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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

America is a rich and spacious nation while India is a poor but populous nation.

One province that I’ve never heard of – Uttar Pradesh – has about 240 million people, roughly the size of the US if we leave out California, Texas and New York. They are now Covid-free. Seriously, their case rate is less than 1-in-a-million.

What’s the secret? Ivermectin.

Yes, yes, all the usual disclaimers: it’s Gateway Pundit which is unreliable. Here’s the report on MSN, which doesn’t mention Ivermectin but instead credits tracing, vaccination and curfews, all the things that don’t work anywhere else in the world but mysteriously worked in India.

I know what you’re thinking: the reports are clearly fabrications. Indians are ignorant savages incapable of counting correctly so the numbers are clearly wrong. They have religious objections to eating cattle so they’re obviously fanatics who can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Their medicine is so primitive they can’t tell if people are sick or not which is why the case count is so low.

But still . . . if they had bodies piled up in the streets rotting as flies swarmed around them, don’t you think somebody would notice? If nobody in the entire province has severe enough symptoms to be noticed, shouldn’t we ask why not? What do they know that we don’t know? What are they doing that we’re not doing?

I have a suspicion the US suffers from such overwhelming cultural imperialism that we can’t imagine – literally cannot make our minds imagine – that somebody else might have a better solution which does not involve the latest fad, the newest technology, the wokest thinking.

Instead, our cultural leaders tell us to pay no attention to all those healthy people over there. You, you’re going to DIE unless you do as we say. Because those healthy people are stupid, not smart like us. They must be. We’re Americans and they’re not. QED.

Joe Doakes

If there is anything this pandemic – or, really, the messaging response to this pandemic by our authorities and counter authorities Dash has taught me, it is “be relentlessly skeptical of everything and everybody“.

Still – as Joe says, if hospitals in Uttar Pradesh aren’t clogged with covid patients, and the only variable between their response and New York City’s actually is “the I drug“…

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