Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate?

As noted last week, my pal and radio colleague Ed Morrissey made it onto the list of the top 100 conservatives the left loves to hate. Morrissey earned his #49 spot, beating out Governor Pawlenty (#86) and Ted Nugent (who cares).  Glenn Beck was the winner, naturally, with the usual suspects – Limbaugh, Rove, Hannity, Malkin, Savage – up at the top of the list (and, oddly, the not-very-conservative, liberal-friendly David Frum at 99).

But it started me to thinking:  Who are the most hated conservatives in Minnesota?  Who does the leftysphere in Minnesota detest more than anything?

Thus, it’s time for a poll.  Everyone give me up to your top ten Minnesota conservatives that Minnesota liberals love to hate, in descending order – in other words, put your “Most Hated” at #1, the tenth most hated at #10.  I’ll use your rankings to weight the results.

I want everyone to vote – conservatives, liberals, don’t cares, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, the works.  Just leave me your top ten, either in the comments or at the email address “feedbackinthedark”, which is a Yahoo dot com email address.

You have until Thursday midnight to get your votes in.  This post will likely be bumped up or reprised during the week.

47 thoughts on “Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate?

  1. Sorry you didn’t make the list, Mitch, although you’re probably in the Top 20.

    10. Erik Paulsen
    9. John Kline
    8. Carol Molnau
    7. Tom Emmer (with a bullet)
    6. Michael Brodkorb
    5. Phil Krinkie
    4. David Strom
    3. Jason Lewis
    2. Tim Pawlenty
    1. Michele Bachmann

    Emmer will be in the 2 slot by Labor Day. Now, this list presumes that the liberals in question pay attention to politics. Put it this way: if a liberal knows who Charlie Quimby is, the list I’ve provided is probably close.

  2. My list for the in-the-loop, deranged moonbats:

    1) Bachmann (any doubt?)
    2) Brodkorb
    3) Pawlenty
    4) Morrissey
    5) Swiftee

  3. 1) Bachmann
    2) Pawlenty
    3) Phil Krinke
    4) that Sons of Liberty guy
    5) David Strom
    6) that guy who Avidor photoshopped as a parrot

  4. #1 Michele Bachmann. Obvious.
    #2 Katherine Kersten
    #3 Tim Pawlenty (LGA Satan)
    #4 Tom Emmer (the leftist hate machine is gearing up into full smear mode to explode on the day after the DFL primary)
    #5 Jason Lewis
    #6 David Strom
    #7 Phil Krinkie
    #8 Tracy Eberly (altho the dirt-worshipping heathens controversy seems to have faded into the collective memory of the left)
    #9 The PowerLineBlog guys, but I haven’t seen much hate towards them once the NG Memo controversy faded into the background.
    #10 I’d like to say the NARN crowd, but unfortunately, I usually am not able to listen on the weekends, and don’t get to read very many blogs, so the only haters I see are the few who comment in the few blogs I do read (currently Penigma (RickDFL seems to have found other diversions) here, currently Odin and Fred on Anti-Strib, and formerly 5AlGores and others I can no longer remember)

  5. Also, I disagree with that pdf. I think Bachmann is higher than Coulter or Malkin as far as national blindly irrational hate towards conservative females. A good reason for that is she is not averse to including her religious influences in her politics. Coulter doesn’t talk about religion at all that I’ve read (I don’t even know if she is religious at all) and Malkin, while she is a Christian, she doesn’t talk much about her personal faith. For sure, she would never say she is a fool for Christ like Bachmann did.

  6. True, most moonbats are addled with the Bachmann variety of BDS.

    But I’m sure Emmer will make it to #1 by November.

    1) Bachmann
    2) Pawlenty
    3) David Strom
    4) Michael Brodkorb
    5) Tom Emmer
    6) Swiftee

  7. Oddly, I’ve not seen that much hate for John Kline, and often his conservatism seems even more robust than Bachmann’s.

  8. 1) Bachmann
    2) Pawlenty
    3) Ed Morrissey
    4) Jason Lewis
    5) Brodkorb
    6) Mitch Berg
    7) David Strom
    8) That Eberly guy
    9) Swiftee
    10) Kermit

  9. Aw, I think it is terrible for anyone to hate Ed, he is charming. Ok, so he talks over callers, interrupting them which is impolite – but he’s just being enthusiastic (and a bit controlling).

