MinnPost: Narrative Police!

Read this piece in the MinnPost, entitled “House DFL opens session with priority of paying back $550 million to schools”

What’s missing?

It’s got the who, what, when, where, why and how (DFL, pay back the “shift”, or accounting gimmick that post-dates checks until after some future date, this session, at the Capitol, etc).

It’s got some quotes from DFL leaders:

Speaker Paul Thissen, sworn in Tuesday along with the rest of Minnesota’s legislators, said the ceremonial House File 1 would be a bill that returns roughly $550 million to the state’s schools. DFLers campaigned on the issue, but it hadn’t surfaced on many pre-legislative to-do lists.

And it’s suffused with the sense that all those DFLers are plugging away For The Children.

What does it not have?

Any reference to the fact that the GOP-dominated 2012 session passed a bill to pay back the shift last year.  Governor Dayton vetoed it.

Precisely so that the media would have this headline, this year.

Heck of a job, MinnPost.  You may take your place in the ranks of the Minnesota Praetorian Guard, doing your bit for the DFL.

8 thoughts on “MinnPost: Narrative Police!

  1. So Governor Jim Beam was against it before he was for it. I am disgusted that the fools in this state gave the congenital idiot a majority in both houses. Drop your pants and bend over Minnesota. Hopefully the DFL will say “I love you” first.

  2. Dave Thompson mentioned that and a few other things about last year’s session on KARE’s 10 p.m. news last night. They had a live shot with him and Erin Murphy. It was no contest.

    Thompson needs to be front and center this year and next — he’s the most effective communicator the party has.

  3. Mitch…it’s MinnPost. What do you expect?

    I agree 100% Mr. D. Those of us that listened to Thompson’s KSTP show knew he’d be a force to recon with in the legislature. Standing him up against the leftist media at every opportunity is the best thing that will come out of this year’s legislative circus.

  4. On another note, am I the only one that has noticed a lack of comments from our resident liberat trolls on posts about the economy? I guess that they can’t admit that the payroll tax holiday was all Barack Obumbler’s fault or the fact that had the evil Bush tax cuts been allowed to expire, they would be paying less taxes than their dear leader negotiated. I love it when lefty economics bites them in the asses!

  5. Boss: We’ve always said our liberal troll friends were trying to defend the indefensible, but they went ahead and spewed their talking points anyway. Now their talking points have become real back-pocket issues which are no longer theoretical, but inescapable. They and their party are intellectually naked. Their silence is not humility – they’re hoping their political friends won’t notice they were being used as tools.

    Who won? – certainly not the American people.

  6. But the promise was to pay back ALL the money, balanced budget with no shifts or gimmicks. This was from DFL leaders and the Governor. Now Senator Bakk says his goal is “to hand off a fully balanced budget to the senators who will seek election in four years”. Never mind that it has to be balanced every biennium (by law) but how about doing it for the rest of us? Four years? What happened to the promise?

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