12 thoughts on “Animal Gala

  1. You know this post could be combined with JD’s below to explain yet another reason that so few blacks and Latinos got the jab. That is, they see first hand how those who want you terrified of the Kung flu aren’t themselves.

  2. They do this openly because they will not receive significant criticism.
    The media is controlled by people from upper middle class families who are entirely “woke.”

  3. Hey troll, how about that huh, pretty much not Trump voters there, no masks, must not be anything to worry about, hey?

    Idiot leftists are trying to keep the dempanic going until next election. Not gonna happen.

  4. The Met is like the enlightened one’s birthday party. One does not ask those who glitter to wear a mask.

    On the other hand, those who are dull and destined to serve, well, you never know where they have been and who they have exchanged air with.

    One can never be too careful around them, and is it really too much to ask?

  5. I’d like to know who paid for her ticket and who paid for that dress. Yeah, she’s making $177k/yr, but no way in hell does she have $30k (plus however much that dress cost) in liquid assets after 3 years of living in DC.

  6. kinlaw – there are memes out there of her in that dress and a Chik-Fil-A bag saying “Who wore it better?”

  7. BillC.
    Apparently, she received a comp ticket and, as a result, a watchdog group has filed an ethics complaint against her for accepting it.

  8. “The rich” seem to be the only group with enough money, power, and influence to avoid paying taxes.
    Even if “tax the rich” is what she really wants to achieve, which is debatable, she certainly hasn’t displayed the brainpower required to pull it off. Even if she had that, her math powers are too weak to understand her lost cause.
    “The rich” are the ones who will end up being “tax”-ed.
    Or trolled.

  9. I’ll have you know Ms Ocasio-Cortez graduated cum laude from Boston University with BA’s in both foreign relations and economics!

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