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Everyone deserves Healthcare, Everyone must have health insurance. Unless we don’t like you.
I am seeing all the people who are cheering on Delta Airlines for raising the cost of insurance for the unvaccinated. These are mostly the same people who think everyone must have health insurance in the first place. But even beyond that, I see co-workers who used to complain about our company’s health insurance discount. The discount was given if you were a certain BMI, had low cholesterol, had low blood pressure. They complained because they thought it was so unfair to take all these things into account for their health insurance cost. (Things that actually do have some potential in higher costs for healthcare). But, here these people are now, saying the unvaccinated deserve higher premiums.
Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. I do believe in the vaccine myself and so I got it. And I encouraged my family to. And I talked with friends who were hesitant if they wanted to hear from me. And I trust that there will be shots for variants if we need them. But, that is my choice.
I just can’t go to the point of saying the unvaccinated deserve higher premiums more than others. In the hospital, there are plenty of patients who don’t follow medical advice. And we see them again and again. Sometimes we reach them at some point and sometimes we don’t. They suffer their consequences. And their medical bills likely are already higher, even if their premiums are the same. Forced compliance would not change anything. Forced vaccine compliance will not change anything, either, except tear all of us further apart.

It’s fascinating to me how quick DFLers go from “Healthcare is a right – full stop!” to “keep the anti-vaxxers out of the hospital”.

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  1. They suffer their consequences. And their medical bills likely are already higher […]

    No. Neither my medical bills nor those of my family have gone up because of the Kung flu. We got it and got over it a few days later. Me, I used nothing except for ginger concoctions.

    I think there are a lot of people like us who are a double threat to the Narrative of the Kung flu as the worst, most contagious disease ever in the history of mankind. And that’s why we must be force-vaccinated because we are living proof that the Narrative is a lie. That’s also why use of Ivermectin & the other therapeutics must be restricted if not outlawed.

  2. Delta is self-insured meaning the company is responsible for all healthcare costs. They should absolutely charge a higher premium to employees who choose to be a higher cost risk. It’s a rational approach as most additional payments for health relate to additional risks factors such as age or existing conditions. Vaccination is a personal choice like smoking that impacts on personal health and the health of others which comes also with additional risks and costs.

    “Their corporation, their choice!”

    Interesting that those crying “freedom” don’t believe private companies should be able to set their own policies based on their own financial interests. Freedom for me, but not for thee, I guess.

    Inequities will always exist in pretty much every aspect of life. The flip side of this is wanting to still allow for personal choice. With the knowledge that choices always have opportunity costs. I have a Delta flight coming up in a few months, and I support this decision wholeheartedly.

    Further more—it would not surprise me to see a requirement for current vaccinations to fly on any commercial flight. This will keep the mask-less and unvaccinated masses at home punching and slapping each other. Instead of creating a spectacle while endangering flight crews and passengers.

  3. “Vaccination is a personal choice like smoking, sexual mutilation and filthy, unwholesome sexual practices, that impacts on personal health and the health of others which comes also with additional risks and costs.”

    FTFY rat.

    I’d have that crap into court so fast it’d make Ed Bastian’s head explode. How many cornhole rangers work for Delta? It’s been years since I cut my Platinum and Sky Lounge cards in half, dropped them on the check-in desk and marched over to American, but iirc, there was at least one steward with points in xis breast pocket on every flight I took.

    M to F trannies have to care for a perpetually weeping, open wound between their legs. There are no mucous membranes, it’s raw tissue that is constantly trying to heal. I can’t imagine the diseases that find their way in there.

    Degeneracy has cost Americans untold billions. Rat is right; it’s time to start holding these irresponsible reprobates financially accountable.

  4. BPCT expresses a truth rather graphically but accurately. Male homosexuals aren’t charged more for health insurance, just as alcoholics or IV drug abusers even though their lifestyle raises health care costs for everyone. Look up “moral hazard”

  5. Rat Biden has assured us he intends to go through with his plan to implement an illegal vax mandate to private businesses….I’m sure rat emery is appalled.

    This will certainly get slapped down by the courts, but unless an immediate injunction is granted, millions of people will be fired, or will quit.

    In that context, consider this:

    Ribeye steak is $18/lb. 16 oz jar of peanut butter is $4. Green onions are $1.30 a bunch.

