’s a start.

5 thoughts on “A Small Victory

  1. Well, now that our libidiot controlled state Supreme Court has reversed the lower court’s decision on the defund the police ballot question, look for that number to jump even higher.

  2. My advice to women lately has been to not buy a gun, buy 2. One should be a pretty new Glock 19 for shooting at the range and in the CC class. The other gun should be an inexpensive used but serviceable 9mm that she can carry day to day. The second gun should be considered disposable – “if you have to, use it then lose it” because you won’t want to call the cops and hang around for the circus to come.

  3. The first time I went gun shopping with a woman we had a hard time finding one she could load and shoot. She had arthritis. We settled on a .38/.357 hammerless revolver, and it was still very difficult to pull the trigger.
    The second time I went gun shopping with a woman, she chose a 9 mm automatic — against my advice — because she had trouble pulling the slide. She would have been better off with a revolver.

  4. I wonder if some of the females with guns phenomenon is pop culture fall out?
    in the action/adventure/thriller genre, you see a lot more aggressive women with guns than you did twenty years. They are out there kicking butt on guys more than twice their size with pure physical strength!

    I don’t mind this too much because the action/adventure/thriller genre shoould be considered fantasy anyhow. There are no John Wicke’s in real life, just are their are no Buffy Summers.

  5. MP;
    That might be part of it, but the women that I have spoken with that bought guns, are genuinely worried that if they are getting assaulted, the cops will arrive too late.

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