An Inconvenient Bill

SCENE:  Mitch BERG is salting his sidewalk.   Absorbed in achieving a proper dispersion pattern, he doesn’t notice Avery LIBRELLE, walking up behind.  


BERG:   (Turns, mild suprrise followed by disappoinment).  Oh, hey, Avery.

LIBRELLE:  Gun owners are stupid.

BERG”  Naturally.   Why this time?

LIBRELLE:  They think someone is coming (BERG reaches into his inside coat pocket) for their (BERG hands a trifolded piece of paper to LIBRELLE) guns….

LIBRELLE starts reading LInda Slocum’s House File 1322, which calls for sweeping confiscations of guns and the systematic extermination of the right of privacy.  As LIBRELLE falls silent, LIBRELLE’s jaw keeps slowly flapping, like a beached fish, bill in hand.  

BERG:  Careful when you start walking agian.  Neighbor’s sidewalk’s pretty icy.

BERG goes inside, hauling shovel and remaining salt.   LIBRELLE stands, ,jaw flapping impotently, as camera fades to black. 

And SCENE.  

22 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Bill

  1. “Take the guns first. Go through due process second, I like taking the guns early.”
    ~ Donald J Trump

    Imagine the reaction if Barack Obama said on national television that the 2nd Amendment should be ignored and the government can confiscate a citizen’s gun without due process.

  2. Yes, there would be cheering and hooting and hollering and attaboys passed all around. This time, MSM is stunned. Stunned I tell you! They cannot go out and say sTrumpet is wrong, bad, stupid, unAmerican because it does not fit in with their desire to support him in this endeavor. What we are seeing is a collapse of the “bad-sTrumpet” narrative and unpreparedness of the media due to lack of talking points to steer the narrative.

    But from the right side – indignation and scorn all around, as there should be.

    Come back when you get your fill of talking points, trolls. It will be interesting to see what you crapweasels come up with. Carry on, cupcakes.

  3. I strongly suspect Trump was engaging in his famous off-the-cuff-remark style of spit-balling, throwing out ideas, rather than making a solid proposal. Still, we already use the concept for asset forfeiture so there’s precedent. I think pre-emptive action is a wonderful idea and I’m looking forward to applying it to other areas of law.

    People with grey pony tails wearing Alpaca sweaters seeking to vote in heavily Democrat districts will be denied a ballot on election day. They can petition to have their voting rights restored after the election.

    All Black males aged 13-30 will be stopped and frisked daily, in case they might be carrying drugs or guns. If arrested, they can have due process at the trial (but we keep the drugs and the guns).

    Any woman seeking an abortion will be confined in a mental ward as a danger to herself or others. She can petition for a hearing when the Courts get a spare moment, say in about 9 months or so.

    All Muslim mosques will be barricaded and entry denied, in case their preaching might incite a riot or might include hate speech. They can have a hearing after Trump leaves office.

    Wow, this is a wonderful idea. I can understand why Democrats are leaping on the bandwagon. I can’t wait to see how it all works out.

    /sarc off

  4. If Obama had claimed the right to confiscate guns without due process, the Articles of Impeachment would have been written by nightfall.

  5. I’ve personally poured some mockery on the plan to raise the age for owning guns to 21. You can hunt at 14, drive at 16, join the military and use a full auto gun at 18, marry at 18, vote at 18, join the police at 18 (with sufficient education), but you’re only allowed to own a gun for yourself at 21? Seriously?

    With regards to this statement of Mr. Drumpf, it strikes me as something that an executive not used to being limited in his actions would say until people point out that if he tries it, he’ll be slapped so hard in the courts he’ll wake up in next week.

  6. MBerg wrote: “If you think shooters are ignoring Trump’s jape, you need to get out more.”

    Tomorrow Trump will change his mind. Then he’ll change it back again. And so on…

  7. If Drumpf is going to change his mind, then one would infer that his voters–handlers–do well not to go flying off the handle every time he says something, no?

  8. Back to the subject, if providing evidence to people like Avery worked, this series would have been over years ago. No?

  9. Had another thought about the challenge of what would have happened if Obama had proposed confiscating guns without due process. Seems to me that members of his party did just that by proposing “No Fly, no Buy” after Newtown. As Teddy Kennedy found out the hard way, it’s extremely easy to get on that list, and extremely difficult to get off. In essence, the Democrats have indeed proposed confiscation of guns without due process.

    Other examples include gun bans in the District of Columbia, Chicago, New York City, and California. So while I’m disappointed at Trump’s comments, he’s got plenty of precedent on the left.

  10. GOP defeated these two bills. Temporary respite. DFL won’t quit.
    Be ready

  11. It’s almost too bad they went down so quickly. You could use it for campaign commercials. Large portion of Democrats favor taking away your first .22!

  12. So, let’s say my wife and I both have permits and carry. And let’s say we have irreconcilable differences (as in Glock vs. H&K) and split up. Who’s gun gets confiscated?

  13. Night Writer on March 1, 2018 at 10:55 pm said:
    So, let’s say my wife and I both have permits and carry. And let’s say we have irreconcilable differences (as in Glock vs. H&K) and split up. Who’s gun gets confiscated?

    Swiftee’s. Swiftee’s gun always get confiscated.

  14. And let’s say we have irreconcilable differences (as in Glock vs. H&K) and split up.

    Just hoping your brought . your kids up as SIG.

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