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  1. When he was running for prez, Biden claimed that his 40+ years in DC meant that he knew how to get things done in Washington.
    So now, of course, his legislation has bogged down. Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan haven’t budged since he introduced them in March. Biden’s mega buck Infratructure plan looks DOA.
    Biben’s mediocrity inevitably reveals itself.
    If you are a democrat voter, whatever meagre expectations you may have had for a Biden aministration just got lowered – – again.

  2. he knew people who how to get things done in Washington

    By that, he meant getting 10% for the big guy.

  3. More GOP rep’s to keep quiet about American citizens left in Afghanistan, got nothin’ to say about tens of thousands of Haitians waltzing across the border, or the deliberate emasculation of our US Border Patrol, mums the word on the 50 + American citizens being held in isolation cells while they await their trespassing trials, iksnay on the abjay when it comes to Americans being threatened with loss of their jobs unless they accept an experimental, gene therapy…but swing together like a wall of screeching, poo flinging monkeys when it comes to another $Billion for a foreign country? Oh hell yeah, boss. We want all that you got!

    I’m gonna vote sooooohard this year, lads; just wait…we’ll show ’em who’s boss! MAGA


  4. Link is missing an ‘h’ at the very beginning. Copy and paste it into the browser address box and add the ‘h’ there.

  5. At least the reprobates are honest about their scumbaggery, Kinlaw. They promise to destroy America, and I’ll be damned if that’s not exactly and precisely what they’re doing.

    Somehow, waiting for folks on “our side” to actually do something, anyfuckingthing, that benefits our side gets a bit tiresome…case in point; the reprobates don’t have all their scumbags on board, so I bet you $10 the reprobates dangle a little piece of meat across the isle to get a “bi-partisan” reconciliation bill passed, and some “conservatives” bite it and make several spectacular leaps in the air.

    I tell you what, I wouldn’t be surprised at all of Lindsay Graham doesn’t cross the line in the Senate. The reprobates are working him like a $2 whore during Fleet Week.

  6. Oh, and btw…I’m planning on being laid off; permanently out of work, if need be, before I’ll be subjected to that rat poison Biden (and more than 1 “conservative”) is forcing into veins.

    I sold a ’68 Charger, 440/4spd, my dream car that the wife and I drove to Arizona just a few months ago to get…at a net loss, and a whole bunch of paintings and collectable stuff I have gathered over 25 years, so that we can afford to pay everything off and tell Biden and his conservative allies to take that juice and stick it up into their twats.

    So don’t talk to me about being anyone’s subject, friend.

  7. Lindsay Graham already sold out. No one has been paying attention to all of the radical left wing judges that Joey has submitted, have been fast tracked by the RINO bastard.

  8. Well bill, I didn’t mean it so personally. You lost a hell of a vehicle. But as bad as the stupid part is, they are not going to try to confiscate our weapons. Had Hills won that would have been a 6-3 leftist court, bye bye 2nd amendment, hello CWII.

  9. Boss, read this on Ace’s the other day: the only person who thinks Lindsay Graham is conservative is Sean Hannity.

    All during the russia gate hoax he was on cable every night breathing fire, and he never did squat.

  10. “ But as bad as the stupid part is, they are not going to try to confiscate our weapons.”

    0h right… muh gunz…

    JFC… why would they? As long as they keep you believing you can vote your way out of the gulag, y’all will live in the pod, eat the bug and shoot the juice.

    Guns don’t defend freedom, Kinlaw; people do.

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