A Word from the New Guy

Before I get rolling with the real posting here, I thought I’d provide a brief personal introduction to the Shot in the Dark readership who may have no idea who I am.

I’ve been a blogger in the Minnesota blogging scene since July of 2004. I was one of a small but plucky cadre of conservative bloggers who came onto the scene following in the footsteps of the Northern Alliance of Blogs. I met Mitch around about the same time, via links and comments at first and eventually at some of the many Minnesota Organization of Blogs gatherings. As one of the few who remained unintimidated by his large frame, gregarious personality, and tendency to burst into a spontaneous bagpipe arrangement of Springsteen’s “Nebraska” album without explanation at times, I must have made a favorable impression.

Not so long ago, as I was considering closing down my own blog (the very recently late Bogus Gold), Mitch extended me the invitation to move my blogging operations over here under the SITD banner. I was more than happy to agree.

A few words about the person behind the moniker: I’m 40 years old, married, with three children. I live in the frightening reaches of the Twin Cities metro where even Mitch fears to tread (i.e. the suburbs). I hold a degree in anthropology, but make a living as an IT business analyst. I have a passion for the theater, heirloom tomatoes, wine, food, music, and history… as well as more ordinary blogospheric passions like politics, global warming cooling climate change, and general snarkery.

Thanks to Mitch for the opportunity to join the party here. I’ll try not to wreck the place.

18 thoughts on “A Word from the New Guy

  1. Newbie wrote: “I have a passion for the theater, heirloom tomatoes, wine, food, music”

    Hey Mitch, you didn’t tell us the new intern is a gay guy! Good for you!

  2. I’ll try not to wreck the place.

    No, mangy clown is already the proverbial graffiti on the mythical SITD building.

  3. “you didn’t tell us the new intern is a gay guy!”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  4. Just wait until Peev finds out Mitch’s new contributor is not him… he’ll be cranking out seven paragraphs in each of your posts, Doug.

    Good luck… and welcome!

  5. Curious.

    Will SITD be posting curses and invective from the crusty, beer swilling, Rayban sporting Bogus Doug, or will it be the spritzer tippling, introspective mild mannered Bogus Doug?


  6. BTW…am I the only one that noticed AssClown immediately connected the dots between heirloom tomatoes and an opportunity to “toss a salad”?

  7. Will SITD be posting curses and invective

    It’ll be the triune Doug; Doug the cusser, Doug the tippler, and Doug the blogger almighty.

  8. In my capacity as an infrequent commenter here at SitD: Welcome to the blog Bogus Doug! Don’t ever think of yourself as not worthy of a spot in the “stable of stars” here. (Or given that Mitch is a musician and a gun enthusiast, maybe it is more like Phil Specter with the “wall of sound”.) Look at it this way, Mitch only goes after talented bloggers who shut down their solo blogs and he passed over Learned Foot to get you. Having visited your blog dozens of times over the years, Mitch better start saving up for the bandwidth necessary to contain your multiple daily posts about American Idol, which was curiously left out of your CV in your introductory post. And Angryclown likes gay guys (not that you are) – he just likes them young and likes them even better after he has buried them under the basement floor when when he’s done with them. All the Best.

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  10. Hello Bogus Doug, and welcome to being the third in the SitD trinity of writers. Best wishes on a long and happy career here.

    Heirloom tomatoes? I think that sounds fascinating.

  11. Dog Bone said: “Heirloom tomatoes? I think that sounds fascinating.”

    Sure, Dog Bone, but you’re a chick. A tomato, even.

    Angryclown looks forward to pelting the new intern with rotten heirloom tomatoes.

  12. AC might think he’s pelting Doug with rotten heirlom tomatoes, but the impact will be about the same as flogging him with week-old parsley.

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