Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate: Ire Land!

And so we get to the peak of the peak; the top ten Minnesota Conservatives that Minnesota liberals and Democrats hate!  These, for the most part, are the people who drive Minnesota liberals into paroxysms of rage because…they disagree with them.

Drum roll please!

10. Ed Morrissey: Yeah, I’m surprised the mild-mannered Morrisey made the top ten, too.  Maybe it’s the effortlessness of it all that they hate so much; Ed, my radio colleague, mows through national lefties like a riding mower through a cabbage patch, and doesn’t break a sweat, and makes it back to the Morrissey Mansion in time for reruns of The Wire with the First Mate; he may have more influence on national opinion than Media Matters, and until recently he did it for the love of the game.  If you were George Soros, you’d hate that.

9. Norm Coleman: There is nothing the left hates worst than apostates; we’ve seen how they detest female conservatives throughout this poll; Democrats who flip parties are one circle of Lib Hell removed from them.  Norm flipped when he was mayor of Saint Paul, and went on to be the best Senator this state has had in years, and the best we’re likely to have until at least 2014.

8. Mitch Berg:  Huh?  Me?  A guy with a blog that gets a respectable but strictly-C-list 2,000 visits a day?  OK, I claim home field advantage; I got a lot of votes, but my passion index was the lowest on the Top Ten.  Still, it’s fun to see!  Thanks!

7. Jason Lewis:  Let’s not mince words; Lewis is to Minnesota conservatism what the Wright Brothers were to aviation; before them, conservatism and heavier-than-air flight were both theories; it took them to make it all happen.  Jason Lewis brought the Reagan Revolution at long last to Minnesota.  His impact on politics in this state is easy, and wrong, to understate. Before Jason Lewis, Arne Carlson was the face of the GOP in Minnesota.  Without Lewis, he still very well might be.  And that makes the DFL and media’s (pardon the redundancy) jobs harder.  And we know how liberals hate to work.

6. David Strom: If Jason Lewis brought the Reagan Revolution to Minnesota, David Strom taught that revolution how to invoke Hayek and spell Friedman and, by the way, how to make their representatives do it, too.  If the DFL sold dartboards, his picture would be on them.

5. Michael Brodkorb:  Michael – my former NARN co-host – cut his public-image teeth as the owner of Minnesota Democrats Exposed, and became the Matt Drudge of the Minnesota alt-media almost overnight.  He didn’t just eat the Dems’ lunches every day; he ran laps around them, and never broke a sweat, ever.  If anyone has ever let the air out of the Minnesota political media establishment’s tires, it was Brodkorb.  He’s earned the hate!

4. Katherine Kersten:  The Twin Cities’ leftymedia hated Kersten partly because she didn’t know the secret handshake; she didn’t get her late, lamented column after years of covering city council meetings and dog shows and one-car crashes; she actually had a productive career – but there are few things journos hate worse than people who get printed in newspapers without bothering to join the Order of Most High Priests of Information. And if journos hate her, then the DFL will hate her too (even without considering that she’s a female and a conservative, which puts her beyond the pale); and Democrats hate whomever their superiors tell them to hate.  So Kersten became a reviled figure, even though most of those doing the reviling, the Twin Cities leftyblogs and their followers, had put no more thought into it than dog puts into fetching a stick.   Although she’s #4, she had the second-highest “Passion Index” – average ranking – of anyone in the poll.

3. Rep. Tom Emmer: Of course, there’s almost nobody the Democratics hate more than any conservative who can beat them.  Emmer finished third; I suspect it’ll move up after the Dems have to figure out how to make Mark Dayton beat him this fall.   I suspect Tom’ll make a run for #2.  But not #1.  You’ll see why.

2. Governor Tim Pawlenty:  The DFL hates him for the same reason the Persians hated King Leonidas of Sparta; because he almost singlehandedly stymied them on pure personal and conservative principal for four years, fighting against two DFL-controlled chambers and a media that would have to develop a whole lot of integrity to be called merely “in the bag for the DFL”.   TPaw is only reason all income above the “living wage” hasn’t been confiscated from  you by the State of Minnesota and given to AFSCME.  In a just world, he’d be in the top three contenders for the White House.  He knows how to beat back the DFL like perhaps nobody in history; he’s more than earned the hatred.

