Liberating Enterprise

Our friend Katie Kieffer has entered a video in a US Chamber of Commerce contest to promote free enterprise.

Part of the contest is she needs to get lots of views on YouTube.

Check out the vid.  Pass it around.  It’d be cool if the home team won this one.

UPDATE AND BUMP:  Today’s the last day for people to view the vid.  The top 25 in terms of hits go on to the finals.  Vote early and often!

14 thoughts on “Liberating Enterprise

  1. I don’t know what’s hotter; Katie or the informational content of her video.

  2. Angryclown would hit that. A little less with the “blah blah blah” though.

  3. A little less with the “blah blah blah” though.

    But you say that about all the ladies.

  4. Angryclown would hit that.

    There we go again, liberals inciting violence…

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