Some Conclusions “Science” Needs To Make

I’m not sure there’s scientific evidence of any of these – but if someone gave me a seven figure government grant, I’m sure I could come up with some.

School Kids “Walking Out Of Class” Is Not Spontaneous: Big Left must be trying to get people to the polls in nine months; the headlines are again full of stories of teenagers “walking out of school” to “protest” “causes”.

Amazingly, there were news cameras waiting right there as they walked out of school, carrying their professionally printed signs!

Those are some pretty motivated, well-funded, well-organized high school kids!

There are, of course, exceptions.

Mascists, Lockdown Fanboys/Fangirls Will Exhibit Deep Psychological Issues When Crisis Fades: The people hectoring you about your mask at Target are having the time of their lives right now. Feeling that they’re saving lives by badgering people about masks, virtue-signalling their vaxx status, and demanding we stay the locked-down course are living out their version of fighting an existential threat – sort of like their grandfathers landing on Utah Beach, only with DoorDash bringing them Oaxacan tacos, left “safely” on their doorsteps.

And like many of those veterans, when the crisis is over, so will end The Best Years Of Their Lives.

I”m picturing a movie in ten years about the readjustment blues and trauma that “veterans” of the pandemic will feel – sort of like Coming Home, only with DoorDash bringing Oaxacan tacos.

9 thoughts on “Some Conclusions “Science” Needs To Make

  1. the headlines are again full of stories of teenagers “walking out of school” to “protest” “causes”

    Yeah, cuz it takes a whole bunch of convincing to get teenagers to leave school.

  2. Remember, suspending violent students from school so they can’t harm staff and students merely feeds the “school-to-prison pipeline”. Suspending kids from school for not wearing a mask or being vaxxed is “concern”.

  3. the only good cause to walk out for is one approved, endorsed and paid for by libturd fascists, all others are insurrekshun!

  4. I never make important life decisions without getting approval from students in St. Paul’s worst performing school. Their innocence gives them absolute moral authority to speak on all matters.

  5. doc, the maskie hoax was dreamed up by reprobate operatives as part of the plan to monkey wrench the election and festered with the connivance of nitwits like rAT E.

  6. On Monday morning my boss was telling me about her granddaughter who planned to be part of the spontaneous walk out happening on Tuesday afternoon. Yeah, no so spontaneous.

    …Oaxacan tacos…still giggling over this. Thanks.

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