As We Get Ready For The Tea Party

Please, by all means bring videocams and cameras to the Tea Party; if you see someone with an objectionable racist sign, get a picture and send it to your favorite blogger.  More importantly, ask them questions.  Find out who they are, why they are doing what they’re doing.  The left is actively planning to send stooges with racist signs to try to discredit the Tea Parties; this is the sort of thing that deserves to backfire.

And keep it to questions and pictures.  Let the other guys, per usual, do all the violent stuff. 

(But if you are possessed to beat someone up, it’s be so poetically just if you’d wear an SEIU T-shirt when you do).

Again, the graf above is pure satire.  Behave, everyone.  And all you wanna-be crashers?  If you’re stupid enough to try, then don’t be surprised if your fifteen minutes of fame comes tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “As We Get Ready For The Tea Party

  1. You can usually pick out a plant pretty easily. They tend to act like the liberal’s stereotype of a conservative.

  2. They “act”. That’s the give away.

    If someone starts talking like Peev or Clown, you know they’re plants.

  3. You did look MARVELOUS in the picture Mitch! Any cryptic message in the blackshirt?????? (wink)

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