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  1. I encourage everyone to read this investigative report from RealClearPolitics. The author, Paul Sperry, draws a direct line between the Obama Administration’s policy on school discipline and Nicholas Cruz being able to pass a background check.

    Cruz committed felonies on multiple occasions, yet the Broward County School System had an agreement with the sheriff’s office to not charge him (and others) criminally.

    There something that every dreamsickle and civil rights advocate can agree on – and that is violent felons should not be allowed access to firearms.

    Apparently, Obama, the Obama Department of Education and the Broward County Sheriff and School Board – believes that they should.

    See https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2018/02/28/obama_administration_school_discipline_policy_and_the_parkland_shooting.html

  2. Greg, no arrests means no crimes. Surely even you can understand the logic in that. Shvonder-eTASS surely does.

  3. This is the consequence of applying concepts of employment law to school discipline and criminal law that I’ve been going on about. It’s only going to get worse.

    The employment law theory of “disparate impact” says that if a business imposes a job requirement which hurts one group of people more than the rest, the business must be able to prove that requirement is essential and not just a sham to weed out people the employer doesn’t like. Requiring all Target employees to be able to lift 100 pounds would weed out more women than men. Sounds like discrimination against women. Is that lifting requirement essential for a cashier? If not, the requirement cannot stand.

    Applying the same concept to school, if the school punishes students for shoving in the halls and the result is more Black boys are punished than White or Asian boys or girls, then a no-shoving policy has a disparate impact on Black boys. Unless the school can prove no-shoving is essential, the policy is racial discrimination. Schools don’t want the bad publicity and can’t afford to spend the money litigating every policy so they implicitly exempt certain groups from punishment to make the statistics come out better. The Florida shooter, Cruz, had a Hispanic name so he was in the group that received special exemption.

    Liberals want to apply the same principle to criminal law. Nationally, Black men are jailed at disproportionately higher rates than White or Asian men. That suggests racial discrimination in law enforcement so we should let some Black criminals out of jail and avoid putting more in. In Florida, Hispanics are also jailed at disproportionately higher rates. Florida police either face allegations of racial discrimination or they take steps to avoid sending Hispanics to jail.

    If the laws don’t apply to everybody alike, then eventually the Lords will rule the Serfs. The Founders explicitly rejected the system that modern Liberals seek to impose.

  4. I hear you, Joe.

    Odd how disparate impact works….

    When a city claims its firefighters must have the strength to carry a person to safety – a judge will say, “No, they don’t.”

    When someone observes that family law has pretty much wiped out black fatherhood – the DFL Feminist Caucus will say, “Hey, whose the real victim here?”

    When teachers are assaulted in the schools by out of control thugs – the Obama Administration said, “Shut up and keep the union dues flowing.”

  5. Deafened by their progressive echo chamber and blinded by the dazzle of the virtue signals in their eyes, the Dems will march headlong into another “WTF?” election result and be left muttering about Russian skulduggery, and then will vote Pelosi another term as minority leader.

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