The Praetorians

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Our last defense against liberal tyranny has always been the military. They won’t fire on us, they are us, the military think the way we do.
Not anymore. In a couple of years, the new officers trained under the new regime will be in the field commanding troops. Either we will see officers leading troops against Americans, or a massive surge of fragging. Neither is good for the nation.
Joe Doakes

The US military has over 20 years of constant warfare become one of America’s most respected institutions.

For the past 40 years or so, Americans have trusted it to be the last, best defense against tyranny, whether imposed from abroad or within.

I think Joe may be a tad Pollyanna-ish: The flag rank officers who came up through the upper field grades under the Obama administration, reflect in the politics of that era.

Our founding fathers were right to be nervous of the standing military. I’m hoping we don’t we don’t find out exactly how right they were in the near future.

9 thoughts on “The Praetorians

  1. Well, Joe, I have a different take.
    The ChiComs are getting increasingly more provocative. On Monday, there were two Chinese navy guided missile frigates, a cruiser and a surveillance ship, just 40 miles off the Aleutian Islands. This is the first time they have ventured that close to US territorial waters. Their bombers have been mimicking what the Russians have been doing for years; testing our response to flights close to our airspace around the world.
    If the ChiComs decide that it’s time to make their move against the US, due to a feckless and worthless leadership team, we’re screwed. Now that Joey Demento gave up all of that technology, along with what the Clintons sold them, they know exactly how to defeat our front line war machines. I know several active and former field grade officers that are worried that we may need to learn Chinese. The thing that the woke lefties that want socialism/communism seem to forget is that if we are taken over by them, the entire administration will likely be killed off.

  2. For the past 40 years or so, Americans have trusted it to be the last, best defense against tyranny, whether imposed from abroad or within

    There are a lot of Americans who combine national and familial pride with an obligation to serve. Of this there is no doubt. Overlapping these, the rest (a minority? plurality? majority?) look at the military as an employment agency, vo-tech school, and/or a place to go to become an adult.

    Nobody joined the military to defend against (intra)national tyranny.

  3. Looks as if I forgot to include the link to the article that inspired the comment.

    The Garden Administration is not just training future officers to wear high heels and get free sex-change surgery; it is conducting an ideological purge of the service academies where future military leaders are trained. Traditional Americans are not welcome; woke Liberals are in vogue.

    When those new officers take the field in a couple of years, they will be the ones commanding American platoons to go door-to-door seizing firearms and they will end up ordering their troops to shoot ordinary Americans defending their Constitutional rights under the guise of ‘fighting domestic terrorism.’ I fear those will be orders that woke Liberal officers will find easy to give because they’ll be in ideological alignment with the order-givers at the top against the serfs at the bottom.

    My hope is that the troops themselves will be solid American citizens more like the people being fired upon than the people ordering the firing. My hope is the troops themselves will disobey the order by refusing to fire, intentionally aiming above the crowd, or ‘accidentally’ dropping a hand grenade near the zealous woke liberal officer’s location.

    Maybe I’m being too optimistic. But the alternative is horrible. Not for me as I’ll be dead, but for my children and their children and their childrens’ childrens’ children, until some future generation is able to rise up against their masters, saying: “When, in the course of human events . . . .”

  4. I honestly think 2/3 of the army would refuse those orders, they would be firing on their own families. It would be the end of our country, but it would not turn out like the lefties think it would.

  5. First, for having lived 200ish years ago, founding fathers were much, MUCH more intelligent and prescient than most give them credit for. Some would say they had Providence to draft the articles of Constitution. Constitution that is being shredded before our very eyes.

    Second, Maybe I’m being too optimistic. – alas, I am afraid you are.

  6. I honestly think 2/3 of the army would refuse those orders, they would be firing on their own families.

    Really, does civil war ring a bell?

  7. jpa, two armies in uniform firing on one another is not one army firing on civilians. They might have even rationalized it by saying to themselves “damn, there’s cousin Joe, he’s got a rifle and it looks like he’s pointing it at me”.

    Just my two cents.

  8. Cousin Joe? That’s not how you do it.

    You send the New York National Guard to Alabama, to kill those White Supremacist KKK domestic terrorists. No problem pulling the trigger on those m-fers.

    You send the Mississippi National Guard to New Jersey kill to those N-ers and Sp-cs just waitin’ to rape all the White women. No problem pulling the trigger on those m-fers.

    Okay, maybe not that easy. Blatant historical stereotypes probably wouldn’t work. But regional rivalries do exist, stereotypes do exist, and “the sooner those bastards are defeated, the sooner we all go home” is a compelling argument. If that means shooting some annoying jerks well, they had it coming.

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