Heckuva Job, Baracky

Katrina was bad.

Sandy was, in many ways, worse.

Six days after Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, President Bush’s presidency had been declared a failure and a disgrace. It was all FEMA’s fault, we were given to understand, and, by extension, Bush’s fault. It wasn’t the incompetence of local and state officials, or the levee collapse (a failure, by the way, that impartial observers lay at the feet of another government agency going back years, the Army Corps of Engineers). No, within a few days of the storm’s impact, Bush was an enemy of the people.

Compare and contrast:

Six days after Sandy hit the East Coast, most of the press had utterly lost interest in the human toll, though thousands of people went without food, water, gasoline, or electricity for the better part of two weeks. The Washington Times reported two weeks after Sandy, “Bodies are still being recovered in Staten Island. Chaos reigns in the streets of the outer boroughs. Residents have taken up arms — baseball bats, machetes, shotguns — as crime and looting soar.”

All they lacked was a Superdome.  And Anderson Cooper to trumpet the rumor mill to a gullible nation.

It took three days for the Red Cross to reach Staten Island — ditto for FEMA. For those without power or water, that’s a very long time. What happened to the “lean forward” strategy FEMA had supposedly put in place? What became of the prepositioning of supplies like water and blankets? Prepackaged meals and bottled water languished in Georgia and Maryland warehouses, reported Breitbart.com.

It’s simple; after election day, the photo op disaster was no longer of use to the narrative.

2 thoughts on “Heckuva Job, Baracky

  1. Obama has continued to have an advantage not shared even with the captive press of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russian, China, North Korea, etc. A working press that falls over itself to “report” stories favorable to the regime and critical of its opponents, all without specific direction from the Leader or his minions. The non-reporting of the Sandy disaster is a case in point, as is the murder of four Americans in Benghazi due to the negligence on many levels of our government. Most recently I ran across a piece in Forbes about the utter failure of a Federal program to find mortgage lender fraud in spite of looking as hard for it as Bush II looked for WMDs in Iraq. http://onforb.es/WOHMwz
    Then I googled “CBS news mortgage fraud” and came up with a hit piece they produced last July about alleged fraud. Not a word since.

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