2+2=Road Salt

Got any questions?

Don’t bring ’em to Erin Maye Quade, former MN state representative, 2018 Lieutenant Governor candidate, and (along with former commenter Dog Gone and William Davis) one of the Minnesota DFL’s most imortant intellectual thought leaders.

Because, being a thought leader, she’s got the answers:

So a trans woman, having experienced none of growing up as a bio-female, can not only appropriate a lifetime of bio-female experience, but in so doing scoop up all the scholarships – which, I hasten to add, are what put a lot of working-class bio-girls a shot at a higher education (for what little that seems to be worth these days)?

Seems a little…misogynistic?

My daughter grew up playing basketball in elementary school and junior high with, and against, a bunch of very talented, largely black girls from Frogtown, the Midway and the North End.

Some of these girls, even at 10-13 years old, were already working hard on their games, in hopes of getting scholarships.

I’m dying to see how Ms. Maye Quade would explain to those working-class girls how not only were their scholarships going to bio-boys, but they’d best shut up about it if they ever wanted to do lunch at the Saint Paul Grill again.

I’m just waiting for a bunch of bio-guys who couldn’t quite make the NBA, and are tired of playing in Italy and Poland, to “transition” and dominate the living s**t out of the WNBA and Women’s Soccer.

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  1. I agree with everything in this post, but I guess I don’t understand. Commies never hold any political position unless it is expedient to do so. Misogynist? Tranny-lover trumps that. Today. Women (girls), working class or otherwise, are worth less than trannies.

    Schlichter pointed this out some time ago: For instance, the trans frenzy involves spotlighting the struggle of a statistically insignificant number of unusual individuals in order to disrupt the traditional social order by freaking out the squares. You are one of the squares, if you did not know that already. By creating a social movement that erases the difference between men and women, and which forces people to become complicit in the lie that men can morph into women and vice versa, the liberal elite seeks to do what it always does. It seeks to increase its power by diminishing your autonomy. Today, you can’t speak the truth about gender. Tomorrow it will be some other truth that you are forbidden to utter.

    My only complaint about this is using “liberal elite” instead of “commie”.

  2. How many legs does a dog have, if you call his tail a leg?

    Four. Because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.

    – Honest Abe

  3. I’m still absolutely shocked that these pro trans boys in sports, don’t get pressed hard on it. They should be asking idiots like Cardona, if he would be OK with his pre-pubescent or teen daughter showering with a trans boy to girl? How about his wife? Put these bastard’s feet to the fire. In fact, put their feet into the fire! I’ve used this question at my local school board meeting against screaming screws fighting for their trans boy. You could’ve heard a pin drop!

  4. The question I have is this; are advocates OK with their own children showering with people who are not trans at all, but rather claim to be so so they can be in the opposite sex’s locker room? To me, the biggest deal is “people who should be on Meghan’s List using the new regulations as cover”. Only then do you have the question of whether they’re OK with their children showering with a biological male who is not a Meghan’s List candidate.

    Then you’ve got the issue in sports like basketball and softball; are you OK with your daughter playing against opponents with male strength and size, knowing that this may lead to your daughter being seriously injured?

    And finally, for the non-contact sports, “are you OK with your daughters losing out because competitors with male skeletons, testosterone, and musculatore have an inherent advantage?”

    The last bit is obscured a bit by the failure of the IOC, NCAA, and others to adequately police steroid use, of course, but these are some very real reasons to ask the questions.

  5. Geez, bike, there you go thinking the commies have thought about the consequences of their decisions.

  6. For the most part, I feel bad for trannies. I’m a doctor; I understand they’re suffering from a pretty horrific mental illness, and I don’t tend to mock the mentally deficient unless they’re spewing inane babble in comment threads. They’re also being used by leftist reprobates, because the normalization of mental illness further undermines American society…I can forgive them for that.

    That being said, I absolutely refuse to be an enabler. A in a dress is a man in a dress. A man that cuts his junk off and sews milkers on is a man with no junk and milkless milkers. A woman that mutilates her coochie is a woman with a mutilated coochie. End of story.

    I never see these poor, sick people in my neck of the woods, and that’s probably a good thing because I have no desire to make their lives more miserable than they already are. I do, however, have a burning desire to make life as much of a living hell as possible for people that fuck their kids up with this insanity. If we ever become a country of laws again, these people will spend the rest of their lives in a cage.

  7. As for the loss of women’s sports? Meh. Maybe it will teach more of them not to vote for degenerate leftists, and it’s sure to make women’s MMA more interesting.

  8. Speaking of womens’ MMA, remember Fallon Fox? 5-1 in the MMA despite rules that someone had to be castrated for at least two years before competing. One person who lost to Fox claimed that it was pretty much like fighting a man.

    That said, only 5-1. I think there are probably some limitations to the advantages of those who are “post bottom surgery” due to the loss of testosterone. The interesting thing about the MMA is they at least used to insist that male/female trans competitors complete bottom surgery 2 years before competing. Dunno how I feel about this–on one hand, it’s fairer if they’ve completed the transition, on the other, something in me cringes at people giving a reason to go through with it.

  9. I actually took human biology in college. And I paid attention.
    Men, post puberty, have thicker, denser heavier bones than women. They need thicker, denser bones than women to support the greater muscle mass that men have compared to women. Pound for pound, a sixty year old man has as much upper body strength as a twenty year old woman, and most men are a lot heavier then women are.
    The reason men are taught to not hit women is not just because it is unfair, it is because they are likely to kill or cripple them.
    This is such a simple, empirical fact it is embarrassing to even mention it. My God, even small men do not walk in fear because some big woman may beat them up.

  10. I don’t know, Dr Pete, I have a fondness for watching women’s volleyball – I’m going to miss it

  11. I’m still convinced that most of the men that claim to actually be women, are perverts taking advantage of the ability to ogle nude women with impunity.

  12. Love Titania’s feed, and notice that one response to her smart aleck comment is that our new assistant secretary of health is wanting to make misgendering a mental illness. Good to know that DSM is now going to be determined politically.

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