A “Minnesota” Poll – which ,as we’ve noted in the past, has historically favored Democrats, sometimes to an absurd extent with deeply suspicious and one-sided patterns, even after numerous reboots and changes in management and pollsters – shows Governor Walz under water:

The crosstabs are even more ominous for Walz, and show President Biden to be a bit of a drag down-ticket.

Fearless predictions:

  • The Strib, Channels 4, 9 and 11, and the rest of the media will switch into full PR mode for the DFL for the next 13 months. Indeed, they have; Esme Murphy’s interview with Jennifer Carnahan – complete with the sort of on-air toenail-painting she normally reserves for DFLers – can be seen as nothing but an attempt to keep the MNGOP even more divided and impotent than normal.
  • MPR will be a little more artful about it – but the output from the DFL’s opposition research will get prominent placement.
  • And a quick reminder to Tom Hauser, perhaps the only genuinely detached journalist in Twin Cities TV or print news: drapes don’t have shoes.

I’m going to put a pin in this.

70 thoughts on “Coattails

  1. We won’t ever know where it came from because China will never be transparent. Although the media is suddenly playing up the lab-leak hypothesis to generate headlines, plenty of experts continue to believe that it more likely than not originated naturally.

    And the fact is that most people don’t care. Regardless of its origin, safety protocols at labs around the world dealing with potentially dangerous pathogens need to be tightened anyway. Most countries woefully failed to contain the virus, regardless of its origin—the World Health Organization declared that sustained human-to-human transmission was occurring on January 21 2020, and declared a Public Health Emergency on January 30 2020.

    Countries had ample time to take early, decisive action, and most countries didn’t. Trump admitted on tape to Bob Woodward that he deliberately played down the virus in January, February and early March, when he was praising the Chinese Communist Party’s handling of the pandemic.

    Biden was right in February 2020, when he said: “if I were president today, I would not be taking China’s word when it comes to the coronavirus. American scientists and health experts should be allowed in the country to determine how the virus started and to help contain its spread.” And he is right to have opened an investigation into the virus’s origins. But I doubt we will find ourselves any closer to the truth.

  2. What an incredible load of blather from Emery.

    How much is that blather worth? I think it has negative worth just because it mostly serves to increase the noise.

  3. ” . . . a Public Health Emergency on January 30 2020. Countries had ample time to take early, decisive action, and most countries didn’t. Trump admitted . . . ”

    Here we go again:

    What should President Trump have done?
    When should he have done it? and
    Under what authority?

  4. “What should President Trump have done?
    When should he have done it? and
    Under what authority?”

    If you have the opportunity — read “Uncontrolled Spread“ by Dr Scott Gottlieb. He was Trump’s former FDA Commissioner prior to Alex Azar.

    (IMO a pretty fair accounting of the pandemic.)

  5. Any mistakes made by any politician are only mistakes when seen in hind sight.
    And they all pale when it comes to Fauci funding the research that created the virus in the first place.

  6. Fauci is 80 years old.
    Eighty years old. That’s older than Biden by a year and a half.
    Why is he still on the job? Maybe the reason he approved funding gain of function research on corona viruses in a lab known for its poor safety record is because he was mentally slipping.
    But, nevertheless, he should pay a steep price for killing millions of people.

  7. Because from what I’ve seen, it’s a typical “the last administration was all messed up” book which criticizes political in-fighting without doing much to solve the problem. Gottlieb was head of the FDA uses this book to take shots at his rival agency, the CDC. But from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t answer the questions:

    What specific, concrete, objective steps should President Trump have taken? Ban international flights? Forbid interstate travel? Quarantine sick people in concentration camps?

    When should President Trump have taken those steps? Before the pandemic was declared? On February 1, when we only had a dozen cases in a nation of 320 million people? On February 6, after he survived impeachment?

    And here’s the most important one of all: under what authority can the President enact any of these measures? Point to the Section of Article II which empowers him to do them.

    As I understand it, Gottlieb has admitted there are “inherent issues” that kept the country from proactively stopping the spread and minimizing the consequences of the pandemic. Yeah, like the small matter of THE CONSTITUTION , which Liberals routinely ignore but which Liberal judges are eager to twist against any conservative, not to mention Liberals and Never-Trumpers, who reflexively opposed anything he proposed simply because he proposed it, up to and including developing a Covid vaccine.

