Some Days It Doesn’t Pay To Wake Up

Drunk driver  Mpls. slams into a lightpole outside a Minneapolis police precinct:

The perilous scene took place just outside the department’s Fifth Precinct headquarters at Nicollet Avenue S. and W. 31st Street. A driver slammed into the light pole outside the precinct office at 3:45 a.m.

A second driver – perhaps gawking, perhaps too stewed to know better – happens on the scene:

Sgt. Dudgeon and another officer left their office to investigate the crash, but as Dudgeon circled around the car to see if it contained any passengers, a second driver veered over and hit her.

Sgt. Dudgeon had minor injuries, but was left in a state of high dud…no.¬† Too easy.

Both drivers are arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, and a grab bag of other charges.

The Twin Cities AFSCME office has not yet issued on a statement on whether the incidents constituted a threat to them.

1 thought on “Some Days It Doesn’t Pay To Wake Up

  1. Wake up? The problem was they forgot to go to bed.

    Reports that both drivers are AFSCME members have not been confirmed.

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