Preventive Hygiene

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrats seek to impeach Donald Trump, not to remove him from office,
but to make sure he can’t hold office again.

They rely on Article 1, Section 3, last paragraph, which provides:
“Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to
removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office
of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States . . ..”

My question: suppose the Republican nominee is unacceptable to RINOs and
a genuine threat to Democrats.  Could Congress use this precedent to ram
through a quick impeachment to prevent that person from taking office?

Why bother with the effort and expense of printing up all those fake
ballots?  Simply impeach every opponent and you can rule the country

Joe Doakes

I see a thriving business in pre-impaching potential GOP candidates.

8 thoughts on “Preventive Hygiene

  1. It would really be great if, when the GOP takes over the House in 2022, there are some additional people elected that have a spine and they go after slow Joe or the San Francisco hoe and impeach them. Then, they hold Democrat house members accountable for their bull crap and go after them.

    I couldn’t help noticing that Shifty lying Adam Schiff is lobbying Newsom to replace the lying, anti-American Javier “ Baccarea”. Schiff is worried about something, otherwise why would an egotistical attention whore like him trade his national soapbox for a smaller one?

  2. If the GOP is allowed to retake the house in 2022, I predict that you will see riots that will make January 6 look like an old lady’s coffee party. The word has gone out from high in the Democrat party that their anti-fascist rioters will enjoy protection from the law.

  3. Hoss, the reprobates stole the Presidential and Georgia Senate elections in broad daylight. Even the trash calling themselves “conservatives” in DC are high giving them.

    The same people who pulled this coup off will be manning the polling places in 2, 4, 6, 8, x, x, x…years.

    What makes you think your party has an ice cubes chance in hell of ever winning a national election again?

  4. A scene from Gorky Park comes to mind.

    Inspector Renko: “I can give you a ride.”
    Irina: “KGB has better cars.”
    Renko: ‘Yes, but KGB cars won’t always take you where you want to go.”

    Substitute “Democracy” for “Irina”.

  5. Time magazine has an article that admits the entire propaganda campaign and election theft collusion, orchestrated by a hard left wing AFL-CIO goon and are basically bragging about it. They even tacitly admit that Trump was right. It also delivers a hard smack down of Emery the copyright violator and resident troll. I’m expecting him to show his hypocrisy again, by claiming the article is a conspiracy theory. In reality, it IS an organized conspiracy!

  6. Boss, funny how Elias is claiming his election was stolen by them damn voting machines! And let’s check… nope, nobody is rushing to impeach him. Imagine that!

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