    I’m building a forge. From Lowes, I picked up 2 ea. 3/8 x 1 nipples; 1 ea. 3/8 x 3 nipple; 2 ea. 3/8×4 pipes; 2 ea. 3/8 valves; 2 ea. 1 1/4 x 3/4 reducers; 2 ea. 1 x 3/4 reducers; 2 ea. 3//8 plugs; 2 ea. 3/4 x 8 pipes. Total? $94….that isn’t a misprint.

    Went to pick up some flat black enamel for my wrought iron gate…none in stock. 2 cans of satin left. Looked up the aisle…shelves are noticeably sparse.

    Getting my vette ready to sell. Bought 5 qts full synthetic; $50 (normal). 4 qts full synthetic ATF; $$32 (normal); carbon exhaust manifold gaskets $55 (were $35 last time I bought them); Air cleaner; $28 (!). 8 ea. Brisk spark plugs; unavailable….OK, NGK…$120 (!!!!) fuck that, make it Champions; $90 (but we’re out of stock)…OK, Autolite; Got those…$82.

    $82 dollars for 8 mediocre spark plugs.

    Everyone I talked to, said they couldn’t get any stock…why?

    (trucking dot org) “Trucking Association CEO Says U.S. Supply Chain is Nearing Crisis”

    “Arlington, Virginia — Today, American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear told the Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee that growing pressures on the U.S. supply chain are fast approaching crisis levels, and that immediate action from Congress is needed to ensure our economic recovery is not derailed by further disruptions.”

    A Trucking Crisis

    “The U.S. has been grappling with a chronic lack of drivers for years, but the shortage reached crisis levels because of the pandemic, which simultaneously sent demand for shipped goods soaring while touching off a surge in early retirements. The consequences have been both dire and far-reaching: Filling stations have had gasoline outages. Airports have run short on jet fuel. A stainless-steel maker declared force majeure. And lumber prices hit a record, with some suppliers partly blaming delivery delays.

    “If we’re not able to haul these goods, our economy virtually shuts down.”


    LA port backup grows to record 62 ships as supply chain crunch worsens
    By Eileen AJ Connelly
    September 25, 2021

    “A record 62 cargo ships are waiting to dock at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and are stuck floating off the coast amid a serious supply chain crunch that could mean fewer toys under the Christmas tree this year.

    The problem reflects a combination of growing cargo volumes, a labor shortage and COVID-related safety measures that slow the handling of each ship. About one-third of all imports into the U.S. pass through the ports each year.”

    This sounds like the PERFECT time to lose more truck drivers….Great job JOE!

  6. Interesting that those crying “freedom” don’t believe private companies should be able to set their own policies based on their own financial interests. Freedom for me, but not for thee, I guess.

    Imagine the lack of self awareness, and incredible stupidity it took rat to post that. If stupidity was a marketable commodity, rat emery actually would be living in a premium lakefront home.

  7. Vaccine mandates should be linked with anti-misinformation campaigns that teach people to recognize misinformation and why it doesn’t reflect reality. It’s a pro-employee move that would help the ambivalent make the best decision for themselves and their careers.

  8. Economics, again.
    You are a private business who wants to hire a person. You also have a vax mandate for all your employees.
    You are immediately cutting ~20% potential hires from your applicant pool.
    Straight from the brain pan of ol’ Slow Joe into the American economy.

  9. In the issue before us, I actually appreciate rat’s input. It reminds us of how crushingly stupid vaxholes are. It also illustrates how easily, and quickly, the reprobates running the country can thoroughly brainwash the low IQ population.

    One can only hope that the anecdotes regarding rendering vaxhole females infertile are true.

  10. Well, in a democracy, you would normally have a debate on a vax mandate, and various pro and con arguments put forth. Then the representatives of the people would vote on the matter, and the matter would become law (or not).
    But we aren’t much of a democracy these days, and we are even less of a constitutional republic.
    What is the over and under on whether or not a vax passport proposal will go through the democratic process or be issued by bureaucrats?

  11. Emery gets dumber every day.

    If Delta or any other corporation that is practicing fascism by being in bed with the government, doesn’t require the same additional payments for overweight, smokers, diabetics and other at risk covered employees, then it’s discrimination and tyranny.

