Where Have All The Nice Things Gone?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Powerline runs an occasional column “The Week in Pictures.”  A while back, they started to end each column with a photo of a beautiful woman holding a gun and wearing very little.  Come on, relax, it’s innocent fun.  Then some female reader complained – there should be photos of hunky men holding guns, for fairness.  That was added and the women holding guns got more clothes.  Not as much fun.  This week, a female reader complains in the comments that the hunk isn’t hunky enough and the girls are still too hot.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Joe Doakes

On this, I have no comment.

2 thoughts on “Where Have All The Nice Things Gone?

  1. Just a suggestion. Could SItD borrow the Powerline trolls for a while? Or maybe an exchange?

    The local trolls don’t really seem quite up to the task here; I mean, they regularly get man-handled by the better rhetoric as well as dialectic of the local commenters (and blog owner) and changing the subject seems to be the only tool in their toolbox. Or disappearing, of course.

    Over there at PL, there’s a couple, three trolls who seem to be able to give as well as they get and a lot of commenters there just get angry and call names.

    I think the local commenters here would do well with the better opposition and the commenters over there could use the vacation.


  2. I believe that people on the Right understand the arguments of people on the Left better than vice-versa. I could change my moniker and be a fake liberal. Not a troll, though. No snark, though that would make it joyless.

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