The Gaslighting Project

Nikole Hanna-Jones grift continues.

I caught her segment on “All Things Considered” over the weekend (so you don’t have to):

I think there is a segment of America that you will never reach. They don’t care what the facts are. They don’t care what the history is. They don’t want to hear it. But I don’t actually think that’s most Americans. As I say, you know, in the preface for the original project, we all suffer for the poor history we’ve been taught. And I couldn’t be a journalist – I wouldn’t have chosen this as my profession if I didn’t believe that if you can inform people, if you can provide people with the correct information, that that has the ability to be transformative.

One of the segments Hanna-Jones will never reach are people who prefer their history to tell the complete story, without being altered to drive a political agenda. People like those notorious conservative tools at The Atlantic, Forbes, Politico, and collections of Civil War academics and economists and on and on.

She’ll never reach those of us who object to her completely rewriting and slandering entire swathes of American history, while slathering herself in the strawman that critiqueing her project (or, merely, her) means shutting down the study of the history of slavery.

Somehow – unexpectedly – none of that made it into Michelle Martin’s fawning “interview”, which was more a matter of mutual toenail-painting than news.

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  1. Not one, but two black women! complaining about how their thin gruel of poorly made and bad tasting info is not widely popular. Of course. Sun comes up in the east too.

    Btw, if you care, it’s “Michel”.

  2. Barbara Tuchman wrote some great history books — _The Guns of August_, _The Proud Tower_, A Distant Mirror_ among them. She won two Pulitzers.
    But she was not a real historian. She was not an academic, although Tuchman was present at many of the times & places she wrote about, and worked as an academic researcher until she began writing non fiction, Tuchman’s only qualification as a scholar was a BA from Radcliffe. Not one considered Tuchman’s writings when they designed public school and university curriculae.
    Compare Tuchman’s influence with Hannah Nikol Jones. Jones has a Masters in journalism and has worked only as a journalist.

  3. Compare Tuchman’s influence with Hannah Nikol Jones

    Oh, please. What are you? A White Supremacist?

  4. I think there is a segment of America that you will never reach. They don’t care what the facts are. They don’t care what the history is. They don’t want to hear it. But I don’t actually think that’s most Americans.

    On this, Ms. Hanna-Jones, we can at least agree. Which is why your white-man-always-bad shtick has gone past its expiration date.

  5. Somehow I am reminded, when thinking of the 1619 project, of Michael Bellesiles. I bet no one has ever seen Ms. Hannah-Jones and Bellesiles together–separated at birth?

  6. “I cite several historians whose interpretation of the role of slavery are more aligned with my beliefs.”

    And there it is. Interpretations and beliefs. The 1619 Project isn’t history, its a mish mash of inaccuracies, hyperbole and outright fabrications created to give blacks something else to hang their victimization on.

    Blacks have been in America since before it’s founding. And for better or worse, they’re not going anywhere. They were enslaved and they were a key piece of the South’s agricultural dynasty. Its was a rotten deal for both Whites and black’s from the start.

    But they did not “build America”. This country would have moved along the exact same trajectory if Africans were never brought here.

    In fact, if America never had to endure a catastrophic civil way, perhaps the states would still be sovereign unto themselves. How sweet would that be?

    In any case, my progenitors were still in Ireland long after slavery had been abolished and blacks were free to chase their dreams. I don’t owe them shit and I don’t want to hear their sob stories.

  7. Belleisles is a weird case, and maybe a great example of the blindness of the elites. I read a quote on the web yesterday that was something along the lines of “you can see where your biases lie when you consider your standard of evidence.” If you are a democrat, no amount of evidence can convince you that the Clintons did anything illegal, while you consider a bizarre, anonymously sourced accusation against Trump as being proof positive that Trump is a crook.
    In the case of Belleisles, his story was just crazy. He looked at wills and other legal documents to prove, he said, that ownership of guns by Americans was uncommon before modern times. American “gun culture” was a fraud, perpetrated by the usual suspects (capitalists and racists) after the Civil War.
    It was crazy because it’s pretty clear that most guns, especially long guns, even today, aren’t xfered by a legal document. When a guy gets too old to hunt or use his guns safely he passes them on to a child or grandchild. There is no will, no probate record proving the firearm was transferred from person A to person B.
    But I was surprised by the magnitude of Bellisle’s fraud. He cited court records that did not exist (destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake or by other ravages of time). Ironically Belleisles claimed that his original notes & research were destroyed in a flood.
    Belleisles’ book, _The Arming of America_ got glowing reviews in the liberal press when it was published, including the NY Times & NYRB. It was given the Bancroft prize by Columbia University.
    But people were suspicious of his cites and his fraud was exposed. His Bancroft prize was revoked and Belleisles had to resign his position at Emory University. He left the country and now teaches at English language colleges abroad.

  8. My favorite part about Bellesiles was that he claimed that he was using probate records from before the San Francisco earthquake….probate records that burned during fires caused by the same.

    But that noted, back in 2002, Bellesiles lost his academic career. If only other fraudsters like Hannah-Jones would face the same–or the University of East Anglia suppression of evidence fraudsters of a few years back, or Michael Mann with the hockey stick fraud, or….

    One interesting point of reference is that I recently learned from my daughter that her community college profs were linking class notes and such to a service that also hosted a “math solver”, which actually (for a fee) allows a person to take a picture of an algebra or geometry problem and receive an answer. Back in my college days, no professor I ever dealt with would ever have used such a service–it would be akin to buying stock in “Cliff’s Notes”. But today, apparently the rules have changed.

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  10. It’s very funny that this little fraud and the rest of her ilk, both blacks and whites, fail to acknowledge how many black men and most likely, women, fought or rendered other services during the American revolution. In fact, a black man was among the first group of patriots to die at the hands of the British at the Boston Massacre. But, such facts are ignored by the meme pushers and grifters.

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