Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate, 2012 Edition!

Two years ago, in the run-up to the mid-terms, I ran a poll that was one of my favorites in the history of this blog; what Minnesota conservatives do liberals hate the most?

It wasn’t a huge shock that Michele Bachmann won, naturally.  But I wonder – with two years passed, how have things changed?

And so it’s time for the second stab at a tradition unlike any other:  the 2012 edition of “Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate?”

Here’s the rules, such as they are:

  • Put together a list of who Minnesota liberals hate the most, this year.
  • Put it in descending order of hate:  in other words, “1” is highest, “10” is lowest.
  • Theoretically, you can put as many as you want on your list – but since the list is in descending order, adding more than 10 or 15 will mean that the “passion index” of some of the lower members of your list will get shorted.  So while you <i>can</i> add many, many to your list, it’s best to keep it to 5, 10 or at the outside 15-20 names.
  • Leave ’em in the comment section of this post (or send them to “feedbackinthedark@yahoo.com”, with “POLL” in the subject line).
  • If you don’t put in a specific order, I’ll just take them in descending priority from whatever list you DO provide.

I’ll run the flights starting Thursday, with the top ten on Friday.  Nominations will be taken until 11:59PM on Wednesday.

In all seriousness, here;  this poll is a serious academic attempt to measure the intellectual id of the liberals in Minnesota.

So start arfing up those lists!  This post will be periodically moved to the top of the blog’s post list.

For historical purposes, here are 2010’s results – the Top Ten, the 11-20 finishers, and 21-30.  And for all academics reading this for historical purposes, here’s the post with the nominations.

18 thoughts on “Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate, 2012 Edition!

  1. Haven’t put my list together yet, but I can tell you that if having a dedicated, batshit crazy, full on raving stalker adds points, @mitchpberg has moved up several notches!

  2. From my perch, I’d rank ’em as follows:

    1) Michele Bachmann
    2) Katherine Kersten
    3) Kurt Bills (will be rising quickly)
    4) Chip Cravaack
    5) John Kline
    6) Erik Paulsen
    7) Tom Emmer
    8) Bob Davis
    9) Jason Lewis
    10) Mitch

    Ed Morrissey, the various Powerline dudes and Swiftee are all up there, too. I’m sure our pal Brad Carlson would like to be up there, but he probably needs to strangle a squirrel live on the air of the Patriot to get some traction. Sue Jeffers could rise up the list as her campaign for the Ramsey County board gets rolling. T-Paw will leap back into the top 10, probably top 2 or 3, if he gets the Veep nod, but otherwise I don’t think he’s there. But it will always be Bachmann on the top as long as she’s on the scene.

    The most interesting thing about the lists from 2 years ago is how many people are no longer factors in the hate-o-rama. These days the Dread Pirate Strommie and Phil Krinkie aren’t really factors any more and Marty Seifert might as well be on a milk carton. And I suspect that the libs like Brodkorb now that he’s soiled the parlor.

  3. WordPress is weird — it turned my number 8 ranking for Davis into an emoticon….

  4. 1. Michele Bachmann
    2. Bradlee Dean
    3. Dan McGrath
    4. Katherine Kersten
    5. Twila Brase
    6. Sue Jeffers
    7. Jason Lewis
    8. Tom Emmer
    9. Bob Davis
    10. Tea Party

  5. Ever since 2008, it’s been clear that Democrats hate conservative women more than anything. Here is my list:

    1. Michele Bachmann
    2. Katherine Kersten
    3. Laura Brod
    4. Mary Franson
    5. Twila Brase
    6. Jen DeJournette
    7. Gretchen Hoffman
    8. Bridget Sutton
    9. Sue Jeffers
    10. Michelle Benson

  6. I like teh Andee’s thinking, but with a small modification and a re-ordering

    1. Michele Bachmann
    2. Sarah Palin
    3. Mary Franson
    4. Laura Brod
    5. Sue Jeffers
    6. Chris Fields
    7. Gretchen Hoffman
    8. Bridget Sutton
    9. Twila Brase
    10. Michelle Benson

  7. If you head over to Penigma’s place, this weekend the five minutes of hate were dedicated to Limbaugh, Beck, and the Koch brothers. Even the Left’s hatred is banal and unimaginative.

  8. Terry, you forgot the evil NRA – DG, our favorite puppy-mill operator, has been spraying spittle in their direction lately.

  9. Yeah, Kel, that was weird how she described the MSM as “right wing” in her Fast & Furious post, then, in a later post, accused Romney of avoiding the MSM because of its high journalistic standards.
    And of course she has once again confused Steven Colbert with a journalist. His qualifications, as far as DG is concerned, seem to be that he was born into a wealthy family with the right social connections and studied acting at an elite private college.

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  11. “Lost me right there.” Heh. If I want to pound nails into wood with my forehead, I’ll pound nails into wood with my forehead. Reading thousand word essays on the authors most recent peeve isn’t required or desired.

  12. And I can tell you who Minnesota liberals hate
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann
    Michele Bachmann

  13. I’m not surprised to see stalking and penisBlog in the same thread. It happens. Crossing my property line was wrong. Crossing the threshold was bat-shit crazy stalking…

    As usual, you can find the truth on SitD.

  14. Property line? Theshold? What happened?

    I try not to follow leftyblogs, but what on earth is going on?

  15. Well, I should have followed through with Joel a couple years ago about the wife taking some training…

    …and that thug with the dog in the pickup truck might need a reminder about respect of property not to mention civility toward women…

  16. Sounds like a legal matter.

    Have you contacted the police or a lawyer? Sounds like you have grounds for at least a restraining order.

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