Waiting On The Unicorns

Last week:  the DFL in the Legislature, with the aid of their PR arm in the Twin Cities media, exclaimed with great ballyhoo that they were going to “repay the school funding shift”.

As we noted at the time, the DFL promised – ballyhoo notwithstanding – to repay half the shift.  And they did it after Mark Dayton unaccountably vetoed the GOP’s plan last session to pay back the entire shift.

But beyond that, there’s one other clinker.

Take a look at the bill – HF1 – that relates to the “repayment” of the shift.

What’s missing from the bill?

Answer below the jump.

Any reference to where the money is going to come from.

Meaning, presumably, the DFL is counting on unicorns to fly down from the sky bearing little treasure chests.  Perhaps full of platinum “get out of debt free” coins.

5 thoughts on “Waiting On The Unicorns

  1. The unicorns will be shaped exactly like my wallet. One of the great mysteries of our time.

  2. I think that it should come from Jim Graves, Alita Messenger, the Cowles family and maybe they can even hit up the staff at the Red Star to kick in a few bucks!

  3. They damn sure ain’t gonna be getting any money from the shiny new $243 MILLION tax dollar Union Depot building.

    “The almost eerie quiet in the St. Paul Union Depot’s historic waiting room isn’t going away anytime soon.

    The depot’s meticulously restored rail concourse reopened last month after sitting empty for decades. But passenger rail service will not roll into the transit hub for at least another nine months, Amtrak officials said.”

    Oh yeah, it gets better…

    “Amtrak is the second major tenant whose absence from the depot has been palpable. Greyhound decided last year against moving into the Union Depot and instead permanently shut down its St. Paul station on University Avenue during light-rail construction. The bus line said it would focus on operating higher-end express services from Minneapolis, without a stop in St. Paul.

    I think Saint Paul needs a new piece of public art. I vote for a bronze statue of John DeLorean high fiving Chris Coleman.

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