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If it could be said the MInnesota DFL party has three intellectual standardbearers – the people who define the full depth and breadth of today’s DFL’s worldview, belief structure and moral parameters – they’d be Minneapolis Congressoman Ilhan Omar, Minneapolis city councilwoman Alondra Cano, and William “Robespierre” Davis.

You might recall Mr. Davis from before the 2018 elections, when he “joked” about hauling Republicans “to the guillotines”, the sort of thing that would have gotten a Republican staffer fired and exiled, but seems to have only cemented Davis’ reputation as a (ahem) thought leader.

And you know what they say – thought leaders’ gonna lead thoughts:

“Murder boats”.

Got that, veterans? Forget Tim Walz’s hopey-changey; this is what the Minnesota DFL actually thinks about you.

Vote accordingly.

By the way – I think it’s fascinating how every time an elected DFLer is in a self-inflicted jam, some DFL staffer says something dissociative and inflammatory.

7 thoughts on “This Is Today’s DFL

  1. I’ve seen several people jump on Billy Davis for the word “murder,” but I’m wondering if anyone has gone after him for his inappropriate use of the word “boat”? Seems like DuffleBlog could have some fun with that angle.

  2. It’s quite surprising that Matt McNeil’s’ former $100 / wk producer doesn’t have the chops to be a communications professional.

  3. It looks like there’s a double or redundant tweet here, but they all may’ve been deleted. I did find the missing one at KSTP via DuckDuckGo (‘ “william davis” dfl’) along with a follow-up which indicated that Mr Davis has “nothing but respect for the soldiers of our country and the Navy”. Probably written before he deleted it all – and now it looks like he has deleted his account.

    The “boat” is an inanimate object that is of no harm to anyone without operators. Like Davis’ grandpa or uncles… so, of course, the operators are respected and the inanimate object is murderous. I wonder if those voices in his head argue with each other.

  4. Was very disappointed to see Dave Thule grab his ankles for that punk, so easily.

    Looks like TDS is just as toxic to Neo-con brains as leftists’. #Sad

  5. BTW. Having served on a small US Navy vessel, I can say that port and starboard watch standing was murder.

    4 hours sleep, 4 hours watch; rinse & repeat until you get to the pier.

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