And finally, the most-hated conservative in Minnsota…

[trumpet fanfare]

1.  Rep. Michele Bachmann:  It wasn’t even close.  She not only got more votes overall, but never finished lower than #2 in anyone’s rankings, and even then only two or three times.  Her “Passion Index” is just south of a perfect “10”, over two points higher than the next highest contender, Kersten.  Bachmann is everything the left hates rolled up into five feet three inches of explosive charisma; she’s a pro-lifer who’s spent a life putting her money where her mouth is (five biokids and a couple dozen foster kids), she’s been sounding the most articulate jeremiads about the federal spending orgy of anyone on Capitol Hill; she is one of the faces of the Tea Party (which, to the horror of the left, is led and largely peopled by women);  she endures the most scabrous assaults of anyone in Washington, slips them all and bobs back up smiling and shooting from the hip (with an AR15 – oh, yeah, she’s a perfect 100 on Second Amendment issues, too).  Bachmann is unabashedly Christian and Reaganite and Pro-shining-city-on-the-hill – all things that give Minnesota liberals seizures.  And not only is she a woman, but she’s among the leaders of this year’s conservative female revolution, which threatens to undercut the Democratics’ traditional monopoly on the female vote.

You can see steam shoot out of lefties’ ears when her name is mentioned – partly for what she stands for, and partly for how she does it; with the pure glee that comes from always kicking your opponents’ asses in every way.

Congrats, Rep. Bachmann!

So there we go for this year!  Maybe this will be an annual, or at least biennial, tradition…

GREETINGS, HOT AIR HEADLINES READERS:  Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll also direct you to the first two installments – for places 21-30, and 11-20.

13 thoughts on “Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate: Ire Land!

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  2. I love having Congressman Kline in my district, but it would sure be fun to have Michele Bachmann instead. I really hope she takes on Amy Klobuchar in 2014. That would be a great matchup for our side.

  3. Oh my!!!

    Need any more proof that Bachmann is the #1 hated conservative?
    This is from teh keyboard of teh Peevish Boy’s better half. (yes, “better” is not difficult when being compared to peevee.)

    “To those of you on the Religious Right, I say BUTT OUT of personal religious faith, BUTT the HELL OUT,…

    To Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, an open call – Madame, you need to be speaking less trash on this subject, and to reacquaint yourself with your Bible… you have demonstrated a profound need to learn the most fundamental precepts of the Constitution you have sworn to uphold as a member of Congress. You are a discredit madam Congresswoman, to your faith and to your office. This country is a DEMOCRACY,…”

    No, Deegee, this country is a Republic!
    You FAIL!
    You need some remedial education.

    “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

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  5. No doubt about it: women and minorities who don’t toe the leftist party line are treated with contempt. Independent and divergent thinking are just not allowed by our progressive friends. When I was 14 my family moved to South Carolina for 4 years (military dad.) I don’t think I converted any of my southern friends to my point of view, but my Yankee ways of thinking didn’t turn me into a pariah. When I look at the rigidity of views held by the modern Left in America, the comparison to the ugly totalitarian disasters in world history come to mind.
    Imagine the stink if a conservative writer rented a house next door to the Clintons on the pretext of researching a book about Hilary. There would be a line of attorneys with restraining orders before you can say “Sarah Palin.” The presence of Joe McGinnis in Alaska barely earns a ripple in the MSM, and then mainly some bemused commentary.

  6. That’s amazing! I didn’t think there was ten conservatives left in the entire state! I left 41 years ago, and never looked back!

  7. You have to wonder how much liberal sexism is the cause of liberal hate. Beside Congresswoman Bachmann, you really should have governor Sarah Palin towards the top, and I heard some sexist religious bashing of Haley of South Carolina this past week.

  8. But wait, there’s more:

    “Congresswoman Bachmann seems to be squarely in the part of the GOP that is supporting ……”racially tinged voter politics”

  9. Out of one side of their mouth they spew hate towards conservative women and out of the other side they claim that taking an innocent life is not immoral.

    I can see peevee/deegee saying that, but when a “priest” does it… that is hyper-partisan.

  10. This country is a DEMOCRACY,…”

    All caps? You madame, have rhetorically shouted your ignorance from the internet rooftops.

    Now, in yet another hate filled rant, you have done it literally. Your work here is done, hon; you’ve pwn3d yourself.

    It’s Victory gin and kool-aid time.

  11. But wait, there’s more; teh deegee/peevee claim we get our rights from the government and not our creator.

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