    It would be terrible for anyone to hate you Mitch, but as a person recognized for being a significant conservative, I would put you on the list — BUT NOT TO HATE.

  10. “As noted last week, my pal and radio colleague Ed Morrissey made it onto the list of the top 100 conservatives the left loves to hate. ”

    BZZZZT ! – you may assume they hate, but we are pale shadows of the hate preached daily on 1280. You start from a fundamentally flawed premise, and the result is a flawed conclusion.

  11. 1) Bachmann
    2) Strom- he made some list a few years ago of most evil conservatives
    3) Emmer
    4) Jason Lewis
    5) Pawlenty
    6) Kermit

  12. 1. Bachmann
    2. Pawlenty
    3. Emmer
    4. Emmer
    5. Bachmann
    6. Pawlenty
    7. Emmer
    8. Pawlenty
    9. Bachmann
    10. Pawlenty

    There isn’t enough room on the dartboard for anyone else.

    Right now, they are the big dawgs. The rest are just pawns in the vast right wing conspiracy.

  13. Now that Jason Lewis is national and now that nobody listens to Garage Joe, they have become just pawns in the VAST right wing conspiracy.

  14. nerd, a little bird told me that at last year’s nutroots gathering of the moonbats, Robin “hoik ’em out” Marty was getting her undies in a bunch (sorry about that distasteful visual) because her audience spent too much time discussing how much they hate yours truly and not enough listening to how smert she thinks she is.

    Funny, they’re always polite enough when I run into any of ’em….

    Anyway, that anecdote aside, I don’t think I will ever hold a candle to Michele Bachmann when it comes to whipping the lefties up into a froth….but a guy can dream.

    BTW, who doesn’t hate Kerm? 😉

  15. BZZZZT ! – you may assume they hate, but we are pale shadows of the hate preached daily on 1280. You start from a fundamentally flawed premise, and the result is a flawed conclusion.

    Chant, chant, chant, chant, chant, chant, chant.

    If a tree falls in the woods and Peev isn’t around to blame the right wing hate machine, it’s STILL because of the right wing hate machine.

    Peev makes caricatures look like documentaries.

  16. You start from a fundamentally flawed premise, and the result is a flawed conclusion.

    The only flawed premise is this: since Liberals define conservatism as a form of hatred (as you did in your blog’s rather outragous piece on “racism”), which is lodged somewhere between illogic and bigotry, the exercise of asking liberals to detect ethical shadings itself is more or less pointless.

    But I’m nothing if not ambitious.

  17. It just dawned on me. If conservatism is a form of hatred, then liberalism is a form of fascism. And my basic low level premise of the difference still stands. A conservative says to a liberal, “You’re wrong, I don’t like you. Go away and leave me the hell alone.” A liberal says to a conservative, “You’re wrong, I don’t like you. I am going to force you to change to what I deem acceptable.”

    Jonah Golderg and Mark Levin have it right. And I STILL need to read both of their books.

  18. Now that I think about it, I believe Minnesota liberals hate “Penigma” (that name always makes me laugh) much more than they hate me, because he makes them all look so rediculas. Eva Young did need a successor, though.

  19. We hate that which we fear, Swiftee.

    True, dat.

    Eva Young did need a successor, though.


    Is teh Peevee really a grossly obese, mentally challenged lesbian in search of a toolbelt?


  20. 1. Michelle Bachmann
    2. Tim Pawlenty
    3. Norm Coleman (Garrison Keillor’s insane rants alone earn him a spot)
    4. Tom Emmer
    5. Mac Hammond (I’m not a fan myself, but Hammond doesn’t know that all political talk in churches must only be about “justice” for gays, tax increases, reparations, banning guns, stopping the Iraq War, boycotting Wal-Mart, and the evilness of the GOP.)
    6. The PowerLine guys
    7. Michael Brodkorb

    That and anyone outside of 494/694 not in Wayzata, Ely, Morris, Minnetrista, Orono, Grand Marias, or Lanesboro.

  21. Nation-wide (and in Minnesota), the Democrats hate strong succesful moderate or conservative women. Even South Carolina’s Haley is a target now.

  22. 1. Michele Bachmann, 2. Tim Pawlenty, 3. Mitch Berg, 4. Erik Paulsen, 5. Norm Coleman (they think he’s a conservative), 6. Joe Soucheray, 7. Jason Lewis (Jason Lewis Jason Lewis), 8. Tom Emmer (he moves up as the year goes on), 9. Ed Morrisey, 10. Small business owners

  23. You start from a fundamentally flawed premise, and the result is a flawed conclusion.

    Physician, heal thyself.

