We Interrupt…

…the frat bros and sorority sisters of Big Left fist-bumping each other over Gavin Newsom winning the recall (after outspending the opposition 5-1) to point out that the ongoing Prog pipe dream of a “Blue Texas” seems to be slipping away as we speak.

Texas Monthly stated that much of the problem is the Democrat party’s assumption that Hispanic voters would default to voting Democrat as the left considers itself the party of the minority. This is increasingly proving to be a hubristic stance by the left, and Hispanic voters, Texans in particular, are teaching them not to take them for granted:

“Banking on an identity-based appeal, Democrats last year trotted out the sort of bilingual messaging in South Texas that has played well among Mexican Americans in Los Angeles and Puerto Ricans in New York, focused on a celebration of diversity and immigration. Republicans, by contrast, recognized that Hispanic South Texans share many of the same values as non-Hispanic white voters elsewhere in Texas and swept in with a pitch about defending gun rights, promoting the oil and gas industry, restricting abortion, and supporting law enforcement. Republicans proved more persuasive.”

Of course, this is the Great Sort in action.

But if there’s a state the GOP – and whatever future conservatism has at the national level, in whatever form – needs to hold, it’s Texas.

3 thoughts on “We Interrupt…

  1. If the GOP needs to hold Texas, the Dems will target Texas with everything they’ve got.
    Normally that would be the normal give and take of politics, but currently the Democrats are controlled by insane totalitarians.
    And when I say insane, I mean insane. They think a man becomes a woman — a real woman — if he says that he is a woman.

  2. MP, they already targeted TX with EVERYTHING they had in the last two or there elections. Just look at spending margins. Our hope here is that hispanic vote will override the CA migrant vote. Although I started to run into refugees from CA who are conservative. Which means CA will only become MORE libturd than it was – %age wise.

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