    Can you imagine Liberals’ reaction if Trump had suggested we should ban international travel by people who can’t be fully vetted as safe? Oh wait, we don’t have to imagine, a Hawaii judge ruled tourism was more important than terrorism and overturned that ban.

    Can you imagine Liberals’ reaction if Trump has suggested we should forbid people from traveling from infection centers such as New York and New Jersey, to prevent the spread of Covid? Oh, wait, we don’t have to imagine. He did suggest it and Liberals blew their minds about that, too.

    Go head, E-dogs. Lay it out for us. Tell us what, when and how. You’ve been playing this game for more than a year. I’m calling your bluff.

  8. So that’s a “no,” then. You have not read the book. You glanced at a headline and the first two paragraphs of an article on MSN.

    Doesn’t matter, Gottlieb’s book doesn’t answer the question I’ve been asking you for a year and change, not because there is no answer, but because you don’t want to admit the truth.

    In truth, the answer is: nothing. There was nothing the President could have done to stop the spread of the virus throughout the United States.

    And you know it. But you continue to lie about it.


  9. Get outside of your right-wing echo chamber Joe. Gottlieb has been in two Republican administrations and is a regular contributor to the WSJ and a Senior Fellow @ AEI.

  10. Trump was perfect — undoubtedly the best of the best in dealing with the pandemic! /s

    I don’t believe you’ll find anyone with that assessment.

    According to Gottlieb, the Trump administration was poorly prepared, reacted badly and at times moved erratically and grudgingly.

    “Gottlieb does not believe the pandemic was preventable. Rather, with better leadership and alignment, he contends, we could have “delayed its onset and reduced its scope and severity”. Structural deficiencies made the task tougher but so did a “sizeable enterprise devoted to manufacturing skepticism” about measures like masks and vaccines. Gottlieb confirms that hydroxychloroquine is no cure.

    Obviously, the search for a vaccine, Operation Warp Speed, was the notable exception to a series of missteps, “one of the greatest public health achievements in modern times”, according to Gottlieb. It “proved what government could accomplish when it functions well”.

    Gottlieb measures his words as he lambastes the Trump White House’s hydroxychloroquine fetish. He points a finger at segments of the investor community, “outside doctors who gained access to the Oval Office” and the rightwing echo chamber.

    The Fox News host Laura Ingraham “featured multiple segments about the medicine and emailed the White House about the drug”, Gottlieb writes. Lest anyone doubt her sway, Gottlieb observes that within days, “Trump made his first mention of hydroxychloroquine from the White House podium.”

    It didn’t end there.

    “During a single two-week period between 23 March and 6 April, hydroxychloroquine was mentioned on Fox News nearly 300 times.”

    Uncontrolled Spread review: Trump’s first FDA chief on the Covid disaster

    The WSJ also has a similar review of “Uncontrolled Spread” if you’re interested.

  11. I’m not interested in what other people said about Gottlieb’s CYA book.

    I would have been interested in hearing Gottlieb’s answer to the question I’ve been asking you for a year or more, except it turns out you haven’t read his book, either. You’re just cutting-and-pasting and continuing to repeat the same lie that President Trump could have stopped the spread of Covid if only he had acted properly. I’m not interested in hearing the lie again.

    I’m interested in why you keep lying about it.

  12. You realize that persistently lying about one thing, casts doubt on your credibility on all things, don’t you?

    What’s the point of playing Joe Isuzu on Shot in the Dark? Are you trying to be funny, playing the part of the stupid liar so we’ll all laugh at you? Here’s a tip: play the fool once, you’re a wit; play the fool twice, you’re a half-wit, for real. And that’s not funny. It’s just pathetic.

  13. I’m sure someday I’ll encounter someone who refers to ideas they don’t like who isn’t an insufferable tool.

    But not today.

  14. Emery on September 27, 2021 at 5:15 pm said:
    I’m sure someday I’ll encounter someone who refers to ideas they don’t like who isn’t an insufferable tool.
    But not today.

    Cut and pasting cliche’s . . .

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