    Sorry, dumb ass, but your scum ball leaders have been practicing the it’s OK for me, but not for you game for decades. To wit; Obamacare and the mandate exemptions for the same assholes that are trying to force those policies on us. But, being a good party loyalist, you are just fine with these rules. Just remember, eventually these policies that you so gleefully endorse, will eventually catch up with you.

  12. What % is 12 of 3000

    “The union, which represents 1,800 members…” Fucking liar…again.

    And “dozens” is more than 12…idiot.


    “State Police temporarily reassigns investigators amid surge of retirements

    …the moves were necessary because as many as 300 troopers are expected to retire this year.

    Several factors are prompting the retirements, including concerns about anti-police sentiment and the reluctance of many troopers to receive the Covid vaccine.”

    Gee…who will enforce rat Joe’s mandates?

  13. Last I checked it’s illegal for employers to charge higher insurance premiums based on pre-existing conditions. In other words, my premiums that I pay for healthcare that I rarely use, and 99% of what I do use isn’t covered because I haven’t spent up to my deductible, are subsidizing my coworkers that have pre-existing conditions and know that they will cost the insurance company more than their premiums cover. As long as that’s the situation then insurance companies (and accepting as stated that Delta is self insured then Delta IS the insurance company) shouldn’t be allowed to penalized individuals based on vaccination status.

    My personal solution to all of this is wholesale reform. Get employers out of the patient/doctor/insurance relationship, reduce regulations so that insurance companies can sell high deductible plans again while allowing them to actually price health risks.

  14. A disproprortionately high percentage of unvax are Black.
    Delta is punishing its Black employees with higher premiums.
    Delta is racist.

  15. From rat’s link:

    “Cherven said dozens of troopers have submitted resignation paperwork, however, so the state should expect shortfalls.

    The state police are already critically short-staffed and acknowledged this by the unprecedented moves which took troopers from specialty units that investigate homicides, terrorism, computer crimes, arsons, gangs, narcotics, and human trafficking, and returned them to uniformed patrol,” he said.”

    This is why rat rarely links his bullshit….it ruins his bullshit.

  16. “A disproprortionately high percentage of unvax are Black.”

    Republicans by far are the largest group of the unvaccinated. Minorities are going to have to come to terms with vaccinations and realize that choices always have opportunity costs.

  17. Emery, you lying bastard. Prove your statement that Republicans are the greatest unvaccinated,.

    Teachers, law enforcement and medical personnel, all belong to left leaning unions and are refusing to take the jabs. Show us your proof that the majority of them are Republicans.

    Blacks and Hispanics do not trust vaccines, so they won’t take it. Show us the proof that the majority of them are Republicans. Case in point; the disease ridden throngs of illegals surging into the country, are refusing the jabs at the border, but your buddy Joey is letting them go anywhere they want to go.

  18. Gee…who will enforce rat Joe’s mandates?
    Tens of thousands of Karens will be receiving their brown shirts and secret decoder rings – just as soon as the supply chain crisis gets worked out.

  19. Just so you have an idea of the foolishness of issuing a blanket “vaccine mandate,” as of the week ending 9/18, the covid hospitalization rate for all Americans under the age of 50 was 8.4 per hundred thousand.

    In all of the US, a total of a little less than 2,000 people were hospitalized for covid-19, week ending 9/18.
    Take off your masks, idiots.

  20. Blacks are going to have to come to terms with Democrats’ racially discriminatory policies. [fixed it for you]

    Wait – wasn’t that a George Wallace line? Did you swipe that from him?

  21. Minorities are going to have to come to terms with vaccinations and realize that choices always have opportunity costs.

    rat emery is threatening to withhold WIC and section 8! Go for it!

  22. Ha! That figures that you would cite the lying NY version of Pravda to support your lies. On second thought, Pravda publishes far more truths than the Slimes ever has.

  23. When Twat is looking for attention it’s okay to amplify the voices of a tiny minority and make it seem like a huge issue.

    How’s the mass campaign of civil disobedience against vaccination mandates going? Out of 76,000 employees, New York’s Northwell healthcare group this week fired an estimated two dozen managers for vaccine refusal. Company vaccination rate is now 100%.

    Northwell Health first to fire hospital staff who refuse vaccinations

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