  24. It seems like the ground has already been well covered, but here goes:

    Bachmann is easily at the top of the list
    Bill Cooper
    Michael Brodkorb
    The pair of Hinderaker & Johnson (Mirengoff doesn’t live here)
    King Banaian
    Learned Foot

  25. with my recent condemation of Byrd on my blog I can only hope to get on this list in the next 5-10 years. Also 2 questions, who the hell is Robin Marty and how did swiftee gain such local enemies on the left? I am not surprised considering he is an intelligent vet who didn’t break down and has a amazing wit and god forbid seems like an actually decent guy. But what do I know? I’m just a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging conservative. And who is Alfredo Garcia and why does Pen like being his thumb?

  26. 1. Michele Bachmann
    2. Tim Pawlenty
    3. Tom Emmer
    4. Katherine Kersten
    5. Brodkorb
    6. Laura Brod
    7. Entrepreneur
    8. Mitch Berg
    9. Marty Seifert
    10. The Surburbs

  27. How come Joel Rosenberg didn’t make the list?
    And what about Lileks? As a regular reader of the Bleat I know that the Lileks family fortune was made in the oil business. I bet he likes to smear used motor oil on baby ducks.

  28. And who is Alfredo Garcia and why does Pen like being his thumb?
    Ignore the thumb. He is an idiota!.

  29. I know thats the obvious joke, the question is why did Pen leave his/herself (I’m still not quite clear on the gender of Pen) open for such an easy paraody or are they really that naive? I mean I’d expect this humor at A-S but apparently SITD doesn’t hold itself to the standards it once did ;), or maybe we are all just immature teenagers at heart. Even though I’m still practically one.

  30. In response to this exchange I am raised in amusement.
    Thumb, without you we could not grasp. Butt, without you we could not sit. My two friends, can we not settle this matter as amigos?

  31. Bachmann is #1
    Brian Sullivan (very surprised his name hasn’t come up yet)
    Emmer (he will rocket to #2 around Sept.)
    Jason Lewis (fading his local show was better than his national show)
    Norm Coleman

    ak the Suburbs? Possibly the 80’s most popular local band?

  32. Also 2 questions, who the hell is Robin Marty and how did swiftee gain such local enemies on the left?

    Robin was the original “editor” of the “We’re not Soros funded–oops, now that someone spilled the beans, yes we’re Soros funded” Minnesota Monitor/Independent propaganda site. She came in for some well-deserved hazing for the opaqueness of their funding and their hilarious assertion that they were unbiased journalists with ethics (ok, they had ethics, but they were Molitov’s).

    As to swiftee, let’s just say Tom’s conservative apologetics derive less from Socrates and more from General Sherman. He tends to leave a pretty fiery path behind him in most discussions.

  33. 10. Captain America
    9. Henry Ford
    8. Coffee, regular
    7. Katherine Kerstin
    6. Tim Pawlenty
    5. Denny Hecker
    4. Freedom
    3. Cosmo Insolocco
    2. Michele Bachmann
    1. They hate the cans. Stay away from the cans!

  34. Captain America and Henry Ford aren’t Minnesotans.

    Freedom is pretty rare here, too.

  35. 10.John Hinderaker/Scott Johnson
    9. Carol Molnau
    8. John Kline
    7. Tom Emmer
    6. David Strom
    5. Jason Lewis
    4. Tim Pawlenty
    3. Michael Brodkorb
    2. Katherine Kersten
    1. Michele Bachmann

  36. Peevee can’t give an example of “the hate preached daily on 1280.”

    Typical. I wouldn’t expect her to change her ways now.

  37. The closest I can think of to “hating” on AM1280 would be Michael Savage–he consistently says things that have me shaking my head.

    But in reality, our resident liberals are probably referring to “Shock Jock” Hugh Hewitt. (the source of which nickname, PBS/NPR, suggesting in turn that someone else has a little problem with the concept of reality….go figure that government funded radio would have this issue!)

  38. How come Joel Rosenberg didn’t make the list?

    Damfino, although my feelings aren’t too hurt; I’ll assume it’s because I’m a radical moderate, rather than a conservative.

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