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Governor Klink released his gun control proposals yesterday.

Did he propose to push metro prosecutors to use the sentence enhancement for using guns to commit crime?

Perish the thought, simple peasant.

No, the usual California-stye gruel: magazine capacity limits, age limits, and most importantly gun registration [1].

It’s time to turn out.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is holding its annual “Lobby Day” on Thursday morning. Come on down to the Capitol. Members of the Caucus will meet you, show you how to find your Rep and Senator in the various office buildings, and help you represent gun owners, face to face, to our legislature.

The legislature takes these days seriously since they know that unlike the astroturf clutches of biddies with ELCA Hair that ProtectMN and Moms Want Action sends waddling around the place, we represent a hell of a lot of actual voters that consider the 2nd Amendment a litmus test. And there are a lot of us out there. Enough to flip a chamber or two in 2024? Yep.

Hope to see you there on Thursday morning!

[1] They’re called “Universal Background Checks” – but the only way to make them “universal” is to keep track of which guns have been background-checked. This creates a set of linked data points – or, as they’re called in the information management business, a “database” . Ringing a bell, yet?

10 thoughts on “Go Time

  1. More restrictions on lawful gun owners to stop the plague of feral young unlawful gun owners from shooting each other & passers by.
    Yep, that’ll work.

  2. It will work, the database will be established and will remain in effect for 2 or 3 years while the lawsuits wend their way through the MN courts. The MN courts will eventually reach an out of court settlement that allows the database to continue with “reasonable” (but expensive for the citizen) accommodations allowing a citizen to “correct” entries. Meanwhile the database will be incorporated into a suite of databases maintained jointly by the BCA, MN Dept of Health, and the MN Dept of Human Services in the interest of Public Safety. One of those other linked databases will be the one that tracks “hate speech”.
    Nothing to fear….

  3. Isn’t there a law against such databases? Oh wait… silly me! Laws are for little people!

    Members of the Caucus will meet you, show you how to find your Rep and Senator in the various office buildings, and help you represent gun owners, face to face, to our legislature.

    Hmmm… I see all the hallmarks of the Jan 24th insurrekshun in the making.

  4. Mass shooting in CA Saturday night. Ten dead.
    Another mass shooting CA yesterday. Seven dead.
    California has gun control laws Sheriff Timmy could only dream about.
    Neither of the two California shooters had an extensive criminal record, though I have heard that the first shooter used an illegal extended magazine.

  5. Ever hear of this thing called “restorative justice”?
    It is a wicked concept. It begins by perverting language. Instead of “victim” and “victimizer,” you have “victim” and “offender.”
    You also pervert the entire concept of Western criminal law. Instead of a system of justice that administers laws through a justice system, with each party (including the criminal) having certain rights, you introduce the concept of a “community” as a partner.
    The upshot is that you can tell when real justice happens when justice is “equitable” in the racial and economic sense. If someone robs you, the justice that matters is justice to the “community.”

  6. The whole deal reminds me of a person with a shop full of tools who complains he needs the latest and greatest, all while their current tools are covered with dust. Too often, it seems like prosecutors are averse to the easy “open and shut” cases, preferring to spend huge amounts of time on difficult cases. End result; criminals walk.

    Thanks for nothing, guys.

  7. California requires a background check to purchase ammunition. I’m sure that includes the components to load your own rounds.

  8. They not only have a record of what kind and how many weapons a guy has, but they have a realtime tally of how often they are used.

    Going through 500 rounds of various caliber cartridges every 5 or 6 weeks is pretty common for me…in Cali, my file would have a red flag attached to it.

  9. Still waiting for details on the CA shootings.
    But in both cases, the shooters were foreign-born Chinese who killed other Chinese immigrants. Doesn’t really fit anyone’s narrative, so I doubt we’ll hear much about either shooting again.

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